Teen hottie amy fucks and takes all the jizz in her ass

Teen hottie amy fucks and takes all the jizz in her ass
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CHAPTER ONE Stephanie had it all planned out, she was going to get drunk tonight with her boyfriend and his friends, and then later that night she would fuck her boyfriends brains out. She got all prettied up, did her hair, shaved her legs, and got ready to go. She arrived at her boyfriends place that night and proceeded to get drunk, by the end of the night however, everyone sunne leone story xxxxx 2019 was drunk, but she only had a buzz going on.

With everyone else drunk, soon the jokes and sexual humour began to arise. One of her boyfriend's friends commented on beautiful shape of her ass, saying how much he would love 10 minutes with it. Stephanie, thinking she would have some fun, went up to him and shoved her ass in his face, commenting that now he had a front row view of her ass.

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Out of nowhere however, he raised his hand and brought it down on her ass with a loud smack. Stephanie jumped up and screamed, with her hands on her ass, trying to deal with the immense pain. All the guys in the room burst into laughter at the sight of the girl getting spanked. However, they had a little too good of a laugh and decided that they wanted to see it again, so the guy pulled Stephanie back and over his knee, pulling her pants and panties down.

Now Stephanie realized what was about to happen and started kicking and struggling to get free, but it didn't help against his strength. The guy pulled his hand back, and with all the guys cheering him on, brings his hand down across Stephanie's bare ass, creating another loud smacking sound.

To this, Stephanie once again started screaming and crying, when the guys hand came down again, and again, and again.

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Stephanie endured this torture for a solid 10 minutes, before her ass became too numb for her to feel it anymore, and she just lay there crying. All the guys in the room had had a good laugh at the extreme spanking their friend had just given Stephanie, but due to her bare ass being out, and the spanking, they all had gotten massive hardons.

As Stephanie lay on the ground crying, she remained oblivious to the hardons all the guys had gotten, her boyfriend came up behind her with a piece of rope that he had and grabbed her arms, pulled them behind her back, and tied them. Stephanie, who just realized what had happened, started thrashing around like crazy, the rope biting into her wrists. One of the guys grabbed her and brought his hand down on her ass again, telling her to stop struggling or she would get hurt.


Hearing this Stephanie stopped struggling. Her boyfriend pitched in saying they just want to have a little fun, and if she gives everyone a blowjob, they'll untie her. Stephanie, knowing she had no way out, resigned to the task they had set before her.

Cheers came from everyone as the pulled down their pants and sat back in their chairs ready to receive her service.

Stephanie crawled up to the first guy on her knees and the guy held out his cock for her to take; she reached her head out to grab the cock in her mouth. More cheers came from the guys as Stephanie started to bob her head up and down, trying despicable brooke haze fuck stepbro while gramdpa is sleeping beside them pornstars hardcore do her best to get it over with quickly.

About halfway through, the guy grabbed the back of her head and shoved the entire length of his 9 inch cock down her throat, blocking her airway. Not being able to breath, her throat started to tighten around the cock forcing the guy to cum. Steam after stream of hot, thick cum coated her throat and oozed down into her stomach, and after it was all gone, the guy pulled his cock out of her throat, allowing her to breathe again. Before she had a moment to breathe and recover, another guy pulled her over to him and forced his cock into her mouth.

Grabbing the back of her head, he starts face fucking her and forcing her head up and down on his cock. This went on for over 10 minutes, and pulls out of her mouth and cums on her face.


Now, with her mascara running from crying, and still recovering, she was forced to finish giving blowjobs to the other three men. After they were finished, Stephanie's face was completely covered in cum, tears, and sweat, but she brought up the strength to ask them to untie her, to which her boyfriend told her they were having too much fun with her to let her go yet.

With that, her boyfriend picked her up and propped her onto the table, with her knees on the ground and her chest on the table, her ass sticking into the air. All the men started giving hugs to Stephanie's boyfriend for letting them fuck her, and the first guy took sex vidifilim kilip or diskis place behind her.

With no hesitation at all, the guy shoved his cock into her pussy, his hips slapping against her ass, Stephanie, however, didn't care anymore, she just lay there taking it, hoping for it to be over soon, an involuntary orgasm occurring during the process.

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Once the first guy was down, another took his place and continued the fucking, shoving his cock in as deep as he could, fucking her as hard as he could, but finished pretty quickly. The next guy that took his place behind her, took one look at her stretched pussy, and stated that he never did like sloppy seconds, and placed the tip of his penis on the entrance to her ass. Up until this point, she could have taken it to the end, but with the new threat of the invasion of her ass, she started kicking and struggling once again, which brought more cheers from the men looking on.

Not caring about her struggling or screaming, pushed the tip of his cock into her virgin ass.

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For a few seconds, he just left it there, admiring his work, and then unceremoniously slammed the rest of his cock balls deep into her ass, causing a soul wrenching scream to erupt from Stephanie. Paying no heed to the screams, the man starting fucking her ass for all it was worth, ripping his cock out, and slamming it back in, he grabbed her hair in his first, and pulled it back, forcing her back to arch every time he slammed in.

The guy threw in a few good smacks to her ass for good measure, before slamming his cock in as hard as he could, and spurting his seed deep into her ass. This brutal fucking continued for over four hours, one taking the lasts place, others recovering and coming back for more, over and over, they fucked her mouth, pussy, and ass. In the morning, Stephanie's boyfriend awoke with his cock still sheridan love loves cam shows in the ass of his girlfriend; her hands still bound behind her back, and realized it was a perfect way to wake up.

Not drunk anymore and thinking clearly, he didn't want what had happened last night to end, so as Stephanie slept, he carried her down into the basement, and tied her hands to one of the overhead beams, took a piece of cloth, and shoved it in her mouth, and went back upstairs, leaving her there for later fun. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leave comments of what you thought of this story, its the first one that i've actually ever submitted, and im always happy to get insight on it.

Chapter 2 is on its way