Amateur wife fucks younger guy your pleasure is my world

Amateur wife fucks younger guy your pleasure is my world
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His warm lips took me by surprise, it was short but it felt so good.


my eyes were open the whole time. my first kiss, and from a guy. he pulled away and we both just stared at each other, until i saw rage in his eyes. he slams my door with his fist, "dammit! I'm not gay, i shouldn't do that! what is wrong with m-" "uh, I'm not ga-" "shut up!" i could now tell he didn't know why he kissed me. Luke opened the door and slammed it, doing the same for his home nasty hot babe angela white in a buttfucking ecstasy. i drove of.

in a small daze but feeling amazing. "Shut up!" i shush Missy when i see people start to look. she talks quieter now. "he actually kissed you?" "yeah, i mean, he got all mad at himself and whatever.but i really liked it." i had really never felt so alive when he kissed me.

i felt happy. "well good for you man!" she pats my back when the final bell rings. i happily make my way to my car when, despite yesterday, stood Luke looking down on the ground, leaning on my car.

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Once he heard my footsteps he looked up. he didn't smile but i could tell he felt more conformable. he slid into the passenger seat and looked at me before i started my car. what he was gonna tell me was gonna take him a while to spit out. "uh.hey, um." "its fine bro." i hoped that would make him feel better.

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"what?" "i know you didn't mean to kiss me. the body is a weird thing, so you never know what will happen." he smiled, "uh.thanks bro." "no problem." i could instantly tell he felt better.


i felt good, making him feel better. but for some reason i had to break this moment, "and thanks for not beating my ass." he chuckled "its cool bro." he smiled. "and also, thanks for giving me something to do. I'm always bored. no one to hang out with." I'm starting to tell my life story to a bully.

"why don't you hang out with friends?" at first i thought he was joking, until i saw a confused look on his face. He really didn't know.

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"i.i only have one friend." Luke looked at me so weird. "what, that can't be tr-" "well it is, people like you who come and bully me don't understand the story. now you understand and look how you feel. pretty shitty huh?" he looked down, i hurt him. what was wrong with me? why did i get so angry at him? is my terribly like just making me crack?

we were both silent the rest of the ride home. i pulled into his drive way. and put the car in park. he didn't get out, he was wanting to talk. he looked at me, but i spoke first. "i.I'm sorry, its just i live threw a terrible life and i try not to let it out on people but its just.a." he still looked upset. "please tell me you understand?" he blonde cutie cameron dee taking a large dick. my brain stopped and my heart went into action.

and this time, i storys cina super beautiful xxxxxz the one pulling him in. he was surprised, but quickly closed his eyes after i pressed my lips against his. i closed mine also and the feeling way amazing. i felt something weird. he was sliding his tongue into my mouth. i was a bit jumpy at first. i tried to pull back but he had his hand around my head.

i got conformable quickly and let him go in control. i could feel my cock start to raise, and i tried to cover it the best i could, but i wasn't paying to much attention to it. he started to pull back. so i opened my eyes. a long line of saliva came and slung down between are mouths. we both wiped it at the same time and we were as red at beets. we stared at each other for a little while.

until he seemed to get nervous. he searched for the door handle and fumbled out of the car and into his home. it took me a while to regain myself from the amazing kiss and then i pulled out.

i was about to get out of the car when i saw a slip of paper on his seat, i picked it up and it had his number on it. i smiled and walked inside. later that night. i put Luke's number into my phone, i texted him, "hey" he replied almost instantly. "hey, you wanna meet somewhere?" my heart skipped a beat. "yeah, sure, where?" "that barn near downtown, 15 minutes." "OK" i grab my keys and jacket and head down to meet him. He must have already been there when he texted me, because he was in the barn when i came.

i see him sitting on a stack of hay, the moonlight kissing his face. and i walk over. i plop next to him but his head remains facing down. he doesn't move, he just speaks. "I'm sorry, about bullying you. its j.i.its complicated." "i can hear it" "bullying is the way i let out my anger." i keep looking at him, my face telling him to go on. "my parents down like me" i didn't that that was true, "oh don't be so dramatic, there your parents, they love yo-" "THEY BEAT ME!" he screams, tears now falling from his eyes.

he repeats himself quieter, and leans on my shoulder. "So we both have bad problems" i was hoping that would make him feel better. once his crying slowed down he came off of my shoulder and he looked at me. we both just looked at each other for a little entrancing japanese gang team fuck hardcore blowjob. he smiles while tears were coming down his face.

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i smiled back and wiped then with my thumb. and then we started kissing again. END CHAPTER 2

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