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Threesome with aidra fox pornstars group sex
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Head trip Something from my writing place that, with it's erotic, sexual undertones, could suit a site like this. I must warn, though, that I like to play and amuse myself. Phase 1: Muscular tension Authority is a static social configuration in which people act as superiors and inferiors: a sadomasochistic relationship. Liberty is a dynamic social configuration in which people act as equals: an erotic relationship. In every interaction between people, either Authority or Liberty is the dominant factor.

? "Watch out! Be careful!" Leo shouted in an anxious tone to the girl sliding easily down a steep side of a hill. Seeing his friend perform feats that could put at shame even the extreme adrenaline junkies and seekers of near death thrills was a frightening sight for the fourteen year old boy still standing at the top of elevation, ready to spring down at the slightest sign of disaster from the redheaded teenager.

"I'll be fine! Come down!" Mary shouted back from the twilight areas somewhere near the bottom of the hill. Leo gulped, throat clicking, then set a foot on the unstable terrain ready to give away anytime and without warning.

Sweat running down the spine, balls clenched closely to the abdomen, the boy made the next step, then waited till the little avalanche of terrain and pebbles will stop before proceeding farther.

Maybe he should follow Mary and just set off in a frenzy despite the possible income? After all, the less fear you have, the less probability that something will actually happen, as mistakes tend to occur at the moments when every decision is clouded by thick swirls of doubt and the mind is nothing but a computer gone amok while searching for the safest sequence of actions possible. The snap of a dry branch breaking followed by a high pitched scream of pain echoed through the otherwise quiet forest.

What Leo feared the most had happened Mary got hurt somewhere in the shadowy areas surrounding the hill, where the ugly branches of trees looked more like a natural version of barbed wire, ready to hurt everything foolish enough to stroll through their environment.

Somehow, the scream had put Leo's fear of falling down the slope deep into the background, bringing up instead a tremendous wave of panic, accompanied by equally monstrous wave of cold sweat, through all his psycho-physical structure. Without any single thought about possible dangerous consequences, Leo set off into a hectic run down into the deep bush of trees taken straight out from the middle section of the sixth ring of hell.

On several occasions, Leo was on verge losing balance and rolling down sani lioni sax bp vidieo hill, however the mind, concentrated on saving the only human being who had decided to put up with the boy's eccentric nature, didn't allow him to go into panic and become aware of the catastrophic income; instead, it allowed the body to resume stability on the level of reflexes when it was needed, while retaining the focus on the twilight below.

In no time, Leo was already in the shadowy bushes, heart racing at breakcore levels, a tornado of anxiety swirling through the belly, only to find Mary standing innocently near a gigantic branch reaching the ground level, no signs of damage on her fifteen year old body, a joker smile adorning her face.

"Gotcha!" Mary said, laughing. "Please, don't do ever again. I was scared shitless," Leo tried to shout patan xxx teen boys sex stories storys anger at the redheaded girl, although it came more like a raspy whisper of someone in the late stages of pulmonary tuberculosis weak, powerless, exhausted.

The after shock was so strong Leo came to a nearby stump, legs shaking as in the middle of an ibogaine trip, and sat on it, pale and utterly exhausted, in order to regain the usual exquisite stunner is displaying her gaped yummy vagina in closeup of consciousness.

Mary walked toward Leo, still smiling, then squatted in front him and put the right hand on his shoulder, squeezing a little the thin arms, feeling the sweaty and warm skin through the black shirt with short sleeves. "Don't freak out! I will be fine! I thought it was the best way to get you down here as fast as possible.

You're a great guy the best I've ever seen, in fact but you need to do something with your fear. It just stops you from having all the fun." Leo smiled and looked into the green eyes of his friend. "I guess that's just my nature." "But you did run down here," Mary said, know it all smile clearly visible through the darkness ruling under the old trees that possibly had stood here during the times when people worshiped the eldritch Gods whom the darkest, most incomprehensible passages from the Pnakotic manuscripts were addressed to.

Leo nodded. "So, it's not rooted in you. Come on! Let's go!" Mary said, clapped the warm shoulder of the boy, then got up and proceeded through the thick, abandoned woods toward areas with more light penetrating trough the emerald green web of branches of the tallest and oldest trees in the forest adjacent to Kickbucket - the town where the two friends spent their time while not exploring the majestic wilderness free from any signs of civilization, wilderness that seemed to emanate an intense stillness only a few notches weaker than the silence of the shunyata so sought in the Central and Eastern Asiatic regions.

Leo got up, still feeling shaky, though not as strongly as before, and followed the girl. A minute later, he was already walking right to his friend, enjoying the pleasant chilliness of the shadowy area against his sweat covered skin. It was great being with Mary. She was a nice and active girl, a Yang principle which his Ying personality longed for innumerable days and nights.

Even though they had met only in June, their friendship had definitely reached efflorescence by mid July, despite a sixth month difference in their age. The temporal difference wasn't such a big problem; Mary and Leo understood each other almost on a level that transcended common human semantic, semiotic, and hermeneutic systems.

In film and literature, such behavioural pattern would have been called as "soulmates", however the boy and girl performing in the current narrative didn't consider themselves as such, because being friends was of a more importance for them than fulfilling the prerequisites for other multitudes of labels used to denominate various forms of human interpersonal relationships. The time extent of their experience limited to three months only, as Kickbucket was a resort town with the whole economy built around summer also helped to achieve unprecedented levels of bonding within a temporal gap insufficient for reaching degrees of relationship when two human specimen can communicate with each other using honesty as a main device instead of the incessant word plays based on lies, flirting, and other socio-sexual gimmicks.

But, there had been a certain spark between them since the first meeting of the green and azure blue orbs. When Leo had seen for the first time his new neighbour a smiling teenage girl with borderline carrot orange hair shining under the rays of midday sun something stirred in his stomach, something intense yet so familiar; and when Mary cast her glance on the scrawny teenager with uncombed dark blond hair and a pair of sad eyes the colour of alpine lakes, she couldn't stop herself from going away from the parents busy with unloading the car toward the young interloper.

Once she had stopped in front of the boy, she knew already that the guy will be her new best friend. And during the same day, but closer to the evening, they made their first foray into the woods around the town, sharing on their way stories about life back in the big, bustling cities both through verbal pornd sex stories pani chootna full story non verbal channels.

Remembering in the forest's silence the first days of their friendship, Leo placed his hand into Mary's right one. The girl squeezed it in response.

It was nice feeling Leo's warm skin in her own, sensing his heartbeat pulsating through the palm, understanding his emotional state in some way beyond the clinically approved one.

With hands together, they stepped out from the twilight grove into a more spacious part of the forest, where the trees stood away from each other at a distance which allowed the sunlight to reach the ground level. "This is some new territory," Mary said in a thrilled voice. "Yes. Yesterday we stopped at the hill," Leo reminded the girl, eyes looking at the interplay of the golden light with the vibrant green of the vegetation around him.

"How long till the lake?" "About five miles or so." "Damn. I think we'll be there only tomorrow, and only if we'll manage to cover the road we charted at a faster speed than usual," Mary commented, slightly disappointed.

"Aren't your parents going away for a few days or so to that rock festival in Silent Hollow? Mine had already left today. Will return on Sunday," Leo asked. "They're going today, in the late afternoon. But I still want to make it before sunset, 'cause, no matter how brave I may seem to be, I don't really feel like spending the night in the woods." "Why?" Leo asked, intrigued by Mary's answer.

"I have a vivid imagination, and it will definitely colour the night into something unforgettable. Also, I just don't like when I can't see what's in front of me, especially if I am in a huge forest," Marry explained. "Well, I'll be there with you," Leo joked. Mary looked at him gently. "I know you will. After you made that frenetic run for me back on the hill, I have no doubts about you." The boy blushed a little.

Mary was thinking too taking a big cock in the sex shop about him. He was nothing but an ordinary guy, just on the nerdy side of the things. There was no pronounced masculinity in him, not a single pattern of the widely accepted definition of man as a hunter, and there was no charisma coursing through his veins, no charm other male primates have when attracting the female specimen of their species. Yet Mary, truly a stunning girl from a male perspective, with some non Euclidean forms that could turn every self respecting man into a drooling slave of his dick, decided to be with him, although there was some pretty neat male meat available in town for a teenage female biot searching both for some good communication exchange and somatic pleasure.

Leo pondered about it a lot, and if he wouldn't had felt the panicky fear that turned him into a stuttering idiot every time the question came into the lingual muscles, he would have asked it straight, without any delays. However, Leo already knew what the answer would be. "It's just is," Mary used to say to Leo when he felt a little bit blue from the sudden surprise from Heaven, and the words truly did their magic. Why there must always be Because in every single action? Wouldn't it be easier to just be?

"Don't have doubts about yourself," Mary said, as if reading the tumult going on through Leo's sixth sense. "You are far more talented than you can imagine." "I think you're trying to cheer me up," Leo said, casting a glance to a shadow which set off into flight from the lowest branch of a nearby oak as soon as the teens approached the old, weathered by time yet flowing with young life tree.

"No! It's the Truth. Maybe you don't see it, but it's clearly noticeable, especially to me, because we spend every day together. Even when you think you're being way too scientific, it's actually quite funny. I can say that I learned more from you during this month a half than from the three seasons spent at school," Mary said.

She removed the hand from Leo's one, then stood in front of him, eyes looking down at the boy of shorter stature than hers. The teenager that looked unusually young for his age, at which most other human pupae reminded with their physical features adult specimens of the human race rather than the sexual immature part of the species, reached only till Mary's nose, but it wasn't a big inconvenience; on the contrary, it made Leo more cuter and handsome for the energetic girl.

"Look! You're even better than you think at sports, no kidding. And I can prove it to you right now," Mary said, optimistic smile revealing the two row of well cleaned teeth. Leo lifted the left eyebrow. "Are you putting me on?" Mary shook the head. "No. I will never ever do something like this to you. Let's do it. And if I lose, there will be a prize waiting for you." A mischievous glitter passed through the girl's green planets. "What kind of prize?" Leo asked, curious. "What would you like the most, from the things I can get or do to you of course." "I can't think of any right now.

We're already together, and I am having a good time with you that's all I really need right now." "Maybe you'll think of something during the race," Mary said, turned around and set off into a run, every step crunching from the dry underbrush carpeting the rugged terrain of the area.

Leo smiled, feeling the second circuit "I must be a winner" male program activating in his consciousness, then started running as fast as he could. As he got closer to the girl ahead, he felt an euphoric wave of excitement rushing through his body which urged to put him more energy in order to overrun the redhead with a ponytail bouncing against the deep green shirt just for the sake of being first, being the alpha male, the cock of the walk.

No matter how strange did it sound, the girl had been right in her prophecy concerning the nerdy, if to use the traditional American labeling system, teenager with distant eyes. In no time, Leo passed by her and continued to run ahead, unaware of the occasional twigs slapping against his thighs, content, winner smile on the radiant face.

Feeling victorious, he jumped over a short bush, and then turned the head back while still running. The grin of exhilaration said everything that was needed to Mary, who showed the boy a thumbs up with her right hand. Once again, her intuitive understanding of the blond and introverted boy didn't fail her. Mary couldn't explain it, but there was a definite connection between the two of them, as if they were created for each other, or maybe it was the result of her mind longing for something sincere and true in a field of human experience that utilized flirting, lies, and other dirty tricks as weapons to achieve the desired effect.

Whatever it was, she really liked, no, loved the boy, loved so strong yet soft like if he were the last human on Earth and only with a few days left to enjoy the blue planet. She knew Leo felt the same way about her it was noticeable in his over sincere eyes and the general behaviour even though they never voiced their feelings or did other stuff considered necessary for a couple in the preliminary stages of the reproduction game.

To be true, the thing they experienced went far beyond words and cliches; it was a total synergism of friendship and love, where one only helped to accentuate the other, and they both were aware about this phenomenon going between their hearts, minds and souls so well they didn't need to reassure each other about the strength of their feelings by saying certain "magickal" incantations or performing various "magickal" rituals.

Thanks to the transindividual bond, Mary felt that something will go wrong with Leo very soon. Turn your head back on the forest ahead, Mary thought, and the next moment, as if she had jinxed the magical moment for the teenager, Leo tripped on one of the roots viciously appearing from the grass covered ground.

The boy hit the ground with the right shoulder and the right side of the head, then slid a few inches across the terrain before finally coming to a halt. "Are you okay?" Mary shouted, using the hidden reserve of energy in her coccyx to sped up almost to a superhuman speed and reach the unfortunate boy.

Leo, meanwhile, still feeling the male pride in the nadis, managed to lift the body, then take a look at the damage caused by the idiotic fall.

The right shoulder had a few scratches smeared with dirty brown stains on top that throbbed with an unpleasant burning sensation, and the head, though intact, without any kind of laceration, hurt a little above the right eye, heartbeat pulsating noticeably through the whole right side of the cranium.

When Mary reached the boy, she sat down, bringing the right leg under the butt and the left one to the chest, then looked carefully into Leo's blue orbs. "How are you feeling?" "I think I'm fine. The head hurts a little, though," Leo responded in weak voice, still flabbergasted by the moronic mistake. "You're eyes look normal. Fuck, why did we left everything at the stash?" Mary uttered, angry about the decision to dump the backpacks at a hideout they had created a few weeks ago, in consideration about the long trips into areas farther away from human civilization, because of the laziness to carry all the needed equipment after an already exhausting several hours long walk from from the borders of Kickbucket.

"Overall, I'm feeling fine," Leo said, the spark of a winner shining clearly through the orbs, then stood up slowly back on the feet. Mary sighed from relief if there's still vitality in Leo's eyes, then he's fine. But it's best to take some precautions. "Maybe you should stay at my place tonight. Sometimes, the symptoms of concussion appear only after a couple of hours. Even if you're healthy, I think it's best you'll stay with me, just for precaution," the teen girl said, looking up at the standing boy.

Silence stood in the forest, while Leo thought over Mary's proposal. Even though there weren't any ulterior motives in the girl's proposal, Leo still felt heaviness dawning over the twenty first finger as an intense flow of blood penetrated the cavernous tissue. Furthermore, he truly wished Mary could stand up, as her face with freckle covered cheeks was a few inches away from his reproductive as well as excretory organ hidden by a layer of jean shorts and white underwear.

Apparently, the girl was so concerned about his health she didn't even notice the embarrassing situation she was in. Only when a certain musky, sensual scent reminding in some distant way of fish reached the girl's olfactory receptors, she looked down at the slightly bulging fly and understood how uncomfortable it must be for Leo. Or, maybe, it wasn't really that uncomfortable, only something forbidden, best left for the time when they will officially become adult members of society.

Face red like a tomato, Mary stood quickly on her feet, then noticed a deep blush on Leo's face. In the field of her peripheral vision, she noticed a minute twitch of the jean fabric on the anterior side of the boy's pelvic region. And now, in addition to simple blushing, she became aroused: a pleasant warmth spread through the zone beneath the navel, and wet sensations flowed in the area within her throbbing, demanding attention swollen outer lips pressed against the silky fabric of the underwear.

Leo's eyes dropped for a moment from her face, then shifted beyond light speed at something deep in the trees to the left. Mary looked down and understood in a flash why the boy went so panicky her hard nipples were protruding clearly from under the deep green shirt, thanks to her negative attitude toward bras and other forms of lingerie made to hide away the bust.

These additional accessories made her mammal glands all sweaty, sometimes cam girls videos girls on video amazon real caused minor irritation of the epidermis where the border of the bra met the blossoming body, so Mary decided to get rid of them altogether instead of adjusting and spending a large chunk of her life, if Death will spare an early visit, suffering due to some societal rules that somehow became something axiomatic rather than a fluid, ever changing torrent of memes.

It felt way more better without them: the mammal glands got all the ventilation they needed, the cutaneous tissue remained intact, and, from the hedonistic viewpoint, it was a far more pleasant, sensory stimulating experience, if not consider accidental nipple erections like the one happening right now, in the woods, and in front of a boy.

But it wasn't the first time she got turned on from Leo. Actually, the evening after their first trip into the woods she had spent vigorously masturbating to the new boy, thinking about how would he look naked, imagining all the possible ways she could use to extract the semen from the rather passive, introverted teen, and when the orgasm came, it was the strongest, most mind opening thing she had ever experienced, a tsunami of pure oceanic awareness, a supernova explosion through all her body turning into dust all the psychological and physiological structure of her being.

And, after all, wasn't it actually normal to turn on the person you love like nothing or no one else, to drive him or her to the limits where ordinary awareness give place to the transpersonal realms in which everything is one, and everything is bliss, and everything is nothing? Furthermore, Mary had no doubt Leo had been aroused many times by her before. She knew perfectly well from all the literature she had read on the topic of sexual studies that boys at this age can get an erection from literally everything, be it a casual stroke of wind, some well hidden innuendo, or just a body of a girl stripped down from the outer garments.

Even an accidental hug could get the male adolescent ape a pretty hard boner which will be of a trouble until the fire ravaging through its soft yet hard matter will be extinguished. To get back down to the robotic level, they were teens in the end. It was the new software doing their thing on their minds and bodies, and, like it's always with every kind of a new program on the hard drive, it needs some time to get adjusted to.

The programs can be of various difficulties, of course, but this new one was like Apple Logic II or Cubase than Microsoft Word and Windows Movie Maker you will make one hell of a lot of mistakes before getting a hard grip on it, and the end result will vary from person to person.

So, it's best not to pay attention to the occasional glitches appearing in the course of its run. "I think we should head back home?" Leo said, looking straight into the girl's green orbs; there was impatience in his tone, a painful longing for the girl to say yes, or at least nod in agreement, so that this quirky moment could end. "Yeah.It's the best thing to do," Mary said in distant voice, mouth suffering private party mila does luke big tits big dick intense, marijuana like dryness.

Both teens started the trip back to the world where tons of rules dictated the behaviour between a male and a female biological unit instead of letting the semantic and physical communication run the way it suited the human dyad best.

For a long time not any kind of morphemes were thrown between Mary and Leo, as both of them tried to calm down from the recent event as well as subdue the almost automatic reactions that had swept through their somatic consciousness from the unusual sequence of actions which had befallen on them in such an insidious, chaotic manner, like a sudden peak of seismic activity in areas away from the junctions of different plates.

No matter how hard Mary tried to bring down the intoxicating flame of lust, the body, with the warm humidity beneath the pubic mound, didn't respond well to her query; the same thing can be said about Leo, though in his case a hard as rock vertical structure in the pants restricted his movements by grating against the underwear with every single step forward, bringing along a short wave of tingly pleasure through the groin or, if the pressure was too strong, a pang of dull pain across the bulbous tip.

It was Mary who broke the tense, solid silence hanging between them like a white bricked wall. "So.will you stay at my place tonight?" She asked tentatively, mind expecting only one answer after the little fiasco with body postures that brought them both a simultaneously enjoyable, by physiological and psychological standards, and unpleasant, if to watch at it from the sociological point of view backed up by the dominant taboos placed on the relationships of reproductive nature between human organisms of opposite sex, experience no, a straight, cold, terrified by possible allusion to non consensual actions involving manipulation with genital organs no.

"I guess I'll have to. Even though my head feels better right now, with less pain pounding through it, what if it will get worse when I will be alone at home? Who will help me then? It's best not to take unnecessary risks," Leo responded in a slightly troubled voice, walking in an erratic, stifled fashion.

Mary sighed. That was a nice and rather brave answer from a boy who said Nay to almost everything positive in his path toward the other end of the Void, though the weird tension, interspersed with some deep rooted guilt about the accidental action and its subsequent reaction, didn't go away. Mary felt intuitively there's only one way to shatter down the devious obstacle that had appeared so suddenly between them before it will make irrevocable damage to their friendship go straight into the the ocean of this negativity and dry it by the means of communication, the way of intelligent lovers.

"About what," Mary started, boring clz hot school girl dry, sweat running across all the body, the wetness between the feet getting stronger. What should I tell?

The Truth. Only the Truth can set you free: dream: we're here, in the real world. But it was totally normal, especially for teens. Nothing supernatural, only the casual that happens with everyone: the essence of life.

He'll understand. He knows you mean no harm to him. Friend: never thought I'll be so important to someone: Cosmic Giggle: wonder in a handful of dust; miracle behind every corner. Tao, or Chao, they call it. All Hail Discordia: thanks Dad. Mind drifting off. Concentration. "I know you didn't notice it. Let's forget it, please," Leo said, aroused and ashamed.

"No, we must work through it. I don't want you to get lost on a guilt trip," Mary said, finally sensing some sparks of courage within her being, cheeks red as on the peak of a nasty exotic fever.

"What happened was natural. There's nothing wrong if we get turned on by each other. We are friends, right? Best friends. And we happen to be a girl and a boy, and teenagers also, so it is absolutely natural such reactions happen.

I guess this can also happen with two boys or girls." Words left into the aether, the ginger haired girl paused to give some thinking space for Leo. To be true,she felt relieved now, as if something heavy had dropped from her shoulders, finally giving her a chance to go slack all the way by bringing waves of endogenous produced cannabinoid compounds into her muscular tissue. In fact, she felt illuminized, free from some kind of veil that had been undulating in front of her eyes, sensual yet blinding, all these years.

Maybe, it was because of a sudden, wordless insight into the nature of society and sexuality, with the former implying every way possible from taboos to Pavlovian conditioning, from "common sense" to layers upon layers of superstitions to obscure the simple fact that sex, as well as everything associated with it, is natural and requires no regulation. For a very brief, about one sixteenth of a second brief, moment, Mary realized that all perversions were actually born from the suppression of this natural, healthy, in its embryonic stage, drive to get together, reproduce, even, albeit rarely, achieve certain altered states of consciousness; in fact, as it dawned on her for the minute split of a moment, the suppressed sexual energy, not having the natural outlet to express itself, went out with aid of other, unnatural ways that's the thing behind most sex crimes, like rapes or all the forms of unwanted attention toward minors, and the majority of fetishistic attachments, for example incest, necrophilia, bestiality, sadomasochism, etcetera.

Before the insight managed to get verbalized, it was swept away by a stroke of soft, warm summer wind casually sweeping through the deserted woods. As Mary tried to recollect some crumbles of the revelation, Leo broke her concentration. "But.but.I don't want to feel like this toward you.

It's dirty, and it makes no better than all the dumb jock meat out there," Leo said in a desperate, confused voice. "But you are not like them. Even if you, well, get off to me, you'll never be like them," Mary said, then decided to do a pretty bold action for the current state of affairs. She went near the boy on the left, and enveloped her left arm around his neck.

Against all her odds, Leo didn't show any signs of distress from her behaviour; on the contrary, there was even a general relief in the muscular conglomeration of the upper body as soon as he put her warm hand with smooth, silky skin on top of the shoulders. Mary decided to take an even bolder move. If a thing is started, then why not to got to the end? At least she will help Leo to get off the guilt trip and realize the the absence of any smut in matters sexual. It just can't be possible a thing so powerful, so good as that is somehow sinful, wrong, disgusting, something which should be kept hidden behind seven walls and deep underground.

"Would you think huge tits and asses babes at party me as dirty, identical to the dumb high popularity girls, if I would have told you that I pleasure myself several times in a week while thinking about you, and that every time it ends with an explosion of total pleasure which I've never experienced before with other subjects that had caught my imagination?" Mary said, feeling awkward, stressed out, yet more light and free in the manner of a balloon getting pumped with helium.

Leo cast a quick glance at her, unable to process well the received info, then returned the blue orbs on the ground beneath the feet. On one level, the boy was definitely shocked, struck by a bolt of informational lightning; on another one, he felt proud, because he never thought he will be able, even as a fantasy, rock the socks of another human being; and on another level, he felt a a wave of relief that calmed down the intense anxiety in lieu with socially imprinted guilt, though it didn't manage to chill out the long coal in his pants, hard as iron, all covered with creeping waves of tingling pre-orgasmic energy, ready to explode just from the next revelation of the girl to his right.

And her arm.Leo never had imagined before an arm around his shoulders will be of such ecstatic pleasure for his whole body. It felt so great, so.blissful Leo was sure if its palm will go down only to his nipple, the snake in his pants wont hold back the white venom anymore.

That was the degree he was turned on to; but it's a fairly common thing with inexperienced young male teenagers: everything way too close to real sex, even the girlfriend's hand in places near to the carrier of genetic material, could be the catalyst to the last stage of male sexual response process.

And in certain individuals, who are gifted with a subtle nervous system and an overactive imagination, like Leo for example, the simplest act of watching a porn movie could drive to an orgasm without the implement of manual stimulation; so what could be said about real life situation then? With time, of course, this over sensitivity weathers down, as puberty proceeds to the end, the hormonal levels reach static levels, and the socio-sexual software gets fully integrated in one's life; but the sexual escapades of the early years of puberty, fortunate or unfortunate, if there were any, could play either a catastrophic or a apocalyptic role in the future of a male who experienced them, depending on the said male's view on masculinity.

In Leo's case, though, it was more an apocalyptic experience, a total rapture, a new gift from his only and best friend, who happened to be a girl by an evil, or fortunate, twist of fate.

"Are you trying to cheer me up?" Leo asked, confused and flattened. "It's nothing but the whole Truth," Mary responded in a casual, cheery voice, like if they were talking about what will be their plan on tomorrow rather than about things done in private. But what can be more natural, more casual than bodily needs in the end?

It's not like the world will shatter down if people will start talk about it without the guilt, the fear, or the veil of disgust; on the contrary, maybe it will have some cathartic effect on the general masses of this backward planet who only managed to learn the domination-submission roles instead of language and emotions higher than fear, anger, physical satisfaction and physical frustration.

She brought the boy closer to her body with the help of the left arm. "I told you about my kicks. It's time for you to speak up. Don't be afraid. There's no one here but me, and I will never do anything bad to you, or ridicule you. Also, getting it off your head will help you to relax, 'cause, well, you're tense as nerd in front of a bully." Leo smiled from Mary's comparison of his state. Yes, he truly felt tense, despite that some of the anxiety related to socio-sexual activities wandered off from between them, easing up the wall, the spastic contraction of their fields.

But was he ready to talk? The mind told yes. If a girl could talk so easily, why he should keep it deep inside? Male pubescent friends speak about each other's exploration beneath the navel in great detail, and so does their female counterpart, therefore what's was wrong about sharing sexual stories between two friends of opposite sex.

Nothing was perverse in it. Leo looked at the Sun beaming through the thick emerald green foliage of the summer forest, saw its golden veil on the leaves that shuffled slightly from a turbulence trapped beneath the watchful crones of the old timer trees, telling with the gentle murmur old as time itself stories regarding lands long forgotten or sunken deep beauteous chick likes being nude and fucked squirting and japanese the oceanic abyss where people lived happily in absence of any kind of rules, their own body, the so called biogram, being the only guiding light through the course of several hundred years long life.

The stillness, the supernatural tranquility of the green realm around him brought at ease the bio-survival anxiety in lieu with the socio-sexual uneasiness instilled by the successfully brainwashed parents and the educational institution that didn't fulfill its destiny at all, as it kept releasing crippled generations of robots ad infinitum the school.

The boy with sandy hair inhaled, mouth dry as the Atacama desert, held the breath for a minute in the respiratory tubes, then, when the body started giving the first hints that oxygen is needed, exhaled. Mind relatively calm, he cast a glance at Mary, who didn't show any signs of distress about him taking so much time to talk about stuff he did while locked inside his room, cut off from the aethereal, ever watchful eye of society. "Well.I beat my meat once in a week, and since I don't watch porn that much, I've got no other object but you to keep in my mind's eyes.

For me, it kinda feels dirty doing these think while thinking about you, although the things I experience by the end, are, well, eh, intense," Leo said, anxiety evaporating with every word released into the warm afternoon air. "I don't consider thinking about you as dirty, " Mary said, feeling more open toward these matters.

"For me it is. You are my friend after all," Leo said in an ashamed voice. "Why? I make you happy, right? What's wrong with making you happy in that way also?" Mary said, content about herself.

"I'm using you to satisfy my need that's the problem," Leo said, still feeling ashamed, even though there was less tension in him, as the relaxed shoulders indicated. "And I use you to satisfy my need when I have access to more than a million porn sites with every kinds men just waiting to penetrate into my mind and drive me to an orgasm in front of the computer screen," Mary said in a happy voice.

"And even if you don't go on porn sites that much, then you could have easily found an accidental, unsuspecting target on the streets, or in the parks, or in the downtown areas, but you've chose me.

Out of all possible options available, you stopped on me." "That sounds right," Leo said, now in a confused voice, although there were some hints of relaxation in it. "But I still think it's wrong." Mary sighed. "What's wrong with it? And please don't tell me you're killing yourself mentally for doing something pleasurable to yourself." "I think that all these actions are somehow wrong. Parents told me it's wrong to touch myself, that it's a bad habit, sign of immaturity, stuff like that," Leo said, voice distant, regressing back into his personal socio-sexual circuit.

Mary rolled her eyes. Suddenly, as a heavy monsoon on the Indian subcontinent, an idea came to her mind. Her father an enigmatic fellow going by the name Hugh Crane in this particular universe said that one of the best ways to take people out of their personal delusion cages is to use some heavy shock tactics, in a way similar to initiatory rites in all kinds of hidden, underground orders dealing with metaprogramming the human computer, as such an event brakes the reality view of the person in question and allows him to see there's more to the Universe than the set of programs brainwashed into him by the local society.

She looked at the boy with a naughty, horny smile. "If you will continue to believe that these things are somehow evil, wrong, immature, or whatever, I will show to you how wrong you are.

It's not a problem for me, and I won't feel ashamed about anything I'll show or do in front of you." It was best to start with a verbal shock, and only then, if the first reaction will be too weak for Leo - though by the sudden paleness on his face it could be said that the thing worked - proceed to some real action.

And Mary was determined to go to the farthest end possible to set off the boy away from the guilt trip. Why can't be all parents be like her dad free thinking adults who believe more in personal experience rather than some general propaganda?

Maybe this mental impotence from the part of Leo's progenitors was the primary cause of the boy's insecurity and inability to interact normally, without feeling stress, with other human primates.

"Okay, I believe you. I'll try to keep in mind that's a normal thing to do, but you don't need to go so far to prove it," Leo said, flabbergasted, although he didn't remove from Mary's hand in fear or shock. "What if I want to go there?" Mary said lustily.

"What if I'm not ready?" Leo responded quickly. Mary couldn't hold a sigh. "You always know how to make excuses just at the right moment. Don't you?" "That's my super power," Leo said, more relaxed than before. The effect cause by Mary's shock "tactick" finally reached his consciousness, as fear, together with the insidious, artificial sensation of guilt related to matters neutral from the human derivatives of bad or good, right or wrong, started washing off sexy girl craves for a dark pecker the the boy's current combinations of skandhas and kleshas.

The girl with orange hair shook the boy tightly to her body, happy from the successful implication of her father's metaprogramming techniques.

"That's the spirit. By the way, why do you masturbate only once a week? As far as if know, though my knowledge comes from books and porn, males are horny beings that can't function normally without at least one wank a day." The sudden drop of silence, cold and cosmic like the Abyss around the Court in the centre of the Universe where the loathsome, horrible beyond human comprehension amorphous beings granted with tremendous amounts of creative power that could destroy or create new worlds in a blink of an eye danced to the maddening, shpongloid rhythms emitted by flutes of construction alien to human civilization, felt more like the total cessation of life preceding the opening of the one eye of Shiva.

Mary started to feel worried, and a little anxious, ruminating in her mind if she had gone too far or not. Talking about sex was fun, liberating, illuminating, but even she, the daughter of scandalous rascal magician whose main act was about breaking down the barriers of illusion from the people that decided to waste their Saturday night time on his concert, was still confined, though loosely, within the four cells of the primate robotic circuits.

Leo, however, managed to broke her sudden fugue state. "I'm afraid that parents will catch me," the boy responded k hd exotick ebony teen armani monae sucks and fucks big dick, submission programs kicking in.

"They had already caught me red handed, in the midst of action, several times, and I don't want to experience that feeling of guilt again, you know, that sensation that you're the baddest, dirtiest thing int the whole Universe." That was very relevant to the present state of affairs. Now that the problem was put into place, and its roots were found, it could be destroyed, transcended, forgotten; and Mary could already feel the transforming experience happening amateur american sweetie sucks tinycam org tube porn her best friend the calm eyes, steady and shining, said about the quietness inside Leo, while the body, limp, dry and warm, not clammy, cold or shivering, expressed the acceptance of the altered physiological state as a natural event neutral to all classifications systems dealing with positive and negative modus operandi.

"Tough stuff," Mary said, thinking about what do next, because, out of a sudden, or due to the intoxicating levels of arousal, she wanted to take the sexual matters to a next level. "I agree. But that's past, and we're here, right now, in the present. I must say I feel better, thanks to our conversation," Leo commented. "If more people could talk, maybe then sex would be better, and therefore there would be less frustration in the world." "Possibly," Mary responded, trying to bring down the chaotic swirl of images involving exhibitionist activities in front of her summer comrade, ending with nothing more but a slow, methodical act of self pleasuring in front of the chap who alleviated, even dissipated the nothingness, the loneliness which had haunted most time of her existence on the gross plane all the years before this unusual Kickbucket synchronicity.

If they now understand masturbating on each other is normal, then why not to make the next quantum jump and realize that seeing each other naked, and digitalplayground dark obsession scene ana foxxx romi rain charles dera, is also normal, just like driving each other to the peak of carnal ecstasy know to man at this stage of evolution. Mary felt no problems with revealing the hidden parts of her body to the ocular faculties of Leo, but there's a possibility the boy will freak out from the avalanche like sequence of events.

And in the end, it's a kind of sexual cliché to end a conversation about sex with the action itself; but the temptation, the fire rushing through all he being, waiting to give pleasure to the only true friend she ever had, was overwhelming the cup of self control.

To add one more point to the 'yes, do it' side of the action desired by Mary, the summer will end soon, and they will return back to the large metropolises, clueless about further meetings in the near or distant future, so the excruciating awareness about the incoming end to their idyllic relationship should give them both courage to do something which will stuck with them forever, reminding there was a time when everything felt real, not illusionary, a play of shadows on the cave's wall.

And in the end, if the envisioned act will happen, Leo will receive something every nerd could only masturbate about in his restless dream, and every jock had to reach through a boundless ocean of painstakingly constructed lies, feelings, attraction, and actions. To put it simply, it was more than worth it. The teenage girl with clear emerald green eyes moved her hand down Leo's shoulder, closer to the forearm, enjoying on the way the silky skin of the introvert boy of a skinny complexion that isn't easily found among such type of stories.

Fear put aside, pushed out deep into the background, Mary opened her pink lips to utter the most blasphemous, to the ones preoccupied with tribal morality, yet most natural, to the ones who went beyond the terrestrial programs, proposition when Leo interrupted her sadhana. "Here's the grove," Leo said, then stopped walking.

"The cliff is a few meters behind the trees, but it's too steep to climb. We'll need to find another way home." Amorous spell broken, Mary looked ahead into xxx sex stories ful long time story twisted tentacles of the ancient trees that looked like the formless spawn of the Outer God Shub Niggurath paralyzed by some unknown influence until a new member of the dark, underground cult dedicated to the Goat with A Thousand Young will come here, drawn by the hypnotic, astral wailing of the immobilized creatures, and set them free from their cage so to that they could once again wreak havoc on the surface of Earth and bring back the time when the Old Ones ruled above the surface of the great mother sea.

If take a look from another angle, the brown dry trunks seemed to share some features with the hentai tentacle monsters, writhing the slimy pseudopodia in every direction possible, putting them inside places better left unnamed for the sake of the little amounts of sanity still holding up in this twisted Universe of ours; but the latter fantasy, of course, belonged to the girl with ginger hair, who liked to surf on the vast world wide net in search of such images when boredom put the lead heavy hands around her neck.

"Maybe we should climb it?" Mary asked. "It will be the fastest way to reach our destination. The light will end soon." "I don't know if I'll manage to do it," Leo said.

Mary clapped him on the back. "You always say something like this, then you impress me with you unusually high skills in the area outside your abilities, so stop doubting yourself and climb with me the hill ahead. It's not really that big." While her words vanished into yellow clouds above their heads, the girl proceeded into the dark, heavily crowded by long, old, knotty branches grove, wanting to get home as possible, hoping that the alpinism game will release some of the sexual energy running through the nadis of her body in a frustrated, longing for release manner.

If she could read Leo's mind, she would have been amazed by the similarity of thoughts trespassing their minds. Phase 2: Electrical charge The suppression of the normal sex instinct, for example, is responsible for a thousand ills. In Puritan countries one inevitably finds a morbid preoccupation with sex coupled with every form of perversion and degeneracy. ? The aeon of Nyx, when in the pleasant, loving darkness the boundaries of ego softened a little, thus allowing everyone to perceive partially the truth of samadhi that there's no outside space separated from a single self, slowly covered with it's dark blue absence of light the realm of Nuit, the sky goddess enveloping her spouse, Geb, in fashion similar to the eternally consuming itself Urobouros, and brought a magic spell promising intimacy, sensuality, and devotion.

With the advance of the shining point of lights, the multiple cells which the body of the sky goddess is made from, on the motionless sphere, the mythic, atemporal side of the day dawned on Earth: the circus of Circe played it's hallucinatory tricks on people close to the long ladder leading to the sidereal universe of the dreamlands; the old as time itself Finnegan existed momentarily into different modes of existence, possibly even more, as he was both awake and dead, and at the same time neither of the two conditions; and the Great Old Ones, confined by people of promethean power into caverns deep under the litosphere, slumbered anxiously, hoping that the nocturnal dome will have the stars in the right places so that they could awaken and regain the long lost power over all the surface of the azure gem in the pitch black, utterly still ocean of the Cosmos.

This magnificent, intoxicating, mind opening night the two teens, who happened to share some portions of their lives with the current narrative, spent confined inside a two storey house on the border of the city which belonged to the Crane family. As time revealed, there was nothing wrong with Leo, just one big bruise on the curve where the forehead transmutated into the right temple.

Mary, once they reached the house, immediately applied some heavy disinfection the the scratched limbs of the blond boy, afraid about different maladies dwelling in the wild terrain; and only when the medical and sanitary side of things was taken care of, the two biots allowed themselves to relax.

Since the walk through the labyrinth of green and gold had been physically exhausting, with the involvement of sweat production in rather large quantities, Mary proposed Leo to take a shower, and she gave him the privilege to go first while she will think where to place the guest for the night.

"Okay. But there's one problem I really don't have any clean clothes," Leo said, looking at the cozy living room whose weird element was the total absence of a television.

Alena croft fast sex storys

"So what? You know, you can walk here in underwear only," Mary said, although it must be added that the reader, as tempting as it may be, shouldn't jump to the conclusion that the auburn haired girl was getting excited in certain areas better not named for the sake of the lesbian dolls gape their deep buttholes and ride big vibrators which makes the innermost core of the nation.

However, on another note, it must be implied, strongly, that the reader should always regard with a critical eye all the remarks, stupid or smart, deep or superficial, of the narrator, as that guy can be a pretty rascal fellow, absent of any kind of decency necessary for being a wholesome., honourable citizen.

"What?" Leo asked, bewildered, reaction in trousers happening at inhuman speed. "We've seen each other without clothes when we went swimming at the local pool, right?

How's that different from what we have now. To be honest, underwear and swim trouser, or bikinis, or shorts, look alike to me," Mary said. "You've got a point. But I still will keep my pants on," Leo said. Hot girl: doesn't waste time. Maybe I should? No: too much will be open to her eyes. We talked about it earlier. It's normal. No one will die. She also got horny. Makes us two: an erotic relationship. "If that's what you want, then let it be, however, if you'll feel the desire to get out of your pants, don't be afraid and jump out of them," Mary said, winking.

"And I hope you won't mind about me walking half naked." Leo gulped, the tent twitched, a drop of liquid formed on the top of the wand. "If it makes you feel good, then okay.


I don't want to restrain you from being happy by commenting negatively on your behaviour, like all the other guys of my age do when the girl tries to be deep instead of a slut." "Oh, can you forget about the others, please?

We're here, in the present, just the two of us, with the place entirely to ourselves," Mary said, standing near the long deep blue coach facing the window across the living room. "That sounds corny, straight out from a porn movie," Leo commented. Where is she driving? Better say it straight: let's try it. Too scary for me. Too much unpredictability: anything can happen: too many Schroedinger cats. No: you're afraid of being too much of a stereotype if she proposes: turn on, fill in, drop out. You're different.

You want happiness for her, ecstasy for her, not a satisfaction for you. Also you know a few things: the profit of studying sex with the help of wikipedia and sexology books. Still afraid. Let go. What will come, will come. "Who's the pervert now, eh, mister I'm afraid of showing my turn on to my best friend in the world," Mary joked.

"Oh come on, that's even more lame a dare contest. How many tropes you can cover?" Leo asked, smiling from the fun they're having with examining their situation from the standpoint of a porn writer. "I can go forever and slow, waiting for you to teach me everything it, and I mean everything about scripts, circuits, programs, stuff like that," Mary said lustily, swirling a streak of carrot orange hair between the fingers.

"Okay, I will go to the shower now, as it's getting hot," Leo said sarcastically. Nice. Jokes release tension: another way for energy to go: essence of laughter therapy. Better go. Time doesn't wait. There's a whole night: relax, forget time: it's only an illusion. Maya. Is there something solid here. No, not even feelings: transience. Right now I'm happy. Mary makes me feel like fingers in her cookie make her moan the seventh sky: atmanic plane: everything's one.

"That's one of the most used places for some things to happen," Mary winked. "Be careful. The air there isn't the only thing wet and humid." "I will be aware of your energetic presence," Leo said and, before giving Mary a chance to respond, climbed the stairs leading to the second floor, where rooms designated for procedures involving the fully naked body, usually of one person at a time, were situated.

Door locked behind, the boy removed the dirty black shirt, then got out of the jean shorts, which fell with a delicate flap onto the white tiled, sterile floor of the Crane's bathroom. He stood now in front of the shower cabin with only a pair of white underwear stretched in the front due to the engorged tool usually used as a mean of spreading semen, in most cases without the precious fluid reaching the intended destination. Leo looked down at pretty blonde biatch takes black cocks in her fuckholes upper point of the tent, where a wet spot formed around the urethral orifice, courtesy of the Couperian gland, and pulled the last piece of clothing on his body down, allowing it to fall down to the pavement freely once it got past the upper part of the thighs.

Stepping out of the fallen pieces of clothes, left on the floor in the same way as a snake leaves its skin behind, taking on the way a peek at the immobile male tool, Leo stepped into the shower. Inside the cabin, he slid back the glass turn, then turned on the hot water, relaxing most of the muscular blocks as warm molecules of oxidane hit the cutaneous tissue of his face, chest, and upper abdomen.

After a whole day of rather stupid incidents deep in the lands of the faerie folk, who possibly had orchestrated his fall out of the innate for the folk that never rest jolliness toward humans that accidentally went too far into their habitat and witnessed some of the things the little people tried to keep as hidden as possible from other races because of the dangerous knowledge and power these objects contained, it was great, no, beyond great returning back to the first circuit consciousness in warm, humid, watery, safe environment.


The pleasant throbbing in the hard as rock penis didn't give Leo a rest, despite the whole physical environment being ideal to get lost in the thoughtless, neurosomatic states of the central nervous system, and it drove mad the blond boy with an immense desire to at least put the hand there for a little; but Leo knew how deceptive the feeling is once the hand is there, it will never stick away from the hot, pulsating tentacle till the balloon of ecstasy will burst in a fountain of electrical energy as well as the juice of life, the source of all being.

Maybe I should do it? Show respect. You're not in your home. Should have satisfied back there in the woods, with the Nature carrie ann gets fucked by a friend only witness. Was too afraid: Mary too near. Never feel the eye of a cuckold: the eye in the pyramid. Here also not safe. She can come at any moment. Not that intense. Who knows?

Aroused from thinking about it: the pleasure of a naughty joy, of the ultimate sin: seeing someone else naked.

Primary fear. Why? There are only dicks and pussies, and they all look the same. Almost the same. No super differences. What's Mary doing? Busy. Hope yes, hope not. Actually, while Leo was washing off the day under the streams of boiler heated water, Mary put a white sheet on the sofa, made something fast and simple for the evening supper, and, when all the important things were done, decided to spend some time in her room, surfing the net, preparing all the accessories necessary for the bathroom session, and just laying on the bed with the mind drifting in the Abyss of Hallucinations that is human consciousness, a never stream of barely connected thoughts, memories, feelings, and fantasies shifting in protean fashion incessantly through the course of day and reaching the peak of psychotic activity in the hours after the sunset when the critical mind gets tired of keeping the little control it has on the kaleidoscopic activities of the sixth sense.

But once she switched the light in her room upstairs, Mary realized she had forgotten to give a towel to her special guest, as the lavender piece of cloth was lying on the light green sheet of her bed. Anxiety, mixed with a fair dose of sexual arousal, swept through her body. What to do now? Bring the towel or not? Mary could feel that every single action right now can act like a trigger that will set off a chain reaction ending with them getting into some kind of erotic intimacy, though the beneficial or malevolent action of it laid hidden to the feeble mind of our heroine.

To be true, she wanted something to happen, so they could evolve the statements voiced under the archaic trees of the forest, however, on the other side, there was a fear whose source was indefinite, unclear; and Mary understood on an intuitive level that only when this barrier would be found, examined, and destroyed, they would enjoy the swim in the sea of sexual pleasures.

Maybe I can do it with the fear? Mary thought. On the wave of courage born from the negation of the deep rooted fear, she took the towel and proceeded out of her room, only to stop in indecision in front of the white door behind which the sound of water falling droned out all other aural events. She made a step closer to the last barrier, even stretched the hand to the plastic black knob, when the fear washed over her like a wave of sweat after a terrific nightmare. No, there's no chance she could do it with the nauseating heavy stone of fright in her belly; until it's gone from her system, she will always back up in the last moment, even if something deep in her mind wanted to get ahead, to get bold and satisfy her desire of satisfying the boy she loved, despite all her verbal shock tactics.

No matter how strange it will sound, but at the moment Mary became aware how effing horny she was. The area beneath the sweaty bush was the like the Amazonian basin during the rain season humid, wet beyond words, overflowed with secretions of different origin and the breasts felt like two volcanoes with obstructed tips, waiting for her hands to to come, touch around, and make them explode in waves upon waves of orgone energy.

Self control stretched to its farthest limits, Mary put the right hand on the middle of her belly and lifted it to her right breast patiently awaiting for some stimulus to come; and when the five fingered end of the limb reached the lower bottom of the carnal elevation, a jolt of pleasant shivering washed through Mary's body like a snap of electricity caused by the contact of two dry, static surfaces, its repercussion being felt both in the middle of the head and in seat of pleasure folded by two pairs of pure beauty that could look right only on the bodies of the pejoratively called "weaker sex".

In the moment of bodily rapture, intensified by the knowledge that a naked, possibly horny boy was on the other side of the wooden door, Mary closed the eyes and caught her breath, unable to let go of the used air until the ethereal washes of orgiastic energy will end. When the first wave of awareness diminished and disappeared into the depths of her being, Mary moved the hand up the warm, pulsating hill which was unusually firm, thanks to the biological state of arousal, but this time she didn't stop to enjoy each wind of ananda separately; she rather enjoyed the feeling of accumulation of this newly released power that happened most of all beneath the mound of Venus, where not only the lump of bodily awareness, but the whole landscape from the Southern well to the Northern bush seemed to throb with the acquired charge, while her hand moved up and down the curve of her right breast, stroking accidentally the erect, pleasure seeking nipple which found itself in such state of altered awareness that a simple brush against the green fabric of the shirt was enough to satisfy its thirst for contact.

Eyes closed, towel in left hand, the redheaded girl continued to fill the the body with the vibrating, pulsating, sensual flows of primordial energy, thoughts barely existing in her mind. Sensation was the new, much stronger stimuli than normal, everyday consciousness. Sometimes, though, images of Leo surfaced from the cosmic emptiness inside her head, but they were all sexual, memories of the boy from the time when they had visited the pool and when she had seen him in the minimal clothing imaginable, with his member hidden by a pair of blue speedo that contoured it like second skin.

It wasn't the first time Mary remembered that sunny day, because after that magnificent Saturday all her self satisfaction sessions had the visual part of the pool experience as a starter, main dish, when the consciousness tried again to install its hectic tyranny of never ending perceptions by utilizing more subtle methods of intervention, and a dessert to dissipate into the state of sleep in a good mood and with pleasant images swirling through the mind.

Slowly, her hand went down across the belly to the areas beneath the well of the navel and under the protective material of the long dark shorts she wore every time there was a walk into the woods in plan. The curious appendage, however, didn't penetrate the last layer of protective tissue; instead, it swirled over the soft bush through the white and pink striped underwear.

For reasons that will not be explained in this work of fiction, Mary liked more to caress the tender, cushion soft, yet warm flesh of her groin through the lingerie rather than directly, skin to skin. There was something arousing, for this particular girl, of course, in feeling the interaction between the silky soft fabric of the underwear or panties and her sensitive, dense with nervous tissue genital area.

Only when the forefinger reached the anterior commisure of her outer lips that, due to the arousal, were parted a little and formed a little hollow leading exactly to the clitoral hood, where confined within its ultra sensitive flesh a small, pea sized organ responsible for sending the female specimen to the farthest reaches of space laid waiting for the cathartic touch, did Mary realize what would happen if the act wouldn't be stopped here, right at this moment, right before reaching the engorged, pulsating with pleasure stone.

Mary opened the eyes and tried to bring her breathing pattern back to something with a rhythm. She must stop now, otherwise the last tatter of will will break off and send her down straight into the sea of blissful awareness, from which existed only one way to get away by dissolving into it, by driving yourself to the peak when all forms of thoughts are erased for a few moments, or eternities.

Doing something like that, not to say about doing it in front an occupied bathroom that could get free at any moment, was, at the moment, beyond the girl's courage. She turned right and set off into her room, where she could finish the process she unwillingly had found herself in without fear. While in this Universe Mary went to her room, where she could diminish the perpetual teenage fire of sexual excitation, in another one one the redhead heroine decided to end her act in front of the door, achieving a mind blowing orgasm before the emergence of the source of her euphoria.

But there are more Universes out there, and in some of them Leo came too early and witnessed Mary's masturbation both with shock and pleasure; in some Mary was bolder and joined Leo in the bathroom, thus initiating the mutual sexual exploration earlier than in the current Universe; and in some of them Mary wasn't even a girl, but a boy unafraid to join his best friend under the shower and to exchange some bouts of transitional homosexuality.

The number of eigenstates is truly difficult to count, but, if to look for the viewpoint of the Everett-Wheeler-Graham model, all the things that could have happened did happen and, as the QUIP states, every single participant in every single universe experienced not only the local result, but also all the conclusions which had occurred in all the other universes.

Back in the eigenstate chosen by the narrator as the primary for this story, Leo, unaware about Mary standing in the hallway and driving herself mad with a mix of fear, lust and love, finished washing the body. He stepped out of the foggy cabin, and was confronted for a few seconds by the sudden, unpleasant drop of temperature.

After the warm realm of the shower, the chilly air felt like the most painful thing in the world, a reminder that there's a vast world outside the warm womb and in most cases its rather unfriendly for living human beings with all their plethora of desires ranging from the biological to the artistic. At least, there was one pro in the new environment the drop in the temperature helped Leo to keep the mind away from the male's best friend.

In a matter of few minutes, the blood flow to the hot zone returned to normal, the hardness changed into softness, and the throbbing flow of energy subsided so that the boy could think about mundane things instead of dreaming about committing one of the sins against nature, as the act of masturbation is deemed by the fundamental Christians.

Leo went to the towel bar hanging to the left of the shower cell, and discovered there was nothing he could use to dry up the water covering his body and dripping from the wet streaks of the sandy hair. There was the communal towel which he could use to dry the hands and face, of course, but there was no way he will use it against other parts of the body, especially the ones below Equator.

There was no other choice. He will have to spend the evening wearing wet clothes. It's not very bad. Just simply unpleasant. But it was the middle of summer, and the nights were warm, so there will be no problem with feeling way too cold; he even could get out all wet and still feel nice and comfortable, unafraid to catch some kind of respiratory disease or other inflammatory malady cause by exposure of hot against cold.

In less than a minute, he pulled up the underwear, which immediately stuck to his groin as they absorbed the droplets of water in the area, then the jean shorts. Leo thought for a minute about wearing the shirt or not. The question was not in impressing Mary with his robust features or, to be correct, the absence of them but in aesthetic pleasure of carrying a dirty garment on his body as well as experiencing the unpleasant phenomenon know as wet shirt, a clammy, cold sensation involving the cutaneous tissue of the body and both arms.

Leo would get easily away from the dirty jean shorts and walk in underwear only, but the presence of Mary, and the guilt and fear trip inside his consciousness, didn't allow him to carry on such acts of familiarity in places other than his own home. Before going out of the bathroom, Leo passed both hands through the blond hair, flattening them against the head and taking away at least some part of water still residing in the wood of yellow.

He shook both hands, sending droplets of water on the floor, then proceeded to the door, shirt resting on the right shoulder. Outside, in the twilight hallway, Leo was greeted by an unnatural silence. No aural disturbance came from the first floor or from the other room on the second level. Wait! There was something. Leo clearly heard some weird flapping and sloshing noises, like if someone was driving a finger through something organic and wet, or like the occasional noise he heard while masturbating when the skin of the forehead slid over a well lubricated glans, and the most interesting was that they were coming from an open door on the left, from what looked like to be Mary's room.

Curiousity won over the usually paranoid boy. He started moving in casual pace toward the open, unlit room, leaving behind several drops of water on the wooden floor. The organic and sexual quality of the noise didn't give a rest to the swollen from today's experiences mind of the boy; and the blasphemous, eldritch sound sent archetypal visions about amorphous creatures called shoggots that lived in the deepest caves almost on all continents and obeyed creatures so horrible that even the oldest and most honest myths mentioned only through whispers into the teenager's consciousness, already fazed out by certain abnormal behavioural reactions from people the male hero thought as friends.

But no kind of mental training, and no kind of philosophical and practical study of the ancient lore of mankind, could have prepared Leo for this encounter with the unknown, the scary, the unexplainable, the thrilling. Inside the room, on the bed right under the window, from which long silvery rays of moonlight penetrated through the almost physical darkness of the place, laid Mary; but the most unsettling fact was the pulled down shorts and pulled up shirt that revealed most of the girl's abdomen from the chest level to the groin, where the right hand worked in cyclical fashion within the tight enveloping striped underwear.

The serpentine movements of the girl, as well as the face locked in ecstatic rapture only known to men who tasted the blue mushrooms from the gardens of the golden roofed Kadath, the abode of Older Ones and their masters the Outer Ones, suggested the act was of extreme pleasure for her. Even though Leo was shocked, his body knew how to act, because the tentacle he'd tried to suppress so much the last half an hour was up again. Looking at the masturbating girl must have turned on not in the sexual meaning something in Leo's consciousness.

He suddenly became aware of a warm, throbbing and sensual aura or fog floating invisibly through the twilight air; furthermore, his senses caught more things than usual, for example, his nose caught the unique smell of a female sex, the arousing fragrance of Mary's pussy which reminded in some way of fish and of something very intimate, very bodily, very familiar at the same time.

Just one sniff of the elixir drooling between the petals of flesh confined within the slightly wet underwear of the redheaded girl drove Leo to the edge of the orgasm, foretold by a the intensification of the energetic charge in the glans and to a lesser degree in all the groin. The feeling itself was identical to the one he had before spurting out the seed in wet dreams; in most cases, it was unparallelled by the waking life orgasm, but that was until now, when he was standing for real at the threshold of Mary's room and looking for real at the masturbating teenager lying on the bed with legs spread apart.

If the secret area were fully uncovered, then it would horny cuties screw the biggest strapons and spray jism everywhere been truly a wet dream come true. Mary's accelerating arrhythmical staccato breathing, sometimes with long pauses between inhalation and exhalation, brought the boy down to Earth. He looked one last time at the hand passing up and down inside the underwear then returning back to the usual rotary motion somewhere in the upper parts of the concealed triangle, and quietly proceeded down the hallway and onto the first floor, penis paralyzed in fully erect form.

What do now? The thing in the pants won't go down for a long, unless he will beat the spank of it, exhaust it, make it dry of juice and sexual energy alike. Feet on the first floor, Leo walked left into the living room and sat on the sofa, legs brought together, not scattered apart as if the balls were so big that tampered any way of sitting in a more civilized, less socio-sexual manner.

Since he was feeling paranoid about jerking stuff here Mary can reach ground zero any moment now, and return back to the living room before he'll manage to pump all of it even if working at light speed levels Leo decided to use another, more simpler but time wasting method: turning off the mind.

He decided to shut up the thinking by taking the role of a passive observer watching the world around him. The method worked. In no time, Leo was quiet inside, and the physiological explosion in the pants started going down.

The method had other benefits, too. Never before Leo had noticed so many details in a room. The most interesting thing was the low table in front of the sofa with a few weird objects scattered around it: some postal stamps, albeit with a weird Hindu design; a flayer advertising some festival in Ingoldstadt, Bavaria, with groovy, psychedelic letters; and a vase that contained an interesting bulbous cactus with a pink flower growing from the middle of its dark green flat body. When Leo looked down, he noticed that the wooden floor here was covered by a gigantic Persian carpet of different shades of green and blue with golden arabesques forming long, fractal, floral patterns across it surface.

How didn't he notice this before? But this was one of the gimmicks of average human consciousness its impossible to get the whole picture until you start really paying attention to what's going on. Soft steps broke Leo from his trance. The boy looked right at the ladder and the beaming, happy girl descending onto ground one.

There was something luminous in Mary's appearance as well as a overall aura of relaxation, like if all the four terrestrial circuits have been removed to let nothing but joy pour into her adolescent being. "Oh, hi!" Mary said, noticing the boy sitting on the sofa. "Didn't hear you coming out of the shower. I hope you can forgive me for not bringing the towel. I just noticed it way too late." "No problem.

Should have asked for it myself," Leo responded, calm everywhere but in the jean shorts, where a certain proboscis didn't want to relax at sight of the redheaded girl after the acts witnessed back in the dark room. Mary went closer to the sofa. "So, you decided to take your shirt off. Are you trying to impress me, nipple sex best buddies aidra fox and kharlie stone are vacationing in sunny south are you trying to be the casual male from next door?" "I didn't want to put it, because it was too dirty," Leo responded.

Mary looked down. "But you did wear your dirty pants." Leo blushed. "Well, I don't feel comfortable walking in underwear around your house." "Okay, understood," Mary said in calm tone, and the next moment a naughty though illuminated her mind.

She groped at the edges of her green shirt and in one swift motion took it if off from her body, unleashing the grace of a female torso to the currents of air floating through the living room. "What? What are you doing?" Leo asked, aghast. "You're with a naked chest, so I want to be with a naked chest. There's nothing out of usual. I just have more prominent mammary glands, that's all," Mary responded in a casual tone.

Leo understood they were just overgrown versions of what he had on chest, but still, it was like submitting his cock to a electric charge. The boy's tool went hard like granite, once again bringing him to the threshold of the Abyss, and didn't give any sign at all of going down in natural way - this time, only manual stimulation could put an end to the carnal madness.

In less than a heartbeat, Leo took his blue eyes away from the two firm, plump glands with innocent pink nipples on top and stared at the fractal design of the carpet beneath his feet. Mary, noticing the panic that had stricken her best friend, sat next to him and put the left arm around his tense shoulders. "There's nothing shameful in our bodies.

If you want to look, then look; and if you'll get a reaction, try to remember our talk in the woods. If you weren't my friend, and I didn't trust you, I wouldn't have revealed so much to you," Mary said to him, her left warm boob getting in touch with almost dry arm of the boy.

"It's kinda weird, you know," Leo said, although he didn't try to budge away. Mary's soft voice and silky hand helped him to get off the anxiety trip. "I think it's natural," Mary said. "The more you'll see me naked, the less weird it will be. Are secretary rachel roxxx is giving a blowjob hungry?" Leo nodded, now peeking a casual glance at the firm, still growing hill grating against his sensitive teenage skin.

This must be a dream! He thought. There's no fucking way such things could happen to a guy like him in the real world. Mary got and stood in front of Leo, her crotch a few inches away from the boy's face. It was just like back in the woods, but with the roles reversed and the situation a little bit weirder, or erotic.

Leo couldn't help but feel that dense, suffocating with lust smell coming from behind the tight shorts and feel a desire to just bring his face in that sweaty, exhausted area, possibly still dripping with the female dew produced in the course of the sexual response cycle. The boy's mind went blank for a few moments, and his consciousness seemed to shift at the tip of the penis and express only one sensation the pleasant, overwhelming ecstasy of a body turned on to the full into the sexual mode.

Mary smirked, noticing the gleam of rapture in Leo's eyes, but decided not to say anything or accelerate the event that rose like a tsunami wave between them; it's best to let it flow naturally, in its own course, instead of rushing forward toward the destination like many people do.

After all, the essence frisky lesbians fill up their big butts with milk and burst it out pleasure is in the build up, in paying attention to every sign, to every single minute and subtle detail, to every act leading to the final stop on the road of love.

And in the end, she herself wasn't ready to go into the ultimate vestibule cute asian chick is playing with a pink toy pleasure, at least not until the fear will be scratched away from the reflective surface of her mind.

"I made something for us. Come on, " the girl said calmly, then went away from the trembling from arousal boy. Leo stood fat ass plumper seduces young lad big white booty and fat girlfriend and was ready to follow Mary across the living room into the kitchen situated in the back of the house, but the clearly visible erection in his pants, making an unmistakable tent even within tight underwear and some thick jeans material, made him stop in indecision.

Remember the forest talk, Leo reminded himself and felt some jolt of courage rushing through his body. And after all, Mary wasn't afraid to show her tits to him, so he should pay back, and also show that he had understood the lesson she had given him while under the dome of green. In the end, why not to do it for fun and see where it will end, how far will it end. Leo took a deep breath, then walked past the sofa toward an open door on the other side of the living room, his key of pleasure bringing a swirl of borderline neurosomatic sensations by stroking against the wet underwear every time he made a step.

Mary, of course, noticed the bulge when Leo entered into the kitchen, but once again she decided to keep it quiet. Inside, though, she felt happy that the boy who shun sexy fishnet luscious babe fucked hardcore and blowjob from all the ecstatic, natural and positive experiences in life was coming out of his destructive game. If the progress will keep up with this rate, there will be no problem in getting third base, as the stage is called by the American classification system of relationship degrees.

Leo looked around, found Mary near the oven to his left, then went to the table in the middle. "So, what did you make for dinner?" "Nothing special. The traditional food of teenager's like us," Mary said, then turned around and put two plates filled with french fries and hamburgers on the table. "I hope you have no trouble with it." "No, I have no trouble with it, or with you, for that matter," Leo said, eyes going straight into Mary's wells. It was a struggle between his will and his inner caveman to keep the eyes up there and not on the inviting, succulent young melons protruding in an inviting manner from the middle of the chest.

Mary sat and eyed without fear at the ginormous tent of the boy, as if showing it was cool to stare at her naked forms. At that time, after one of the strongest orgasms she ever had in a decade and a half, she didn't look at the tent with some lust or desire to touch it, feel it in her yo cute teen girl pushing her dildo deep in her ass she was just curious about how a real life penis looks like, since all her visual impressions of the organ came from Internet porn, and that's not as impressive as perceiving a real one just a few inches away from your body.

Leo sat behind the table, then took the juicy hamburger into his hand and took a large bite of its soft, warm, fleshy form. "Did you do it yourself?" Leo asked once the ruminated piece of food was pushed into the esophagus where peristaltic muscles finished the first part of the digestive work bringing the nutrient material to the stomach.

"Uh huh," Mary responded, feeling proud that the boy she liked the most had asked about her cooking skills with such awe written on the face. "It's fantastic!" Leo said and continued eating, casting occasional glances at the two islands of pink on top of the girl's hill, mouth itching with an archaic, almost subconscious desire to suck them.

Mary smiled. It was always great satisfying the person you love most, no matter what form this process takes; after all, czech teen gloryhole adorable redhead gets porked hard boy truly deserved it, since he'd been so good, nice with her, free from any socio-sexual drivel that dominates the most of the brain in other, more casual, more robotic, male units in the Western World society where the signs of success involved the treatment of women as recipients of the genetic material necessary for further creation of biological automaton in industrial quantities.

The evening drifted slowly into the depth of the ego dissolving night; and our two heroes enjoyed this wonderful time of the day together two luscious babes and one huge strap on minds in state of total tranquility, like icebergs in the calm sunset sea near the polar caps.

Since the main device of entertainment television was absent in Mary's place, the teens had resolve to much more engaging activities, for example talking, reading, or just sitting silently, looking at the stars, heads resting on each other shoulders. Actually, the whole evening seemed to evolve into the latter form of communication, as if it was just one necessary step in their evolution before they could proceed to even deeper depths of male-female relationships.

And as the level of spoken word between them diminished, Leo's attitude toward Mary's elegant curves changed to that one of indifference, of acceptance that these growths on the front of her body don't carry a sexual or any other meaning, that they just exist there and everything else is a level of unnecessary, illusionary interpretation.

When the insight dawned on Leo's calm, quiet mind, his metaprogramming circuit turned on. Phase three: Electrical discharge Got to keep us apart.

Schisms. Always splitting and schisms. White against black, men against women, all the way down the line. Keep us apart. Don't let us merge. Make sex a dirty joke. ? Leo emerged from the waters of the pool with a loud gulping noise, taking the first breath after what seemed an eternity in the abyss, mind ecstatic from the sudden oxygen intoxication.

A cloudless sky, bright as Van Gogh canvas, greeted him from the above, and the warm rays of the Sun massaged his wet skin covered in myriads of shining clear liquid beads. In a relaxed manner, Leo swam to the light blue border, hands sending splashes of water every time they contacted the shifting transparent carpet, and perched the arm on the heated by the mother Sun pavement, eyes concentrated on the beautiful girl sitting in a white deck chair and clearly enjoying the gift of the gods that is sunlight.

Her bent legs revealed a prominent, soft elevation in the groin, protected by a layer of striped underwear. It looked like something puffy, and just gazing it gave Leo a dry mouth as well as an erection in his deep blue speedo.

At first, the process of growth felt unpleasant, as the penis was in an uncomfortable, almost horizontal position to begin with, but as the tool adjusted itself, the slight pangs of pain went away, giving place to that pleasant tension known only to someone who carries a dick. Involuntarily, Leo's right hand went down to the underwater, toward the hot organ demanding immediate attention, however Leo managed to bring it back to the pavement before it reached the pleasant fabric of the speedo.

Eyes filled with fear, Leo quickly looked around, and when he saw there wasn't any single living being apart from the girl chilling under the Sun, he let a sigh escape from his lungs. In one movement, Leo brought the knees on the vermillion tiled floor of Kickbucket city pool, unafraid to show the tent between his legs.

The redheaded girl opened the eyes, then fixed them on the boy sitting on his knees with legs tightly brought together, a long, hard shape clearly visible through the wet underwear.

A kinky smile spread across the freckled face. "I see it, and I know what you want. Come and get it, so we can both soar on the wings of ecstasy to the spheres of naught," the redhead teen alaina dawson swallow a meaty cock grin said to the blond boy, lusty eyes shining with the white light of sexual inebriation, the state closest to the ineffable mysteries of the Universe that babe with glasses exchange pussy for sex can achieve without the aid of certain substances or years of deliberate deprogramming of the central nervous system.

Leo returned the smile, then started moving toward the girl, awaiting for him like a flower for a bee, on his fours, horny yet utterly tranquil on the inside. They had all the time in the world; rushing it will be a rather stupid thing to do, especially when it was their first willful action as a couple, full of responsibility, full of danger, full of thrills.

The hands, hot skinny red head girlfriend finger fucks tight pussy to orgasm clearly protruding from them, made a wet plop every time they hit the floor, and left a dark fluid imprint when they went into the air, ready to leave the next mark on the stone. As Leo progressed toward his only friend, his love, his soulmate, his shakti, the girl moved her legs apart, opening more of her pussy, though hidden by the layer of synthetic material, to the hungry, thirsty, exhausted stare of her only friend who had spend many years wandering alone through the Abyss of Hallucinations that is human life before stumbling on her like a dying hermit coming to an oasis in the middle of a boundless, lifeless desert.

When his hands finally planted themselves on the plastic material of the chair, Mary's legs, tanned provocatively enough to turn on even an octogenarian, were parted and rested on both sides of the thing she was sitting on, giving enough space for Leo to commit the murder of a virgin girl, to spill her red arterial blood over the red pavement of the pool as a sacrifice for the golden disc of the Sun, the ultimate sign of illumination.

Thoughts put aside, Leo put the hands on Mary's knees, then moved them further up in a subtle, swift way, their touch so light it could have been easily mistaken for a gush of warm summer wind. As their motion proceeded upwards, the palms moved from the outer side of the thighs to the inner one, where at their junction the source of all human creative endeavour awaited.

Mary, meanwhile, was working with both hands on her boobs, also obscured by a striped piece of clothing. The palms rotated around the peaks, revealing occasionally the protruding lighthouses the send a fierce guiding light for the pleasure seeking fingers of the redheaded girl.

Leo's hands finally reached the rift obscured by a synthetic veil, feeling the intense, exhilarating heat originating in its deepest abyss, but once they touched the little apertures where the underwear disconnected a little bit from live flesh, the boy pulled them away, put them one white chair, and pulled himself closer to the new zone of his attention, speedo ready to burst any minute from the statuesque thing twitching inside.

Balanced position achieved one that won't send them both off the deck chair Leo removed his legs from under his butt and sat astride the chair, and as the material of the speedo stretched, unleashing at places some sight of the pale skin of his genital area, the long shaft of his tool became more visible, bulbous end pressed hardly against the blue material. With a smile on the face, and a swirl of expectation from the experience awaiting ahead, Leo lowered his head toward the boiling geyser of a female body holding the secret of life deep within its pitch black, warm, humid, eldritch caverns.

He made one sniff of the musky, fishy, oily essence coming from Mary's pussy, and felt how his penis went all hard, into the vibrating, trembling stage of taking flight preceding huge tits and butt babe bangs in taxi liberation of his consciousness and virile juices. Leo lowered the head more, then touched with the nose the soft, pulsating pussy hidden by some wet, sweaty, soaked with musk underwear, his face bathed in the volcanic waves of heat that emanated from the little geyser.

Leo's nose absorbed fully the suffocating aroma of a horny woman, and then, sitting on the brink of the Abyss of Ecstasy, started moving the nose up and down the humid slit, driving Mary into the landscapes no words, even abstract concepts can describe.

Her breath, free from any rhythmic structure, her flushed face, her sweat covered body, moving in serpentine fashion in response to Leo's olfactory exploration, indicated clearly the girl was tremendously enjoying the new sensations against which the simple pleasure of one's own hand fades away like taste of chocolate in the mouth. Leo looked at the swollen hill within the striped underwear, carrying now some splotches of wetness in the middle of the front triangle, then pulled out his tongue and sneaked it into the left arc between the fabric and the skin.

He closed the eyes, and awakened to greet the white ceiling above him, sweaty and aroused from the dream that had terrorized his young consciousness during the quiet hours of the morning.

Frustrated, Leo looked down at his body, freed for some reason from the white sheet Mary gave him for the night to knee level. The white underwear held tightly a monster of erection, and the top of the tent was crowned by wet spot made from the massive amounts of precum which had leaked from the anticipation of something to come; and to confirm this thought, the penis twitched, releasing another goblet of the clear sticky liquid whose function was to make the act of penetration, of invasion, easier for the male.

Leo looked at the one eyed tentacle, thinking what do next: end the thing which had started in the dream, or use all the will he got to bring it down without releasing any genetic material in an alien locale? The second seemed the best, since who knows what will happen if Mary's father will recognize some rather familiar marks on his sofa, and getting Mary in trouble was something Leo will never forgive himself for.

His meditation was interrupted by some light noise from the right, an area hidden by the back of the sofa. Leo lifted his body, but when he saw Mary walking in the kitchen in nothing but underwear, his heart jumped into the throat.

She had seen him sleeping this way, with a huge boner ripping the underwear! Wait! What if she's the one who took away the sheet, in order to see his manhood? What if she had done more than just remove the sheet? What if she-? "You're awake already," Mary commented cheerfully when she entered into the living room, content smile on the relaxed, carefree face.

Noticing a touch of insecurity on Leo's face, she made the grin bigger. "I have seen your boner, but I haven't done anything to you, I swear. I would never do anything to you against your will." "But why? What's with my sheet?" Leo asked, troubled. "It was already like this when I found you. I guess you were having a pretty good time. I hope it was about me," the girl said as she walked around the sofa and sat near Leo's feet.

In a flash of a second, Leo sat straight and brought the legs together half-tailor fashion, with the left one folded, foot resting near the groin, and the right one brought to the chest. The reason why Leo brought the legs away from Mary laid not in the fact that he was scared to show his erection in fact, it was still pretty visible, even more than it should be due to the wet sticky, precum soaked tip of the tent but in his fear of Mary touching it, no matter how unnatural it sounds.

It was more of a subconscious reflex rather than terror toward the redheaded girl. Because of the more ape like men back in the school who liked to throw their excrements metaphorically speaking in the defense of their territory toward less developed or feminine, by the widely spread American definition of these concepts, boys, among which bad brother fucking his beautiful hot sister at home main hero belonged, Leo developed a hostile attitude toward others touching, even seeing, his naked, free from prominent hominid bulges, body; but right now, he experienced a certain ambivalence, an antagonism between the soul saying Yea to Mary and the mind saying Nay to the possibilities opening ahead in this state vector.

"Oh, come on. Don't be so shy!" Mary said, then she brought her back against the coach, legs pressed tightly together."Have you forgotten yesterday's lesson? And I think you made a progress with my yesterday's boob revelation." "Yes, but this, this is different. I think we're going too fast," Leo responded, eyes constantly returning to the camel toe in Mary's groin.

"Why? These parts below are just like my boobs nothing special, the most natural thing there is," Mary responded. "Come on, touch me, if you don't believe me." "I don't know," Leo responded, mouth dry, heart plummeting.

"I know you want it, and you know that I want it, too," Mary said. "What if I'll hurt you," Leo asked. "Do you believe that?" The blond boy shook his head.

"So, what stops you?" Mary asked, emerald eyes looking straight into Leo's blue lakes. The boy looked down at the space between them. "I am afraid. I feel guilty. I think it's wrong." Mary smiled. "There is no guilt, and there is no shame."She moved her left hand toward Leo's leg.

"The key to joy is disobedience." The reality, though, was that fear ran strong through the girl also, and it was of multiple kinds. On one level, she feared Leo will go on her like every single male in the world on top and inside, a great replica of the dominance-submission fucked amazing girl moans with large o hardcore and russian in bed and will not take in consideration the simplest fact of female anatomy which clearly stated that there are no dense layers of nervous tissue in the vaginal walls, that penetrative sex doesn't bring any real or powerful satisfaction to women, and if it did, then it was the powerful, and damn good from a male perspective, work of a woman's metaprogrammer.

Mary had also confirmed these scientific facts with her experience of masturbation involving penetration inside her vagina. She had fingered herself sometimes in the past, especially when the chaotic flow of socio-sexual hormones and imprints was on the rise, and had found the experience painful and unpleasant. The first time she had attributed the pain to the rupturing shemale extremely painful anal rape force gangbang crea her hymen, but when the pattern of painful and unpleasant sensations school girl megan fucked like a slutby the second and the third time, she decided to stop the practice altogether.

A male reader may find Mary's reaction unusual, and claim that she has some medical problems with her vagina, however Mary is a healthy female unit with not physical or psychological problems whatsoever; therefore it must be reminded that the female organism isn't accustomed to get satisfaction from the male penis in the way often portrayed in pornographic and erotic arts.

If a male reader still thinks the author doesn't know anything about sexual matters, a research in these matter via wikipedia and google is advised. Furthermore, it must be said that Mary's experience had additional support from her school friends, who had either tried this form of masturbation or even had real sex with the male units, and not a single account involved getting a thorough satisfaction ending with an orgasm while using the vagina as the main point of attention. In all the cases, the teenage girls had ended up disappointed, thinking that something is wrong with them due to the utter lack of satisfaction from the perforative operations, while Mary experienced nothing of this kind, dyttxxx story sex stories 18 new her research had yielded an explanation to the question "why?" Apart from the fear of Leo going fully into the stereotypical male in bed role widely propagated among human civilization, Mary also feared the act of losing herself, her consciousness, her ego in the process of getting satisfaction; but the last fright was common to everyone standing before something that promised a blonde lesbian gets vibed at the gym annihilation of the self, because, as it's beaten up into members of the society from birth to death, there's nothing precious than the all knowing, ultra smart "I".

Today was the chance to finally break through the fears and achieve something, so it will be better for Mary to put off them away; after all, if she had driven the boy to his point all on her own, why not to go farther. As a confirmation of horny rocco siffredi calls two hot babe and had so much fun jerking wi thoughts, she moved the hand up Leo's right foot till it reached the knee.

It must have touched something there, because in a flash Leo's eyes became less frightened, more warmer. "You have showed me so many joys this summer. I think it's time you introduce me to this one," Mary said. Leo put his hand on Mary's one and caressed with the forefinger the thin skin revealing an intricate set of veins beneath. At that moment, a flash of awareness passed between the two teens, and they felt the fields and the way they had merged from the first day the two biological units have met each other.

The reason to this was pretty simple: unconsciously, Mary had found one of Leo's strongest erogenous zone outside the genitals a depression beneath the bump on the left side of the knee and Leo, by caressing the heel of her hand, managed to trigger an immense sexual response in the redheaded girl, as it was visible by the prominent nipples and more swollen than usual area within her underwear.

The simple act was the last sign of the symbiosis of their field, their perceptual spaces, the invisible elongations of their physical bodies. If someone who believed he had ESP powers would have been standing in the room, he would have seen two beautiful eggs of bright yellow light around the teens merging together into a more amoebic yet luminous shape, like if a nuclear reaction was happening in tinyk little teen squirter sally squirt fucked auras.

What happened next was logical, natural, and to a certain degree outside the traditional boundaries of a skin encapsulated ego. Leo looked with a soft stare at the redhead, and the girl, understanding the meaning in those calm, green eyes, relaxed, let go of all the fears she had about the experience she herself had helped to precipitate. In the end, she should have known already the nerdy boy will never do anything bad to her, no matter what emotional game will dominate his consciousness.

When Leo felt the tension disappearing from Mary's body, he proceeded forward, and moved his hand up her thin skin. Slowly, as the hand moved to the shoulder, Leo moved closer toward the heat of the redhead's body, and once his fingers caressed with the subtlety of wind the collarbone, the blond boy sat on his knees only a few inches away from Mary, tent in the pants standing firm as a paralyzed limb.

Mary, meanwhile, wasn't wasting time. While Leo changed position and moved closer to her, Mary stroked lightly his right thigh, allowing occasionally the left hand to fall between the leg and give and accidental perk to the swollen testicles confined within the white fabric of the only garment on the boy's body.

Her hand enjoyed the hellish heat near the tool, and was ready to touch vigorously the jewels when a whole wave of intense, electrifying pleasure immobilized her body as Leo put his lips against the carotid artery and his hand against the rugged surface of the left nipple.

The new somatic sensation, far more stronger than everything induced by masturbation alone, didn't allow her to commit the murder of the male being of higher intelligence. Instead of touching the uncharted spot on Leo's body, Mary's hand just rested between the pulsating, warm, slightly sweaty thighs.

Mom son sex fuck dad

Leo was barely holding the dam holding back the orgasm. Mary's occasional touches with the tip of the fingers were strong enough to carry him off the border; hell, even the presence of a warm human hand nearby the area, between his thighs, drove his tower mad from the throbbing orgone energy wanting badly to get released from the prison of the loins.

And Mary was herself an enormous turn on, especially with her warm, pulsating, silky skin tasting like the most divine fruit on Earth and smelling with the highly erotic odour of a natural, clean female body. And the throbbing soft flesh cupped in his left hand the right one was going down the girl's spine in the tight space between the sofa and her skin was such an intense stimulus Leo even feared he wouldn't carry the load till the end, thus not giving Mary a chance to play with him properly.

The boy's lips sensed the warm flow of blood through Mary's neck, kissed the soft skin of her throat, then little by little started descending down to the left, already manually stimulated, mammary gland. The closer Leo came to the mound, the more he felt in ecstasy; for the feast of new sensations occupied all the five senses, from the surface of the skin to the auditory faculties, which perceived every single single noise made by Mary's irregular breath or by the writhing body moving against the sofa.

The boy's right hand, trapped behind Mary, reached the vertebrae around the waist level and slowly climbed with the fingertips their bony ends protruding for the skin. Even though the boy of he dreams was relatively away from her pubic area, Mary felt like if she could explode any minute now. Mary's pussy, producing truly cyclopean amounts of the the clear womanly sacrament, was on fire, and demanded attention, while her breasts send turbulent currents of power in its purest state through her body, sending her through the windows, into the sky, free of I, every time Leo's hand did some manipulations with the little beacons on top.

When Leo put the warm, humid mouth on her left nipple, Mary held her breath for a minute, awestruck by the new layer of ecstasy. At that moment, Mary close the eyes and relaxed all her muscles in order to let the ananda carry her higher and deeper into the sea of pure awareness, and she became the meal for the predatory male. It's a wondrous sensation feeling a warm piece of human flesh in your mouth.

It can even be nostalgic and slutty lesbian lookers are stretching and fist fucking anals if certain parts of the female body like breasts, for example are consumed as a part of the human sacrifice; and Leo was savouring them deeply, fascinated by the new, delicious textures opened to his tongue and the new bodily smells penetrating his mind, driving his dick into a pillar of fire.

Once the left was done, the boy went to the right one, although it was getting uncomfortable to stay in the current posture it was too unstable, plus the hands were in places too far away too provide a center of equilibrium.

Due to these inconveniences, when Leo managed to get a single lick of the rugged island of pink flesh on the right hill, his right arm slipped away from the sofa's border and he collapsed on the girl's body.

His hot meat collided with Mary's thigh, and for a moment Leo was sure he will blow it right now. His fear, however, didn't came to fruition, though he was very close near the point of no return, the muscles in the lower abdomen all ready to twitch in the orgiastic process. "Sorry," the boy said. "It's not a problem. By the way, I never knew skinny latin beauty loves to be fucked had such a hot tool," Mary said, pleased with the accident rather than bothered.

After all, her body did came in touch with an erect penis, and it was a pretty enjoyable experience. Since such an opportunity opened to her, Mary decided to act. "Relax a little. Now it's my time," Mary said, then placed her left hand between Leo's shoulder blades and moved it down the spine, fingers going up and down the lesbo bombshells open up their deep buttholes and shag huge dildos bony hills forming a road from the head to hammering attractive hotties fuck gap hardcore blowjob buttocks, a royal path from physical consciousness to total illumination, or vice versa.

Leo, the hunter turned into the meal, closed the eyes, relaxed his body entirely, and focused on the sensation. They were like the pleasant waves you get when someone tickles you, maybe more sensual, and less tormenting, but when Mary's hand went up his crescent moons, the waves turned into whole emanations of new definitions of pleasure.

The boy knew that this time the verge is inevitable; a few right strokes by Mary and there will a whole Apocalypse behind his closed eyelids. Unaware, to a certain degree, of Leo's sensitivity, Mary decided to get to the deal, to the boy's jewels. She decided to caress them through the underwear, as a way to get the feel of it, before delving fully into the zone big ebony boobs zariah takes a big black cock in the ass tube porn as taboo till she will have her own house, her own job, and her own independence.

After going up and down Leo's buttocks, Mary plunged the hand between the warm thighs and cupped the soft sack containing the orbs of life, the tip of the fingers reaching the hot, sturdy yet unbelievably smooth surface of the erected penis; but once the fingers reached the gland, the red top of the fleshy lighthouse, the process of ejaculation rocketed through Leo's body. Mary felt how the penis engorged as semen passed through the urethral canal, ending its path as hot spurts on the underwear fabric, and how Leo's body thrust involuntarily the pelvis into the area between her thighs in a feeble attempt to spread the seed as wide as possible.

With the loins pushed down and the head arched back, eyes closed due to the rapturous moment, breath stuck within the contracted muscles of the throat, Leo looked pretty graciously, like a swimmer emerging from the clear water around some tropical atoll. The girl felt how the boy's vessel of the spirit trembled ecstatically every time the source of human life passed though the stiff penis; and it happened about four or five times before Leo's physical rupa went limp, the heartless body of the sacrificial person to the Sun God ruling over the fifth cycle, though some residual convulsions went trough the shocked tool inside the underwear.

Mary didn't expect Leo to come so fast, however she felt proud it was her that granted him this moment of ecstasy, so strong even she felt passing it through her body, making every hair of her being to stand up as if near cute blonde teen cheating on her boyfriend source of static electricity.

Like the priest holding the pulsating, warm heart of the person offered to the great Sun within the light blue domain, Mary experienced an ineffable mystical state of satisfaction, elated, content, hungry for more.

When Leo came down from the clouds, feeling refreshed and energetic rather than tired, he put the left hand on the couch border and lifted his body, bringing the eyes down at the trouser that confined the tool of reproduction, covered from the base to the top with the the liquid mass of spermatozoa and other organic substances. The sticky material had already started absorbing into the white fabric, and more and more ares of the erect, venous, pale shape were opened to the sight of others.

"I'm sorry," Leo sighed. "I was too aroused to hold it back." "Hey. It's okay. Don't swear over it," Mary said, feeling herself a few strings away from the total loss, the total let go. She knew these things were quite typical even among eighteen year old males, if the stories of her classmates are to be believed, and from the gossip talks going in the classroom during school year, Mary concluded the farthest a boyfriend of age fourteen went without ejaculating was putting the glans inside the vaginal orifice; after this, no one of such young age, with hormones and impressions running through the body and consciousness at supernatural speed, could hold back the white liquid confined withing the canals of the testicles.

Leo made a little smile, then his nose caught the strong musky scent of an aroused cunt. Only at that moment Leo understood he'd been laying a few inches away from Mary's womanhood a few minutes ago, when the grip of orgasm had literally blown his mind out of the limits of his human body.

And with him satisfied, it was the time to bring Mary into the Abyss of Ecstasy. The blond boy removed his sweaty body from Mary's leg and sat on his knees, though it was slightly painful due to the over stimulated glans that sent pain signals every time it stretched too hard against the spoiled underwear. Leo removed the right hand from Mary's back and put it on her thigh, which twitched a little from the sudden touch near an area deemed forbidden for boys until the age of eighteen, and placed the left one on her navel, stimulating the region around it with circular motions.

In a manner free from hurry, the hand went down, closer and closer the the striped piece of lingerie, the ultimate frontier of female body that haunted the feverish dreams of many, many men and kept them within the prison of quotidian life instead of allowing them to go into the reaches of space and get lost in the Pits of the Universe where certain deities whose name are forbidden to say out loud dwell in a somniferous, half comatose existence. Mary, by the way, decided to continue her adventure into the land of male genitals, but when she put the hand on the boy's right thigh and moved it towards the tall beacon, Leo stopped his actions.

"It's not a good idea," Leo said. "It will be too painful for me. You will have to wait for awhile." "For how long?" Mary asked calmly.

They had all the summer to try things, so she wasn't really upset with these news regarding male physiology. "An hour," Leo said. "Men need less to time to come, but on the other hand they can do it all day, if they're horny enough. Sometimes, the drive can be that mad." "Okay," Mary said, then closed the eyes, restoring her attention back to the sensation going in and around her body.

Leo resumed his play. He took the decision not to go straight into the wet, dripping cavern, but to play a little with it, get a feel of it, through the underwear; therefore, he slid the left hand on the underwear, feeling the fat, yet soft, mound under the fingers, perceiving at moment the curly hair slowly growing on its pale surface.

Then he reached the rift and, forgetting in the mists of ecstasy that in the upper area rested the clitoris covered by a long hood of pink flesh, slid the forefinger between the long cliff. The reaction was immediate.

Mary arched her head back, stopped breathing for moment, and all her muscles went tense from the sudden rush of electrical currents through her body, both deep inside and on the surface of the skin. Leo understood the meaning of the reaction, and continued investigating the flower with his forefinger, while the four remaining digits felt the fluffy, wet tissue of the swollen outer lips.

Soon, his curious finger, lost in the humidity of the miniature valley of the Amazon, stumbled on a tight little knob of flesh; and by the look on Mary's ecstatic face, Leo understood he'd hit the jackpot.

The boy played a little with it, trying to be as careful as possible since he knew that a little bit of pressure too much and pleasure will transform into pain; mostly, he rotated the finger placed on the knob left or right or massage it up an down, enjoying meanwhile the feeling of an increased humidity in the long cavern whose passages led into the heart of all being, the source of all human civilization.

When Mary's flushed face and constant serpentine motions indicated the arrival of an orgasm, Leo decided to change the strategy. He went down the coach, then moved between Mary's opened leg, but he noticed the obstacle on the way too late.

Ah, well, he will have to do it the old fashioned way by pulling the front triangle of the underwear to one side. As if reading Leo's mind, Mary put her hands on the waistband of the garment "Allow me to take them off," she said in distant voice, like if she was on the peak of intoxication caused by the purest hashish available on the surface of the planet, then lifted both legs in the air, brought them together, giving Leo such a view of her swollen lips that could cause a fulminant ejaculation even in grown up men, and removed slowly the wet underwear from her immaculate body.

When Leo's green eyes saw the two mounds of reddish flesh, with some tasty engorged stuff within them, the boy felt he will come a second time despite being in the pain of the refractory period. However, once Mary brought the legs apart, revealing the open flower, Leo wondered about a few things. First, it looked way smaller than in porn flicks, and he could easily cup it from the front to the rear in his fourteen year old hand; and second, the vaginal orifice must be pretty small, so basically it's impossible to fit there anything without some discomfort for the woman.

But the latter one wasn't something Leo was interested at the moment, since his knowledge of anatomy and physiology don't forget we're dealing with something called in American society as "nerd" indicated clearly that a woman's vagina is free from sensitive nerve endings.

In the end, though, only some logical thought is required to understand this, because if there existed some dense layering of neuronal cells, then death from pain shock was inevitable to all the female specimen during the process of birth, of that liberation from a human parasite in such a cruel form which puts at shame the creators of Alien movies or other forms of parasitic biological horror fiction.

Despite this, the reason why Leo decided not to stick the lock in the key was pretty simple he didn't want to be like all the other representatives of male sex in a relationship of this kind. His mission was to give pleasure to the woman, not put his protuberance inside and use the the female body as an intricate masturbation machine.

Face frozen in an impression of religious reverence, Leo brought slowly his face to the rose, hands travelling up and down Mary's warm thighs, and enjoyed on the way there the increasing emanation of suffocating, mind shattering heat interspersed with the musky, oily, fishy, hypnotizing smell of the womanly amrita.

The smell, the heat, the sight, the feel of warm flesh beneath his hands planted near Mary's buttocks, and the sounds of her hoarse breathing worked as a powerful turn on for the boy suddenly thrown into the role of the devourer, the priest with the obsidian knife in hand that should be planted into the victim's body to open the pathway to his heart through the layers of warm pulsating muscles and bowels.

His tongue started working on the outer labia, replacing the glistening ambrosia with his saliva, moving in circles from their lower point to the upper, occasionally descending upon the hood of clitoris in order to send a more intense reaction through Horny claudia shotz rides on a hard dick vessel of the spirit.

The response was always the same a sudden stop of the breathing process in lieu with some motion in the pelvic area. But Leo, inebriated by the divine wine which only a woman could produce, continued the work of bringing Mary to the peak of orgasms, where everything ceases to matter, and even awareness itself seems to transform into the black, boundless veil of nothing.

The boy started to lick the red inner lips, wet and throbbing for someone to release them from the charge accumulated in them during the last few minutes, or hours, and discovered, this time by the help of the tongue, that little, pea sized lump of flesh which holds the last secret of sexual ecstasy. Every time he licked it, Mary seemed to jump from the influx of sensations, so the blonde boy assaulted relentlessly the female equivalent of a penis, doing it up right.

Like a lion tearing up warm, blood soaked flesh from a carcass of a gazelle, Leo worked with his tongue on the soft sensitive flesh of Mary's pussy that brought more and more of the heavenly nectar he liked so much. It was salty and bitter at the same, with a some reminiscence to the after taste one gets after eating almonds, but it was so addicting, so electrifying Leo could feel another wave of tension rising in his loins, turning his stiff penis into a humming start-off place for another orgasm.

Even despite the refractory period, he was a few moments away from cumming one more time, feeling that this time he will reach another level of awareness. Mary was sharing the same preorgasmic experience with Leo. She could feel the whole groin, no, the whole body being enveloped by currents of electrical, hair rising energy as the heaviness between her legs got stronger with every moment. She couldn't hold the semantic stream anymore; and the words left her mouth as fluidly as the recitation of a poet reading the work he had written while being in a state of grace, in the flow of ecstasy, in the grip of the creative flame.

"Ygnaiih.ygnaiih," Mary whispered in distant, rapturous voice. "Thflth' ngha!" Mary's words put Leo in a state of unease and unreality. He started to suspect for a moment the scene could be nothing more than dream, that he still could be dreaming.

But the warm thing in front held his attention too strongly for any question about the ontology of this wet dream come true; and Leo, having freed the head from doubt, descended down in the vulvar vestibule, where most of the fluid waited to be licked by his masculine tongue, though he still paid visits to the clitoris.

"Eh-ya-ya-ya-yahaah," Mary uttered between taking heavy breaths. "Leo.yeah. you're so good.don't stop.e'yayayayaaa.ngh'aaaaaa.ngh'aaa.h'yuh.h'yuh!" The orgasm was dawning on her body, a supernova coming to explosion within her physical form, 5-Methoxy-Dimethyltryptamine smoke entering her mouth. She could feel it in her loins where the tension kept getting stronger and stronger while her body more and more rigid ready to send her off beyond hyperspace to the parts unknown and uncharted that hold within them the forms of highest ecstasy and yeah Leo was driving her there with his restless tongue by putting it over the clitoris yea yea yea and turning off her mind with all the problems and here it is the trigger just one leak away that he must give and he gives and she is precipitated into it as she felt the slowing down as everything implores into her pussy before exploding with a tsunami wave which here comes and he comes too right now Leoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo A Phase 4: Muscular relaxation Fig leaf in the Garden of Eden.

The basic crime against love. ? "Leooooooo!" A shout penetrated his consciousness as he opened the eyes. For a moment, Leo seemed unaware about his surrounding, but the green canopy above him, streaming rays of golden light between he thick web of leaves, reminded him about the trip into the forest and the subsequent dare game with the redheaded girl with a fiery heart. "Are you okay, Leo?" Mary asked him. She ran toward his lying figure and in a flash sat on her knees, worrying eyes looking at the boy plastered on the emerald carpet.

Leo sat, looking at the surroundings with a confused stare. "I think I'm fine. How long I was out?" Mary looked at him questioningly.

"What do you mean? You just fell a moment ago?" "Really?" Leo asked ella nova takes care of her bbc client tube porn surprise. Mary nodded. "That's weird," Leo said to himself, then shifted his attention to the body. Everything seemed to fine, relaxed and not erect; but the most important was that nothing throbbed with pain or other unpleasant sensations. "Come on. Let me help you stand up," Mary said and got up on her feet.

Leo sat, still dazzled by the weird experience, then cast a glance at the girl's legs protected by black shorts and at her groin which he had so delightfully consumed in a.dream? Hallucination? Vision? Parallel World? Mary stretched the right hand. Leo took it and used it to stood up back on the feet, feeling already some heaviness in the twenty first finger. Once he achieved a vertical position, he noticed a light blush on charming gorgeous teen serves a hard cock face, though there was no accusation in them, like if the girl was actually pleased about him, a relatively nerdish guy with no sexual interest in females at all, noticing her genital area.

For a brief instant, Leo wondered if the dream or whatever had shown him some hidden side of Mary which he had never suspected to exist before, and which finally had emerged to the open a second ago. "Maybe you should stay at my place tonight. Sometimes, the symptoms of concussion appear only after a couple of ours. Even if you're healthy, I think it's best you'll stay with me, just for precaution," Mary said, looking at Leo with worried yet slightly dreamy eyes.

Leo could only nod. The sentence matched exactly the one Mary had uttered in his vision, or dream, or whatever. "I think we should go back," the boy responded, confused.

"Agree," Mary said and started the trip back. Leo followed here, lost in the thoughts revolving around the weird experience. It felt too real for a dream, Leo concluded, and way too long; it was like if he lived a segment of his life somewhere else entirely, not in the Universe he was accustomed to.

And what if the reality he is right now is also a dream?