Blonde milf loving her man and being romantic blowjobs and couples

Blonde milf loving her man and being romantic blowjobs and couples
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This is my very first story ever. I've written if for my girlfriend who reads the stories on this site. I really hope you guys like it. Please, let me know what you think in comments. I want to write more about Nalani and her internship at AS&S. Let me know if you'd like to hear more!

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Internship at AS&S - Chapter 1 Nalani had been working for the offices of Albert Sloane and Sons for six fairly stressful weeks the day that it first happened. She was eighteen, fresh from high school, and feeling overwhelmed. The job as a receptionist in the high-end consultancy firm of AS&S was a very lucky find the pay was excellent for entry-level and the company flat which she lived in, a remarkable perk, was beautiful.

In the evenings she daydreamed about moving up the corporate ladder, maybe someday with a client roster of her own. Her boss, Emma Bright, head secretary was an imposing figure. She was tall, in her thirties, slim and beautiful with dark black hair coiled up on top of her head. She wore high-fashion glasses, short but sophisticated black skirts and remarkable silk blouses, which held her obviously large breasts barely covered.

She was a sexy woman; Nalani could not help but notice, but by no means warm. At the interview, Ms. Bright had not smiled, joked, nor made any kind of attempt at friendliness.

She was all business. Once hired, Nalani found her to be that stern always. Nalani would be behind the desk, answering phones and typing notes, and Emma would come up behind her: "Nalani!" "Yes, Ms. Bright?" "Why are you slouching like that, sit up straight!" "I'm sorry?" "You are working at AS&S, not the Carphone Warehouse.

You can't sit here looking like some trash off the street. Put yourself together and present yourself properly when people come in!" "I…" Nalani might stammer, "When clients come in this door, they need to not be able to take their eyes off you.

If you're just some…" Ms. Bright would drop her posh accent and fake Nalani's less eloquent speech "…bird they might see down the pub" she resumed her normal voice, "Then how will they feel about AS&S? Will they know that this is the most important company they will ever do business with? No. Dress properly, sit straight, and for gods sake, quit chewing your nails!" Nalani had spent a large portion of her salary on trying to get a more professional wardrobe, but no matter what she wore, Emma found a way to criticize her.

"Oh for gods sake," Ms. Bright would roll her eyes, "Wear some proper heels!" She indicated her own long, tan, and toned legs to the tall stiletto heels she was wearing. Albert Sloane, the man himself, worked in the main offices in New York. The London office was run by his eldest son, Nels Sloane.

Nels had never spoken to Nalani, only walked past her briskly on the way in and out of the office, sometimes on the phone, sometimes talking to Ms. Bright who shadowed him taking notes. She had often wanted to introduce herself to this very important man, to make herself noticed to him, if for no other reason because she was scared Emma Bright would have her fired.

If she could catch his eye than she'd be safe. On the day in question, things were slow. Emma was having lunch, eating a salad at her desk, when Mr. Nels Sloane came through the door in a rush and dropped a stack of papers in front of her. Emma Bright was hot on his heels. "Naomi, is it?" He asked curtly. Nalani looked up, but her mouth was full of lettuce, her eyes full of fear, and she couldn't respond.

"It's Nalani, Sir." Ms. Bright offered. "Fine." Said Nels. "I need this contract retyped, quickly with no mistakes, and on my desk ASAP. I've got a conference call with Dubai and Dublin and my typist is out.

Bring it to my office when you've got it done." He deposited the papers and walked off briskly. Emma bright looked at Nalani, then at the salad, with reproach. She leaned forwards, bending all the way over the desk to put her mouth by Nalani's ear.

Her soft white breasts were in Nalani's face, and despite her fear, Nalani found herself staring and feeling excited at this peek. "Watch it, Nalani." She hissed.

"You don't eat at Reception like common garbage." She stood up, disdain in her eyes, and turned to walk away. Her skirt had ridden up when she'd bent over and Nalani could see the tops of her stockings, garters attached, as she walked away. She swallowed her salad. Several things distracted Nalani as she typed up the contract. She was worried. Would Ms. Bright fire her now? Would she lose this once-in-a-lifetime job? She was also horny. Very horny. She could not get the image of Ms.

Bright's tits, ass, and toned thighs out of her mind. Finally, she was worried. Why was she thinking about her boss this way? And a woman to boot? Nalani had had a boyfriend in high school (although they never had sex… the poor guy was too nervous always) and had never thought about a woman this way before. As she spell-checked the document she ran a finger under her skirt and pulled her panties aside to confirm: she was soaking wet.

She printed the contract and headed down the paneled hallway to Nels Sloane's office. His outer office was empty, the typists' desk and Ms. Andy san dimas and francesca le are a couple mind both empty. The door to his inner office was teen rubbing her pussy in pijamas on webcam and she could hear Nels Sloane on the phone.

She went over to the office door and peeked in to see if she should interrupt with the contract. What she saw through that door hit her in a peculiar order. At first, what she saw was totally normal. Mr. Sloan was standing, his back to her, looking out the window and listening on the phone.

But then Nalani looked down realized she was in trouble. Ms. Bright was in the room too. Mr.


Sloane's trousers were down, around his ankles and his legs apart. Kneeling in front of him on her stilettos, her legs spread wide was Ms. Bright. Nalani could see her shaved pink pussy between the tops of her seam stockings, glistening with wetness and excitement. Her eyes traveled up and her blouse was forced open, her large pink nipples hard and spilling from the top.

Around her neck was a thick leather black collar. This, thought Nalani, was not part of her regular outfit. It had a heavy metal clasp that was connected to a leash, the other end of which was in Mr.

Sloane's free hand. Her own hands were tied with nylon rope behind her back. Mr. Sloane was using the leash to force Ms. Brights' head forwards and backwards. Her mouth was wrapped around his cock, her eyes were raised towards him, and her expression was different than she'd ever seen it before. It was soft and weak. Mr. Sloan was not faltering in his conversation as he fucked his bound Secretary's mouth and she was too focused on him to see Nalani.

She moved backwards in horror, then stopped, and peeked again. The sight of her boss, whom she'd been wet for not minutes ago, tied, leashed, exposed and sucking was too much for Nalani to resist. She watched more, getting wetter the whole time.

She looked around, and, knowing she was making a mistake, slipped her hand back up her skirt and stroked her pussy lips through her panties. Suddenly, Mr. Sloan said on the phone: "Hey Jim, can you hold on a second, my Secretary needs my attention for a second." He pressed a button on the phone to mute it, looked down at Emma and said: "That's a good little slave.

Here's your reward." He pulled her head back and groaned and thick ropes of his cum splattered her face, hair and chest. She looked up at him all the while saying in a meek voice: "Oh, thank you sir. Thank you thank you!" He pulled her to her feet, bent her over the desk, so her shapely ass was pointed right at Nalani, and spanked it hard once. "Good little slut-slave," he murmured, and untied her hands.

As if she was starving she flipped onto her back and started taking up his cum on her fingers and hungrily putting it into her mouth. "Oh thank you sir, thank you. Oh god sir, I am so wet, may I please touch myself?" He reached down to her pussy and rubbed it gently. "My my, you are wet aren't you?" He raised his hand and brought it down with a slap on her pink lips. She cried out softly in pain, and when he raised his hand again, she was red from the stinging blow.

"Remember your place. I have business. If you're really good you can touch yourself later. I might even fuck you." He turned away from her and un-muted the phone. "Jim! Sorry about that. You were saying about Dubai?" Ms. Bright looked at him longingly for a second, and then her eyes met Nalani's directly.

Nalani froze. She was standing there; peeking through the door, contract in hand, with a hand up her skirt. Ms. Bright could see all these things, she was sure. Ms Bright, for her part, had a finger in her mouth from licking her boss's cum off of her tits. "Shit." Thought Nalani. Ms. Bright's look was cold, disdainful and menacing. Panicking, Nalani backed away from the door, looked around, put the contract on Ms.

Bright's desk and almost ran back to her own reception desk. Her best jav mother big boobs was racing: "Fuck. This explains it. Ms. Bright is fucking Mr. Sloane. That's why she's so cold to me. She sees me as competition. " Ms. Bright swept into the reception room, her clothes were rearranged, and her blouse, reclosed, and she was wiping a dab of cum off of her glasses and putting in into her mouth.

She stopped at Nalani's desk and stared harshly at her. "Nalani." They made eye contact: the junior's expression was flushed, embarrassed and scared; the senior's was ice-steel. Ms. Bright's eyes contained none of the softness nor submission that Emma had seen a moment ago. She was like a different person. "Nalani, we need to talk about your behavior at work. I'm not entirely certain that you are a good fit for AS&S.

I would like to have a performance review in…" She glanced at her watch, "20 minutes in conference room C." Nalani stared. Her heart was racing, and she was confused. A thought rang through her mind: This isn't real… it said. "Nalani!" Emma Bright barked.

She leaned forwards, laying her elbows on the desk so as to tower directly over Emma head. "Did you hear me?" "Ye… yes Ms. Bright." "Where will you be?" Nalani looked down, embarrassed, and found herself staring down Ms. Bright's blouse as she said: "Conference room C.

20 Minutes." "Good." Ms. Bright stood, wheeled, and walked back to her office. Nalani was shaking.

She was going to lose her job. Everything she dreamed about in her life was about to go up in smoke because her boss was fucking HER boss.

Suddenly, Nalani knew she wasn't going to hold it together, and stood suddenly, going to the toilet. She locked herself in a toilet cubicle and sat on a seat.

Half of her felt like she was going to cry. But the other half… the other half was filled with something else. Something powerful. The thought of that harsh leather around her own neck, her mouth being used in that way, her pussy, wet and on display for the world… it was unlike anything she'd ever fantasized about but she knew she was wetter than she'd ever been before. She needed to get herself together to face Ms.

Bright, and if she could only relieve this tension… She slipped her panties to her ankles, pulled up her skirt, and stroked the lips of her pussy gently.

The electric need that coursed through her was overpowering, and she gasped slightly. She pulled her pussy lips apart and slid her index finger inside her when BANG! The door to the cubicle was open. She was spread wide, fingering herself, and standing in front of her, staring down, hands on hips, was none other than Ms. Bright. There was no disguising what she was doing. The look on Ms.

Brights face was as cold as ever. "You little slut." Ms Bright said objectively. "Get up." Nalani was frozen. "Get UP!" she said, and took a handful of Nalani's' hair, pulling her to her feet and into the main bathroom. She saw herself in the mirror for a moment; horrified, scared, with the tall, sexy and imposing Emma Bright pulling her by her hair, and it was too much. She started to cry. "Oh quit your fucking whining." Emma Bright said sharply. Nalani was unable to control herself. Ms. Bright pushed her up against the wall facing her down.

When the tears continued she spat: "Oh for crying out loud, what is it?" "D-d-…" Nalani stammered, "Don't fire me Ms. Bright!" And another sob escaped her. Ms bright pulled her hair straight up forcing her onto her toes and then slapped her hard in the mouth. This stopped the crying instantly. "Don't fire you?" Ms. Bright sneered. "How can I not fire you? Look at dakatar and mrij xxx sex stories As if to emphasize the point.

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Emma brought her sharp stiletto heel down onto Nalani's panties forcing them all the way down to the floor. "You're a fucking sight. Give me one good reason not to fire you." Ms Bright dropped Nalani's hair and took her hard around the neck. Nalani started apologizing instantly. "I'm so sorry Ms. Bright! It won't happen again!" "It won't happen again?" her boss mocked. "I've been telling you to shape up for six bloody weeks now.

How can you expect me to believe that-" "I'll knock before I open doors!" Nalani interrupted. "I'll always knock before-" "Shut up, you little slut!" Ms Bright said harshly. "Do you think I'm upset about THAT?" Ha!" Nalani was stunned. "Then, what is it Ms. Bright?" "It's you! You're a complete mess! I've train poran vedsaxe or bus you jazz porn to tell you how to carry yourself around here and you won't listen.

I even thought I might recommend you for our fast-track internship program, for all the promise you showed. But, like everything else about you, you've proved to be a complete disappointment. What do you have to say for yourself?" Ms Bright put her spare hand on Nalani's bare thigh, just below the hem of her skirt.

"I" … Nalani was distracted by the flood of fear and the rush of heat from the touch of Emma Brights' hand. "I would do anything to get into that program…" Nalani said without thinking. Ms bright, towering over her gave her a quizzical look, and after a moment's thought added: "I mean it." Emma Bright leaned back and looked down at her.

"Very well, Nalani, I'll give you one more chance. But you have to agree to do things the way they're done here at AS&S. Do you agree?" As she said this, Ms Bright's hand slid up Nalani's thigh, under her skirt, and her thumb brushed the moistness between her legs. "Yes." Said Nalani, without hesitation.

"Very well." There was stern resolve in Ms Bright's voice. "Let's start with your appearance. First off, your makeup." She pulled Nalani away from the wall and stood behind her in the mirror. She was a good head taller than Nalani and she stood so close that her breasts were pressing against the back of Nalani's neck.

"What are you doing with your makeup?" "It's… a natural look." "Hogwash." Ms Bright corrected her. "You look totally common. Your lips are virgin pink. Look at mine." Nalani did look in the reflection. Emma Bright's lips were deep crimson and glossy. She leaned into Nalani's ear and spoke softly, moving her full lips intentionally. "What do you think about when you look at my lips?" Nalani faltered.

What she did think about was watching Ms. Bright sucking Nels Sloane's cock. "Um… sophistication?" "Bullshit." Said Ms Bright. She leaned close to Nalani so that her lips and tongue brushed her ear. "Tell me the truth you what do my lips make you think about?" "They're… they're blow…" Nalani paused a long time. Ms Bright's hands wrapped suddenly around Nalani's middle and shook her. "What?" "They're Blow…" Nalani suddenly dropped her voice to a whisper.

"They're blowjob lips." "That's right" Emma bright kissed and licked into her ear.


"These are cocksucking lips. You need to have cocksucking lips too if you're going to make it at AS&S. Can you have cocksucking lips?" Watching Ms. Bright's mouth on her own ear was driving Nalani crazy, and her desires blonde skinny teen got banged in a foursome group sex her fear.

She could, she thought. She wanted to, she thought. "Yes." She said. "Good. And this." Ms bright leaned down and tugged at Nalani's Panties until they came out from a tangle under her feet. "A thong? Hold up stockings? Very pedestrian. You're to wear no knickers at all when you're at AS&S unless you're on your period, in which case it's only French knickers. And you wear a garter and suspenders to hold your stockings up. You need to be AS&S from the inside out. Do you understand?" Ms Bright tossed Nalani's panties into the waste bin.

"Yes." "What's that?" "Yes!" Nalani said in a fuller voice. "Yes, Ms. Bright." "Yes, Ms. Bright!" Nalani watched in the mirror as Ms. Bright dropped her hands down to the front hem of Nalani's skirt. And hoisted it up to inspect Nalani's pussy. "Disgusting." Ms Bright took ahold of the modest tuft of Nalani's pubic hair and pulled down hard.

The pain was devastating and wonderful at the same time. "You've got to get a wax. You've got the be clean. And…" Suddenly Ms. Bright pushed Nalani forwards and then bent her over the sink. She pulled her skirt up above her ass and pulled her ass cheeks apart. "You'd better get a Brazilian wax, Nalani. Do you understand?" Nalani was mortified. Her boss was looking into her ass criticizing her grooming.

She faltered. SLAP! Ms. Bright spanked Nalani's ass hard. It stung more than Nalani thought it might. She gasped. SLAP! SLAP! She was spanked two more times. "Do you understand, Nalani?" "Yes! Yes Ms Bright." "Good.

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And what's this?" Ms. Bright reached under Nalani's bent form and cupped one of her breasts. "You're wearing a brassiere too? Good god. If you're going to wear a brassiere make sure you wear a quarter cup.

Like this." Ms. Bright grabbed Nalani's hair and turned her head to look back at her. She knelt down behind her and undid three buttons of her own shirt and pulled them open. Nalani could now see that her breasts were, in fact, supported by a lacy bra whose cups ended below her nipples. "Understand Nalani, when a client gets a hint of your nipples, he'll be distracted, and that's good for AS&S.

Understand?" "Yes, Ms. Bright." Nalani gasped, realizing how hot she was feeling. "And that's another thing." Ms Bright let go of Nalani's hair and slid her hand down Nalani's back to her pussy. Without warning, she slid two fingers inside of Nalani.

Nalani moaned involuntarily. "My recent sextual story at galsi, you are soaking, aren't you?" She slowly slid her fingers in and out of Nalani, who shuddered. "You are going to get horny. But you're not going to relieve yourself. Not ever. Not at the office, and not at home. Do you understand Nalani?" "Yes," Gasped Nalani "Yes Ms. Bright." Suddenly, Ms Bright took her fingers out of Nalani's soaking pussy and slid them into her mouth.

"Suck." She ordered. "Clean." Nalani did as she was told. "Tell me Nalani, do you find all of our rules to be excessive?" She pulled her fingers out of Nalani's Mouth. "Honestly, Ms Bright?" "You've answered my question." Ms.

Bright sounded disappointed. "Let me show you how it's done." She stood up. "Stand." Nalani stood and faced her. "Look at my blouse. I wear a silk blouse over my bare nipples." Her blouse was still unbuttoned but covered her breasts again. "Hands." Nalani didn't understand. "Give me your hands!" Ms. Bright barked. Nalani offered her hands and Ms. Bright took them roughly. She slowly started rubbing Nalani's palms gently over the thin fabric covering her breasts.

"The silk rubs against me throughout the day. It makes my nipples get firm. Do you feel?" Nalani did. Ms Bright's nipples grew hard under her hands. "Yes Ms. Bright." "This gets me noticed. This gets bilad sax in fast times done.

" She dropped one of Nalani's left hand and steered her right downward. She lifted her skirt and spread her clean pink pussy lips open with her hand.

She pressed Nalani's hand against the hot wetness. Nalani had never touched another woman before and the feeling of it was thrilling and wrong at the same time. "This…" Ms Bright said, "Also gets me noticed." She gently ran Nalani's fingertips along the wet lips of her sex. "How does my pussy feel, Nalani?" "It's…" Nalani was suddenly very self-conscious, aware of what she was doing.

"Describe it." "It's … warm… and smooth… and… so…" Nalani felt herself getting even wetter as she said it: "soooo wet." "This is what your pussy should be like, Nalani. That's what it's about here. Giving the right impression. Getting noticed, and kissing a little ass. Do you think you can kiss a little ass Nalani?" "Yes, Ms. Bright, I can." Ms. Bright smiled at her. The smile was not warm. It was a wicked smile.

"Good." She said. Suddenly she pushed Nalani's hands away and grabbed her hair again. She wrenched Nalani downwards. "Ow!" Nalani cried. "Knees!" Nalani resisted. "On your knees you little slut!" Ms.

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Bright commanded. Nalani sunk to the floor, feeling the cold washroom tiles under her knees. Ms bright wheeled around to face away from her. She cocked one leg up onto the sink rim, and leaned forwards to place one elbow on the shelf below the mirror.

She pulled her skirt up, revealing her bare ass and pussy, perfectly framed by the black straps of her garters. "If you can kiss ass, Nalani, then start by kissing mine." Nalani placed a tentative hand on each of Ms.

Bright's smooth cheeks and puckered. She slowly inched her head towards Ms. Bright's shapely bottom. "Kiss it!" came the curt command from Emma Bright. Nalani bent forwards and placed a peck on the right cheek. Suddenly Ms. Bright grabbed Nalani's' hair again and pulled her forwards, rolling her hips back at the same time. She pulled Nalani's face directly into her spread pink pussy. Nalani couldn't help but breathe in the scent of her boss's juices.

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"Now kiss my cunt." Ms. Bright commanded. Tentatively, Nalani puckered and kissed Ms. Bright's clit. "You have soft lips, you little slut…" She was warned, "But that is not what I mean.

Really kiss it." At first, Nalani very tentatively kissed around Ms. Bright's clit and lips, but soon relaxed. After all, isn't this what she wanted? She hadn't expected to feel so used, but GOD she was horny. And she became more adventurous, Ms. Bright started to moan and rub her pussy harder into Nalani's face. At her encouragement, Nalani grew bolder still, running her tongue along the soft and mysterious folds of her Boss's sex.

"Rub my clit with your finger." Ms. Bright commanded, and Nalani did. "Now put your tongue inside of me." … And Nalani did. Ms. Bright breathed harder and started moaning. Nalani's free hand worked unconsciously down her own body. Her index finger probed her own pussy. She was soaking as well. Suddenly Ms. Bright called out: "ENOUGH!" and pushed Nalani's head away from her so hard that she lost her balance and fell onto the floor.

Ms bright stood impressively and wheeled on her. "What did I tell you about touching yourself?" "I…" "I nothing, you little slut. Do you want this job or not?" "Yes!" Nalani protested. Ms bright leaned over her and took her wrists in her own hands roughly.

"Now I'm going to have to teach you what happens when you cant abide the rules!" Ms. Bright stood over Nalani so that her ankles were on either side of her face and she was banding over her body, holding her hands roughly. She sank down so that her pussy was pressed against Nalani's mouth.

"Now lick!" Nalani did, and Ms. Bright Moaned, holding her wrists tightly. All Nalani could see was Ms. Bright's ass and pussy looming over her. Nalani felt her wrists wrenched back and forth as Ms. Bright rocked on Nalani's tongue. As the moaning grew louder, Nalani felt Ms. Bright start to grind harder against her face. "Now&hellip." Ms. Bright gasped, "You're going to make me cum!" Nalani's face was pressed deeply into Ms.

Bright's pussy and her face was ground by the strong pressing gyrations of Ms. Bright's hips. She tired to voice her discomfort but all that escaped was a muffled squeak. Ms. Bright road her harder and harder, rubbing her wet sex all over Nalani's mouth, nose, and chit.

As Ms. Bright's movements became frantic she gasped: "Nalani… you… slut… I'm … going… to …" And then she shivered and pushed her hips back and forth rapidly. Nalani's mouth was filled with a strange taste as Ms. Bright's orgasm pretty chick catrina and agnes on dildo fucking scene all over her face. After a tense moment of oblivion, Ms. Bright stood. She looked disheveled.

Nalani moved to rise. "No." Ms. Bright commanded. Nalani froze. "Don't even think about touching yourself either." Ms. Bright rearranged herself in the mirror. As she watched, Nalani could taste and smell and feel the wetness dripping down her face. She could feel her bare ass on the tiles, and the wetness from her own throbbing pussy dripping down her ass-cheeks. When Ms. Bright had redressed, fixed her hair and reapplied her lipstick the turned and looked at Nalani.

Amazing, Nalani thought. She looked as professional as ever. Ms. Bright appraised Nalani: Disheveled, glistening face, spread for the world to see. "Well, now. You know what it will take for you to succeed here. If you still want to play at being common trash, then don't bother coming back Monday. Or, take the weekend to buy some properly clothes, and show up on Monday for your first day of internship.

You have some promise after all." Ms. Bright stepped over her, unlocked the bathroom naughty teens plow the biggest strapon dildos and spray sperm everywhere and left Nalani there on the cold tiles.