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Sporty rude french chick full on analized and mature
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Chapter 12 Dao-Ming arranged for a tray of bread and cheeses to be brought up as we drew our bath. The hotel was truly a first class establishment, as it was one of the first in the United States to have hot and cold running water, although very primitive by modern standards.


Having a hot bath without first having to heat the water over a fire was a new experience for me (I later learned that this was achieved by ingeniously wrapping the pipe carrying the water from the rooftop tanks around the kitchen's chimneys). I tied a light silk robe around my thoroughly exhausted, but utterly satiated, body just before the server arrived with the food. As he entered the main room, I realized that he must have heard the noise we had been making because his face was redder than any beet.

That realization set my own face aflame. Noticing my reaction, Dao-Ming trilled her wonderful laughter. As he placed the tray of food on a table, the young man glanced over at me, undoubtedly noting my sweaty body with my hair plastered to me wherever it chubby black momma has her beaver slammed, and though I didn't think it possible, turned even redder than when he had entered.

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"Uh, enjoy your, uh, stay, ma'am," he stammered as Dao-Ming handed him a substantial tip. "Oh, we are," Dao-Ming replied, winking at me and flashing me a somewhat wry smile.

I was busily trying to stifle my own smile threatening to cross my lips. I couldn't really blame him for his obvious embarrassment, as lesbians (which he clearly inferred we were), while not exactly uncommon in 19th century America, were not nearly as open - and vocal in their activities as the two women standing before him appeared to be. If he knew the truth, he probably would have died where he stood or denounced us as "witches," which was still a thing in Philadelphia at the time, albeit most infrequent.

Dao-Ming collapsed into my arms as we exploded into laughter not ten seconds after the door closed. It was a solid five minutes or more before we could catch our breath.

It only occurred to me somewhat later in my many lifetimes since that day our reaction to the gentleman's discomfort, which really was decidedly funny, was somewhat out of proportion, not to mention my abrupt acceptance of my situation. Still, even through our mirth, the questions to which I required answers only she could provide, were again rising to the forefront of my mind.

I resolved to get the answers, by whatever means necessary. We helped each other to our feet, still giggling. I stopped long enough to grab a few chunks of bread and cheese, as my body was desperately telling me to replace some of the energy it had expended just a few minutes ago, let alone whatever had been lost since I last remember eating. As I followed Dao-Ming towards the oversized bathtub, popping some cheese in my mouth, I admired the view as she gracefully dropped the robe from her flawless body, porcelain skin bright in the sunlight streaming through the window, her raven hair bouncing softly as she walked, ending just above her perfect ass.

I felt my nipples harden as I released the breath I hadn't realized I'd been holding, the silk robe tickling them deliciously as I trailed a few feet behind, eliciting a slight, almost inaudible moan from me at another new sensation. Dao-Ming must have heard me, however, although I couldn't see how, looked back over her right shoulder and flashed her delightful nice a bit of butt before web camera at me.

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She turned to face me as she reached the tub, giving me a sultry "come-hither" gesture. I knew, right then and there - as I took in her glorious nude body, from her pert, yet generous, breasts and their delectable nipples, to her flat stomach and thin waist flowing into hips that flared just perfectly, and the utterly hairless juncture of her lovely legs I just knew I had fallen completely, madly, hopelessly in love with her. That, despite my seemingly impossible transition to a woman.

I also knew, with an absolute certainty, that our time together would be short, as I nina dolci making up for lost time a restless soul within her; one that did not settle anywhere, or with any one person for long. That thought almost brought a tear to my eye before I tamped down on my feelings, attempting to steel myself for the inevitable.


She gently embraced me, one hand caressing my back as the other stroked my cheek before guiding my lips to hers, bringing me into a soft kiss, her tongue ever-so-sensually probing, testing, tasting. I submitted to her completely, utterly, letting her guide our actions.

I felt my robe slip open as she undid the tie, and I let it fall to the floor to puddle at my feet. My breath quickened as she cupped my breasts, her thumbs rubbing softly across and around my sensitive nipples, causing them to harden even further, almost painfully.

She broke the kiss as I ran my hands through her hair, sucking a nipple into her mouth. "Mmmmm," I tilted my head back in ecstasy.

Never before had I felt something so exquisitely sensuous, so erotic. I felt myself get very wet, very quickly. In the back of my mind, I knew we were getting further from my desire to get the answers I believed I deserved. I also knew that I didn't care just then. Dao-Ming alternated between breasts at random, kissing, sucking, nibbling as her hands roamed down my body to cup my ass cheeks, pulling me against her tightly. Her lips continued their ministrations as she sank to the floor, pulling me down on top of her.

I felt her legs slip between mine, spreading them to offer her complete access to whatever part of me she desired. She worked her arm between us and I felt a finger slide across the hood of my nub as she parted my other lips, two fingers gliding easily into my drenched pussy.

I gasped as she started stroking them in and out, slowly, gently, her thumb matching pace on my clit. I could feel a powerful orgasm approaching almost immediately. * * * We discovered that the bathtub was more than large enough to accommodate two rather petite women (at this point, there was no point trying to deny what I'd become a woman), although we would have made due in a smaller version, as it sex com xxx mature and girl story patently ridiculous to pretend we weren't intimately close at this point.

As we settled into the steaming water, basking in post-coital bliss, I quickly dunked myself under the water, laving off some of the sweat brought out by Dao-Ming's expert assistance. She was nothing if not a spectacular lover. Granted, I'd had very limited experience as a woman up to that point, but if my quivering and exhausted, but thoroughly satisfied, body was to be trusted, she was phenomenal. I caught her gazing at me as I surfaced, smiling.

I returned the smile as I smoothed my wet hair back. I reached to bigtits yoga teacher teaching new techniques to two hotties the lavender-scented soap from the small table beside the tub.

"I know you have many questions for me," she said softly, looking directly into my eyes. "Ask away." "The moment of truth has arrived," I thought as I leaned back and closed my eyes. "I do," I replied. "The main one being 'WHY?'" Dao-ming matched my sigh with one of her own. "As I told you before, my kind do not breed frequently. In fact, we can only have children who are like us with others of our own kind.


It is not difficult to know when another of us is around - the hair on the back of your neck will stand up and there's a slight ringing noise in your ears that only you can hear but they are exceedingly difficult to spot. Most of us steer clear of each other to avoid any conflicts with others of our kind. "Our gestation period is also ridiculously long in my case, almost two years for each child." "Two years!" I sputtered, looking at her incredulously.

"Indeed," she said, flashing me a wry smile. "It explain such a thing to 'normal' people. That is one of the reasons we must move almost constantly, never staying longer than a few months to a year in any one place.

We do not age; we survive wounds that would be fatal for most humans, provided we don't suffer any substantial damage to the brain. We can grow old if we choose - although most of us choose not to but we cannot die of old age. Eventually, the primal instinct to survive present in all people overrides our conscious thought and regresses us back to a younger version of ourselves.

I do not know how to explain it better than that." "None of that explains the why of it," I blurted out, trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I'm now, for all intents and purposes, IMMORTAL!!!

"You are correct, but I will reach that point in due time," she replied. "It is a long story to tell and I'm not used to telling it. Give me some time, and a black guy and gral xxx storys trust." "I'm sitting naked, as a woman, in a bathtub with you," I said, not entirely sarcastically. "I'm willing to go on a little faith here." She chuckled. "Good. It is difficult for me to order my thoughts properly, but in time you will know everything I can tell you.

Some things I need to show you for you to understand." "Would those things include how it's possible for a woman to suddenly and spontaneously sprout an enormous manhood?" I asked pointedly. "Among other things," she chuckled, somewhat ruefully. "I do apologize for springing all of this on you. Usually, I take some time to prepare someone for their transformation, but with you, it was entirely an impulsive urge, coupled with the fact that I have the sneaking suspicion I am not much longer for this world." She trailed off, her eyes gazing into the distance.

Although I knew she was no longer looking at anything in the room, what she was contemplating I could not hazard to guess. I began washing my still somewhat unfamiliar body as best I could, remaining silent until she was ready to speak again.