A sensational pounder riding session hardcore and european

A sensational pounder riding session hardcore and european
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Shelby loved the feeling of the wind in her hair. Flying down the highway, top down on her Mustang, not a worry in the world. She loved her car-it was a gift from her parents for her 18th birthday a few months ago. It was her dream car.and she was named after it. Her dad had had one as his first car, and he loved it so much he named his daughter Shelby.

It was his idea for it to be her first car as well-her mother was against the idea. She felt it would bring too much attention to a pretty young girl, especially with times being what they were these days. But as usual her dad got his way, and Shelby got her car. Fire engine red with chrome wheels, and a sweet 5.4 V8 that she tried hard to keep her foot out of.

Yesterday started like any other day, except for one difference. She was no longer a high school senior. Two nights ago had been graduation, where she sat with almost 300 of her classmates, eyes bright with anticipation. First thing yesterday morning, she kissed her parents goodbye, promised to be careful, and headed south. She had been saving for over 2 years so she could take a trip to Cancun and pay for it all herself. The car was an unexpected bonus to the trip.

Her original plan was to rent a car for the trip-but now she gvg 098 hagi azusa yagi son in law aimed at big tits toobscene for mother in law going to have extra spending money since she no longer had to worry about that. She was crazy excited for this trip. She'd had somewhat of a protected upbringing. Her parents had only had the one child, even though they'd hoped for more. This was going to be really her first time away from under their thumb.

She knew they were doing it out of love, but Shelby itched to be able to make her own decisions. It's not like she was irresponsible-she was a straight A student, never had an accident, didn't even go over her data limit on her cell phone plan.

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But even so, she'd had to beg and plead for them to allow her to go on this trip alone. They finally relented after she promised to check in every other day to make sure she was ok. It still felt controlling to her, but at least they relented from their original idea of twice a day. Last night she'd stayed in a motel that she'd made online reservations at. She was even careful to check Google to see what kind of neighborhood it was in. This morning she'd waken up refreshed and ready to hit the road.

The miles flew by, and before Shelby knew it, she was crossing the state line into New Mexico. The terrain had been a gradual change from the shady tree lined interstates she was used to into this sparse, intensely heated stretch of highway with barely a tree or bush in sight. Her long red hair was tangled and sun scorched from having the top down for the last few hundred miles, and she could practically feel the freckles appearing on her pale arms.

She decided to pull in at the next station or store she saw and put the top up, and if one didn't appear before long, she would just do it on the side of the road. It would be coming dark in a few hours anyways. After another 40 miles with no buildings of any kind appearing, she gave up and yo girl with the biggest boobies on the net at least looking for some shade to pull under.

A few more miles up the road, a large grouping of some trees on the horizon looked like an ideal place to pull over. With her dad's warnings about stopping in the middle of nowhere ringing in her ears, she eased her car off the side of the road and headed for the trees.

Maybe she'd take a minute and stretch her legs too. She hadn't stopped for quite awhile now, and she was making good time. She could take 15 minutes or so and still be in good shape.

As she got closer to the trees, she could see another vehicle pulled under their canopy. She worried for a moment until she realized it was a New Mexico State Trooper's car.

With a trooper here to protect her, she felt much better. She slowed to a stop about 30 feet away from the other car. She big tit sex with her own son unfolded herself from the front seat and clambered out of the car.

She wasn't especially tall, but her legs were very long for her height. Her shorts never came far enough down her thighs for her mother's liking, but not much could be done about it. Her days of adding ruffles to the bottom of the hem had long been over.

She felt stiff and hot, and stretched as she hit the button to put the top up. She decided to walk around a little. There was literally no wind stirring at all. It felt like standing in an oven. But she knew the desert could drop suddenly from scorching heat to quite cool in just a few hours once the sun went down. She had plenty of time to make her next motel though. She had plans to check in about 9:30, and it was only a little after seven.

She hadn't seen much movement from the trooper's car. She could tell he was in it, window rolled up. Probably sitting in the air conditioning, she thought to herself. His car was running, after all.

She walked to the back of her car, rolling her neck to loosen it. She twisted her long red hair into a quick braid and used a ponytail from her wrist to secure it.

She put her long right leg up on the truck and did a quick stretch before switching legs. She pulled her phone from her back pocket of her denim shorts and hit her parents' number. She checked in, assured them everything was going great. Her dad asked over and over if she didn't want to change her mind and come home. Laughing, she told him she was great and she'd call when she got there in a couple of days. After she hung up, she checked her messages before she headed back out.

She didn't even notice the sound of a car door opening and closing, didn't really notice anything until her face was suddenly pressed against the hot metal of her trunk, something hard against her back.

Shelby was so swiftly and forcefully slammed against her vehicle that it took her breath for a few seconds. She tried to crane her head around to see what was going on, but all she could see was jet black hair and piercing eyes, and the impression of someone very large. She felt her arms being tugged, and seconds later felt the cold click of handcuffs for the first time in her life.

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Had she done something wrong? Had he ran her tags and found something she didn't know about? Hot tears sprang to her eyes. She couldn't think of anything, but surely he had a reason for the sudden attack. Suddenly, she was spun around and was momentarily blinded in the sunlight. She felt movement and realized he was lifting the front of her shirt.

Dumbfounded, she didn't react, mistakenly thinking maybe he was checking for a weapon or something. Her heart hammering, she felt his cool hands stroking her sides, moving higher and higher, then reaching around and in one swift movement unclasping her bra. At that moment she realized his intentions had nothing to do with any wrongdoing on her part and she began to struggle. He pressed himself against her, using his knee to separate her legs. She felt a bulge, hard and huge, throbbing insistently somewhere around her ww xxx story pall on. She knew what it was of course, but she'd never actually seen one in real life.

She had a couple of boyfriends, but none that she cared enough about to actually have sex. So at some point she'd decided that when it was time, it would happen. She didn't expect it to happen anything like this, however.

Tears streaming down her cheeks, Shelby begged him "Please, don't do this. I won't tell anyone anything about this if you just let me go." His head lowered, and before she could get another word out his teeth and lips closed over her upturned nipple.


He bit, hard, causing the pale peach nub to tighten and throb. His hand covered her mouth, pressing just hard enough to let her know he meant business. He raised his lips to her ear and growled into it. "If you kitchen xxx story hind fill vidos, it will be over and you can be on your way. Hell, you might even enjoy it. Most women do-some of them even beg for more before I'm done. So maybe this is just your lucky day, darlin'.

I'm gonna fill that whore hole of yours up more than it's ever been before." Shelby sobbed harder. "Please, don't. I'm not a whore, I swear it. I've never had sex before. Please, just let me go!" Her words were muffled by the pressure of his long fingers, and they fell on deaf ears anyways. His mouth once again moved southwards. He bit all the way around her chest, first one full breast and then the other. Not hard enough to leave marks on most her anal fantasies caught on camera tube porn, but with Shelby's fair skin bruises appeared easily.

As she struggled against him, he pinned her even harder against her trunk. She was bent almost in a backbend, her hands in the handcuffs jammed uncomfortably in the small of her back.

One large hand pinched at her nipples while the other held her shoulder against the metal. His teeth were constantly scraping at her flesh. It all started to become a blur to her. The constant teasing of her nipples was making an odd sensation between her thighs. She wasn't enjoying this. She couldn't be. Suddenly she felt long fingers wriggling their way down the front of her shorts.

She renewed her struggles only to be told that if she wanted to leave there with clothes on she would cooperate. Quieting down, she began to just hope that it would be over with soon. He popped the button on the front of her shorts and yanked them down her legs. Her cotton panties had a small spot of moisture in the front. When he saw this, it seemed to him validation that all women were whores. "See there, you're wet for me. I knew you would be. They all get that way." "No, please, I don't want this.

Please just leave me alone. I've got money. Cash. Untraceable. You can have it." Shelby tried to appeal to his monetary side. "Are you kidding me? This sweet pussy is all I need. You're gonna be begging me to use it before I'm done." His gruff voice sent shivers down her spine.

"Now I'm gonna turn you over, and let your hands loose for just a second. Then you're gonna put them in front of you and we're gonna put the cuffs back on." He eased backwards, allowing her to stand upright. She slowly turned, her soft t-shirt pulled as far as it would go towards her neck, breasts free from their confinement and slightly jiggling as she turned.

Shelby felt him release her hands, and thought briefly about trying to make a run for it. But he obviously had no regards for what was right or wrong, and didn't want to think about angering him at this point.

She put her now aching arms in front of her, expecting him to clamp the cuffs right back on. But he didn't. Instead, he grabbed the hem of her shirt and yanked it over her head. Then he slid the straps from her bra down her arms and alexis texas zenci anal porno it fall to the ground.

Now completely exposed from the waist up, he recuffed her hands. She stood in the edge of the shade, the sun sinking lower and lower in the sky, clad in nothing but a pair of light blue cotton briefs. He stepped back for a second to admire his handiwork. "Damn girl, look at that. You sure do look like you could use a piece of what I've got. I've seen some wet pussy in my time, but look at that. Damn." She didn't need to look.

She could feel the dampness against her skin, her panties were getting more soaked by the minute. Was something wrong with her? She wasn't supposed to get wet, damn it this was rape. But her body knew something her mind didn't. It was ripe and ready for plucking. He reached down to his fly and unzipped. Something HUGE fell out of the front of his pants. At least ten inches long, and thick as her wrist.

He unbuttoned his uniform shirt and slipped it off. "Don't want to get any of your juice on my clean shirt, now do I?" She could see through his white undershirt that he had a nice build.

Why would someone resort to this? He was a decent looking guy, if she'd met him under other circumstances she might have even found him attractive. He looked to be only in his late 20's as well. Surely he didn't have trouble getting women. She started backing away, her fear growing with every throb of his thick cock.

There was no way that would fit in her. She had trouble inserting tampons, for heaven's sake. She forgot about her shorts around her ankles, and before she had made it 3 feet she tripped and landed on her back. Grinning lasciviously, he moved closer and closer. He laid his hand on the hood of her car. "Boy, that sure is hot. It's gonna burn your pretty skin when I lay you on it." He picked her up effortlessly, his dick swinging as he walked.

She felt it rubbing against her ass as he carried her, bumping against her with every step. He started to lay her on the hood, and as her legs touched the hot metal she screamed. He set her down for a second, reached in her car and popped the trunk. Digging around, he found the emergency blanket her dad insisted she keep in there.

Bringing it back around he spread it on the hood. "Don't want you wriggling around and getting my dick burned, darlin'." He once again grabbed her up, and laid her spread eagle on the hood. He pulled a knife from his pocket and swiftly cut her panties at both hips.

He tugged them from under her ass, and put them briefly to his nose and grinned before stuffing them in his pocket. She now lay completely exposed, and tried to cross her legs and hide her most intimate parts from his view. Grabbing her ankles, he tugged her towards the edge of the car, uncrossing her legs as he pulled. Her lower lips separated, creating a pouty slash that dripped onto the blanket underneath.

A tangle of red curls at the top made her pussy look like it was on fire. And it felt like it was. Shelby didn't understand why, because she didn't want him to touch her. But when he did, it throbbed deep inside her. He leaned over her, his thick monster rubbing around her feet, and put his face right into the riot of curls at the junction of her thighs. His tongue snaked out, and slipped through the plump lips to sample a taste of her now free-flowing juice.

"Mmmmm, delicious. You want this just as bad as I do." She shook her head, denying it, even as her legs edged wider apart. His tongue continued to torment her hot flesh, finding her button at the top of her cunt. When he licked his tongue over her clit, she bucked and came up off the hood.

"Oh my God. Please." "Please what? Beg me. You know you want to." Her tears began anew. "No, please stop. I, I don't want this. You have to let me go." Even as she said the words, her body betrayed her with an electric tingle down her spine, straight into her oozing pussy.

His teeth clamped down on her little nub, biting her, not excruciatingly painful but enough to make her cry out. "I said beg me, bitch. Tell me you want it." He continued to prod her pussy with his tongue snaking it around and around, occasionally stabbing it into her soaked hole.

He used the fingers on one hand to rub her tits, pinching and kneading them, keeping the other hand for stroking his throbbing cock.

She felt an odd sensation growing in her, almost like she had to pee but different somehow. It was powerful, and consumed her body. He knew she was getting close to cumming, he could tell by her breathing and the little noises she was making deep in her throat. He removed his mouth from her pussy, knowing she was ready for him to cram all ten inches as deep as he could in her dripping cunt. She raised her head off the hood, feeling oddly bereft without his mouth on her.

She was teetering on the edge, writhing around, needing to cum and not even realizing what was happening. She just knew that she was aching, needing.something. He knew she was tight, knew how good it would feel wrapped around his dick. He stuck two fingers in her hole, and encountered resistance. "Holy hell, you perverted cock sucked receives fingered hardcore massage ARE a virgin. I guess you aren't a whore after all. But you will be before I'm through with you." He flipped her over, bending her over the hood, ass in the air.

Positioning his cock at the entrance of her sopping pussy, he pushed. Oh my God, how tight she was. It felt like he was pushing into a vise. He paused, just the head inside. "I know you're ready to cum. Beg me to fuck you and make you feel good. Convince me that you want it and I'll be gentle. This beast I've got can feel oh so good-or not." He thrust his hips forward an inch, cramming even more of his massive meat inside.

Shelby winced in pain, afraid of how large he was. "Please," she said haltingly, "don't hurt me." "Wrong answer." He slammed his hips towards her, tearing through her hymen. She screamed in pain. Again and again he thrust his hips against her ass, pistoning himself and and out, over and over.


The time for being gentle had passed. He needed this, whether she wanted it or not. Hot tears streaked down her cheeks as he ripped into her again and again.

It seemed to last hours, his brutal taking of her tender flesh. Her body stretched to accomodate his thickness, and in time the pain lessened to the point where it was at least bearable, if not exactly comfortable.


Would it ever end? It didn't seem like he was anywhere close to stopping at this point. After almost 15 minutes of hard fucking her excruciatingly tight pussy, he noticed her hips starting to move of their own accord, coming back to meet his thrusts. Her sobs had quieted as well. He slammed even harder into her. This bitch didn't deserve to come. She didn't beg him as he requested. Hell, he'd even licked her pussy to get her ready for him. She was damn well going to remember who had been there, remember it for weeks if he had anything to say about it.

Her cunt hole dripped steadily down her legs, making squishy sounds as he plundered her depths. He could feel pressure building in his own balls, knew that he had only minutes before he exploded and coated her insides with his mom bangs teen couple tag teaming my step moms pussy and ass cum.

Shelby's mind raced with thoughts. Was she deranged? Why was she thrusting backwards at him? He was hurting her-and she was ENJOYING it.

The thought just made her cry harder. Who actually enjoyed being raped and violated? Some sicko, that's who. Her parents would be so ashamed of her, seeing her writhing under this monster's control, her pussy on fire and needing release. She knew something was building inside her, something monumental.

His cock brutalized her over and over, and as he pulled backwards, her cunt tried to suck him back in, reveling in the torture it was receiving. All of a sudden, she felt him pull out of her with a plop. Her ass waved invitingly in the air in front of him.

An idea had just occured to him.

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Instead of filling her dripping twat with his ropes of cum, he should make double sure she knew he'd been there. She had another hole, winking at college cocksucking teen jerking in dorm trio in the waning sunlight. He leaned over her, took his long fingers and scooped up some of the copious amounts of juice pouring from between her thighs, pink tinged from her lost virginity, and rubbed it into her pale brown sphincter.

Not realizing his intentions, she pushed backwards, missing the feel of his cock. His long fingers massaged the inside of her shit hole, spreading the moisture she had made.

He shoved his cock back into her pussy to get it good and slimy, then once again pulled it out and with one hard and fast motion shoved three fourths of it into her rear chute.

Her scream let him know it hurt, and good. It was practically hurting his dick, squeezed as it was. Damn. She was one hot piece of ass. He hadn't felt anything this good in almost 10 years, not since he took his high school girlfriend's cherry.

He grunted and shoved and finally managed to get almost all ten inches inside her rectum. She could feel her ass burning and stretching, trying to ease his way in. He was barely moving, just an inch or two back and forth, see-sawing her newly breached hole. His pre-cum lubed the path, and his movements got more and more erratic, his breathing hitched and he knew he was extremely close to cumming. Her body lay weak under his, not enjoying this new intrusion as much as the previous.

He decided to take pity on her, and as his thick pipe jammed in and out of her ass, he reached around her and flicked her little bud, renewing her need to cum with urgency. The veins on his neck stood out, and his hips slammed forward again and again, seconds from filling her with his hot seed.

She cried out and went limp as a massive orgasm overtook her, her body shaking so hard she almost fell off the car hood. This was all he needed and he exploded inside her, coating her colon with thick white goo.

He pulled her hips against his as he finished emptying into amateur teen pool and big tits oil bj lescomrades sons with mia khalifa bowels.

Shelby panted into the blanket over the hood of her car. What the fuck? He'd just fucked her in both the pussy and the ass, and she'd actually orgasmed from it. She'd never even managed to make herself cum when she'd tried and actually thought maybe she was unable to. She could feel his cock throbbing inside her, sending little frissions of pleasure up her spine each time it jumped.

He softened and pulled out.

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"See there, that wasn't so bad now was it? I think someone even liked it. Liked it a lot." Ashamed of herself, Shelby just bowed her head. He used the corner of the blanket to wipe his dick clean before returning it to his pants. "Now, I've got your address from your plates. I know where you live. If you fuck with me, and try to turn me in for this, I'll make your life hell.

Besides, you wanted it. You practically asked me for it, dripping your cunt juice all over the place." He turned to go back to his car, leaving her draped over the hood of her own. Her voice barely audible, he didn't hear her shaky whisper "Please, don't leave yet." The last thing she remembered before her eyes closed was the sound of his car driving away and the sun sinking below the horizon.

To be continued.