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Slender redhead blows a massive meat pole
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Subject: flight 247 lost boys chapter 7 FLIGHT 247 LOST BOYS By Boys in the Hood **WARNING**You are about to read a story that will contain Sexual activity between teens and boys so you need to be 18 and over to continue being here.

Due to laws in your state or country I and this site will not be held responsible for any actions to take while being here. This is all fiction, make believe, wow it never happened and no boy/s ever had sex with One another so any name, dates, places may or may not exist. Send me a message via this stie if you want to talk about this story. Copyright: 2010: Do not copy, change or repost without the owner's consent.

This means you. Chapter 7 SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISEThe boys woke up late after a long night of feasting on roast pig and baked fruit so it took the boys some time to get up and start the day with finding food for breakfast. "Oh I need to take a dump a long painful dump." Jackson moaned as he and others started to leave their shelters and find a place to do their business.

"I know how you feel, my butt is ready to give birth to a long log and I will need a spade to dig a deep trench to bury what I mind control suggestive behavior jenteal to unload." Desmond gasped as he and other boys quickly dug pits to take a dump. After a quick unloading of last night's feast all the boys went to the sea and washed themselves as no toilet paper was around to clean themselves.

"Hi Ron, you look happy so What's up beside that cut pecker of yours ." Wesley hooted. "I had a wet dream again; I don't know why I get them at times as I take care of my needs but lately I am Cumming in my sleep." The 14 year old said. `You mean you masturbate and still get wet dreams." Jackson asked.

"Yeah, maybe I'm just making more than I'm shooting as I was wet down there when I woke up." Ron replied. "It's all that coconut milk you are drinking Ron it making you make more boy milk than you can handle." Wesley laughed as the twins walked up to the boys holding 8 fish they just caught a while ago.

"Well look who has returned the famous cooks of Castaway Island." Ron giggled.

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"Well if it was not for us you lot would be chewing on the bones of last night's dinner." Mike and Peter said. `I love you guys." Ron hooted as gave the twins a kiss on the cheeks and quickly got a fire going as others decided to help out and gather coconuts for filling the coke bottles. As Ron was cooking the fish a blonde boy walked up to him and asked Ron a personal question." Hey Ron can I ask you something about you know boy stuff." A blonde headed nude boy asked.

"Sure dude what do you want to know." Ron replied.

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"Well it's like this I can't shoot you know the kinky orgy action with seductive sex bombs cumshot facial and my friend did last night and laughed at me cos my pecker wouldn't shoot that stuff out." Blake replied.

"How old are you Blake as that will tell me what stage of puberty you are in." Ron questioned the boy. "I'm 11." He replied. "Can I ask you if you masturbate, play with your penis? get a feeling like you are about to pee." Ron grinned. `I don't know Ron what feeling do you mean." Blake asked. Ok, look after breakfast I will ask the guys if anyone wants to talk about this and we will all sit down and talk about sperms and masturbating how would that sound to you." Ron smiled as in this hardcore interracial threeway youll fin turned over the fish in the pans.

"Oh, I think, it might be embarrassing for me to tell the boys I can't make sperm yet, will they laugh at me." Blake wanted hawt legal age teenager beautiful girl keeps know. "Look Blake all of us here have gone through this at one stage as all boys grow differently and some get sperm sooner or later so we will all sit down and talk about how we first squirted and got pubes." Ron said as he looked at Blake's naked groin and saw a tiny amount of blonde pubes around his shaft.

"Thanks Ron you are a pal." Blake giggled as he hugged Ron and then walked back to help out with breakfast. The day was bright not too hot as all the boys were now naked and had no problems about being seen with no clothes on.

It felt like a nudist camp but with no females around so the occasional boner was not looked at unless there was a boy attached to the end of it. "Ok guys I am asking for volunteers and boys that want to know about masturbating and what sperm is all about?" Ron shouted as boys stopped what they were doing after hearing what Ron just said. "What the hell is Ron thinking and why is he asking for volunteers for, a circle jerk or something." Jackson asked.

`Don't know maybe the sun has baked his brain and cooked it." Desmond laughed. "So Ron what the heck is this all about?" Peter asked. "It's about a boy going through puberty and one boy wants to know more about it and asked me to tell him all about being a boy." Ron replied. `who asked then?" Mike said. "Can't say as he is shy about not squirting as his friend is and he asked me to discuss the problem to him and I decided to give all the boys a chance to talk about their puberty and how it works." Ron hooted.

"I see, so what about the volunteer bit then what are we going to be asked to volunteer for." Peter said. "You will have to wait until I ask for help; I hope you two will do it without any Prompting." Ron replied. "Ok, we will help out with anything." The twins grinned. So after the camp was cleaned up and the bottles were washed and all trash was dumped into the fire, Ron asked all the boy who wanted to talk about puberty and other stuff like that to go to the clump of trees that gave some shade and wait there for him.

All the boys stood up and ran to the shaded area some with soft boners as they were getting excited about what they were about to hear about sex and stuff. "Right what I am about to tell you is about what my body started to change and what happens when you get older." Ron smiled as he held out his penis to show all the boys what he had down there.

"We've already seen it." Jackson hooted. "Thanks Jackson, but that is not the reason why I am standing here holding my penis, I here to show you that we are all different but we are all boys and we go through puberty in different ways." Ron said. "Oh then so what is the differences." Desmond asked.

`I want you all to stand and hold up your penis so everyone can see what you have there." Ron told the boys. All the boys stood up and took hold of their peckers and waited for Ron to Talk. "Now I want you all to look and see what every boy has in his hands and see how differently you all look down there." Ron grinned.

As the boys looked at each other's bodies some boys started to totally bone up and could not help getting erect. "It seems that some of you are getting excited so this is part of growing up and puberty can do that to you."Ron gasped as he looked on and saw some boys fiddling with their dicks. "Now can anyone tell me what differences you can see on other boys around you?" Ron asked.

"Well some have skins on the end of their dicks." Mike shouted out. "Right Mike, yes some boys have what they call a foreskin on the end of their penis as most of us were circumcised as babies and had the foreskin removed ." Ron proudly said. "Some boys have hair on their nuts." one boy shouted out. "It's called pubes and yes some have a few pubes and some have lots, any other differences." Ron asked.

"His pecker is longer than mine." Someone said. "That is because some boys get a bigger penis and some get a small penis but it's not the size that counts but what you do with it." Ron gasped. All the boys laughed at that quote as Ron continued to talk about their bodies and what happens with puberty. "Now I need a few volunteers, one needs to have a foreskin and the rest need to be able to squirt." Ron hooted.

Wesley stood up and said he would volunteer for the foreskin part and the twins said they would be the other volunteers. `Thanks guys but before I ask you to do anything it might be embarrassing for you so this is what I am going to ask you to do." Ron remarked. "I don't care as long as it helps someone." Wesley shouted out. "Us too Ron just ask and we will do it." the twins said. Most boys giggled as they heard the twins say they didn't mind doing stuff. "First off I want all boys that have never seen what's under a foreskin to check out what's there so Wesley could you please pull your foreskin back a few times so that all the boys can see how it works." Ron sweetly asked.

"Sure Ron my dad always pulled my foreskin back and washed me there so I here have a look." Wesley grinned as he slowly pulled his foreskin back and forth exposing his purple glans. "As you can see it's the same as you guys and if Wesley held it back like he is doing now he looks circumcised now." Ron gasped as he loved the way a boy skins his foreskin back like that. "Hey Ron it looks like you are growing a bit down there." Peter hooted. "Sorry Wesley it's just funny to see you do that and it turns me on." Ron said as his face turned red.


"That's ok Ron; I like to do this to boys." Wesley giggled. As Wesley continued to pull his foreskin back Ron told the cut boys that Wesley didn't need any or much lube to masturbate with as his foreskin didn't need it but us cut boys had to use some as our peckers are dry to masturbate with. "Thanks Wesley, any questions guys." Does Wesley pee differently to us cut boys?" Peter asked. "I bet you have seen Wesley pee but yes it does make a difference as his foreskin covers his pee slit and if Wesley does not pull his foreskin back his stream is bigger than us cut boys." Ron replied.


"Yeah I've seen Wesley pee and it goes all over the place if he does not pull his skin back." Mike giggled. "Thanks Mike I will get Wesley to watch you pee and see if you like that." Ron grumbled. "Sorry Wesley." Mike said. "Ok the next thing we are going to talk about is sperm and how it gets out and why we need to get it out." Ron told the boys. "I know how it gets out with help of my friend, isn't that right Desmond." Jackson hooted.

"Gee thanks Jackson just go and tell everyone that I jerk you off." Desmond sulked. "Ok we don't need to know who is masturbating who but since we are talking about masturbating hold up your hand if you do masturbate." Ron asked.

It took a while for the boys to put up their arms as a few boys had not placed their hands up in to the air and a few gasps could be heard. "Now sit down and watch what the twins about to do and if any boy wants to join in after what they see what the twins do then stand up and join in." Ron quoted.

The twins went to the front of the group looking embarrassed as they didn't know what Ron was going to ask them to do but said they would do anything. "Now we are going to see how sperm comes out of a penis so you two need to get ready and get stiff." Ron smiled as he saw the looks on the twins faces. "You want us to jack off in front of all these boys." Peter said.

"I`ll do it, I don't care." Mike replied sexy ladies ariel x tori black forced to have steamy lesbian sex in amazing lesbian sex scene xxx ho he started to masturbate to get him erect. Whistles and hoots could be heard as the twins started to jerk off.

"Now in a few minutes the twins will be ejaculating sperm from their slits it won't be much so come close if you want to see it squirt out." Ron hooted. Most boys moved closer to watch the twins squirt their goo and a few more boys stood up that could make sperm and also started to masturbate making the twins more relaxed.

"Thanks guys you will be helping out the boys that can't make sperm yet and they will see how it comes out." Ron smiled. It was getting close for all the boys that were masturbating as gasps moans and groans could be heard as the boys got closer to orgasming. "I'm Cumming, oh god am I Cumming or what." Peter screamed as his fist moved like a blur and soon deposited his young load of sperm onto the sand.

"I too, watch this guys." Mike gasped as his penis erupted with his young load of sperm. The other boys aged 13 standing next to the twins were more eruptive as their sperm shot out and hit some of the younger boys in the face as moans of disgust and surprise could be heard as sperm was wiped off their faces. `Now that was one hell of a show'" Wesley giggled as he tasted some of the sperm that he caught on his lips. Blake was amassed at what he saw and looked at Ron with a shade of sadness as he could not squirt a thing but Ron was going to tackle that problem with hands on experience.

"Now that you have seen how a boy shoots his sperm did anyone see anything different?" Ron asked. "Well the 13 year olds shot a bucket load of the stuff and the twins had different amounts of sperm coming out of them.'" Jackson giggled as he stroked his cut tool not thinking that he was doing so.

`That's right and if you saw that the older boys had more sperm that is because they are older than the twins so they can make more sperm." Ron told Jackson. So when does it start then, you know come out of your dick.' Blake asked. Most start around 11 or 12 and it depends on your body you might get a blob of clear sperm come out or you might have a quick squirt of sperm fly out but don't worry it will happen soon enough." Ron replied.

"Can we see how you squirt then and see how much comes out of you?" Wesley asked. "Well I don't know you guys it may shock you." Ron giggled. "Come on Ron we want to see how a 14 year old squirts." Desmond hooted.

"Ok, move back then or you will get covered in it." Ron quoted. So all the boy moved back ready for Ron to give them a show. "Before I do this I need to cover a few points, 1, you boys that don't squirt yet does not mean that you can't play with your penis as you get dry cums and can jerk it off a few more times than us that can squirt so you have one up on us, 2 if you don't masturbate or have sex with someone you get what they call wet dreams, that mean that your sperm squirts out when you are asleep." "Yeah we've seen how a boy wets himself in the morning." The twins laughed while looking at Ron.

"Enough or I won't put on a show." Ron demanded. A hush was around the camp as Ron lifted his 5 inch soft penis grandmother and fack son xxxx started to jerk off his cut tube as he looked around and picked a boy to jerk off to.

Blake was the one he was going to masturbate off too and would be thinking of masturbating Blake as he stroked his cock. After 5 minutes Ron told the boys to watch and learn as he moved his hips back and aimed his penis into the air. "Oh god I love doing this, fuck I'm Cumming you piss heads, watch out, Ahh, ohh fuck take that you cum boys." Ron screamed as rope after rope of his 14 year old sperm shot out of his penis and shouted out Blake's name as he orgasmed.

"What the hell was that all about?" Wesley asked Mike. "It must have been Blake asking Ron about sperm as Ron let it slip out when he jerked off he must have been thinking of him while he jacked himself off." Mike replied. Ron sure did give the boys a fantastic show of what comes out of blonde whore blows big dick on a table teen boy and was the talk of the town well if they were in a town he would be.

As the boys stood up some were so hard they quickly ran off into the forest and had some fun on their own to relieve their boners after seeing Ron explode. `Look over there, in the water." someone shouted out. `What's up dude?" Jackson asked. "In the sea, I see something floating out there, its white and red can you see it." The boy Screamed. The object got closer to the beach and Ron now cleaned up ran over to see what the commotion was all about. "So what are you looking at guys." Ron asked.

"There, it just popped up again out of the waves. "Desmond said jumping up and down. All the boys were now standing by the desperate nurse sells old teapot and fucked by pawn man reality blowjob edge jumping up and down to see what was out there. "It's an Ice box.

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End of chapter 7 So what's in the Icebox and where did it come from find out in the next chapter. Thanks Boys in the hood.