Sexy brunette shows off her tits for this lucky guy

Sexy brunette shows off her tits for this lucky guy
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Please leave comments with constructive criticism, any thoughts, and finally any ideas for another story if you have one, any comments welcome :) the start of the series with the sisters, there will be more, maybe bringing the mother into the lesbian incest.

Happy reading. I lived in a small cottage on the outskirts of New York with my sister, who was also seventeen, and our parents, who were rather absentee due to heavy duty advertising jobs.

What our parents didn't know was that for six months Lisa, my sister, and I had been having sex.

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A lot. But how did it all start.? I was sixteen, with average Brown hair, 5"7, with a thin but not too thin figure and c cup boobs.

My sister was almost identical, but she had been blessed with D cups. We were very close, and insisted on sharing our room all through our lives up to that point. We had an ensuite korean actress lee da hae bathroom, which was being usedby my sister before bed, whilst I was in bed in my nightgown.

Suddenly, I heard a cry of shock and hurt from the bathroom and raced out of bed to burst in. The sight that met me lingers before my eyes now, making me wet. My sister was standing in the showerbutt naked. As I burst in, she yelled and tried to cover herself up.


The hand across the boobs stopped nothing but the nipple itself, and my eyes widened at the amazing sight if those huge white mounds.

She cringed away, "what are you doing get out!" "You screamed!" That's cus I-never mind." "Tell me lis, what's happened?" Her cheeks blushed adorably. I felt a rush of warmth through my abdomen. "I was just.waxing." "So you've waxed before, why the scream?" She went redder."not.there. blonde amateur makes her teen pussy cum

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it just hurt more ok?" I was confused, "what are u talking about? Just show me I can see if you've hurt urself silly." She blinked twice. "Ok asked." Slowly, slowly, she removed the hand that wasn't covering her boobs. There was no hair. The area above her pussy was a little red. But my gaze fell downwards as I felt a wetness between my thighs.

Her tiny slit was visible, and before I could help incesto julia is sad and dad consoles myself, I heard myself say "just need to have a closer look." I fell to my knees in front of her naked pussy, my face so close I saw my sister bite her lip as she felt my warm breath on her pussy. Neither of us dared to breathe. I delicately touched the waxed area. Lisa shivered. I muttered sorry, as my hand moved of its own accord down, to run between my sisters hot, wet folds.

Lisa gasped and fell back against the shower wall. My own pussy was wet as hell as I slowly found myself sinking a finger into my sisters tight,hot sex-smelling tunnel. She was breathing hard, her hands outstretched and grasping the wall as if for support, her breasts and swollen nipples heaving as I started to slowly move it in and out.

Before I knew what was happening, I bent in and licked her pussy, pulling my fingers out and delving deep into her with my tongue, lapping up her juices and savouring them. She cried out and came, more juice leaking out which I started to lap up feverishly. But she seemed to have come to her senses, and, gazing at me, horrified, she ran from the room. When I left the bathroom she wouldnt talk to me. I sighed and lay in my bed. After several moments thought I took off my nightgown, lying naked.

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My hand slowly made its way to tweak my nipple, and my other snaked down my navel to bury two fingers in my aching pussy. I fingered myself hard, desire to bury my head in my sister's sex pulsing through me. I came, arching my back, furiously fingering myself and and kneading my boobs. I fell asleep quickly. The next day, Lisa and I were going out shopping, with me driving us to the mall. As was tradition, we ended the shopping trip by a trip into lingerie store.

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we had always felt close here, able to confide in each other our sex lives and preferences. Today, not mentioning last night's incestuous escapade, things were a little tense but soon we were back to our usual selves. Giggling, Lisa looked at a thong that was outrageously sexy and raised her eyebrow at me. An image of me slipping her thong off her perfect ass with me teeth seared through my mind.

I look me in the eyes when i make you cum gasped, feeling moisture between my thighs at the thought.

Lisa was looking at me, eyebrows raised. Seeming to test something, whilst looking at me, she reached over and picked up a deep pink vibrator, and murmured, "I might get this and use it tonight." As before, an image of me plunging that into her hot pussy whilst licking her clit flashed through my mind, and I nearly fell, my knees weakening. Lisa seemed to know exactly what was going through my mind.

Getting carried away herself, she picked up a double ended vibrator and, biting her lip slightly, said "or maybe Il use this, to its proper purpose." Ialmost came right there, my juices running down my leg inside my jeans. I was gasping, my cheeks flushed.

A light in her eyes, Lisa stepped forward. Two minutes later, we were banging open a changing room door, making our furiously, moaning and clutching every part of each other we could reach. We were thankful there was no changing room attendant. we pushed inside and shut the door, stripping each other fast. In lustful, animal desire we plunged our fingers into the others pussy, I pulled her ass towards meshe fell to the floor and I got into the position without thinking about it, and within moments we were rubbing pussys like there was no tomorrow, making out in almost violent passion.

She came hard, moaning into my mouth. Without hesitation I plunged my head into her sex, loving the musky smell and lapping her juices. I plunged two fingers into her pussy, rubbing them in and out she had her head thrown back, eyes closed, twisting her swollen nipples as her mouth opened in a wordless scream. She returned the favour, plunging not two but three fingers into my soaking, big titted boss fucks with her employee pussy.

I gave a growl of ecstasy an came over her hand. We started to come down from our animal high, starting to lovingly kiss each other clean, kissing and whispering things like, "your so sexy" and "I've wanted to see ur fucking boobs for so long." I was swirling her nipples in her mouth when I saw her eyes wide in terror.

Swivelling towards the door, my mouth opened in shock as I saw the female 25 year old changing room attendant staring at us in shock:two naked teenage girls covered in a sheen of sweat wrapped in a close embrace, the air smelling of cum. Lisa and I launched into a flurry of pleas, begging her to let us go, offering anything inreturn.To our shock, she smiled ruefully. " you two would be amazed how many couples like you we get doing that, our toys just get them going. Thankfully, I found a solution to this problem a long time ago.

"With that she unclipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floorrevealing a delectable shaved to a a landing strip pussy.She looked at us, "well?"Revelling in our new status as lesbians, we moved forward. Lisa took the frontslowly pleasuring this woman's eatable pussy with tongue and finger.

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I stood up behind her, cupping her firm ass, temptingly circled and licking her puckered asshole, and rubbing her breasts through her uniform, then slipping my hands underneath, cupping her wonderfully soft tits in my hand and tweaking her nipples, as she gasped and moaned at our attention, sinking into my arms as she was pleasured beyond endurance by the two lesbians.Within minutes the two of us brought her to a shuddering climax ."Thankyou girls," she said, clipping her skirt back on professionally as if nothing had happened, "feel free to returned any japanese game show mon n son she winked, "happy shopping" That evening, we were relaxing on the sofa, watching a film heavy on the nudity.

Our parents were away on a business trip so we hadn't bothered pretending we were normal sisters. Nor had we bothered with clothes. We were lying in a 69 position whilst watching the film, which was making both of us wet.Knowing we had all the time in the world, we were slowly exploring each others bodies, I was getting used to the fact pretty inked and a massive comic lover elouise is enough to get anyo Lisa's DCup creamy white breasts, succulent pussy and soft skin were mine whenever I wanted .

At this point, I was lazily rubbing my sister's pussy with my fingers, occasionally leaning in to lick the delicious folds. She was doing the same to me and it. was. Heaven.Slowly, when the film got more heavy and we got more horny, it escalated into full on lesbian sex. Delving into each others pussies, moaning and groaning, the air steamy with sex.I rolled het onto her back, and looked at her cute, puckered asshole.

I licked it gently then slowly eased one finger inside .Ten minutes later, we were screaming in ecstasy, our pussys slapping together as we fucked the thick double ended dildo."You like watching me cum, you sexy slut?" Lisa screamed as she orgasmed.

The profanities screamed out of me as my mind buckled in the pleasure of girl sex, her skin on mine, her nipples rubbing mine, and most of all the long, wet dildo buried in my .ohhhhhhh! "Yessss! Fuck me hard sister, make me cum! Touch my tits you slut!" I came harder than I had ever before, screaming to the heavens. Bliss in our eyes, we slowly pulled out the dildo, gasping as we did, and licked it clean. We decided to go take a shower to clean the sweat off still clutching each other, we stepped into the shower, our glistening wet curvy bodies a feast for anyone's eyes.

We cleaned each other off lovingly, I payed special attention to her wet, swollen nipples, rubbing them along with her huge boobs, and taking them into my mouth for veronica rodriguez jelena jensen a teachers discipline part one playing hooky measure.

I did the same to her pussy. I just couldn't stop eating it, marvelling the flavour of her white and pink folds. Revelling at the sensation of slowly sinking my tongue into her tunnel as she gasped and squeezed her own white orbs .

For the rest of that night we stayed in each others arms, sometimes making love, sometimes fucking hard, and sometimes just exploring each others bodies, loving the taboo of forbidden lesbian incest.

Back to the present: Lisa and I had, without our parents knowing of course, been sleeping in the same bed for months.

That night, we were naked under the covers, our limbs entwined, I could feel her pussy against my thigh. Talking softly, kissing occasionally.


Lisa asked me a question that surprised me: "do you think mums sexy?""Why? What are u thinking?" To be continued.