Realmomexposed busty milf horny for young sexy and pron

Realmomexposed busty milf horny for young sexy and pron
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It was another day at West Coast High and I was sitting in biology class half listening to what Miss Pollster was saying and staring at my huge crush Stephanie. She was 5'6, light brown hair, honey colored eyes, perfect sized tits with small nipples that would show when she was outside in the cold and a big firm round ass.


She was looking especially sexy-looking today wearing a very small shirt and a skirt that left just enough to the imagination.

I'm 6'2 and a starting point guard on the varsity basketball team. My muscles full virgin girls blood sex xxx story come well defined and girls think I'm cute but somehow just don't have what it takes to be hot. Stephanie had some guys after her but she wasn't the sluty type.

If you wanted to fuck her you had to work at it. Most guys preferred an easy slut, but not me. I had dreamed about her since I was a freshman. Now as a senior I felt my chances were no better than the first time I saw her. I think she didn't even know I existed. Suddenly I noticed Miss Pollster was saying my name and was brought back to reality. I acted like nothing had happened when half the class laughed behind their hands. ¬¬¬¬¬I politely asked Miss Pollster to repeat the question and noticed the topic of the lesson for the first time.

Human anatomy, focusing on the human reproductive organs. After answering the question correctly the class continued normally except for one thing. When I answered the question right Stephanie looked around straight into my eyes for the first time since I can remember. I gave her a weak smile that she returned enthusiastically. My heart soared. She then shifted a little in her seat and turned her attention to the teacher. Miss Pollster decided to show us a very graphic video of every single step in reproduction starting from the couple having sex (obviously it was not porn) to the moment of birth.

When I looked over at Stephanie I couldn't believe my eyes. Her nipples were poking through her bra and shirt. That had to mean she was horny because the classroom was not cold.

She suddenly turned to look at me and I hastily tried to become interested in the video but I knew she had noticed.

I looked back at her and she gave me a sheepish grin that told me she didn't mind me looking at all, in fact maybe she even liked it. Class was finally over and as we were all walking out Stephanie unexpectedly whispered in my ear to meet her outside of the gym after classes.

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I did as I was told wondering what could possibly be in store for me. I found her down at the entrance of the gym by herself which was very strange because she didn't go anywhere without her little group of friends.

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"So why where you staring at me today in class?" "Umm… well…" I decided to take the chance I'd been waiting for since freshman year. "Look Stephanie, I've had a crush on you since the first day I saw you.

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I think you're beautiful but was never brave enough to talk to you and tell you." My heart was beating so hard I swear she would be able to hear it. "Really? Wow I never knew you liked me. That's funny 'cause I always thought you were really hot but didn't think you were interested in me." Were my ears deceiving me? All this time she thought I was actually hot!

I just stared at her in awe until she finally told me to follow her. She led me into the school storeroom where all the athletic equipment was kept. There was a couch in one of the corners. Out of the blue Stephanie hugged me and kissed me.

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I didn't innocent angel tastes a pecker blowjob amateur how to react so I just stood rooted to the spot. "What's wrong? Are you nervous?" With a hoarse voice I answered no.

"Then just play along with me." "Okay". Having hardly any experience with girls I started kissing her lightly and not knowing really where to put my hands. But then I let my instincts take over as I felt my cock jerk in my pants. I started kissing her neck and feeling her curvy body. I felt like never before I couldn't believe my luck, i was finally going to fuck Stephanie. I could feel her nipples becoming hard under her bra and shirt. "Oooh" she moaned.

I continued kissing her and touching her tits then she grabbed my hand and led me to the couch, I sat down as she slowly sat on my lap facing me. Then she started to unbutton my red shirt. When she successfully took my shirt off she started to lick my body. I was feeling so horny! I took her blouse off and I saw a sexy black bra that covered her beautiful tits.

I unhooked her bra and gently I began to kiss her tits. They were so beautiful with pink nipples. I always loved pink pussies and nipples so it was like a dream. I bit her nipples as she screamed: "Aahh keep going!" I continued for about 4 minutes kissing and fondling her tits. "I wanna suck your cock" She said with a kinky smile.

I smiled back at her and laid back on the couch as she took my pants and underwear off. "Wow you have a big cock" She gasped, staring at my 9 inch piece.

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She grabbed my cock with a shaking hand and led it to her lips. Her tonge touched full sex stories jarmani xxx com dick head.

She seemed to enjoy sucking me off. After a moment she was swirling her tongue all around the head of my cock, licking up and down my shaft, sucking on my balls, until she finally locked her lips around the head of my cock and began lowering her mouth onto it, taking my whole cock into her mouth before sliding back up and doing it again. I felt my cock touch her throat. I could tell she was enjoying it very much. She stopped sucking my cock and said: "Time to lick my pussy" She laid back on the couch as I started to unbutton her skirt.

I threw them on the floor and noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties. I thought "better for me" as I beheld her wet pink pussy. I felt my erection become more and more pronounced. She grabbed my head and pressed it against her pussy. Then she moaned, I then tasted her pussy for the first time. It tasted so good. She let go of my head and I felt her slit on my tongue and tasted her delicious juices.

Then I started finger-fucking her. She moaned so hard I feared someone would hear us. "Keep going, keep going" She repeated. I stopped and let my finger slide over her erotic chick is gaping soft snatch in close up and climaxing lips and her perfectly round ass.

I kissed her and she took my cock leading it to her pussy. I slowly pressed my cock aginst her pussy. My cock was entering her hole as she moaned: "Oohh it feels so fucking good." Then I slid my entire cock into her in one steady push stretching her young pussy to its maximum. She gasped and said: "Oh my god your cock is so huge." I couldn't believe how tight and hot her pussy was. I continued fucking her slowly gathering speed as she screamed and moaned even harder.

I started to fuck her as fast as I could and felt my orgasm approach. I didn't want to cum inside her. "I'm going to cum" As I started to pull out. "Don't worry, I'm on the pill" she said. I felt very happy that I could cum insider her as I drove my cock into her pussy and continued to fuck her. I saw her gorgeous face blush. As I pounded my cock into her I felt my hot cum rising through my dick. "Oh… Stephanie I'm going to cum." "Me too… keep going… ooooohh shit!" "OOOHHH FUCK!" I felt my cock explode just as her pussy walls squeezed.


Jet after jet of hot sticky cum filled her pussy. I lay there with Stephanie, my 4 year crush, on top of me, sweating and panting. When I pulled out I gave her a passionate kiss that made her body shiver.


"I definitely want you to fuck me again" she said as she pressed my face into her tits. "Whenever you want" I replied grinning. We both got up and dressed. I walked Stephanie home and told her I'd see her the next day.