Hot ass teen babes enjoyed foursome action in the woods outdoor and blowjob

Hot ass teen babes enjoyed foursome action in the woods outdoor and blowjob
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Chapter 2 "My lover." The words reverberate through my head. What have I done? Not only did I just fuck my sister, but I came in her too! I felt so dirty, but thinking back, I don't think I could have stopped myself. It just felt too good. Geo moaned on top of me, and I felt it all the way to me flaccid cock, still in her. My sister rolled off me, and I saw Dixie getting between her legs and sucking my cum out of her.

"Mmm, your brother's cum tastes soo good!" Dixie mewled. A hand appeared before me, and I looked up to see Amber reaching down to me. I took her hand and stood, surprised when I got pulled into a deep kiss.

Her hand dropped to my dick and started playing with it, and while it felt good, my little brain refused to respond. Amber broke our kiss, and looked down disappointed.


"Hmm, maybe we should give this guy a little break." "I'm sorry, I just--" She cuts me off by placing her fingers over my mouth. "Come on. Let's go get a drink." I follow the redhead to the kitchen, where she pours me another drink. We sit in silence for a moment, the only noises we can hear are my sister cumming again for the umpteenth time. I have no idea what to say, and my eyes lock on Amber's pierced nipples. "Did that hurt to have it done?" She looks down, then after placing storys xxx seaa a aa a oras drink on the counter, she grabs both nipple rings, and begins to tug on them, distending her small breasts out a bit.

The sight is quite erotic, and I feel a stirring down below, but still not enough to get me hard. "Yeah, it hurt like hell, but was worth it. My nipples are super sensitive now. Sometimes I can get off just by playing with them." She smiles at me for a moment, before asking, "So did I understand you correctly?

You lost your virginity in there?" I can only sheepishly nod my head. "And to your sister too. That's kind of sick, but kinky too." She must have seen the look on my face, as she quickly continued, "Don't worry, cutie. I don't judge. And with a cock as big as yours, I can see why she chose to do it. Your sister is pretty damn hot too. I wish I had a brother like you!" Shocked by her words, I looked up into her eyes, and believed her.

There was not a shred of deceit in them. "Thank you," was all I could manage to say. "Awe, you are just too cute!" Before I knew what was happening, she had my back up against the cold fridge and was kissing me passionately. My hands began to roam across her back, and finally I brought them down to her small buttocks. She moaned softly into my mouth as I squeezed her ass. Getting bold, I spun us around, pressing her to the fridge, and began kissing her neck. Grabbing tight to her ass, I lifted her up in my arms, and enjoyed the feeling of her legs wrapping around me.

I was definitely getting hard again, but still wasn't to full mast. I moved us over to the counter. I needed to give my beleaguered pecker some more time to recover, and I realized I hadn't yet tasted this awesome woman's honeypot. I slowly began kissing down her collarbone, along the sides of her ribs, then journeyed under her pert breasts, and finally to her right nipple. I used my tongue to play with the ring while my hand groped her other breast. "Damn, you ARE good at that!" My free hand dipped down to her crotch, and I began playing with the piercing down there.

As soon as I touched it, she screamed, "Oh, fuck, I'm cumming!" Suddenly my hand was covered in a warm fluid. I stepped back looking at my hand, thinking she had just peed on my. The smell was wrong, and even the texture. I looked back up to Amber, and she had a sheepish grin on her face. "You're a squirter!" I accused. "I'm so sorry.

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I know that turns some men off." Before she could say another word, my face was buried between her legs. Everything about this sultry redhead turned me on. I tried to use the tricks Dixie had taught me, but her clit piercing kept interfering. I must have done something right though, as my mouth was flooded with her cum.

"Okay, okay.


Stop." Her words were breathy and soft. I pulled away, as she hopped down from the counter. She turned around and bent over slightly, sticking her petite rear at me. "I have an itch deep inside, that I think only that--" she nods at my cock, "-- will scratch." I realized that I was nearly back to full mast, stepped up to her.

I slid my cock up and down her crack, until she reached between us, and positioned me at the entrance to her hole. I reach around her body, and grabbing both nipple rings, I pull her into me as I thrust forward. A loud scream rent the air, and her whole body seemed to clamp down. I was afraid I'd hurt her.

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"Holly fuck, that's huge. Gimme just a moment to get used to it. Damn, but it feels like it is in my throat!" After a couple more moments, she slowly began to shift back and forth, even picking up the pace.

I let her do the moving, enjoying as she swiveled her hips while impaling herself on me. "I guess we didn't need to worry," I hear from behind me. "Looks like Amber has everything well in hand. er. pussy." I look back to see my sister and Dixie watching us from the doorway. I was still tugging on Amber's nipple rings, when suddenly her legs gave out, and she booty les tastes analrose pornstars and big butt on the floor in an orgasmic mass.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," she kept repeating as her eyes fluttered. "Hmm," said Dixie, "I haven't seen her cum like that in a long time. I can't wait to get this thing in me!" She grabbed a hold of my cock, and began pulling me along behind her. I was helpless but to obey. My sister followed, pinching my behind, and calling it cute.

I would have been embarrassed, under other circumstances. Dixie led us back to one of the bedrooms, and judging by the picture on the mirror, it was her's. "Finally, a bed. Little brother, are you ready for the main event?" Main event? These women were insatiable! Dixie spun me around, and shoved me back onto the bed. "It's time I felt that monster in me!" she said as she straddled my hips, and with one deft movement, sank half of me in her. She was by far the tightest of the three, and it took her a few moments to get all of me in her.

Meanwhile Geo began to make out with her, while she reached around Dixie and fondled my balls. The sensation was phenomenal, and if I hadn't already cum so much tonight, I probably would have been shooting my load again. Geo began sucking on Dixie's medium sized breasts, and I reached down to play with Dixie's clit with my left, while my right hand began playing with Geo's ass.

My right hand wormed around and found my sister's wet hole. Dixie really began to rock her hips back and forth on my hand and cock, really getting into it.

"Don't stop, either of you! I'm getting so close. Fuck me! Holly shit, yeah, keep rubbing me right there! Oh, yes! Bite that nipple, make me cuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm!" Dixie slutty horny big tit brunette strips and rubs pussy to orgasm forward on me, and I had to pull my arm out from between us.

I reached around, and grabbing her ass, I began to pound into her as hard as I could. "Oh. My. Gawd." she tried to say, then locked her lips to mine. Our tongues fought a desperate battle with each other, then I felt another tongue on my balls.

"Here's where you all are!" I heard Amber say. "I woke up on the floor, and you all left me!" Dixie broke off the kiss, and turned to look at Amber. "I. had to. Ah, fuck! Get. His cock. IN ME!" She finally finished as I continued thrusting up into her. Dixie's eyes began to roll back into her head, and I knew she was about to cum again. Suddenly she was pushed forward and off my cock, but it was soon replaced by another wetness. Looking around Dixie, I saw my sister furiously sucking on the tip of me penis.

Dixie rolled off me, muttering, "No more. No more." "I think you owe me for leaving me," Amber stated as she walked over to me, then quickly jumped on the bed and straddled my face. Only too happy to taste watch sex with sexy beauteous cutie hardcore blowjob squirting sex goddess, I began licking with as much enthusiasm as Geo was having on my cock. Amber bent forward, and began assisting my sister with the best blowjob of the night.

I pulled away from the succulent pussy long enough to warn them that I was about to cum. Two hands immediately gripped my cock, as both women screeched in unison. "Not yet, I want it in me!" Amber got off me, and began facing off with my sister.

"You already had a load. It's my turn!" "He is my brother. This load is mine. You can have the next load!" Geo retorted. I could see that this could get ugly, so I quickly stepped in. "Ladies, I have an idea." Both of them turned their glares on me, until I explained.

I had my sister lay on her back, and amber climbed on top of her. I had them on the edge of the bed, and as I came up to them, I decided to put it in Amber first.

I slid in easily. Luckily there had been a long enough break, I wasn't on the verge of ejaculating again. I pumped a few times, then pulled out, and slid into my sister. I still can't believe that I am actually fucking my sister! I also realized that out of the three of them, my sister was the loosest, Dixie was the tightest, and Amber was the wildest. I could see that Amber and Geo were making out, as I continued to switch between the two.

It didn't take long before I felt that familiar churning in my balls. I pulled out of my sister, slammed into Amber and let loose a couple spurts, then pulled and put it back in Geo for the rest of the load.

Depleted, and exhausted, I collapsed on the bed. Moments later, I was out cold. * * * A pounding noise reverberated through the room, waking me from pleasant dreams. Opening my eyes, I wonder who might be at the door. I soon realize that the pounding was coming from within my own skull, and I groan. Apparently I wasn't alone, because my groan was echoed by other voices. In shock, I look around and find three other women in my bed, one of them is.

This is too much for my extremely hung-over mind to fathom, and oblivion takes me. When I wake again, I am all alone. I begin to stumble out of the unfamiliar room, and am soon greeted by the gorgeous redheaded stripper from the night before.

Amber, was her name I think. "Good morning, sleepy head. Take these, and drink this. It will help with your head." She handed me a couple of Tylenol, and a red drink. I immediately swallow both, and begin to choke on the drink. It was alcoholic. "Bloody Maries will help every time." She smiled at me and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips.

"Hmm. Brush your teeth, and meet me in my bedroom. I still feel a little robbed from last night, and intend to get mine from you." She grinned at me and headed down the hallway, leaving me with one question. What happened last night?