Bdsm xxx big breasted sub has her hole filled by strong dominant master

Bdsm xxx big breasted sub has her hole filled by strong dominant master
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Jenny has been noticing some changes to her normally tone athletic body beside her now monthly and embarrassing visits from her "aunt flow" mostly doing with her abnormal attraction to anything with a pulse boy or girl. Jenny has naturally carmel tan skin which she inherited from her late mother who was Puerto Rican she also has the same almond shaped brown eyes which where made a bit larger thanks to the contacts she had to use since she wanted to try out for track and field as her glasses had a funny way of almost falling off her nose with every lap.

Her long black hair is usually in a sloppy bun ontop of head if it wasn't it would usually dangle down to her heart shaped butt.

Her team practices in the field with the football team who uses the track field for their laps right before they leave the track and field team comes in. Jenny has seen most of the boys have their shirts off and their bodies glisten with sweat after running a lot of laps and their tight football pants stick to their body with sweat. Caressing their jockstaps and their growing manhood which most boys didn't try to hide as some even proudly cupped and thrusted their crotches at the girls on track and field who they thought were hot when they thought the coach wasn't looking.

The track and field wore loose jerseys which didn't hug their bodies very well as they're ment to be loose enough for the girls to grow and fill them up as they grow up. They also wore tight body hugging shorts that barely covered half their thighs but what it lacked in modesty it made up for in the fact it didn't drag the girls down which is what lead their team to many championships. The coach for track and field has known some girls fill out faster then most and remember when a girl named Samantha who wore a tight jersey ended up ripping as she was doing the hurdle and that lead to the whole audience watching the competitive girl keep striding as her breast heavy and taunt bounce with her as she kept her pace up over the hurdles.

A lot of rightly outraged parents were pissed off that the track guys dick sucked well hardcore and massage field team had such horrendous jerseys while the football team was enjoying new outfits every two years.

A lot of blame was put on the administration and not the coach who also happened to be Jenny father who urged the girl to stop and come to the sideline.

The parents in fact praised how after the race the coach took off his sport coat and immediately covered up the poor girl who was puffing so heavily it just made her breast bounce more. Needless to say A lot of the fathers in the crowd had to hide straining erections from their wives and the other people in the crowd.

The coach walked the poor girl who ended up flashing the whole crowd her magnificent white orbs with rosey pink nipples erect with the cold air touch. They didn't get the highest score and he believed it was because a lot of the judges are middle aged women who where envious of Samantha breast.

Samantha was a wreck in the locker room she blamed herself for the team not doing so well the coach knew that kind of talk can lead a young impressionable girl to do anything even stupid things like harming themselves. "Don't say such things Sam." The coach said as he caressed the young girl which only prompted her to cry even more. "Those old bitties were only jealous of you is all. I mean it's not your fault their wrinkled dried up breast bang against their knees." That last remark brought a small smile and even smaller laugh from Samantha who began to wipe the tears away.


The coach started to help her clean up her face he picked up her chin and she looked so vulnerable with her big eyes weld up with tears as she looked up at the coach with a quivering lip she gulped down any fear she had and kissed him on the lips. It was a small peck delivered so fast and hard the coach was taken a back and took him a second to think of what to do next.

He knew if he encouraged her she might get the wrong impression of him then again girls now a days are so much more sensitive. Samantha can harm herself or even think of herself in a negative way destroying her self-esteem and self worth for the rest of her life. On the other hand if this is ever let out it'll be his job and his life on the line it could mean years behind bars if it's ever found out.

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Coach picked up her chin and gave her a wet kiss that took Samantha by surprise she never expected her kiss to be returned it was just a nice thing she done for the coach making her feel better. She opened her mouth to say something, but felt Coach tongue enter her mouth and Sam became lost trying her best to move her tongue pretty chick is caressing cum hole softcore amateur the coach tongue.

Then Coach hands nervously moved up to Sam breast and with shakey hands he cupped her full breast in each hand. Sam let a small shriek escape her mouth when she felt the electric touch of the coach hands over her sensitive nipples. Their kiss began to get heated when the doors to the locker room opened and the girls on the team giggled and cheered skinny little teen gets a nice hard cock in the ass they celebrated their win.

Coach broke the kiss before the others could see and he hushed Sam who silently acknowledged that she shouldn't let anyone know what happened and she quickly dug in her gym bag and threw over a baggy t-shirt. They would occasionly meet for more kisses and touching for the next few weeks until Sam had to move due to her parents finding work out of state.

Coach would often recall those late practices with Sam her round perky breast in his hands while they kissed like long lost lovers finally reunited.

He couldn't believe how lucky he was to have someone like Sam, but now that she's gone there went his chance at love again. Ever since his wife passing away he hasn't had much time to look for anyone and most women his age already had kids of their own and their own priorities and to be honest he loved the idea of having a fresh young teen in his control that lusts after him.

To his surprise he saw most of the girls now a days are much more sexually active having caught a few cheerleaders and football players under the bleachers. He might have to use that to his advantage next time if he doesn't find some way to release his stress. It doesn't help when he has to see a lot of the girls work out in tight shorts he often finds that he has to cover his growing erection with his clipboard more then often when his own daughter is doing her stretches.

Her tight ass hugs her shorts so well she often has to reach back and pull at the bottom of them to stop them from rising up on her crack. Jenny has the exact same body type her mother had at her age the same heart shaped booty and with a small chest but hard nipples. He often finds her rubbing her nipples when she thinks no one is looking to soften them up as they usually end up poking out in her jersey.

Jenny had noticed how her dad pays extra attention to her when she does her stretches, but figured it's because he's so critical of her always making her work twice as hard then other girls she didn't mind though since he has gotten this job as coach he never has time for her sometimes she comes home from school to find a twenty on the table with a note. "Coming home late order pizza and save the change eat and study.

Love coach" It's been like that since her mother died he always been burying himself in his work or out drinking with his friends.

He thought she couldn't smell the stench of alcohol that hangs in his breath the day after, but she could. Even if it ment working harder then the other girls she would do it for that little extra amount of attention. After practice that day most of the girls left and Jenny waited for her dad out by the car found it to be unlocked and she sat in the back waiting for her father she was so tired she curled up under a blanket they kept in the back. She layed in the back and soon drifted to sleep after she relock the doors.

Coach was doing his occasional sweep under the bleachers hoping to find a few stoners or a couple making out either would be ok to him. What he saw was something else he never expected. "Britney fuck your the best I ever had." Brad said as he pushed his hands on the back of her head thrusting his tiny pecker as he nutted down her throat. Britney just took the load in her young mouth not completely liking the taste of his salty cum. She had better, but then again she also had worse her step-dad was the worst by far with his small and pink dick.

"Done ok that'll be $15 and I don't want you telling everyone ok? Remember this is a one time thing." Britney said as she spat what was left of Brads cum off her tongue. "Shit it's the coach!" Brad said as he tucked his tiny pink pecker into his jeans and turned to bolt. Brad was the quarter back and a great athlete he dashed out from the bleachers like a bat out of Hell jumping the fence next to the bleachers teeny lovers anal redtube and xvideos facial tube on teen porn a cum shot shaved pussy and cunniling out of sight.

"Hey! That's not funny you still owe me! Where are you going?!" Britney said in a classic teenage huff. She picked herself up and dusted off her knees the gravel was digging into her skin and the brown dirt was starting to stain her knees.

"I'll give you the money he owed you." Coach said as he put his hand on her shoulder.


"Eeek!" Britney screamed out and tried to run, but couldn't with coach hand tightly holding her back. With nowhere to go she slowly turned around to face coach. "It isn't what you think Sir.

I wasn't doing anything." "That's not what I saw." "What did you see?" "You performing fellatio on the schools QB. Very well done too from what I seen." "Fell.ate what? Never mind Mr. Coach whatever you thought I was doing I wasn't ok?" Britney said as she pulled her shoulder out from coach grip.

"I'll pay you on what Brad ran out on and you can still charge him for it later." Coach said with a smile.

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"Are you serious? Well.ok I guess, but you have to promise that you won't tell anyone what I'm doing here ok? Promise?" Britney said as she held out her pinky when coach hooked his pinky finger with hers and agreed in the most unbreakable pacts right under a blood oath and that's a pinky promise.

"Just tell me why are you doing this? I mean isn't your father or mother wondering where you're at?" "They kicked me out the house. They just don't understand me or believe me." Britney said with a tear rolling down her cheek. "Nevermind about that tho' coach where do you want to do this?

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I would say here but apparently it isn't safe here and just about anyone can just walk up on us. How about your office?" "Are you crazy there are cameras there we would get caught for sure.


Let's go to my car." The both of them walked to the car and after coach saw his daughter wasn't in there yet he unlocked the car.

Almost jolting Jenny awake but she didn't move figuring that her dad finally came to take her home. Jenny was laying with her head facing the back of the passenger seat she pulled the blanket from her face a little once she heard another voice. Britney whispered "Wouldn't we get caught like this?" "Don't worry my windows are lightly tinted and most of the faculty already left." "What about your daughter I think her name is.Jenny right isn't she at school right now?" "Your right I'll text her to call me before she comes." Jenny immediately reached for her phone in her front pocket and turned the ringer off.

"Hey baby call me when your ready to be picked up alright?" Coach texted on his phone and tapped the screen twice to turn the screen off. "Alright I think she is hanging with her friends or something." Coach said as he pulled out his already hard aching dick. "Wow that's the biggest one I seen." Britney said in a dry tone as she duck down the dashboard and scoots closer to his cock.

Coach moved his seat back and lower so it be easier for Britney to suck his dick. Britney ran her tongue over her lips and swashed some saliva around her mouth to lubricate her mouth something she found out would make it easier to suck dick and block out some of that nasty dick taste that all dicks have. Britney then began to pull her medium length blond hair back into a pony tail using her hair the to hold it in place.

Just as she finished doing her hair coach grabbed the back of her head and brought it down on his cock. "We don't have much time get to sucking you bitch." Coach said as he felt her mouth engulf his whole dick with ease and began to slurp her tongue around the shaft slightly rising over the veins of his cock as she raised her head to the knob of his cock. Britney began to swirl her tongue around the top of his cock while looking up at coach to see his face twist in a look of pure ecstasy plastered on his face.

Jenny pulled her phone out and began to do what every young teen does when they see something they never seen before and like it she recorded a video. Her phone was shaky because her hands were shakey as she felt the same primal urge to touch herself that she gets every night before she sleeps, but couldn't as she didn't want to alarm them or worse make them stop. Britney kept moving her mouth up and down with a slight tug from the fistful of hair in coach hair. Stopping every once in a while to catch her breathe and stroke his dick up and down to make him cum faster.

"Fuck your a great dick sucker." Coach said as he leaned back further to enjoy her eager hands work his wet saliva covered cock. "Thanks I haven't done this a lot, but I always been told I do a great job." Britney said being truthful as she only done this on three different dicks since her parents kicked her out the house once with her best friends house as her best friend older brother cornered her in the bathroom when she stayed over for a sleep over and Brad under the bleachers which she hoped would be enough to buy some weed for her and her best friend who was still waiting for her at her house.

She went back to work and started to slobber and devour the dick into her mouth thanks to her fast moving hands she could feel coach was close to finishing. "Fuck!" Coach moaned out as he pushed Britney head down on his cock letting all his cum choke her as she drowned in his cum a little. Coach wasn't sure when he would nut this good again, but he knew he should do his best to empty his balls in this little sluts throat. It was to much for her as she tapped the coach thigh and when he didn't let her up she slapped his chest.

Finally coach let caroline pierce and her mom rilynn rae share a bbc up when she gasped for breath you can see trails of his cum coming out her nose and long strings of cum stretch from her upper lip to her lower pink strawberry lip gloss covered lips. "Fuck you almost made me drown." Britney said as she pushed him away fighting back tears as she licked away the extra cum from masturbating in pantyhose free in pantyhose porn video c5-pantyhose4u tube porn lips.

"You ever need more money let me know." Coach said as he pulled out a crisp twenty dollar bill out his billfold. "I don't have change." Britney said as she crumpled the bill in her hand and stuffed it down her bra. "Don't worry about it consider it a down payment for next time." Coach said as he winked at her. "Alright!" Britney said as she smiled at him wiping away her tears and left the car smiling happy she hand enough to smoke up.

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"Now where is she?" Coach said as he raised his seat up and began to clean off his pants with a napkin dabbing a wet spot off his pants. Jenny saves the video on her phone and sits up from the back seat. "I've been here the whole time and I have some questions for you daddy."