My dirty hobby hot kinky me gefesselt geblasen

My dirty hobby hot kinky me gefesselt geblasen
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An Unexpected Intrusion Life could not be better for Betsy and Ray. They had married a year earlier and it was the second marriage for both. Betsy was married for only a year when she was 20 as she got pregnant with a guy who never really cared.

She gave birth to her daughter Emily "M" and divorced the bum before M was 1 year old. Ray had been married for 20 years when he met Betsy at a party and fell head over heels for her. He divorced 8 months later and moved in with Betsy two months later. They both had great professional jobs and hot big tits chick gets fuck hard really enjoyed the high life since marrying.

Betsy desperately wanted another child and Ray's feeling was, if it happened then it will happen so they made love every chance they got. It was a typical April Friday, the weather was warm and Betsy was heading to the train station to pick up her daughter M. Emily had to attend a Sunday birthday party for her best friend and visit her summer employment as she would be out of school in New York City in a few weeks.

Lurking in the train station were professional perverts Jake and Bo. They were addicted to their lifestyle which was to find prospective targets and ruin their lives, by seduction, rape and usually death.

They were in the truest sense of the word, serial killers. Today they were in the train station casing out the many comings and goings.

When Emily exited the escalator both of them were immediately drawn to here. Perhaps it was what she was wearing or perhaps it was just the way she carried herself. She wore a tight fitting tee shirt over her very prominent breasts. Truth be known she had cried rivers to her mother about what she considered to be her "cross in life" big tits. She was a full 38DD and they were so firm and so upright that she could, as she frequently did, go without wearing a bra and her tits wouldn't sag a millimeter.

She had tight fitting jeans, a back pack slung over her shoulder and a zippered sweatshirt in the strap. The way she carried herself and sort of jogged through the station was all Jake and BO needed to pick her as the winner. They coyly followed her out of the station and Bo ran to get the car, a easily common Chevy Impala. M ran over to her Mom's brand new BMW and jumped into the front seat. Quickly straining over to give Mom a big kiss Jake thought they may have hit the "lotto".


Could this be a Momma Milf just waiting for us. Betsy was 42 years old and in excellent shape. She and Ray had a personal trainer who came to their home 3 times a week. Add to that, that they walked the neighborhood at least three times a week and swam laps in the pool at home at least 4 times a week, Betsy had the body of a 3 year old.

Long auburn hair, 36D breasts and a size 6. When Jake jumped in with Bo he could barely contain himself. Look at this dickhead he yelled at Bo, a luscious virgin slit worshipping hardcore and blowjob for one jackpot. Don't let them know your behind them. They drove the 24 miles from the train station to the local plaza where the BMW pulled in and parked.

Betsy exited first and Jake and BO both lost control as they watched her. Emily headed for the grocery store and Betsy to the liquor store. Betsy returned first and waited about 10 minutes for M who came out with 3 or 4 bags and they quickly exited and headed home. They were entering the most exclusive neighborhoods in the entire area and the further they drove into the area the more Jake and Bo were exited.

When they finally turned into the driveway of the palatial estate they drove directly into the garage and shut the door immediately behind them. The two perverts pulled off the road and put the final touched on their plan. They went to a neighborhood newspaper box and began to tear through it.

Their plan now fully developed Jake approached the front door and rang the bell. It was exactly 4:15pm when Betsy and Emily and Ray's life would be forever changed.

Betsy opened the door within seconds. Good afternoon, Jake proclaimed. My name is Bob Mathers and I am circulating this petition to get the City of Redlands to expedite the repair of the sidewalks in the neighborhood. I'm sure your aware of the effort.

Betsy replied almost immediately; "of course my husband and I were just discussing it this morning. Where do I sign?" In a split second Bo pounced through the door and the three of them toppled into the foyer. Bo had placed a rag full of a chemical inhalant over Betsy's mouth and nose and she was out cold. They quickly closed the front door, looked around them and carried Betsy to the couch in the den.

They but a zip tie around her wrists and ankles and immediately proceed to case the house. They heard M voice obviously on the phone in her room. They whispered to each other than instead of barging in and interrupting the phone call they would wait outside brunette temptress taking bfs shaft up in her slick pussy tube porn room until she finished.

They no sooner had agreed on the plan when they heard her say good-bye. With the same rag ready to be put to use, the door opened and out walked M in her underwear, holding a towel headed for the bathroom.

She was out in a second and they carried back into the bedroom and tied her to the bed, spreadeagle with zips. Bo had all he could do to dive into it right then and there and Jake had to tell him twice, leave her alone. He couldn't help himself. M was wearing a light pink bra and her gorgeous huge tits were spilling out of it.

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She had a matching thong and Bo just had to have some. He took a knife from his pocket and cut both the bra ans thong. Sure enough M's tits didn't budge an inch when the bra was cut off and the thong disappeared revealing a smooth as silk mound with very prominent lips. In fact M hated hair down there and waxed every two weeks at her salon in NY.

Bo had to test that pussy, he couldn't help himself xxx sex of priyanka chopra Jake just watched.

M was spreadeagled about as far as was possible so inserting his middle finger into her pussy was quite easy for Bo. She was tight but not a virgin by any means. She had had her share of boyfriends over the past couple of years and her roommate, a delightful young female freshman at NYU in that pussy almost every other day for the past year. Yes Emily liked her sex. Jake asserted himself with Bo and said that's enough. We need to find out when DaddyO comes home.

They walked through the entire home, secured all doors and windows, cut the phone lines, confiscated sell phones and did their routine. Yes they had done this many, many times before and had become true serial killers and more than that they were extremely proud of the fact that they had never even come close to getting caught. They returned to the den and Bo brought the smelling salt antidote to Betsy's nose and when she came to, Jake had is hands firmly around her throat.

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She was startled for sure but he calmly read her the riot act. Look lady her's the deal. Where here for money for our horrible drug addiction. If you and your precious daughter upstairs do not want to get hurt, you'll do exactly as I say and don't even thing about fucking with us.

Do you understand? Betsy shook her head yes. Now lets get some answers. When does Daddy come home? Betsy mumbled between 6 and 7pm. Abruptly, even startling Bo Jake slapped Betsy so hard across the fact that she fell off the couch, onto the floor.

When Jake pulled her by the arm back up he noticed that she had pissed herself on the way down. He smiled to himself. Sweetheart, he said if you lie to us or screw with us you will watch your daughter be raped by Bo' 11 inch cock in every hole she has. Do you want to watch that?


No she whimpered. Then no lies and no bullshit. Do you understand? She struggled to answer as follows: Look I'll give you anything you want, cash, jewelry, Husband and wife suck in glory hole even write you checks.

Please don't hurt my daughter or me and then she really broke into tears and said, I'm two months pregnant. Well you could have told Jake almost anything next and he wouldn't have heard you. He had just heard the best news he could have imagined. He reached over and pulled up the sweater that Betsy had on. It was purple and while you might not have been able to notice the slight pot in her belly, if you looked at her tits it wouldn't take you long to figure out that she had already begun to swell considerable and even leak milk.

She was terrified as Jake began to massage her belly. So he said we have a little baby in here do we. He stroked even longer and then moved his left hand to Betsy's neck and grabbed really hard.

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Listen bitch, if you want any chance to ever see this little baby, he was now rubbing her belly really hard and deep you had better totally cooperate with us. Do you understand? Yes she said and shook her head simultaneously.

Ok then Jake continued, when Daddy comes home will he drive right into the garage as you did? Betsy shook her head yes. Do anyone of you have plans to go out tonight or are you expecting anyone to come here. Betsy murmured, I don't know about Emily but neither Ray or I have any plans.

Ok then sweetheart off you go again and he placed the rag over her mouth and nose and she was gone. Jake said to Bo: "Hey asshole ! Do you know whether this shit has any bad effect on pregnant ladies?" How the hell would I know answered Bo. Oh well get her ready. Bo placed a huge ball gag in her mouth, clamped it tightly as he could and stuffed an old washcloth into the remainder of her mouth.

They then moved her behind the couch out of sight of anyone walking past the den door. They cased the hairy pussy nickey huntsman gets creampied on the couch house over again and then once more. They prepared the garage ready to surprise Ray when he arrived.

They helped themselves to some food in the kitchen. All the while right from the time they closed the front door they had latex gloves and shoe covers on. Bo said to Jake;" We got an hour before Daddy comes home.

Let me go upstairs and dump a load into that kid. Don't be an asshole will ya. We'll have plenty of time to play with all three of them. They lay in wait for the real travesty to begin. Chapter 2 to follow soon. Comments welcome with jiz remnants appreciated.