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Sunny leone back side fuck pics
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Chapter 6 for you guys. Please enjoy. Feel free to comment your opinions. _________________________________________________________ I do not condone teenage sex, rape of any sort or abuse of a minor. This story is purely my fantasy and if you are offended by this or it is illegal for you to be viewing this please feel free to leave _________________________________________________________ Characters as they are now: Sean - 15 - Confessed his love for Kyle - his twin brother - and gave him the first blowjob of his life Kyle - 15 - Returns Sean's love for him, tends to be strong willed and hearted Alec - 30 - Adoptive father of Kyle and Sean, holds a secret lust for both boys _________________________________________________________ Chapter 6 Alec was sitting most heavy porn storys download the table waiting for the boys.

Today was the day he would finally claim his prize, he had heard the boys before…well more accurately; he had heard Kyle when Sean was blowing him. He was incredibly horny just from the anticipation of what he was going to do later and that was intensified by hearing the boys earlier that morning.


"Morning Dad" A flustered Kyle walked into the room followed by Sean. Both boys were smiling with their entire faces as opposed to just their mouths. Alec had only seen this a couple times before brunette babe craves for a big dick the boys, once when he and Mara told the boys that they were going to adopt them and once when the adoption came through.

"My god." Alec thought to himself "They're both so fucking cute" he had to adjust his pants under the table to accommodate his growing erection. "Morning boys" he finally said.

"Eggs are on the stove, help yourselves." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Later that day, the twins were content on the Wii playing Super Smash Bros when Alec called the boys up to his bedroom. "Yes dad?" Kyle asked as they arrived Alec then closed the door behind the boys quickly locking it shut with a padlock and leaned against the door dressed in only a bathrobe. "Boys, you know that your mother and I loved you very much and we adopted you because of that.

What you don't know is, I adopted you because I love the two of you more than I ever loved my dear Mara." The boys exchanged a confused and slightly terrified look between each other. "I love you both so much that I need to show you two exactly how much I do love you. But one way or another" Alec's robe slowly opened up as his 8 inch boner started to poke through it.

"You will both accept my love whether you want it now or not, and believe me when I say, you WILL want it when I'm through." The boys were mortified. They wanted to run but knew they couldn't as there was nowhere to go. The two of them stood there trembling not quite knowing what was going to happen next.

Kyle being the slightly braver of the two yelled out "What exactly are you going to do cute blonde teen cheating on her boyfriend us?" "Exactly what it looks like and exactly as I told you. I am going to show you boys how much I truly love you and the two of you are going to accept it one way or another.

Will you let me love you boys?" "No you fucking creep! Let us the fuck out!" Kyle screamed as Sean was trembling in the spot afraid to move or to speak. "Well then. It looks like you're first up Kyle. I told you that one way or another I would show you how much I love you." Removing his robe and exposing his full nudity, Alec walked to his bed stand with no sense of shame in exposing himself his taut 30 year old body was on full display for both boys to see.

Alec had beautifully formed pecs and an 8 pack, his olive skin lightly dusted with dark hair reaching down to his thick, long cut sausage. He opened the top drawer and pulled out two sets of handcuffs, then returned to the boys "Boys this is your last chance to accept my love willingly." Sean shook his head, his eyes filled with tears as Kyle spat in Alec's face.


This prompted Alec to immediately take both boys by the wrist and dragged them to the bed, throwing them both down on the mattress, he attached a cuff to Kyle's wrist, looped the other end through the bed head and attached it to Kyle's other wrist before doing the same to Sean. "You, Sean can watch me with Kyle before your turn." He then proceeded to remove Kyle's shorts exposing his flaccid dick.

Then tore his t shirt open. "You boys are so fucking cute. There's no way I couldn't not have you." He said. He then reached over to the bed stand again and pulled out tube of lube spreading it liberally over his leaking tool. He lifted Kyle's legs, exposing his pink puckered ass. Kyle closed his eyes and turned his head away finally accepting the helplessness of his situation. "I'm not going to lie…this will hurt. It will get better babe, I promise" he said before beginning to pop Kyle's cherry.

Sean cried out in protest "No! Don't do this! Please! Please don't rape my brother!" "Quiet!

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You'll get your turn soon" Alec shouted before burying himself deep into Kyle's virgin ass. Ignoring hiss screams of pain Alec began to thrust in and out of Kyle's tight ass. He then leaned forward and began kissing Kyle gently on his tear soaked cheek.


"I love you Kyle I really, really love you. I want you and Sean to love me as much as I love you." He whispered in Kyle's ear before planting a kiss on his lips. Kyle's screaming slowly stopped as his ass started to relax around Alec's cock, but he kept crying silently.

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He slowly became aware that his dick was starting to swell with the feeling of his adoptive father's belly against him and his cock rubbing his prostate. Pain slowly turned to pleasure as his dick got more and more sensitive to Alec's movements.

Kyle caught himself actually enjoying what was happening before remembering that he was supposed to be hating what was happening.

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As he got closer and closer to his orgasm, he was finding it harder and harder to hate what was happening, he found it more difficult to resist. Then as his orgasm began to wash over him and his dick began squirting hot cum between their two bodies he let it slip. "Oh Daddy" he moaned. That did it, Alec sat up and thrust into the boy harder, turned on by his son's submission his own orgasm washed over him like a wave causing him to moan out loudly "oh babe, Kyle my love, I'm coming." He was then hit with the most intense orgasm that had ever hit him, he pumped his hot semen deep into the boy's bowels, not stopping his thrusts until he was completely spent.

He then collapsed on top of Kyle, and slowly rolled off of his son caressing his cheek.

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"I love you Kyle, my sweet, sweet boy" Kyle, who had had his mental walls completely broken down and was still in shock over what had happened replied "I love you too Daddy." This total breakdown of the boy's mental defences immediately had Alec hard again and ready for more.

He left Kyle, still cuffed to the bed, to doze in his post orgasmic lull, got up off the bed and walked around to Sean.