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Hanbaobao show her young tiny pussy part teenxxxnetworkcom
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Ms. Orchards Second Night in the Cabin Julie Orchard lay in her bed; she was dissatisfied, not only with being snowed into a cabin but with her life. Only five years ago she had been in the Olympics, a rising star, and had been performing the routine of her life. The routine would have locked in at least silver for her team and may have gotten her onto the stand as well.

Instead she landed badly, destroyed her knee and adding insult to the career ending injury, the loss of her points and a teammate's bad performance left her off the podium and out of gymnastics.

Never one to quit Julie rehabbed her knee, good to fuck with chinese college teenxxxnetworkcom in shape, graduated high school a year early and went to college for Phys. Ed. and sports management ready to pursue that medal as a coach. Then… reality, she had been out of the brutally competitive world for too long and top talent didn't want the unproven coach.

So now she had two choices; giving up, which went against her nature, or working her way back to the top coaching spoiled suburban brats who didn't give a shit about gymnastics and listening to their fat drunk suburban mothers blame her for their children's talentlessness.

Before she could even do that though she had to actually open a studio; and as it turned out that was even more expensive than she had thought. So for now she was coaching fucking cheerleaders. To top it all off now she was trapped in a cabin for god only knows how long. The one bright side to all of this was that she had brought along only the girls she liked, and the equipment manager Jimmy.

Jimmy had been forced to be an equipment manager after getting into some sort of trouble, but had proven quite adept at the role. He had quite literally been a lifesaver throughout the disaster. After the tire blew and the snow had started falling Julie and the girls had been on the edge of panic, but Jimmy stayed calm found the cabin and now they were warm and fed. However Jimmy's presence actually compounded her other problem, the fact that she was extremely horny.

Julie had been an extremely sexual person since she had discovered masturbation at the age of fourteen and now she was suffering the longest dry streak in years and was in a situation where her only options were Jimmy, her fingers or cheerleaders. This left her understandably tempted to just fuck Jimmy's brains out.

After all she sometimes self-justified she was only four years older than him at 21 and would never be caught anyway. Hell she wasn't even a teacher so if she was caught she would just be fired from a job she hated anyway. She had been thinking along these lines as she had masturbated twice in the last twenty-four hours and she was beginning to imagine Jimmy's cock once again as her hand began to creep its way toward her panties when a knock at her door chased away the reverie. "Fuck" she muttered checking her watch "what the hell" she said seeing it was after two in the morning.

Walking to the door she thought that if this was Jimmy she was going to use him to finish what he interrupted. Opening the door she was both relieved and disappointed to find Brie at her door.

"What do you need Brie" she asked. amazing teen babe gives a good blowob good Ms. Orchard" Brie greeted stepping into her room. Confused Julie looked down at herself and furiously blushed when she realized she was wearing only skimpy panties and a tank top that left nothing to the imagination. Her blush deepened when she looked up and realized that Brie was wearing little more than she was.

In a pair of very short shorts and a tank top similar to the one she wore.


"Sorry" she said pulling a pair of shorts on. "Oh don't be, nothing I haven't seen before" Brie answered with a devilish glint in her eyes. "Anyway" Brie continued "I couldn't sleep and went to get a drink when I saw your light was on in here and thought I would see what you're up to." Julie found herself confused and slightly aroused at Brie's flirtatious behavior, but she enjoyed the girls company, and she really didn't think that masturbating again would actually help her relax anyway so she invited her to stay.

They sat chatting aimlessly for awhile when Brie leaned towards her and said in a conspiratorial whisper "The real reason I came in here is because I hate smoking alone." She said pulling a small baggie holding several joints out of her pocket. Julie's first reaction was to confiscate the weed and punish Brie, but in the end she was 21, bored, and honestly she wasn't even a teacher. Soon talk of school led to talk of cheerleading, which led to talk of the social happenings around the school, and that led to boys and dating, and as they both grew stoned the conversation almost inevitably turned to sex.

It was mainly dominated by Brie proudly regaling Julie with stories of her conquests and flings and trying to draw Julie into telling her about her own sex life.

At first she resisted, she knew she had crossed a line that could cost her the coaching job already and she was unsure if she wanted to go further. But a combination of marijuana, her own perpetual horniness and Brie's insistence finally broke her down and against her better judgment she told her about some of the international lovers she'd had while traveling the globe as a gymnast and thrilled Brie with tales of the creative sex asian babe gets her hairy cunt drilled only shockingly flexible and freakishly strong Olympic level gymnasts can have.

As the tales got more graphic and their sharing took on a competitive edge, with Julie easily winning, both girls were becoming aroused. Brie, wearing only a tank top and small very tight shorts was not even trying to hide her growing arousal and in fact would seemed to be purposely shoving her chest out showing her clearly visible nipples. Julie had just finished an especially raunchy tale, and was having difficulties ignoring both the growing wet spot in her own panties and Brie's perky nipples.

"Well" Brie said, with an extremely pleased look on her face "the best I've had recently was with Jimmy, earlier." Julie, busy hitting the joint and trying unsuccessfully not to look at Brie's increasingly erect nipples jerked her head up to look Brie in the face.

"Bullshit… you fucked Jimmy" she practically yelled. "Yep right out in the woodshed." Brie smugly responded. "No way" Julie whispered more to herself than to Brie. She was both surprisingly jealous and even more surprisingly quite aroused at the thought. Brie gave Julie a somewhat perplexed look, than an evil smile took its place "Oh my god… you wanna fuck Jimmy don't you" she asked "No I don't" Julie said without conviction "I just need a good lay." "Yeah ya black school girls sex story father you horny bitch… you need a good lay from Jimmy I can see how jealous you are" Brie pressed.

After a slight pause a sultry grin crossed her face and she slowly sauntered over to Julie "Or maybe, you're not jealous of me" she said and draped herself across Julie's back purposely pressing her breasts against her.

"Maybe it's Jimmy you're jealous of." Julie found herself suddenly short of breath and as aroused as she'd been in some time. She had never been attracted to another woman and was surprised to find herself desperately turned on by Brie's behavior.

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However, she knew that she couldn't let this continue. "I'm not jealous of either of you, now get off me." She said in as firm a voice as she could muster.

Brie simply smiled and seductively returned to her chair and lit another Joint. Looking back at Julie with a slight pout she said "it's ok Ms. Orchard, I totally get it, I mean you're only a couple of years older than us, and I mean Jimmy is really hot, I completely get it." Brie was sit on doing… something with Ms. Orchard, and as more than a few reluctant conquests could attest to when Brie was sit on something she very rarely failed.

So in exaggerated, graphic, sensuous detail she told of the blowjob the night before and the pounding in the woodshed earlier that day. As she spoke Brie moved to the bed with Julie slowly sliding next to her ending up with her thigh pressed against Julie's whispering into her ear about how Jimmy had placed her on the workbench and pounded into her pussy, about how she had clawed his back and bit his shoulder to keep from screaming. As Julie listened to Brie she was using every ounce of will power she had to keep from giving into her right then and there.

Her pussy had leaked through her panties and begun to soak through her baggy shorts, the smell both girls arousal filled the room. When she felt Brie's thigh against her own and her hot breath on her ear her hand began to very slightly rub against the outside of her shorts. Brie came to the end of her story but Ms. Orchard didn't even seem to notice, she had her eyes closed and one hand was rubbing against her shorts while the other was very tightly clenching the bed.

Brie began to kiss her neck and ran a hand up her inner somehow she managed to push the girl away "No Brie we can't" she said breathlessly. Noticing that she was still pink slits are licked masturbation and smalltits herself Brie simply shrugged and sat back, patient enough to wait to see where the night took them.

Julie knew that she should tell Brie to leave, it had taken every ounce of her considerable will power to push the girl off of her, but for some reason she just couldn't bring herself to do it. Brie's presence in the room had heightened her arousal to dizzying levels. Finally, as Brie once again began whispering into her ear Julie fully gave into the feelings and slid her hand underneath her shorts for more satisfying access to her soaked pussy, using her other hand she awkwardly slid them off.

Brie smiled as she watched Ms. Orchard's internal struggle, the smile grew to a devious grin when the beautiful coach finally gave in and began masturbating in earnest. She stood and helped Ms. Orchard slide her shorts down throwing those away and quickly sliding out of her own she lay next to her and began rubbing her stomach. At first Ms. Orchard didn't notice but to Brie's surprised disappointment she quickly pushed the girl away. "I'm sorry Brie but we can't." Brie opened her mouth to protest but Ms.

Orchard stopped her "Stop or you'll have to go." Though beautiful teen makes love to his cock disappointed Brie realized that Ms. Orchard had just invited her to stay and decided to take what she could get. Julie lay back after fighting Brie off again she saw Brie stand and thought, with both disappointment and relief, that she was leaving. Instead Brie turned back and seeing Julie watching her quickly stripped the remainder of her clothes off.

Seeing the girls naked cfnm teens mouths cummed reality and amateur very toned body thrilled Julie, even as she once again began rubbing her pussy she opened her mouth to protest.

"Brie you shou-"she began but it was Brie's turn to interrupt her. "We both want this so let's just shut up and have fun." Brie sit in the chair and still holding Ms.

Orchard's eyes, began to slowly rub her own pussy and tweak her excited nipples. The sight stole Julie's breath; she felt her mouth fall open but noted that her hand had continued to rub against her swollen clit. She had never seen a more sensual and purely erotic sight. Julie quickly pulled her tank top to her waist and slid it off with her panties.

She slid over to sit directly across from Brie and began mirroring the girl's movements. Brie nearly came when Ms. Orchard sat across from her on the bed; if she hadn't been so desperately turned on she would have stopped masturbating and simply watched the sight before her. Ms. Orchard's pussy was shaved bare and she currently had two fingers pumping in and out while her other hand furiously rubbed her clit. Brie stood and moved back on to the bed, as she sat Julie turned to face her. She was hornier than she had been since she was a teenager, she felt like the burning desire she was feeling could never be satisfied.

Fascinated Julie watched Brie's fingers pump in and out of her pussy. She once again began to mirror Brie's movements, matching her pace as she pumped her own fingers, and occasionally withdrew them to play with her breasts she used her other hand to rub on her clit. Even as Julie felt the first waves of her orgasm approach she watched Brie's stomach began to convulsively tighten with her own climax. Keeping pressure on her clit Julie scooted next to Brie, knowing that any contact would heighten her pleasure.

Sitting next to Brie and watching both of their hands furiously rubbing their pussies she reached over and brushed Brie's hair away from her flushed face, then simply rested her hand against the girl's neck. Brie, already on the brink of orgasm, was pushed fully into the sensations at Ms. Orchard's simple, almost motherly touch. She felt the waves of pleasure wash over her, her entire body went rigid, occasionally convulsing as waves of pleasure shot through her.

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As she began to once again two classy brunettes have some lesbian fun a level of awareness she looked over to see Ms. Orchard in a similar state.

They lay there for a few moments recovering and basking in a glow that can only be reached after a mind blowing orgasm. Julie, her perpetual horniness finally sated for a few moments at least, and once again thinking straight began to feel guilt and regret over what had just happened. "Look Brie, we need to talk about what just happened" she said But Brie knowing what this conversation was likely to entail was in no mood for that killjoy.

She could see that Ms. Orchard even now while trying to look stern and disapproving couldn't keep her eyes off of Brie, and was once again becoming aroused. "Actually we don't need to talk about anything" she said rising to one elbow she brushed a hand against Ms. Orchard's cheek and then grabbed the back of her head. Ignoring Ms. Orchard's weak protests she brought her lips to her own and finally kissed the confused coach.

Julie wanted to stop her; she wanted to sternly tell her that what had happened would, could never happen again. But all she could bring herself to do was open her mouth to the girl's probing tongue. For several moments the two locked in a passionate kiss their tongue's explored every part of each other's mouths.

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This wasn't enough for either however and soon Brie broke the kiss and brought her mouth to Julie's nipples. All thoughts of protest or resistance were finally pushed from her mind when Brie's eager mouth closed over her small breast and her nimble tongue began to toy with her nipple. Brie's hand soon found its way to Attractive babe gina makes out with kate turning into threesomes ex. Orchard's other breast rubbing it and tweaking and pulling her nipple.

At first Brie had wanted to take this slowly, to fully enjoy every sensation of her first time with a woman but she soon realized that that would not be possible. She easily accepted this with only a twinge of regret and gave into the frenzy, gently pushing Ms. Orchard back and diving into her pussy with abandon. She began quickly flicking her tongue against her clit and ran her thumb over Ms.

Orchard's slit, slowly forcing it in, beginning to fuck her pussy with it. Soon she traded her thumb for her middle finger, slowly sliding it in then out, she used her other thumb to occasionally trade places with her inexperienced tongue when it grew tired. Soon Ms. Orchard's hips began to squirm against Brie's face. When Brie began to rub the coach's asshole Ms.

Orchard began to full on buck against the girl and grabbed Brie's head to hold it against her pussy. With a final thrust of her hips, the orgasm washed over her making her painfully bite her lip to keep from screaming.

Brie let her coach's Juices wash across her face, than happily licked them from her thighs and pussy before crawling forward and straddling Ms.


Orchard's face. After a few moments the coach came out of the orgasm induced haze and began to hesitantly lick. Julie was pleasantly surprised to find that she rather liked the taste of Brie's juices; she had of course tasted her own in the past but was unimpressed and didn't do so often. But Brie's were somehow muskier, yet sweeter than her own and she quickly set to lapping them up. She was unsure what to do exactly. She had of course received oral from men before but she hardly took notes as they worked.

She started by somewhat clumsily flicking her clit with her tongue, she soon found a comfortable speed and gained confidence from Brie's pleased moans and squeals.

She flicked her tongue against the clitoris until it grew tired and then would rub her thumb against it while she drove two fingers rhythmically inside of her pussy. The somewhat clumsy movements seemed to be enough for Brie as she soon felt a familiar pressure starting to build. "Fuuuuuck Uhhhhahhhh" she cried out, driving her pussy into Ms. Orchards face, and then collapsing to the side and letting the sensations take hold. Afterward she rose to her knees and crawled up to cuddle against Ms.

Orchard who looked at her with a dazed and confused, but pleased look. She looked as if she were about to say something but Brie quickly silenced her with a deep, full kiss and softly said "shut up and go to sleep."