Wet asian blow job after hot anal

Wet asian blow job after hot anal
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It was Saturday and I woke up with a knot in my tummy. It was a "Save Up" week and I glanced to my night stand at my "Naughty List". It had been a busy week for me at school and at work and, as always, I hadn't been able to be good. As hard as I tried, I always managed to do something Daddy would disapprove of. The day went on and Daddy didn't mention anything about my pending spanking until after dinner, when the dishes were done.

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"Please go and put your uniform on and come to the Study", he said as he put the last dish away. "Yes, Sir." *** I entered his Study and found him behind his desk. He had completely cleared it off, which meant that I was going to be lying across it at some point that night. "Do you have your list, Little One?" "Yes, Daddy," I said, raising my hand to show him the paper.

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"That looks like a lot of writing. Better get started." I walked over to stand before him. Taking a deep breath, I began to read. "On Monday, there was a customer at work that I swore at because he was being rude to me," I began. "Take off your socks." That was the rules. I was made to dress in my school uniform: white cotton sex xxx secs vidmatexxx storys, white bra, socks, plaid skirt and grey sweater.

For every bad thing I did, I was to remove one piece of clothing until the list was done. Doing this would determine how much I would be wearing when I got spanked. "On Tuesday, there was a surprise quiz in one of my classes and I got a 'D' on it." "Take off your sweater." "On Wednesday, I was late coming home from Cindy's house." "Take off your shirt." "On Thursday, I had an accident while I was playing with my dollies." "Take off your skirt." I stood there in my bra and panties.

I glanced at my list. One more thing.

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Which piece of clothing would it be? "On Friday, I was being rude to you about not wanting to go to bed when you told me to." Daddy sat quietly for a moment, thinking about which piece to order me to remove.

"Take off your bra." I breathed a sigh of relief!

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No bare bottom spanking tonight! I put my list to the side and unhooked my bra. "Well, that was 5 naughty things you did this week, young lady.

Now pick 5 different implements out of Daddy's Toy Chest and lay them on the desk for me." "Yes, Sir." Daddy's Toy Chest was actually a large, solid oak wardrobe that he'd redesigned inside with hooks for each spanking tool. My eyes travelled over the selection, 50 in total, all shapes and sizes. I made my choices and placed them in a row on his desk.

I selected the first one and handed it to him. "Very nice choice for a warm up dark cock for white wench interracial hardcore, Little One. Your favourite hairbrush," Daddy said, turning it over in his hands. "Now on Monday, tell me what you could have done differently." "I'm an assistant manager at work. I should be trying to set an example for the people I work with.

I should learn to think before I speak. I need to learn self control," I answered after pondering for a moment. "I think it's best if you get your bar of soap as well for this, young lady," Daddy suggested. "No daughter of mine will have a potty mouth." I walked into the adjoining bathroom, wet the bar and walked back to his desk with it in my mouth.

"I'd like you to touch your feet for this, Little One. Now hold tight to that soap," Daddy warned, coming to stand beside me. As he delivered the 10 smacks, I bit down on the soap hard and felt my teeth digging in. I had to keep swallowing to avoid drooling on the carpet, which would only have made him more unhappy. "Take the bar out and place it back in the dish, but DO NOT spit or wash your mouth out," Daddy told me, putting the brush down when he was done. I moved quickly to avoid making him more disappointed.

"Alright," he continued. "What could you have done about that surprise quiz? A 'D' is an unacceptable grade in my books, even when you weren't expecting to be tested." "I should be studying my notes every night, even if I don't have a test coming up." "Very good, Krissy. Bend over my desk chair," he said, picking up the belt I had chosen and folded it in half.

Another 10 lashes were delivered to my pink cheeks with the leather. I was still using my tongue to clean the soap chunks off my teeth and tried hard not to kick my feet as the sting grew. "You're moving right along, Little One. Daddy's very proud of you," he praised me as he rubbed my back.

"Now how about being late coming home from Cindy's? Daddy worries about you a lot, you know. What would he do if something happened to his precious little girl?" "I'm sorry, Daddy. I forgot to check my watch while we were playing and then ran home when I saw I was late. I should have called you and then hurried home," I replied, still leaning over the chair. "Hhmm.


I think I'll skip one of these items in favour of strapping the soles of your feet instead. That ought to encourage you to hurry home," Daddy decided as he bent my leg up and began the 15 lashes with the belt to my feet.

Daddy had never done this to me before and it hurt badly! 'This is worse than a spanking!' I thought to myself as I began to busty redhead morgan rodriguez toys pussy on sofa masturbation pornstars and tears slipped down my cheeks. "Now, about this wetting accident you had while playing at home. You're 24 years old, Krissy.

Do you expect Daddy to diaper you everyday?" he asked sternly. I bit my lip to prevent a smile because he knew that hearing that would make me happy.

"I need to pay more attention to my tummy. It would have been very embarrassing if I had peed my panties in a public place." "You're certainly right about that! And I would walk around with you for hours so that hundreds of people could see what a naughty girl you are," Daddy informed me, picking up the flogger I had selected. "Lay on the desk with your legs apart." Gingerly, I walked around the desk to the place he had indicated.

Laying back, I opened my legs, relieved that he'd let me keep my panties on. "What's this, young lady? Have you wet yourself again?" Daddy inspected the crotch of my panties.

"Or is this dirty girl enjoying her punishment?" He didn't wait for a response and pulled them off of me, looking closely at the wet spot.

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"Yup, that's cum. Such a little slut you are, Little One," he said, shaking his head and smiling.


Then he dipped the gooey crotch between my legs once more to absorb some of the wetness and shoved it into my mouth. He delivered 12 whips of the flogger to my smooth, defenceless wet pussy as I sucked harder and harder at my panties. My lips swelled to a reddish purple as he stopped and gently trailed his fingers over them.

My body shuddered, practically on the edge of orgasm. Daddy chuckled to himself. "Only one more, Kitten. I didn't appreciate your attitude on Friday night.


You know it's bedtime when Daddy says it is and there should be no arguments." His face grew serious again. "I'm only little and I don't know what's best for me," I answered. Then added, "I should be put to bed early every night next week." Daddy smiled again.

"You really are growing up, Krissy. Asking for other punishments that you need! Daddy's proud of his big girl!" He picked up the ping pong paddle and got comfortable. Patting his lap, he said, "Last one, little girl. I'm going to make this hardcore sweet ebony hardcore tube porn count.

Fifty swats." I was already over his lap as he finished and he adjusted me so that he had access to my legs as well as my now red bare ass. I was sobbing into my panty gag at the end. My cheeks and the backs of my legs were a bright, bright red and I could feel slight bruising settling in. Daddy rubbed my back as I laid there, limp. "There, there, Krissy. You did really good tonight! Daddy's proud of you," he soothed in a loving voice.

I was sore all over, but I turned to sit face up on his lap and fling my arms around his neck. I wanted to tell him how much I loved him and to thank him for being so good to me, but the panties were still in my mouth.

So I just continued to hug him tightly as he rocked me in his arms.