Teen age girls and old men sex storys usex fairy tales

Teen age girls and old men sex storys usex fairy tales
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Amber is 23 years old. Her whole life feels like its been a lie. A world of acting a certain way, being who her family wants her to be.

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Shes a stunner, 5'10', blonde, tanned, long silky legs, big sexy breasts, always making guys stare, and gorgeous blue eyes. She modelled as a teenager, but gave it up when her Dad said it was ruining his image. She was also very prissy, and never wanted to show off her body at all. Her father, a wealthy politician, very controlling, always ran the show at home, demanded a lot from her and her mother who enjoyed spending her Dads money, and living a certain lifestyle. She had left him more times than Amber could remember, but always come back.

Living life in the public eye has always driven Amber nuts, whereas her mother thrived on it. Amber has always been very studious, not ideal czech girls stretch their asses with butt plug and monster dongs people expect when they look at her. Assuming shes a ditzy blonde, she always got great grades, and always wanted to go to law school. She also always worked, just part time at GAP, but she never wanted people to think she only lived off Daddys money.

A few boyfriends in high school, but nothing too serious. She lost her virginity when she was 18. But at 19, in her 1st yr of College, everything changed. She met John. The owner of a well known law firm in the city, where she scored an internship. John was a big, strong man, at 6'3, sandy blonde hair, deep green eyes, always dressed exceptionally well and very intense.

He was a divorcee, no kids, his wife was never able to have them.

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John wasnt a big socialiser in the office, in fact, he normally spend his entire time at work functions on his blackberry. He expected a lot from his staff, and Amber wanted to show what a great employee she could be. She desperately nice black lovely girl looks cute on dong girlfriend hardcore to be a lawyer for his firm one day.

John was 44 when she met him, and he took one look at her one day, as he walked by her desk, and he was smitten. He found her breathtaking, and 25 yrs her Senior, he didnt think he had a chance. But somehow, they clicked. At a work event, he actually socialised with his Staff, only to get Ambers attention, and made sure he sat next to her at Dinner, and they began chatting.

The chat went on for 3 hrs solid, like nobody else existed, they talked about family, their shared passion for water sports, she told him about her upbringing, and her father, he told her about his ex wife, and his childhood, and they discussed their shared love of law. He had so much passion for his firm, and seemed so genuine, Amber didnt have a hope, she too, was instantly smitten. A week later, John invited her out to dinner, and she happily attended.

Her parents never paying attention to where she was or what she was doing.

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It was like they lived 3 seperate lives. Their easy conversation kept flowing, while also involving some soft hand caressing across the table and eyes that wouldnt leave each others. Amber was so swept up in the moment, that she didnt hesitate to go home with John when he invited her to check sept mom fuck son xnxx his condo, and after a make out session like teenagers on his sofa, they made slow, passionate love in his bed.

John made Ambers body feel things she had never felt before, she arched her back, and screamed in pleasure as he slid his manhood deep inside of her over and over, she felt so good she thought she was going to pass out, as he held her hands above her head, and kissed her lips tenderly as he slid in and out of her incredibly wet pussy.

She shuddered as she came, gripping his dick as her pussy clenched, pushing him over the edge as he in turn, came inside her. Her nails gripping his back, his hands all over her large, luscious breasts. Both normally so cautious, not knowing what came over them, but seeming like the most natural thing in the world.

As they woke up in each others arms naked, and were from thereon inseperable. Keeping things a secret at work wasnt easy. Amber always received gorgeous text messages while at College from John, or calls from him while he was in the car on the way to appointments, and sexy emails when she worked at his office.

He always sent her flowers or left her gifts from his trips away. She loved it, but none of it mattered, she just liked spending time with him. Slutty girl is eager to get fucked until that babe gets exhausted often than not, she snuck out of her parents house to spend the nights with him while he was in town.

Their intensity blossomed into love, and for 3 years, this was the life they became accustomed to. For the first two years, when Amber was with John, nothing else mattered, he made her feel like a princess. They had a fantastic sex life and he loved making her ache with ecstacy, she in turn always made sure her man was taken care of sexually.

John always said her blowjobs made any bad day better! Their passion for each other was intense. But at 22, Amber had a bit of a freakout. She was in Law School now, and it was taking up a lot of her time. Her parents were driving her nuts, her Dad had a mistress that she and her mother knew all about, and it was simply expected nothing would be said to the media and her mother would just go with it. On top of all this, Johns law firm was thriving, but this meant John was always travelling.

She knew he loved her, but it wasnt enough. He said he was committed, but they only saw each other twice a week and whenever he was in town, he expected Amber to be over at his house. She was still working as an Intern, as well as at GAP, something that infuriated John who always offered to give Amber money so that she could quit her Retail job and spend more time with him on weekends.

Why she would bother she never knew, when he was always on his email anyway during the day. They rarely had alone time together without work being involved. So everything compounded, and she wasnt used to being so reliant on anyone. She loved John, but she just didnt feel like his life was about him and her.it was more about him, and like her mother had done so many times to her father, she simply bailed.

She applied to a Law School out of State, got in, and left, with her car full of clothes and bags, and went to start a new life, without her money hungry mother, her overbearing father, and her non responsive, workaholic boyfriend. She knew deep down John would be devastated, but on the surface, it just didnt seem like he would be able to stop to even show he cared. He was caught up in life, all the things he had told her his ex wife didnt like about their relationship, Amber felt she was now experiencing first hand.

When Amber got to the new town, she found an apartment close to campus. She had changed her phone number as soon as she left town, so that John couldn't contact her, and she applied for numerous part time jobs.


Unfortunately, it wasnt proving to be as easy as she had thought, and within three weeks, she was running out of funds. One day on campus, she saw an advertisement, for a club, to be a waitress.

She had neve done any waitressing before, but thought it couldnt hurt, she was desperate, her funds were running out. So she scored an interview and went on in. As soon as she walked in, she realised what sort of club it was, it was indeed a strip club and the Manager explained to her that while she wouldnt have to strip, if she ever wanted to, she just had to say the word.

She was desperate, she needed the cash and had seen the waitresses taking killer tips from the businessmen seated in groups throughout the club, so, she took the job, and started the next night, working 5 nights a week from 8pm - 3am.


This would be more than enough work for her to fund her apartment, giving her weekends off. Her outfit consisted of a sexy black corset, making her ample breasts almost pop out the top, along with sexy pink satin panties, with knee high black boots and killer heels that could poke a mans eye out.


Her blonde hair, normally so demure and tied back, was teased to within an inch of its life, with heavy black eye makeup, and bright red lipstick, she looked like a total vixen, a sex kitten. Every woman in the club had a role to play, this was hers. So nervous on her first night, she spilt a few drinks, while carrying the trays full in those heels, but, eventually relaxed, and was suprisingly fine with the clientele, always knowing that if she needed help, she just had to signal to one of the many bouncers throughout the club.

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As the night went on, and the men became less coherent after way too much alcohol, they would start to hit on her, asking her for a lapdance, which she always politely declined, laughing it off, feeling super sexy at the same time, nowhere near as body conscious now at all. Once her first night was over, her share of the tips equalled $200.

She was stoked. Never expecting to earn that much money in one night. Heading home and instantly taking off all the makeup and putting her sweats on, to study a little before bed. This became her life. A sex kitten at night, a student during the day, looking for another internship as good as the one she had at Johns firm. Not a day went by when she didnt go to send John a good morning text, to tell him she loved him, and on many occasions she almost did, but had to stop herself. Assuming he wouldve gotten back into his normal life very quickly, and forgotten about her.

Never thinking he cared nearly as much as she did. After three months at the club, she knew most of the patrons, and one night, it was particularly busy. Her boss called her over to say a man was asking for her to give him a lapdance, and he had been spending a lot of money at the bar. She looked at her boss "Glen.you know I wont do it." He looked back at her and said "Amber, I know.trust me, I've heard 1000 times how you feel about lesbian honeys gape their deep buttholes and ride huge sex toys, but hes offering you $2000." Her mouth fell open."What?.why?" as he pointed to where the man was sitting "Go ask him," Glen said.

She turned to look, and he was sitting with his back to her. She walked over, trying to look confident, in her sexy corset and panties, killer heels, teased blonde hair, tanned skin and heavy makeup, as she walked around to the front of his table and before he even knew she was there, she was already rambling. "Look Mr.thanks for the offer, but I dont do lapdances, and while your offer is very generous, in fact, too generous, I think you have the wrong girl" as she saw him and her heart almost stopped, and her mouth dropped open.

"Hello Amber" said John, as his eyes met hers. To be continued.