Sunny leone boobs pressing storys by man

Sunny leone boobs pressing storys by man
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The Sleep Over It had been a week since my last use of the device and I was more than ready for another experience. Luck was with me when I heard some of my female classmates talking about an sleepover planned for that night. There were apparently going to be five girls and it was taking place just one block from my house. Immediately I started figuring how I could take advantage of this opportunity.

Part of it was obvious. I would simply wait until they were asleep and then use my device to make sure they continued to sleep during my visit. The harder part was getting into the house. Varous schemes involving climbing into windows or hiding in a closet seemed risky.

I decided to follow the girl, Renee, that was hosting the party home and see if I could come up with a better idea. After school I made a dash to my bike and put-putted out to the far end of the street where Renee lived. I stopped near the corner and pretended to check the carburetor while really watching for her.

Finally she turned the far corner and started for her house. As she neared it I remounted my bike and beautiful brunette knows how to use a dick down the street.

Instead of going for the front door she went around the side to the back. Parking her bicycle she went to the back door. I managed to be in the right position to see her bend over, straighten up, and then bend over again before entering the house. It didn't take a genius to figure out they had a door key under the mat. So much for the complicated problem of getting inside.

At home my thoughts kept drifting to the possibilities of the night. I carefully went through my supplies and made sure my day pack had everything I might need. After dinner I watched TV and then yawning I told the folks I was going to quit early. I set my alarm for 2AM and put it under my pillow. Sleep just would not come and eventually thoughts of five girls had me fondling myself.

I stopped, wanting to save it for later. Fetching the device I lay back down and set it for five minutes. The next thing I knew my alarm clock was going off under my head. I managed to reach under the pillow and find the off button. I was a bit groggy but that passed as I quietly got dressed, returned the device to my daypack, and left the house. Outside it was quiet and deserted. I walked over to Renee's house and went around to the back just as she had.

Once in the back I put on the foil lined "ski mask" I had made and activated the device. Feeling around in the dark I eventually found the door key, opened the door, and returned the key to its hiding place. Once inside I felt safer as there was not going to be anyone to wonder why I was walking around at 2 in the morning. I used a flashlight keeping my shirt over the lens to mute the light.

I worked my way to the stairwell and upstairs. One room had a faint light shining under the door and guessing that might be the party I opened it and looked in. Sure enough, five girls all about my age lay about the room. Entering the room I closed the door behind me and shut off my light. There was a desk lamp on and it provided enough illumination for me to survey my find.

There were two girls, Renee and one other, in the bed. Both had brown hair and average figures. A blond was face down in a sleeping bag at the foot of the bed. A redhead and black haired girl were in two more sleeping bags between the bed and the closet. I walked busty chick wanna be your sex teacher girl to girl shaking their shoulders to verify that they were asleep.

Each girl was limp so my only problem was deciding where to begin. I quickly stripped, putting my clothes on the desk chair. Then I took the day pack and went over to the bed.

Pulling the covers back I found that rather than the sexy nighties that I had imagined they had on rather plain pajamas. Starting with Renee I quickly unbuttoned her pajama top and worked it off of her. I finished removing her bottoms and she was naked. Not spectacular but like most teenage girls quite a turn on. The other girl in the bed was next and soon I had two naked blonde pregnant babe continue on mycyka com girls on a bed in front of me.

I had decided to take advantage of their grouping and try two girls at once. I wasn't quite sure what to do with two naked female bodies at the same time but I was damn well going to give it a try.

For a start I sat down on the bed between them. Reaching down I lifted a leg of each one and placed it over mine. Then I lay back down and worked an arm under each of their necks, pulled them snug against me and began fondling a tit with each hand. I lay there touching and gazing down at each girl. They were quite similar in breast size. Neither was large enough for a decent tit fuck but both were quite nice for looking at and touching.

When I could stand it no longer I extracted my arms and legs, got a condom from my pack, and squirted KY into both girls' vaginas. I knelt between the Renee's legs, inserted the tip of my cock, and started to slide in. She was tighter than my previous experience and about half way in I felt an obstruction. After poking this way and that I finally realized that she was a virgin.

Rather than leaving her a broken hymen to explain I simply pulled out and shifted over to the girl on the right. She was just as tight but I found no obstruction as I slid on in. As I bottomed out in her wonderful slippery tight warmth that feeling of contentment came over me and I relaxed on top of her feeling satiny nude female skin against the front of my body. I knew I ought to pace myself not only to make the experience last longer but to have some chance of enjoying all five of these teenage female bodies.

On the other hand it had been a week since my last cum. Masturbation no longer seemed sufficient. And lying on top of two teenage females was such sabrina star is a raunchy cock loving teen turn on that I was likely to erupt spontaneously if I tried to delay.

As I started to slide in and out of the girl on the right I began to wonder if some lesbian tendencies might have been the motivation for their sharing the bed. Doubtless this was the result of my own lust and without any real basis but it sparked the vision of these two females having sex.

Then I thought that if I wasn't going to fuck the virgin then why not make other use of her. I pulled out with a little bit of reluctance but knowing I would soon be back and motivated by making my imagination reality. The virgin was turned around on the bed but I left her near the head board with her knees bent and thighs spread.

Then I rolled the other girl on top of her and placed her face in the virgin's cunt. The top girls legs were soon positioned on either side the bottom's face. They were identical in height and lined up perfectly. Each got a face full of muff; instant lesbian 69. After gazing at my handiwork I mounted the bed and knelt at the foot. It required some rearranging of thighs and then I leaned forward and slid back into the top girls cunt. There I was with my cock imbedded from behind in this young girls cunt.

My chest pressed against her naked back. My hands explored her thighs, hips, and arms. I could feel the sides of her breasts and lower down those other girls breasts. The unfortunate girl on the bottom was going to have to support not only her girlfriend's weight but my own as well. It was a good thing for her this was my first arrangement for the evening and that I wasn't going to last very long. Working my hands under the bottom girl's butt I grabbed a hand full of ass in each hand and started thrusting.

I lasted about 30 seconds, pumped a few more times as I spurted, and then lay there savoring the feel of the bare skin under me and the warm relaxed feeling afterwards. Finally after pulling my hands from under I used my right to reach down and grab the base of the condom while I slid my penis out.

Sitting on the edge of the bed I pulled out a trash bag from my pack and put the used condom in it. Then I wiped off my own, still oozing, cock. While wiping the cunt of the girl I had just fucked I noticed that some fluid, either her's or the KY, had dripped onto the bottom girls forhead. After wiping that off I rolled them both over and rearranged them on their sides. Each girls head went between the thighs of the other. I left them that way in case I needed some visual motivation later.

Gazing at the virgin's butt I thought that even if I couldn't have her cunt I could still fuck her ass or her mouth. Yes, I was definitely going to try for one fuck, of whatever sort, with each girl. Five would be pushing my limits but with this much material to stimulate me and with several hours to work with I just might reach my goal. Blondy at the foot of the bed was next on my thoughts but I decided to save her.

Each cum made it that much harder to achieve the next so I needed to start with the least attractive. Just about any female body would do for my first cum. By the fifth I was going to need something special. Also the last would be the longest so it made sense to do it with the one I would enjoy the most.

After resetting the timer on the device I went over to the two girls by the closet. Opening the sleeping bag of the redhead I was somewhat disappointed. I hoped she had a "good personality" because she was fat! Her breasts were as large as the rest of her body so I might at least get one good tit fuck out of her. I pulled off her pajama top but had no interest in removing the bottom. Straddling her stomach I positioned my somewhat limp cock between her boobs and tried a few thrusts.

Yes, that could work mechanically but I doubted she would turn me on enough to get me going. Leaving her I moved on to the dark haired girl. More pajamas, these had cute little animals on them. She was a small girl, short and with very little figure. As light as she was it was much easier to pull off her pajama top and bottoms. Her breasts were small cones with no sag at all. Laying my hands on each one my palm covered them entirely.

These were the smallest breasts I had seen so far and I played with them to find out what they felt like. Moving down to her cunt I spread her thighs, then the outer lips, and explored her sex. Sparse hair but dark. Inner surface pink and dry and when I tried to insert my finger her opening was tight. So tight that I doubted I would ever get inside her no matter how much KY I used.

I dragged her as close as possible to the red head. I slid the red head's pillow under her shoulders so her head would lean back and her mouth gape open. Grabbing the back of her neck I slid between her lips and worked my prick around in her mouth until it was well lubricated.

Now to find out how she would react to deep throating. I slid in feeling no particular tightness until I was buried to the hilt. There was no response at all as I lay there with my cock down her throat.

Reaching over with my left hand I began stroking the tiny girls breasts while sliding in and out of the fat girl's mouth. While savoring the enjoyment of a warm wet throat around my cock I considered how I could make use of the smaller girl. She was too tight for a throat, cunt, or ass fuck and her breasts were not going to wrap around my meat either. On the other hand the sparcity of hair on her cunt might make licking her more appealing than my previous attempts.

I leaned forward until my mouth was over the smaller girl's naked cunt. A few tentative licks confirmed that I was right. No strong odor and easy access. I spread her thighs and dived in nuzzling her sex, sucking on her and sliding my tongue inside her vagina. It required a little pushing to get my tongue fully inserted but that made it all the more interesting.

All the while I vigorously thrust deep into the red head's mouth. Despite her unattractive size she was by far the best oral sex I had experienced. Big enough that I felt no scraping from her teeth and her lack of gag response meant I could thrust as I felt like rather than restraining myself. All too soon Big assed babe kallie joe takes a pussy pounding for cash felt myself approaching orgasm and despite her capacity so far I didn't feel confident enough to send a load of sperm down her unconscious throat.

Pulling out I quickly applied a condom and reentered. Her mouth was deliciously slippery and I had no trouble inserting all the way back into her throat. I was just about to resume thrusting to a finish when it struck me that I really should at least give the smaller girl a try.

I pulled out my now wet cock and moved over to the smaller girls head. Placing the head of my condom covered cock against her mouth I pressed inward. Nothing but sharp teeth greeted me.

I needed to hold her mouth open if I was to have a chance but needed both hands to support myself. I rolled her onto her stomach and sat next to her. Lifting her shoulders I dragged her across my lap until her head was resting between my thighs.

Then I used one hand on her chin and another on her forehead to force her jaw apart. Once her mouth gaped open I lifted her head and lowered it onto my shaft. It costume shop customers wife wants the d still tight and about half way in she gagged big time. This supplied some suction and outside stimulation that had been missing in the fat girl's throat. I held her there for a count of 10 and then lifted her clear for another count of 10.

Aside from giving her a chance to breath the 10 second break also allowed me a chance to recover and prolong the experience. I maintained this pattern for several minutes until finally I lost the 10 count and instead of lifting her off pressed her even harder onto my cock and began to spurt. The tightness of her throat, the suction, and her thrashing naked body made for an intense experience and I held her head tightly as I came and came.

Finally relenting I lifted her head clear. She had turned out better than expected. So good that I wanted more. I removed the condom, milked the remaining cum from my cock and then resumed horny sexy lesbians elexis monroe and vanessa veracruz ass fucking position.

I had worked quickly enough that I was still fairly erect. Lifting her head I again stretched her jaw wide and slid it down on my shaft.

Half way down she sucked and twitched around the head of my penis. It was even better feeling her mouth surround my cock without the condom. And the thought that my still leaking cock was lubricating her mouth with my sperm helped me stay hard.

I resumed my previous pattern of a count of ten in her mouth followed by a rest of 10 while I held her head clear. After a while my arms grew tired of lifting her head up and down so I set her aside and moved back to the fat girl. Laying across her I slid my shaft into her throat and rested there for a moment before resuming a gentle full in and out stroke. Soon I began to miss the smaller girl. There was a trunk next to the closet so I lifted the smaller girl, sleeping bag and all, and lay her across it.

This position reminded my of my first experience using a hay bale.

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With her head leaning back across the edge her mouth gaped open and I moved to take advantage of this. Standing facing her gaping mouth Stepmom bianca having a threesome sex with a teen couple grabbed the back of her neck and slid just the head in. Then leaning forward I lay across her head with my mouth on her cunt. Sucking firmly on her slit I slid my shaft into her tight throat until I felt it suck and spasm around the head.

I held that as I sucked and was sucked. Gradually I felt my cock work slightly deeper. Suddenly I knew I was going to cum soon and there was no time for a condom. Pulling back out I spun around and straddled the fat girls breasts. Grabbing the top of her head I lifted it experienced blonde milf velicity von gets cumshot mature face my cock.

A few quick strokes with my right hand and I started spurting onto her face. I aimed most of it on her forehead and cheeks and then watched it ooze down her face as I slowly pumped the last few drops out. I slid back slightly, buried my still leaking tool between her fat boobs, grabbed them with both hands and squeezed them together. With the soft warmth surrounding me I relaxed for a few moments.

I gazed at the fat girl's cum coverd face, the naked smaller girl sprawled across the trunk, the two brown headed girls in 69 position on the bed, and finally the blond, still face down and in her sleeping bag. It had been a good start. I thought about leaving the cum all over the girl's face but the practical side of me remembered that I had to clean everything up before leaving. It would be a lot easier to clean her up now than later after it had dried.

Besides I needed a break to recover. While I was still interested I wasn't likely to be able to do anything about it for a while. After resetting the timer on my device I set about cleaning up the fat girl's face and breasts. Then I moved the smaller girl back to the floor. I stroked and explored her body for a few moments enjoying the smooth feel of her skin. Rolling her to her stomach I lifted her by the shoulders, sat down and scooted forward until her mouth was over my shriveled prick.

Yes, I was hooked on oral sex. Propping her mouth open I lowered her down and poked my penis between her warm lips. There was of course no problem making it fit at this size. I continued stroking her hair, back, and hips as I waited to recover. After awhile my cock started to grow bigger and force its way into her mouth.

I was about to resume lifting her head up and down on my shaft when it struck me that her throat was likely already sore from my activities. I wasn't ready to quit but I could give her a rest and use one of the other girls.

Moving back to the bed I rolled Renee onto her back and dragged so her neck was on the edge of the bed. Dropping both pillows on the floor I knelt on them, fondled her boobs for a few moments, and then pushed my glans into her gaping mouth.

A few short strokes got her mouth watered up and then I started easing in a little farther on each stroke. I was halfway in and it was only comfortably snug and there was no reaction from her. At the three quarter point it actually seemed slightly looser. Perhaps the head had moved past a tight point. Would she actually take the full shaft without gagging like fatty had?

I planned to ease in a fraction of an inch deeper each time, really I did! But suddenly when I slid in my hips developed a mind of their own and buried my shaft to the hair.

Renee abruptly sucked and then blew against the intruder in her throat. I pulled back about half way and she settled back down. Leaning forward I rested my head on the warm skin of her belly, paused a moment, and then slowly inserted my cock back into her mouth and held it there. Her throat muscles contracted around my head of my cock, the breasts heaved up against me, and her abdominal muscles clinched under my face. I fucked her face for about a minute before pulling out.

Rearranging the other girl beside Renee I had both of their faces side by side. Dragging the pillows a foot to the right I knelt and slid my cock into the other girls mouth. Still wet it slid in smoothly but she gagged when I was only half way in. I fucked her face for a minute though I could only use half strokes.

Then I moved back to Renee for a minute. Aside from giving them a chance to rest it was a hell of a turn on for me. Their naked bodies were sprawled across the bed and I could fondle their breasts or gaze between their naked thighs as I fucked their lips.

Rather than frustrating me the other girl's inability to take me deeply provided a variation that kept it interesting. When I wanted to thrust deeper I would simply move back to Renee's waiting lips. Eventually, despite the pillows, my knees began to get sore.

Leaving the two on the bed I moved back to the smaller girl scooted under her and began raising and lowering her head on my shaft. I could not get much depth and I only did this for a few strokes. Then I slid hot lap dance big butt naked out and laid her head gently back on her sleeping bag, and moved over to fatty.

Laying down on her I slid into her spacious mouth, rested my head on her hips still covered by her sleeping bag, and gently stroked in and out. I could not imagine a better fuck than alternating between the four girls. As soon as I tired of a position I could move not merely to another position but a whole new girl. My knees felt better at this point so I moved back to the bed and fucked the mouth of girl on the gina lovely showed off her tight pussy for a minute before moving over and fucking more deeply into Renee's mouth.

I decided to give the small girl's mouth a break and simply moved her onto the fat girl's hips with her legs on either side of fatty's breasts. Settling into fatty's mouth I leaned forward and explored the smaller girl's cunt with my hands while thrusting into the warm mouth beneath me. As I was thrusting a finger into the little one's vagina I began to fuck more vigorously into the fat girl's mount. I was getting close again. I was enjoying this so much I decided to finish in this way but first I applied the necessary condom and then resumed the position.

Leaning forward I put a hand on the small girl's left breast and applied my mouth to her cunt. I quickly built back to the pace where I had stopped and used my mouth on the cunt before me while my cock and finger thrust in and out of the two bodies under me. The smell and taste was enough to push me over the edge and I pumped into the mouth below me as I came. When it was over my cock remained buried and lay my cheek against the cunt and relaxed for a moment.

Then I raised my head and gazed around the room planning what to do next. It was nearly 3:30 so sex sunny leone xstorys com time was running out and I still had to clean up and put the girls back in their pajamas.

There was still time to check out the blond but I would need time to recover. As good as I the idea of flitting between 5 naked girls sounded I would have to get the 4 dressed now and devote myself exclusively to Blondie. Except that their mouths would remain available even if dressed.

Carefully I extracted my now shrunk penis and the full condom from fatty's mouth. Then I dressed her and restored her pillow and sleeping bag to its original position. Then I dressed the smaller girl, stroking her smooth skin as I did so and put her back in her bag. Then I used wipes to clean myself and reset the timer.

Moving across to the bed I put Renee's companion back in her PJs and arranged her as she had been. I spent a few moments sliding a finger in and out of Renee's cunt exploring the boundary of her cherry. It was about half way in and there was a small opening I sex stories sunny leone hot hot sexy bf story get the tip of my finger through. Interesting. I got the flashlight from the table and spreading her thighs tried to look in far enough to see it.

I suppose with the right tools it could be done but all I could see was the inner pinkness of her vagina. I finished dressing Renee and placing her next to her companion. All the girls were now as I had found them but one was not going to remain that way! I collected my backpack, reset the timer and moved to the blond where I unzipped her bag and opened it wide. Still on her stomach I could not see her face but she was tall and leggy.

I straddled her thighs and placed both hands on her shoulders. Her sleeping outfit was satin and felt very nice. As I slid my hands down her back and sides to her butt I also enjoyed the feel of the woman underneath the fabric. I rolled her onto her back and finally got a good look at her. She was gorgeous. If someone had pointed her out to me and said she was a centerfold model I would not have doubted them for a moment. I did not recognize her. Perhaps she was someone's out of town cousin visiting for the sleepover?

I didn't know whether I had been smart to save her for last or stupid not to have spent the entire night fucking just her. Despite having exhausted myself with the other four girls I was already half hard just looking at her. I reached out and began fondling her breasts through her top and then leaned forward to nuzzle her hair, kiss her lightly on the money for beautys skillful oral pleasure hardcore european and then deeper thrusting my tongue into her mouth.

Unfortunately I was under a time limit. I unbuttoned her top and quickly removed it and then the bottoms. I spread her legs and then gazed down at what I had exposed. The muff between her legs was slightly darker but still proved she was a natural blonde. Her breasts were slightly bigger than average and sagged only slightly to each side. The nipples were erect!

Whether this was from the room temperature or my previous fondling I did not know or care. The area around the nipples was only slightly darker than the rest of her breast but the nipples themselves were dark enough to stand out against her fair skin.

Sticking her left arm straight out I lay down next to her, wrapped my right arm under her neck and across her shoulder to cup her right breast. I played with both breasts fondling with the right hand while using my left to hold the other in postition as I took her nipple into my mouth to lick and suck. My cock rubbed against her thigh and it was a good thing I had just cum so many times or I would have already been spurting. As it was I was so hard it almost hurt though I did not feel close to cumming.

I slid my left hand down from her breast across her firm belly and cupped her mound. The hair there was soft and I twisted and played with it before allowing my hand to move onto her thigh and massage it. Pulling my right arm from beneath her I propped up on my right elbow and leaned across to suck her other breast.

Then I worked my way down kissing and licking her skin across her belly and onto her hip and thigh. Moving down I spread her legs and knelt between them.

Bending her legs and the knees I spread her sex open to me. Then starting at her ankles I stroked both hands up her legs and across her thighs meeting at her mound. There I fondled the outer lips and grabbing each side spread her even farther for my inspection. I leaned forward and planted a kiss and then licked her slit from bottom to top.

She even tasted good. Moving up I straddled her chest and put my cock between those wonderful breasts. She was so firm I had to press quite a bit for them to touch either side. It wasn't the all enveloping sensation of the red head's tits but they were joy to touch and the sight of my cock sliding between those perfect cones was something I wanted to remember for the rest of my life.

As I gazed at that gorgeous face and those sensual lips I thought how if she were awake I would be too shy to even talk to her. But now I did not fee shy at all as I moved her around until she was sitting with her back against the foot of the bed.

Supporting her firmly, with a hand on each breast, I straddled her and easing my hips forward began to drag my engorged cock across her forehead, her eyelids, her right ear, her cheek, chin and finally her lips. Pulling back slightly I put my right hand on the back of her neck and buried the left in the top of her silky blond hair. Pulling her neck forward while tilting her head back caused her mouth to open.

Rather than thrust into her I pulled her lips to my cock and slid halfway in. Turning her head this way and that I soon had things moist enough. Pushing her head back exposed my shaft to the air and I felt a her breath blow cool on the top of my shaft.

Pulling on her head I tilted her towards me and watched her lips slowly slide over my shaft. There was still about a quarter of my shaft showing when she gagged. I should have pulled back, but by then I was so turned on and I just pulled harder forcing her mouth over my shaft until her nose was pressed against my skin.

I pulled slowly out against some excellent suction as she tried to inhale. Back in again and then slowly out. Into her mouth again and then I stopped to consider how best to cum. I wanted all of her but knew that could not be. I was too far gone to delay or try anything else so I pulled out slowly and put a condom on my cock. I quickly spit lubbed it and put it back into her mouth.

A half dozen quick thrusts, just short of her gag point, and then I pushed my cock down her throat as far as I could and held it there. She gagged right away, first a flutter, then a repeating heaving of her breasts against my thighs followed by suction on my shaft. In the middle of that I came and just held her face tightly to my groin and let the spasms of her throat provide the sensation. One of her suctions timed just right with my last ejaculation and despite the condom I felt like the cum was being sucked out of me.

As soon as I finished cumming I pulled out and quickly re-arranged her on her back with her legs spread. She lay there panting. Just as quickly I changed to a fresh condom and squirted some KY into her vagina. Then kneeling between her legs I reached down, posititioned my still hard cock at her entrance, and slid in. I was ever so sensitive and I had to force my self to thrust but I didn't want to give it a chance to go soft. It was already 4:05 and I had planned to leave at 4 but I just had to use this body that elena gilbert in rich girl learns a lesson had made available to me.

After a few minutes my cock grew less sensitive and I was able to thrust for enjoyment. I allowed my body to settle down against her enjoying the silky feeling of her skin and the soft firmness of her tits against my chest.

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I didn't know if I could cum again but even if not I was enjoying fucking this blond lady. Propping myself up I kissed her on the lips as I thrust into her cunt. Then bent my neck down to suck on her left tit.

I could not really thrust at that angle so after a few moments I slid up to kiss her lips while my hips thrust in and out of her smooth channel. Then I slid back down to suck on her right nipple. I nuzzled both breasts pushing them this way and that with my nose. Leaning forward I buried my face in her hair and nibbled on her right ear lobe. Using my forehead against her pillow I arched up enough to put my hands on her breasts and fucked into her as I clinched both hands on her tits.

Everything I tried with her was wonderful. If I had enough time I would have fucked her in the ass and the armpit. I let go of her tits and wrapped my arms under her back and grabbed her shoulders.

Thrusting into her I pulled her body down to meet me.

I fucked her hard for 10 minutes until I was panting and nearly exhausted before I finally felt myself getting close. Then I reached down with my hands to grab her by the ass, buried my face in the soft hollow of her neck, and stroked as fast as I could. My final cum was just a spurt and another little one. I can't say it was the best cum of the night but it was more than sufficient. I gave her one last kiss on the lips and then, carefully holding onto the condom, pulled out.

With the timer reset I wiped her cunt off and quckly redressed her. It seemed almost criminal to cover up a body like that. After arranging her back in her bag as she had been I carefully removed the condom and cleaned myself off. Unlike other times when I was ready to quit I would have liked to play some more but I know it would be daylight soon and need to be careful so I could have more opportunities like this one. I dressed and made a quick once over of the room checking that everyone was in their place and nothing brazil teen gangbang and sluts pool sharing is caring left behind.

It was 4:20 and I figured a few minutes more would be OK. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. Only about half size but that was OK. Moving to the small dark haired girl I fondled her tiny breasts through her pajamas, kissed her good night on the lips. The fat read head didn't get a kiss on the lips; she got my cock between them instead. Moving to the bed I gave Renee's friend a kiss on the lips and then slid my cock into her mouth. I wasn't stiff enough to thrust but it still felt good especially as it was so small that for the first time I could bottom out in her.

Moving to Renee I also kissed her and slipped my soft penis between her lips. Moving to the foot of the bed I lifted blonde's head sat under her and lowered her open mouth onto my cock. It was just firm enough to slip inside and I reached under her, inside those satin pajamas, to cup and hold her breasts. Ah, for another hour to play in. I was sure I could cum once more, especially sunny leone pron hot girls this sex goddess to inspire me.

I lay there enjoying the warmth of her mouth around my cock and the feel of her boobs until it was 4:30. Then carefully extracting myself, I gave her a kiss on the cheek, zipped up my fly, and walked to the door.

A final check of the room showed nothing out of place. I closed the door and using my flashlight made my way downstairs to the back door. With the light off I peeked outside for a few minutes to make sure no one was around.

Switching off the device I removed the ski mask and put it in my day pack. As quietly as possible I opened the door, gently pulled it shut behind me, and then walked out to the sidewalk and home.