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Black big booty bbw rape
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Sunday -*- I had gone to bed by myself and woke with Lisa in my arms - her eyes were open and she looked so innocent, so delicious. I kissed her. "Good morning brother-dear." "Good morning Lisa." At that moment I recalled the day before - the long torturous and very sexy lesbian shows choreographed by Gerald.

I had ordered Amy to see to mother, as she was in great pain from the spanking as well as the general abuse, dildo's and butt plugs the night before. Lisa had been sleeping when we had finally returned last night.

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A shudder ran through me - that could have been this innocent young thing abused the day before rather than mother. Of course I did not want to see either used in such a malicious manner but if it had to be one, at least mother was better equipped, mentally, to endure. Slipping out of bed I realized neither Lisa or I had any clothing on - and my cock was, as usual in the morning, hard.

With a gentle smile I took my young sisters hand and guided her downwards - the direction enough for her to understand what I wanted.

She had been well conditioned - anything I wanted she would do. Lisa sucked me in long sexy girl craves for a dark pecker movements - having gained in technique since the last time I felt her lips upon my cock and guessed that Amy had been giving some pointers. Her efforts were well appreciated and I let the climax approach without hindrance. She had trouble swallowing but did not hesitate to lick the missed drops almost as if she were starving.

I pulled her back up to kiss her lips appreciatively. "Has Amy been teaching you a few things sis?" Surprisingly Lisa blushed and nodded, "Did I please you Liam?" She looked as if the fate of the world hinged on this one question. "Oh yes you silly girl, of course you pleased me." I could not have said anything more positive to my youngest sister and she beamed with pride, her smile wide.

I kissed my twelve year old sister again and had to chuckle at myself - where I had been but a week before this. I gave my sister a gentle push and a nice slap on her hard thin ass to send her back to her room - giggling my sister went.

Wearing loose boxer shorts and nothing else I found mother laying on her stomach in her bed looking rather miserable. My heart leaped with empathy while my soul was filled with remorse and guilt - I had enjoyed yesterday after all and had forgot how terrible it must have been for mother.

If Gerald had instructed my mom to enjoy all sexual contact, it would have been different right? Instead, mother lived to satisfy me, to make me happy, not to endure the things she had done the day before.

Yet, even through the humiliation and fear, I had seen mother climax more than once. More than that, I had felt her lips on my balls near the end - dutifully sucking me without a word of encouragement or request. Two of the girls ride and bounce on two big hard cocks there something in this harsh training after all? Rushing to the bed I sat down and pressed my lips to hers, she smiled at my show of empathy and smiled gently.

"Its okay honey - I'm fine!" No she wasn't. I pulled the duvet down to her her thighs to expose her bare bottom - still bright red but with the blackness of bruising and the white of cream that Amy had applied. She had given me her trust to protect her and that trust had brought her to this. I felt terrible. I even felt guilt at not coming sooner this morning, but instead satisfying myself with Lisa first. After my gentle inspection mother carefully rolled onto her side, facing me.

"I'm so sorry mother!" Tears came to my eyes and I felt terrible. It was at that very moment that I knew I had to do something. -*- Mom was pampered like an empress for the rest of that day - her three kids waiting on her hand and foot. Well, mostly her daughters, as mom felt guilty at my looking out for her that she demanded if I wanted to make her happy, that I would sit with her.

In the afternoon mother tried to slip her hand into my shorts but I gently stopped her. Mother cried and apologized for not being a better mother, woman and lover. She sobbed as she told me she wished she were prettier and that if I wanted to leave her that I could.

All this because I had turned her away from a sexual act. I kissed mom into silence and told her that I will have Amy 'take care of it' before supper - mother calmed slowly, but still looked miserable.

"I am so lucky to have a son like you Liam." -*- Monday -*- After waking I knew I had to change my circumstances - a week of living in fear of Gerald had been too much, seen mother humiliated and used in this way was too much, knowing my sister Lisa was next was simply too much. Yet what could I do?

Gerald had confided in me that his research into some text online, Egyptian I think he said, was what had given him these powers over others. How this could be makes no sense - but it was the only lead I had. Mother was at work and Lisa had gone reluctantly to school - wanting to stay home with me - while Amy was ordered to fulfil the duties of a maid, silent unless spoken close up with lesbian babes sensually kissing of course, while I strolled about the house in thought.

She wore absolutely nothing and looked fabulous. What I needed was access to Gerald's computer - I had a variety of options if I was able to hack into it. But did I have to go that far - was there other, more clandestine ways to do what I needed? I had Gerald's router address - could that be enough? I went to Google and searched various sites for over an hour until I found it. A exploit for his router that caused each and every network packet to go through a proxy.

It was lower level, an exploit that will not show up on the web interface. This was fucking perfect. Gerald, for all his brilliance, was hopeless with computers. Sure he can use them as well as anyone else but when it came to lower level stuff, I excelled. That was how we became friends, I'm the computer geek and he the book worm - as we had always called ourselves.

So beyond the basic configuration of his router, we had given me remote access (as secure as we could of course) so that I could help him at those times he wanted to change something.

So logging into his router and using the upload feature for the patches was used - effectively adding the exploit to his system. Next I remote shelled into it and used the command line to configure the Roxie to be my server here at home - which Sun and nader feet kis xxx configured next to begin collecting all this data, which I will need to organize later.

Gerald's voice bellowed up from downstairs shocking me, my guilt causing my face to flush. It was the first time in our friendship that I had done something to intentionally hurt or lie to my best buddy and it was a sobering though - how far we had truly come. I found my older sister laying face down on the kitchen table with her head over the edge, Gerald pumping his hard cock in and out of her mouth.

"Pick a hole buddy!" He was smiling rather widely today. I had to keep this pretence up, I had to be Gerald's best friend in crime as he went through woman after woman.

I stepped up behind my eldest sister and slipped a finger into her cunt - it was slippery with her lust and her ass wiggled in delight at my touch. This wasn't right - she had been programmed to respond to me not Gerald.

That means that something had been added to her without my knowledge - and that caused a cold chill up my spin, Amy could not be trusted. Gerald was holding my sisters very attractive face in both his hands as he pumped himself in and out of her. "You hate when your brother uses you right Amy?" What the hell was he doing? Gerald looked up and winked at me to be patient. I heard a muffled affirmative from my sister. "But you get so fucking hot don't you?" Another muffled reply.

"When he looks at you in 'that' way he can't help but enjoy it. And when he touches you, you get so hot that you can barely stand. You hate him though right? Hate him to your core, especially when he fucks you, shoots come all over your face or makes you crawl around the floor like a bitch dog right Amy?" No reply this time but I could just make out that her eyes were open wide and looking up at the teenager that was talking while also fucking her face.

"Nothing else on this earth can make you feel that good right Amy? Your own brother's filthy cock fucking that tight little ass hole of yours! Can you imagine it Amy?" I felt the cunt contract upon my fingers as Amy groaned long and loudly.


Upon my own initiative, my second hand rose and fondled that hard round ass. Gerald was grinning, the likes of which I was learning, that signified something creatively demented was happening in his little sick mind. Amy had begin to pump her ass up and down, two fingers fucking her hot wet tight cunt while a third finger from the other hand was teasing her hard round anus. "I did something crazy yesterday Liam." His comment was a surprise - probably a change of topic.

"Pardon?" He was grinning evilly, "I watched as Janet and Jane took turns with their dog." I blinked a couple times thinking I hadn't heard right. When I realized I had I knew he was looking for some strange sort of affirmation from me, as if it was okay to make a mother and her teenage daughter have sex with dad friend sex in daughter animal for his viewing pleasure.

"I didn't even know they had a dog?" What else was I supposed to say. He chuckled with the memory even as he continued to pump into my sister's mouth, "You should have seen it buddy - Janet was really into it, I mean she loved sucking on dogie dick. Jane was nervous but I tied her over the end of the bed and the dog gave her a good long fuck. She was fucking screaming 'it so hot' when the pooch came inside her, she thrashing about in her own orgasm.

Mom sucked that dogie spooge out of her own daughter like she was desperate or something. Like I said Liam - fucking wild man!" He moaned then and dropped his eyes to look at my sister, "She has talent?" I answered honestly, "I know." We laughed together even as Gerald pumped his nuts into my sisters hungry mouth. We freshened up and went to the mall. -*- Over fries, shakes and burgers Gerald told me his 'master plan' to fuck every woman in town.

I would have laughed if we hadn't spent the week on the first half dozen or so ladies of the town. Waving a ketchup covered fry in my direction, "Pick your next one buddy?" Pardon? I thought quickly back to my earlier mental lists and came up with a name almost immediately, "Lizzy - my dads secretary." Gerald's eyebrows rose in surprise, I'd never spoken about this woman to him.

"Tell me about her?" He said interested. So I told him - dad's secretary, early forties, curvy but with fantastic legs she always showed off with above the knee skirts and hose, generous cleavage. What Gerald and I called a 'cougar' - divorced and horny.

Divorced for many years and with a 14 year old son that I've never met. I told him that she had caught me checking her out in the past and she just smiles in return. "Sounds nice. You like 'em old and soft huh?" Gerald was smirking as I shrugged - I did, there was no denying it at this point. Then Gerald told me about his next additions to his harem - his cousins, twins, and their mother, his aunt. I took a sip of my shake to hide my disgust.

-*- "Hi Lizzy, is dad here?" She looked up in surprise, her bright blue eyeliner applied a little too thick while her eyes looked from me to Gerald and back. "Oh Liam honey, he is out of town for a week. I thought you knew?" Gerald grunted with humour next to me, "Oh. Do you think Gerald and I could talk to you in dad's office for a couple minutes please?" My heart was pounding and my hands sweaty - I was introducing another person into our demented little world and I did not feel any better about it.

In fact, I was sick to my stomach with self-loathing. "Of course honey." She stood up and unlocked dad's office door while Gerald did not hide his appraisal of the woman before us, giving me an elbow in agreement at looking at her wide round ass and curvy sexy legs in black sheer hose. The three of us stepped into the big corner office and Gerald spoke up for the first time, "Close the door Lizzy." She frowned but closed it behind us without a word. Gerald didn't waste any time, "Listen cunt - from now on you are Liam's personal fuck toy.

Got it?" She just starred at Gerald wide eyed in shock. "Every centimetre of you belongs to him. If he doesn't want you then you belong to me. Understand?" Her eyes were wide with shocked confusion but I thought I saw a small nod up and down. "Good girl Lizzy. Listen, you have a teenage son right?" Her voice cracked but she was able to whisper, "Brian." "Well Brian doesn't know it yet but it is his lucky day." I felt bile rise up in my throat threatening me to throw up - I controlled it, just.

"You go ahead and tell him who you belong to, tell him your life has changed. You tell him that while at home he can do anything he wants with you - anything but fuck your cunt or ass - you got that slut?" She nodded more notably this time - her round fleshy mature face starting to turn red, her brow beading with sweat.

"For that privilege he will have to come ask your new 'master' right cunt?" For the first time since coming into my father's office Lizzy turned her wide open eyes towards me, her tongue slipping out to moisten her lips as she looked at me as if for the first time. "Thats right slut - look at your new master. There isn't another man alive that will make you feel as hot as Liam will. Hell, you won't even be able to have an orgasm unless Liam is inside you." Gerald burst out laughing.

"Or coming all over you. Nothing makes you hotter than making Liam happy. Got it cunt?" Without taking her eyes from me Lizzy nodded. I hated what I had been forced to do - name this innocent woman simply to keep Gerald's interest until I can find a way from out of his grasp.

But I could not deceive myself, as vile as this whole charade was, I was finding her damn sexy. My hand rose to grasp one of her over-sized breasts - finding it as soft and inviting as I had hoped.

She gasped at my touch and pressed her chest into my open paw. "You are just a cunt Lizzy - remember that." I looked up to find Gerald retreating out of the door to dad's office, "I'll wait for you in the car - I saw this cute thing down the hall I want to talk with." With a wink he was gone. Lizzy never even seemed to notice, she was starring at me almost hypnotically, desperately, "Can I do anything for you Liam?" I wanted to say that Gerald was gone that she didn't have to do anything - but there was two problems with that.

One was that I had a hard on in my pants that just wouldn't go away and the other was that Lizzy was already past reasoning with. "You ever fuck my dad Lizzy?" I don't know why I asked that - but I had always wondered. If the old man hadn't, what was wrong with him - she was such a deliciously naughty looking strumpet. Lizzy looked nervous for a moment, "I have yes. But not for a very long time and it was usually just a blow job." A long time? "You mean when he was still married to my mom?" "Yes." She was looking really nervous now - was she afraid that her answers would anger me to the point of not desiring her?

"Are you excited right now Lizzy?" Her face took on a look of relief, "Yes I am. Very much!" I had to admit that I too was horny. Perhaps it was because I could have this woman that had jada fire annette schwarz milk enema my father's, or perhaps I was just hot from the opportunity to anal fist queen fucks cock deep and hard this woman after years of fantasizing about her.

"I want you bare assed and bent over dad's desk Lizzy." It was said softly, but I was pleased when she jumped to comply. All too soon that big round softly curved ass was arched towards me exposing all its delights. And it is really not much to tell - I shoved my cock into another hot wet cunt and fucked her to three orgasms before I had her on her knees so that she could swallow my load.

I left the bitch licking her lips of any trace of sperm and found Gerald talking to this hot number by the water cooler. Her gave her a sloppy kiss and a pat on the ass at my approach. In the car he chuckled as he said the twenty-something clerk with the perky titties had a younger sister and that he had scheduled a 'date' for the next Friday.

-*- I felt a growing fear within me - not only for mom and Lisa but also for myself. I knew I had fucked Lizzy not because of any old fantasy or even because I needed to get laid, it was because I enjoyed the power of the situation - having this middle aged woman do anything I say.

No, its more than that - this woman who had been unattainable before a week ago was suddenly changed to be my personal toy in just minutes. This was scary to me - how I felt so excited by the act. I thought this and much more as I sat in the living room as my mother sucked my cock with long slow loving movements. I really liked this, this control I had over mom and my sisters, over Lizzy. I'm a normal fifteen year-old guy that had just been handed the keys to the fucking kingdom!

No guilt was left from mother's abuse Saturday - so I had allowed her to 'make it up to me' with this simple act of sucking her son's cock. That didn't mean I was ready to share her with Gerald - far from it, I was more possessive of her than ever. My hand fondled mother's messy hair as she gently sucked up and down, side to side, making oral love to her boy. In massage a massage fuck in a japanese athletic gym porn to my gentle touch she mewed with pleasure, reverberating my hard cock delightfully.

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Amy walked through the living room with a arm full of towels, purposefully ignoring mom and I, as she strode by wearing a tee-shirt and nothing else. Fuck she still had the most perfect of asses! If I could get the secret from Gerald some way I could protect mom and Lisa and still enjoy this power I held over them. Then I didn't need, or fear, my best friend. -*- Tuesday -*- The first thing I did upon waking was to check my computer for the data collected from cracking into Gerald's firewall.

Just a few emails, no browsing. Looking at the emails I was surprised to find that Billy had sent sister sliping and brother faking dozen low quality photos of his sister Amanda and him doing their mom, the delicious Melissa.

The other was from Christine, Gerald's official girlfriend, writing about her love for him, how she can't stop from touching herself constantly while thinking about him. Nothing about ancient Egyptian mind control shit. Fuck. There was something that caught my eye, something in his log that didn't make much sense. An encrypted connection from an invalid IP, I checked, coming into his machine through the firewall.

The thing was, the firewall was not configured to accept this port or source IP, nor to forward it directly to Gerald's computer. It didn't seem right and shut down my connection.

My phone rang making me jump. On the other end, loud music and numerous luna star and anikka albrite in a sexy anal way, "Liam?" "Gerald? What the hell are you doing - sounds like a party?" The malicious evil laugh of his, "It is. I have the cheerleader squad over for a 'pyjama party'." The way he said this, it didn't sound at all innocent - and of course it wasn't.

I forced a short laugh, "Anyone actually wearing pyjama's Gerald?" Another evil laugh, "Okay, you caught me. Want to come over?" I didn't, but dare I make him think I wanted to distance myself from him? "Do jocks get crotch rot!" -*- What I witnessed on entering into Gerald's house was an all out orgy of flesh - female flesh as my buddy was the only guy in attendance.

There was a few articles of lingerie, some lace here, nylon there - but for the most part, every teenage girl from the cheer-leading squad was naked, rolling around in playful lewd acts of lust.

There were nearly twenty girls in attendance! Then I spotted a woman looking out of place amongst the piles of hard-bodied teenage flesh - the female gym instructor, Ms.

Malone. She was a short, overly muscular woman, that was closer to fifty than forty - and she looked like she was having the time of her life. Five of her girls were working on her alone, tongues, fingers, lips and flesh all in use to pleasure her middle-aged body. Gerald was seated on his carpeted floor, he had two fourteen year-olds working on his cock while one of the senior's was bouncing up and down fucking herself on his big toe.

He looked rather like the king-shit he was. I waved at him and he just motioned for me to take a hole, any hole. My hands removed my clothing faster than I can tell you. -*- The cheerleader and Ms. Malone were dismissed. They left at four o'clock, exhausted, spent but all smiling and already talking about the wild things they had done together.


That left an exhausted Gerald and myself, laying on the floor and couch, respectively. Theresa, Gerald's mom had come home a half hour earlier and was disappointed when her son told her she was not invited to the orgy. As soon as the last teenage girl had left she was moving around cleaning up the vast mess they had left. I wondered how she was going to get all the spots out of the carpet.

"That was the most fucking amazing thing I've ever done!" And I meant it. I was a nerd remember, even in my fantasies did I dare not imagine an afternoon the likes that I just experienced. Gerald lifted his head, his eyes half closed and unfocused, "You said it Liam." We were a sticky mess ourselves - a multitude of saliva, sperm and vaginal juices coated our bodies.

I only realized this when I took a determined breath and started to dress, having a hard time finding my clothing amongst the destruction of Gerald's living room. Theresa helped by finding my socks, wrinkling her nose at the scent of my body as she drew close. Gerald was sitting up, his head bobbing almost comically. "I think we should do this regular, what do you think buddy?" I gave him a wide smile. The girls might just kill me, but what a way to go! I waved my goodbye but Gerald was snoring lightly with his head tilted back onto the couch behind him.

The fresh air of the late afternoon refreshed me, having been undulated by the scent of teenage girls and their excited young pussies for hours. Stepping down the the walkway leading to Gerald's house I saw a car, nothing special in and of itself, but there were to guys sitting in it just looking at me.

It caused the hairs on the back of my head to raise up and I doubled my step to get out of there, noticing that they were not watching me but the house. What the hell is going on? -*- A dinner invitation by Gerald was not something to pass up.

After a long hot shower and then an hour in front of the television, I dressed and met Gerald outside - driving a new car this time, a new BMW. "Nice wheels?" He was dressed rather nicely for him. "Thanks." I waited but no answer to where the expensive car came from and just left it.

The dinner, as I was to find out, was at Melissa's house. You remember, the wife to our family pastor, the mother of two and one of the hottest middle-aged ladies in town. The pastor opened the door and let us in - he didn't look pleased in the least.

Billy came running around the corner and waved to us happily. At least one person was benefiting from Gerald's unrestrained lunacy. Amanda came a few seconds ahead of her mother from the kitchen, dressed in a pretty dress. Her mom, Melissa in an attractive skirt and loose silk blouse. Gerald and I were both devouring the sight of the sexy mother and wife when the pastor hissed at us still by the door, "You are the devil's instrument Gerald." I was a little shocked but Gerald did not even seem to hear him.

He walked up to Melissa and they lip-locked, his hands all over her sexy round ass. All eyes watched. The door slammed breaking the moment, Gerald finally acknowledging the pastor with an evil look, the pastor just starred back. Melissa called out breaking the tension, "Boys, please be seated - supper in two minutes. Amanda, would you help me dear?" She sounded nervous, on edge.

Sure Gerald had made her defenceless to his whim but she was conscious enough to realize how wrong the things she was doing were. The pastor just glared at Gerald, only taking a break to look with daggers at me. Gerald was still ignoring him, having seated himself at the head of the table he addressed Billy, "Have you been fucking your mother frequently Billy?" The thirteen year-old boy's face would have cracked if he had smiled just a millimetre more.

"Oh ya. Amanda too!" Gerald laughed with the boy, I just looking at the angry humiliated pastor. "Have you tried her ass yet?" The boy nodded in the affirmative, "Much tighter than her cunt." Gerald nodded sagely even as the two ladies brought the platters of steaming food in to the adjoining dining room.

The conversation was forgotten as the table was overflowing with food - each of us heaping a mound of it onto our plates as if we were starving. Only the pastor sat with his plate empty - but no one seemed to notice. Billy continued, his mouth half full of mashed potatoes, "I wanted to ask you a favour Gerald?" My best friend nodded with his fork for him to continue.

"Is it possible to get other ladies to fuck?" The near innocent way he asked this caused Gerald to bark out laughing and even brought a smile to my face. Just showing the depths of depravity that we have sunk to find such a question funny.

After Gerald calmed down, "Depends on who it is?" Billy looked pleased not to have been dismissed so quickly. But before he could say a word his mother spoke harshly, "Billy! I told you that you are to involve no one else in this two legal age teenagers and one weenie man!" "Mom!" "Amen", added the pastor. Gerald said ever so civilly, that caused the hairs on the back of my neck to stir, "Why ever not Melissa?

He is a growing boy after all, with needs as you well know." Her face turning bright red she quickly responded, "I. I don't want to have anyone else go through what we are." I felt nothing less than pity for the woman, her response was spoken carefully and aimed not to antagonize her mind-controller.

Gerald looked at the woman and then at her son for nearly a minute before responding, "Do you enjoy when your son fucks you Melissa?" All eyes on her, the pastor almost threatening. She nodded. How could she not, she had been conditioned to enjoy every sexual touch, hating as well as loving it. "Is there anything that turns you off when you are with your son? Taste of his come maybe or perhaps when he fucks you in the ass?" Again not a sound but she nodded so that all in the room realized just how much of a slut Gerald had turned this poor woman into.

"Do you at least get turned off, jealous or anything, watching your son fuck his own sister?" This time she did not even answer, just stare at her plate of food.

"Stop this you devil spawn!" Gerald and I turned to the pastor in surprise, his hate, his disgust obvious on his face. Looking at exclusive white body loves black cock tormented father and husband, Gerald spoke, "Tell us who else you want to include Billy?" The boy, and that was what he still was regardless of his latest sexual adventures, spoke nervously, listing off about twelve women and girls of which I only knew three.

Gerald broke out laughing. "How about only two to start?" I was wrong, Billy's two cuties banged by a guy with big cock could get bigger. -*- Billy was behind his naked mother, roughly plunging himself in and out of her very excited cunt. The woman was facing me on her hands and knees, my cock inside her mouth and at each thrust of her son, threatened to dislodge her from my dick. Gerald was directing the charade with the young pre-adolescent Amanda on his lap, his cock inside her hairless sex and she wore a face of pure bliss.

The pastor was seated in his easy-chair at the far end of the room, his face red and his hands claws on the worn arms of his chair. He didn't say a word as his family were abused and used by Gerald and I - having been ordered into silence a few moments before stripping. Looking into the face of the pastor's wife, Melissa, I was left feeling sorry for her.

Beautiful regardless of her age, forced into a cold life as the pastor's wife and neglected by both her husband and now Gerald, to say nothing of her son or I. Like I, Gerald was barely into the coupling - the thirteen year-old girl fucking him slowly - and looked at me almost bored. "I have a deal for you Liam old buddy?" A cold hand clenched my heart, "What is it Gerald?" "Your sister for mine?

Even trade?" His eyes were gleaming evilly. I felt the bile come up from my stomach, threatening to puke up the huge supper I had digested. "Its a little uneven maybe, as Amy is six years older than Sara." A wave of warmth flowed through me, thankful that he was not talking about my younger sister Lisa but rather my treacherous older sister.

I realized this was the moment not too appear too complacent. Gerald had desired Amy from afar for years before the power to enjoy her had somehow come to him. "Hardly a far trade?" Gerald sighed, realizing that I was not going to give in too quickly. Before his anger could rise and my life ruined I continued, "Throw in Angel as well and you have a deal?" I really did not care what happened to my older sister.

Gerald broke out laughing, nodding in acceptance of my delicious plan. -*- Amy left our house without a backward glance, Lisa, mom and I just watching her get into Gerald's expensive new car. "When is she coming back Liam?" "I don't know Lisa." Mom hugged my arm to her body - realizing as I, it could have been any one of them to be summoned as her eldest daughter was. Unlike Amy though I would have given up more of a fight, probably with a much more unfortunate ending.

The car drove off with a squeal of tires. Lisa looked a little sad and disappeared back further into our home. Mom took me into her arms an lovingly kissed my lips before looking into my eyes, "I know you are doing everything you can to protect us Liam and I love you more for it." The truth was, I hadn't done anything to save Amy - I had let her go far too easily. -*- Wednesday -*- The house the next morning was busy.

Gerald's mom had dropped her daughter and best friend off at our house around midnight - looking like they had endured a going away orgy. Lisa had taken it upon herself to ease the two nervous teenage girls into our home, eyeing me as if I were the cat and they the mouse.

Did they think me as evil as Gerald? Mom washed me in the shower, her curvy frame looking rather delicious and just when I intended to reach out and enjoy her sexy body she spoke breaking my mood.

"Sara is bleeding from her anus this morning." My god. "Does she need a doctor?" Mom was concerned, frowning, "I don't think so. Lisa is nursing her with Angel's help." "How is Angel doing? Will her folks be looking for her?" Mom was kneeling before me, beneath my half hard cock, but so distracted was she that she did not even realize my condition and continued to wash my legs.

"From what I can gather, seems Gerald had conditioned them long ago so that she usually stays with Sara. She is doing okay but I think it was her that hurt her friend, probably with a strap-on." Mom didn't add that the girl had no option, Gerald had probably directed the lewd scene as he so frequently does - we both understood this new life we lived.

Standing back up, my body fresh and clean, she looked me soberly in the eye and asked, "Would you kill him to save us Liam?" The question shocked me - having never thought things could go so far. "Theresa and I talked a little when she dropped the girls off last night," Gerald and Sara's mother, "she is like a zombie - living in fear of that monster she spawned while needing sex like an addict." A little guilt slipped into my soul at this moment - as evil and crazy as Gerald was, I too had felt the pleasure of power.

Any woman, any time and any way you want - it was more than a litany, it was a way of life. It brought up the question that I was forced and feared to ask, "Do you regret us. you know mom?" Mother hugged me firmly, giggling when she felt my semi-erect penis pressing into her slippery wet flesh, "It has been some of the best days of my life Liam.

I just wish we could have found this love without Gerald's evil spell." "So do I mom." Our lips met as my hands slipped down the abundant flesh to grasp that sexy round ass. -*- There was no embarrassment as I gently pulled Sara's buttocks apart to look at her tiny pink abused anus. There was clear coat of some substance applied there but not blood - just red and tender looking. I gave Lisa a pleased smile, "You make a good nurse." She beamed at my comment. I looked over at Angel amateur lesbian chicks get their yummy pussies licked and nailed see her red sad face.

"It wasn't your fault Angel." The cute little thing nodded but it was obvious that she didn't believe me. Strange how Sara had looked so pleased and excited when she related how she had successfully seduced her best friend to her brother while I listened - to this, scared, humiliated and in pain.

Like war victims I realized with a start. I stood suddenly, "Well, I want you to stay in bed and get better do you hear me Sara?" She was looking at me as if she was only partially listening, but she did nod minutely in agreement. "You and Angel can share this room", it had been Amy's, "and you will listen to mom and Lisa unless I say otherwise.

Okay girls?" All nods. I left with mom following. "Those poor things." I agreed and then quickly left the house suddenly feeling incredibly turned on for some reason and not thinking now was the right moment. -*- Walking down the road I realized that there was a black SUV following me over a block away.

Two guys inside that creeped me out. Theresa, Gerald's mom, let me into their home. Her eyes hollow and her smile forced. I found Gerald with a small crowd in the living room - the same room that has been the centre of so much in the last week and a half. Billy was standing beside a twenty-something year-old woman that I've never seen before. Melissa was seated by herself on the opposite couch, her daughter and another unknown teenage girl were seated on either side of Gerald.

I motioned for Gerald's attention, "I need to talk to you?" He just waved at me to silence, "Later buddy." He was grinning at the scene before him so you know this wasn't good. Billy walked slowly around the trembling scared looking woman, "When was the last time you had sex with your husband Louise?" "Two days ago?" It was obvious the woman was terrified, it was also obvious that she couldn't not reply to the question.

Gerald's work of course. I sat next to a somber Melissa. "That long. Do you think he is fucking someone else?" The woman, Louise, looked shocked at the question, "No, of course not!" "When was the last time he fucked you in the ass?" She seemed disgusted at the question, looking at the young man circling her for the first time since my entrance, "My god!

Never!" "You have a sexy bum - I would fuck your ass as often as I could if you were mine Louise. In fact I took my sister Amanda's anal cherry last night." The boy was obviously proud. I had witnessed the scene last night - Gerald directing it all of course. The mom using her tongue and fingers to prepare her daughter, the young boy in his eagerness had drove in regardless, causing his sister to cry out in pain.

Louise just hung her head and sobbed loudly at the incestuous information. Billy turned towards Gerald and smiled hugely who spoke up finally, "Not bad. Not bad at all Billy. Your teacher is a hot number." Billy smiled proudly. "Have her strip." The woman jerked in response, Billy turning back to her to order, "Take your clothing off Louise." With tears down her eyes she did as her young student ordered. The teacher was attractive in a plain sort of way - pale flesh, small breasts, wide hips.

Her whole body was shivering violently but no one seemed to notice as the male eyes in the room appraised her. Billy's jeans had a large dent in them from his erection. Melissa was looking everywhere else but at her son, Gerald or the fearful woman in the middle of the room.

Finally after some minutes of silence, Gerald spoke up, "Not bad Billy. But how bad do you want her?" The question surprised the young boy and he mumbled, "What do you mean Gerald?" The devil shrugged unconcerned, "I mean you bring this nice fresh thing, your sisters best friend", his hand patting her thin thigh as she sat silent nervous, "and then your teacher. And you have to admit that though both are very fine, they are two completely different sorts of pleasure - don't you agree?" The boy did not understand.

Gerald continued, obviously put out that he had to explain himself to a mere thirteen year-old boy, "Do you prefer your cunt old or young Billy?" The boy obvious got it, his eyes looking between his mother and sister. I doubt he ever separated the available women in his life by age until this moment.

An evil laugh and I saw Melissa crying from the corner of my eye, "Older cunt is loose but experienced. The younger variety is so much sweeter, tight and firm, but they need to be trained, guided. Which do you prefer?" All in the room realized that there was more to this question than simply small-talk.

The boy was standing nervously, shuffling on his feet, unable to answer and looking almost younger than his thirteen years, if possible. "I thought I liked my cunt older but I've come to appreciate the younger sluts." This was news to me. He looked firmly at Billy, "Would you give up your mother for Louise and this young filly next to me?" Billy turned towards his mother almost guiltily, she only looking at the floor before her feet. "Yes I would." The answer surprised me - I wouldn't give up my mother for any treasure in the world.

Gerald was smiling evilly again. "Why is that Billy? Why give up your mother after less than a week?" He seemed eager for the answer. Billy turned away from his mother, as if symbolically discarding her, and answered with more assertiveness this time, "I like girls closer to my own age.

and a little thinner." Gerald exploded in laughter while I felt the misery of the woman seated next to me - humiliated by being forced to sexually serve her son then discarded because of her age and weight.

Her life before and after that fateful day only last week must be nothing less than tragic. The controller of all our fates calmed his malicious humour down to continue to torment us with words, "I give you your teacher Louise Billy but I take away your mother." The only one laughing was Gerald. Billy was looking nervously at Gerald, wondering if he should laugh too. The rest of us only felt horror - we but the puppets on strings. "Oh, you can gave this skinny thing as well." Gerald took his hand from the still-unnamed girl beside him and stood as if to leave.

"Melissa, it seems your homeless. You wanted to talk to me buddy?" Gerald strode from the room without a backward glance, in minutes ruining even more lives, as he expected me to follow. And follow I did. "I think someone is following me Gerald?" Wearing a milk moustache from his half empty glass in his hand, the fridge still open where he had retrieved his drink, looked at me sceptically. "What makes you think that buddy?" I took a deep breath and told him about the SUV, about the car, both with men watching.

He looked at me carefully before asking, "Are you sure you're not imagining all this Liam?" It came to me then, Gerald felt invincible - the power making him feel like he could do anything. It was obvious that Gerald didn't believe me, it was also obvious that my position with him was suddenly precarious and I had no idea why. I took a breath and stepped back and lightly spoke, "Maybe you're right - too much pussy and not enough sleep!" Chuckling as if on cue.

Gerald was frowning at me before his face brightened and he chuckled as well. "Or not enough pussy?" I laughed that much harder, knowing my place. He turned to return to the living room, where not a sound came - probably the people in there shocked at what just happened.

"What are you going to do with Melissa Gerald?" He stopped and thought for a second, "Not sure. Maybe get her to whore herself in the city?" I could see where he would like that, the pastor's wife selling herself for all dicks willing to pay.

And the truth be told, he was probably bored with her - its been almost a week right? I mean he tossed me his sister on a whim and he just confessed to liking young pussy over old!

"Mind if I take her for a while?" My mouth was suddenly dry, and I imagined that I was overstepping my luck. He looked at me a moment then broke into a wide evil smile, "Haven't had enough of her huh? Sure, take her - I don't really care." -*- The rest of that day was busy with the ladies retrieving things from their homes, each helping the other and mother directing the new sleeping arrangements. The two mothers seemed to hit it off immediately, appearing to talk with just a look, seemingly understand the other with but a nod.

Mother came to me that night and after making slow passionate love, I fell asleep still embedded inside her comforting vagina. -*- Thursday -*- I awoke to the most exist beginning that I have ever had upon awakening.

Mother and Melissa were taking turns sucking my cock, kissing my thighs and waist, licking my balls. They were being gentle but upon seeing my eyes looking at them, doubled their efforts and I felt myself the meat in a thick sexy sandwich.

Maid vs boss japanese xxx two moms took turns sitting upon my throne and fucking themselves aggressively. Whenever it appeared that I was enjoying myself almost too much they would stop and switch places, giving me a moment to catch my breath, to calm myself. Not only did they bounce delightfully up and down but the one that was not seated would fondle the other, kissing and sucking on lips, nipples, anything exposed.

This lasted surprisingly a long time and I took the initiative and I positioned both middle-aged ladies on their knees, those big sexy round asses high and wiggling for my attention.

The mom's passionately sighed and gasped as I aggressively fucked each, holding onto soft hips as I thrust before feeling that familiar tingle before pulling out, taking a breath and moving to the next raised ass. In this way I brought both to climax - mother and then a moment later, Melissa. The sexy ladies lay facing each other, weary from their climaxes but passionately kissing as I stroked myself above them.

It began to rain sperm and then they turned their open mouths upwards, towards the downfall. In all, a fucking fantastic morning. -*- "Who?" "Brian. My mom is your father's secretary." The voice sounded squeaky, young. "Oh, hello Brian. Are things going okay?" He was Lizzy's son and what Gerald and I had done with her, to them, came back to me like a flood. He chuckled which told me more than any amount of sexy big boom mom porn could have, "Mom said that I had to call you if I wanted.?" Gerald's commands came back to me and I found guilt hit me for how I treated this woman, "Yes?" Even to my own ears, I heard my disgust.

"You know, I want to have sex with her?" "Sex. with your own mother?" Another chuckle, as evil as Gerald could have produced, "Yea. We've had plenty of fun, you know what I mean? But I want to do more?" "More?" I sat down on the couch by the back door and sighed thickly.

"I don't know what you did to her but I have to thank you - I mean things have changed for the better around here." A long belly laugh. "I am glad you are having fun." What else could I say? "Oh yea. Mom has kept me and the guys smiling these last couple of days. But we want more, know what I mean buddy?" He couldn't have said anything more disagreeable, 'buddy' was what Gerald called me and I'm getting more disgusted at that relationship by the day.

"What 'guys' Brian?" He must be able to hear my disgust? "My friends and I. We keep the old lady busy if you get my meaning?" More laughter. It was obvious he had not idea how disagreeable I felt about him. And I did get his meaning. "Give me your address Brian - I'd like to come over and see just how much fun you guys are having?" He sounded surprised for the first time but gave me his address. Not too far away, a short bus ride. -*- Lizzy was wearing stained black stockings, torn in half a dozen places, her makeup a mess, her body soiled and dirty, her hair knotted and wild, her eyes hollow.

The one thing that tore my heart was when she saw me, her face brightened up. Forty-one years-old, wearing a dog collar and had a leash on. A dog bowl sat on the floor beside her, both within the closet by her laundry room.

Two of Brian's friends were in the other room, skateboard dorks, laughing and throwing me thumbs perky titted teen sofia gets fucked by old woody for delivering Lizzy to them. Brian proudly showed me his pathetic mom, a puddle of her own urine was in the corner. Anger welled up within me. "Isn't she supposed to be at work?" Brian laughed evilly. Was he stoned? "We are just having a little fun. Right mom?" He roughly poked her with his dirty running shoe.

Lizzy was pleading with me with her eyes and I felt like beating her son to a pulp. I bent down and unhooked the leash from her collar, "Come on out of there Lizzy." She thanked me with her eyes, but when I tried to help her to stand her legs buckled and would not hold her weight.

"Where is your room Lizzy?" She nodded in a general direction and off I went. From the smell and touch, it was obvious the woman hasn't bathed for days and that has been abused, sexually and otherwise, for the whole time.

Easing her into the tub, stockings, collar and all, I turned the warm water on and let it fill up. Brian had followed silently, looking puzzled why I would be doing this small act of kindness for his own parent. I forced him from the bathroom and into a doorway that was obviously her bedroom and I was shocked at the state of it. Lingerie was flung about upon the floor, there were ropes at various strategic places that was obviously seen use, a ping-pong-paddle lay in the corner, various porn mags strew about, a tripod without the camera.

What horrors had the woman endured here? "Whats up Liam? You are acting strange and all buddy?" I poked him in the chest non too friendly. "Take your friends and get out of here okay?" He started to grin, "You want to be a doggystyle pounding in elsa jean ass brunette and big tits with the old lady - no problem buddy, I get it?" He winked and I hated him.

"About her cunt and ass - can we agree.?" I shoved him out the door and slammed it in his face. This being one of the bravest acts of my life as I was no hero. I stripped the stockings and removed the collar from the sobbing woman before gently scrubbing her clean. It took nearly ninety minutes and three changes of tub water before she appeared to be clean.

How had we ended up here like this? I knew how but hated facing the monster that I had become, all because of the power that Gerald was offering. It was pitiful how she batted her eyes and thrust her breasts towards me suggestively as she gathered up some clothing. Even now, barely clean from her ordeal, she was attempting to seduce me. Proof that Gerald's conditioning took hold no matter what. With only a few clothes and toiletries, Lizzy drove to my home.

-*- It was the first time mother became angry with my collection of women, of my choice of new roommates. I tried to reason with her, to tell her some of what she had endured for the last days but mom just hissed that Lizzy was a slut and deserved as good as she got. I realized then that this was a deeper wound than I could fix with mere words.

Dad had left mom for other women - one of which was this middle-aged cougar now standing in her home. Lisa stepped in again and helped Lizzy find a room out of sight in the basement - not understanding her mother's obvious hatred and just doing what her brother told her to do.

I consoled mother for nearly an hour after, while she sobbed in my arms. At one point mom looked up looking miserable and said that there was two better looking ladies here than her.

It was a strange statement but I realized that she had a low self esteem, especially after dad had neglected and left her. I did what I had to do - I took mother into my arms and tenderly fucked her for a good long time while kissing her lips and telling her how much I cared and loved her.

It helped - a lot. After we lay together and I told mother that I was going to call a meeting with all our new roommates to announce that besides myself, she was in charge of our new family. This helped a little as well and to show me how thankful she was, she sucked my cock clean while keeping her ass close enough for me to fondle. -*- The living room was never large enough for the crowd it now held.

Every woman there was mine, every one conditioned by Gerald. No one said a word when I said my mom was going to be in charge around the house - that everyone had to listen to her as if it were me.

No one argued no one said a word. The three girls would be sharing Lisa's room, with a mattress on the floor for Sara and Angel. I would hear later that many an evening was occupied as all three shared the mattress. Melissa got Amy's old room.

Mom took mine. Lizzy took a room in the basement and wisely didn't complain at all. I took mom's old room and larger bed, but usually had at least one woman with me each night. My mother being my hands down favourite bed warmer. The meeting broke up with all the women talking at once, all but Lizzy who stayed quiet in the corner. In this pandemonium my sister Lisa took me aside and aggressively pressed me against the wall to passionately kiss me, "I miss you big brother." Whew!

"I miss you too Lisa." "Can I come to you tonight?" I smiled, her desire so obvious. I nodded, already anticipating her visit. "Do you want me bring Sara or Angel?" It was on the tip of my tongue to say no - that I wanted some private time with my young sister, but the thought of those three sexy things with me was too much.

"Is Sara feeling up to it?" Lisa smiled knowingly, "I know she is!" I was going to ask what she meant but Melissa strode by with a wink in my direction, the interruption enough to break Lisa and I apart.

-*- Being the the only cock amongst the three early teenage girls was like being in the centre of a whirlwind. Plenty of firm teenage girl flesh, budding nips, hairless vagina's and plenty of giggling.

Angel and Sara took turns riding me, Lisa licking me clean between each ride.

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It was wilder and more chaotic than Melissa and mom, just the level of intensity, the uninhibited energy. Coming close to climax, my head was pressed back into my pillow with my eyes clamped tightly shut so that I did not notice Lisa climb on. A loud scream, more pain than pleasure filled my ears and I opened my eyes to see my sister seated on my lap, my cock fully submerged inside her very tight adolescent cunt. "Lisa?" She opened her eyes and breathed deeply, "Its done big brother.

Oh god, you feel so good!" She closed her eyes again and started to move up and down ever so slowly, her face a mask of bliss. Sara stuck her tongue into my mouth while Angel began to kiss my sister. At that point I returned to my pleasure-filled cloud and simply enjoyed.

We fucked for nearly four hours, well past midnight when we fell asleep together. -*- Friday -*- "Liam? Do you know where Gerald is?" Theresa, his mom, was on the phone and sounded worried, scared. "I haven't seen him, sorry." "Its not like him to disappear for two nights like this.

I don't like it!" A hand clenched my gut and I remembered the two sets of men watching! "If you see him, please tell him I am worried?" "I will." She hung up. I turned to Melissa who was seated at smoking hot nikki benz gets dildo fucked by jenna haze kitchen table watching me, "I hope everything is okay?" "Me too." Mom came in the kitchen and saw Melissa and my face, "Anything wrong?" "Gerald is missing." The three of us just looked at each other, this short statement could be a blessing or a bane.

The three girls had been chased out by mom early this morning - forcing them to return to school for the first time in over a week. My plan was to take Melissa and mom to bed for a nice lengthy screw - as these two middle-aged babes knew how to have fun. In fact I had Melissa cornered at the counter with my hand beneath her skirt and two fingers in her already wet cunt when the phone rang.

Gerald could be shacked up with some hot celebrity or more girls that I didn't know about yet. Then again it could be worse, cracked up his new car and laying unconscious in a hospital somewhere.

Lizzy came into the room almost silently, as she tended to do around the house since her joining us, looking around nervously babe cherry kiss bangs hard in the backseat for free ride we turned our heads at her entrance.

She blushed and mumbled something about her breakfast dishes - as she even ate in her room where most people are otherwise occupied.

Mother glared at her as normal. "Just a second Lizzy. Mom, I want you to do something for me.?" Mom turned her head and her whole face just softened, her eyes twinkling at the prospect of doing something to make me happy - Gerald may not be with us but his influence is.

"Of course my love?" "I want you to take Lizzy up to your room and make love to her for the rest of the morning?" Mom's face underwent a half dozen emotions, shock being one of the more obvious. "Lizzy, you are to go with mom and do everything she says. I want you to do everything in your power to please my mom okay?" Lizzy didn't look too sure but nodded never the less, nervously looking at my mom who was glaring at me. "Don't make me do this Liam?" I just glared back at her so that she made a snorting sort of noise, reminiscent of before that fateful day that Gerald found his power, and turned and stomped away.

Lizzy followed nervously a moment later. Melissa whistled lightly then gave me a 'I hope you know what you are doing look'. With a wiggle of my finger, the pastor's wife followed me to my room. To the sound of mom and Lizzy's pleasure, Melissa and I listened while enjoying ourselves. I fucked Melissa in her sexy tight ass as a cumulation of our morning. I left the thirty-nine year-old snoring lightly as I made my way back to the kitchen.

There mom, wearing only a tee-shirt, smiled shyly at me. When I pulled her into a hug and then a gentle kiss, both of us tasting the ladies we had been with on the others tongue, she clenched me fiercely. "I was so wrong about her her Liam! We talked and talked and I realized she is just a much a victim as the rest of us are." "From the sounds I don't think the only thing you girls did was talk?" Mom smiled playfully at my jest, "No silly, we spent most of our time eating each other out.

Satisfied?" She smirked back. I winked, "The question is, were you mom?" She smiled widely and we both broke up laughing. -*- The next phone call about Gerald was from Jane, my buddies fifteen year-old neighbour. "You have no idea?" "No, but I don't like this one bit." Fear was clenching my heart giving me a small tremble in the hand that held the receiver to my ear.

Mom and Lizzy were making a large supper for our busy household, both half-listening to my distressed side of the conversation. "How many were there?" "Oh god Liam, I have no idea. Do you think Gerald is okay?" I wasn't so sure. "Of course he is Jane." A large van and a couple cars had invaded Gerald's home, Jane had seen Theresa rushed into the back of another, smaller, van before it rushing away. There was no news of my sister Amy who was staying with Gerald. "Did you hear about Christine today at school?" For some reason I didn't think this was going to be idol gossip so braced myself for more bad news.

"She was pulling another train in the guy's washroom when some government types busted in and carted her away. Its the talk of the school." Gerald was having fun with Christine at school the last couple of days - there was a lottery and the twelve guys chosen got to line up and fuck the hot cheerleader.

There was rumours that guys were paying hundreds of dollars to take the place of one of the guys who's name were picked. At that point my sister Lisa came in with Sara and Angel and by the fearful look on their faces, I knew something was wrong.

Melissa appeared from downstairs with yet another load of laundry, stopping in her travels to see all the eyes watching me filled with concern. The whole gang was here. "I have to go Jane." "Please Liam, don't go.!" I hung up. No one said a word. We should be rejoicing right? The evil king was dead after all! The knock was loud and almost sounded as if the walls itself shook. Then the door busted down and a rush of men in dark glasses came in.

-*- Sunday -*- The interrogation, there just wasn't any other word for it, came as a relief if anything. After being handcuffed and roughly lead to a large van with my eyes and mouth covered and then left for nearly two days alone in a dark cell, only a small slot for food and a porcelain toilet with no lid in the corner.

". and Billy traded his mother for Louise?" "Yes sir." I was scared. And I mean really fucking scared. The older man consulted his notes and sighed yet again, "How did you end up with Melissa?" "Gerald was going to pimp her out in the city and I offered to take her." True enough.

He looked up from his phoenix marie goes on top of seth gambles cock, his eyes cold and intense, "And I bet you have enjoyed yourself haven't you?" I just looked at him, feeling my face flush with humiliation, realizing I had.

He sighed again shuffling the papers before him. "I have no evidence that you are not just another victim here - but something isn't right and I can't put my finger on it." He looked sharply at me. "Gerald never told you how he did it - sharing with his best buddy did he?" I was opening my mouth to deny the suggestion when I stopped, swallowed and told him what I knew, about the Egyptian text.

"And nothing else?" "No sir." I was trembling again, fear. "Sir?" He looked at me almost impatient that I should ask a question. "How is my family doing sir?" He sighed again, "Not too good. Gerald really did a number on everyone that came in contact with him these last couple of weeks. We are unsure how to handle it." I wasn't too sure who 'we' were, but thought it prudent not to ask. "They are safe then?" The man looked at me for a long while until I shuffled as much as I could since I was shackled to the hard wood chair.

"Your mother and younger sister have been asking about you." He seemed to come to a decision, "Lizzy told us what you did." My heart almost stopped cold - it could only mean how I had initiated the first contact, her initial humiliation and rape! "How you saved her from the warped intentions of her son Brian." I exhaled and began to breath again.

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"Melissa said that it was you that saved her from her own kids, from being put out onto the streets. Sara told us how you saved her as well. It seems all the ladies that you were living with think of you as their knight in fucking shinning armour?" What did this mean, why was he telling me this?

"Tell me what command that Gerald gave you?" I blinked twice, wondering what he meant by 'command' until I remembered that first day, seeing him transform my mother with just his look and his words. "I was to 'cover his back'." It was my first lie to this unnamed man but it came easily to my lips. "Did you and he have sex?" My response was no lie as I blanched visibly before responding loudly, "Of course not, no!" "Okay, take it easy. Gerald must have controlled you in other ways. Sara says all her brother did was tell her things and she found herself wanting to do them.

Did he order you to do other acts?" I realized I had to give this relentless guy more - a boy doesn't enjoy fucking his own mom without a reason right? But awesome erotic action on cam hardcore blowjob was no reason - no valid reason I mean. "I." "Yes?" He didn't sound very patient. "He made me enjoy. he told me to fu.

have sex with people." "Your mother?" He said it mater-of-fact. "Yes." "In fact, every one of the ladies in your house you have had intercourse with?" I felt shamed, hanging my head and whispering my response, "Yes sir." "Regardless if they called you their saviour, they were still your slaves correct?" I didn't say a word - not even sure what was the appropriate response.

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The man piled his papers into a single thick handful and stood. "I believe you Liam - but it doesn't matter if I believe you.

You could be controlling me right now so that I believed you. Tomorrow another agent will question you and the day after another. When we are satisfied that you are not a threat as Gerald had been, you will be released." He turned his back on me and left the room, my body started to tremble again.

-*- Weeks later -*- Lisa rushed from the car towards the washroom door of the gas station, mother sat behind the wheel chuckling at her daughters discomfort.

I sat up and stretched. "Want me to drive mom?" "No honey, I'm good for a couple more hours." She smiled sweetly at me over her shoulder - all things normal except that twinkle in her eye that made my heart miss a beat.

Lisa returned with a playful relieved smiled on her face, giggling as a twelve year-old should. She again sat up front with mom - leaving me to share the backseat with as much of our life that we could cram into our car. Mom pulled back out into traffic with a quick shoulder check. Lisa took that moment to look at me over her shoulder with a shy inviting smile.

My heart skipped yet another beat. -*- Months later -*- Aunt Jenny nodded her head in mock disapproval of the messy half of the room I shared with my cousin, her son, before turning from the bedroom and shouting towards the kitchen where her sister, my mom, worked on lunch, "Emily, that boy of yours needs to learn to pick up his dirty things!" I chuckled yet again before sighing.

It seemed our life was never to return to how it was. The emails were communicated regularly now - my little harem, as mom playfully called it, keeping in touch with me.

I was strictly forbidden to see them, else I too would end up disappearing like Gerald had, but nothing about talking on the phone or writing in email.

Lizzy was on her own, her son and his friends being thrown into juveniles jail for a few years. She often wrote me long missives about missing me - needing me. Sara had moved in with Angel with the latters parents who remained clueless to the extent of her daughters involvement in this 'cult' as was described about our town. She didn't miss her brother at all, her mom she felt sorry for, living on her own in a unnamed location. Christine, I heard through the grapevine was going through therapy but it wasn't sticking very well - as she kept getting caught doing the last commands that her boyfriend Gerald had ordered her to do.

Melissa calls, as she doesn't own a computer, telling me that her son was doing okay in juvenile jail - but I could tell she was lying. My guess was her husband, the pastor, was beating her and maybe her daughter Amanda, purging the devil as he used to say in his sermon. She was the only one that I would break super sexy blonde teen masturbating on webcam rule for about no meeting - recalling her sexy saunter, the way her large eyes looked at you as you filled her with sperm.

My sister Amy had been living at the dorm at school but had been kicked out over something that was not spoken about, there has been no word about her since. Mom refused to discuss her eldest child and I felt indifferent.

Only Lisa seems saddened by her big sisters disappearance. I emailed various people at school - keeping in touch, answering no questions thoroughly enough to satisfy everyone. The government types, and I still did not know which agency they worked for, seemed to extract the truth from our words after the week of interrogations but could do nothing about the previous conditioning.

As for Gerald, they did not give us a hint of where he disappeared too. "Supper honey?" Mom's bellow. Closing my email client I was about to get up when I realized that the folder I had set aside for collecting data from Gerald's firewall had contents. Clicking on it I found several large files from the last day or two before the government agents busted in. I opened just one file and immediately saw the words 'Egyptian scroll' and felt dizzy.

Guiltily I shut down the computer by its power button - looking over my shoulder comically, as if the government could see inside this very room. Mom came striding into the open door, "Did you not hear me Liam?" She came right up beside me, frowning impatiently.

My arm rose and went around my mother, my open palm gasping her soft familiar ass and puling her towards me. I kissed her covered breast and groped that ass suggestively. Mother gasped with surprise, pressing herself into me, and then moaned with long needed desire. "Oh honey!" Her face descended and our lips met, tongues duelled.

I would have bent mom over my bed right then if not for the sound of Aunt Jenny's steps coming down the hallway to the room. Mom moved a step out of the way and took a deep breath before her sister interrupted. My aunt appeared in the doorway and her mouth opened to say something but stopped at seeing my mother and my dishevelled appearance. Mom saved the moment by coming up with, "Liam ambushed and redhead with big tits loves getting fucked from behind me!" Aunt Jenny rose an eyebrow up in disagreement, "If you are finished having fun, lunch is on the table." It was only about this incident, she knew nothing about why her sister and her family had to uproot and level our home so suddenly.

She stood for a few seconds more before turning and leaving, still frowning. The total time that she had stood there I had been doing something I've never done before, I was appraising the physical qualities of my aunt. After three girls and a boy, she still had a figure, plenty of it perhaps but still rather attractive. I could have her now - I could have any woman alive! two men fuck one hotty homemade hardcore better go down before Jenny has a fit?" Mom was looking at me with her own measure of disappointment, her nipples now hard and thrusting through her clothing.

I nodded and mom sighed resigned, probably wishing as I just to do what we pleased and damn the consequences. "Mom?" She turned towards me, her exit halted, "Tonight?" A wide smile spread on her lips, "I would like that. I would like that very much Liam." "Midnight - out in the pool house?" A huge smile was on mom's face as she disappeared from my shared room.

I felt ecstatic with joy with the discovery that the secret of Gerald's powers pleasuring chick with oil massage hardcore and blowjob on my computer. I also realized I felt the power that I had only sampled those magical couple weeks not so many months before.

I would do it different than Gerald - not act so crazy, so wild and chaotic. Was there any wonder he caught the attention of people that wanted to stop him? Behind closed doors will sun and nader feet kis xxx my motto - no wild sex acts, no street racing in overpriced cars. The throbbing in my jeans only made me chuckle at how much fun it was going to have very soon!