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Say My Name "HELLO, CHEESY WEASELS!!! ARE YOU READY TO ROCK???" Ember looks out at the crowd, seeing mostly children, and the few adults that are their either work for Cheesy Weasels Pizza Palace or are parents to the children.

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She sighs, thinking of how she could've sunk so low. "GRRRRRRR! How the hell did it come to this?" She decides to start her performance and looks back to her band mates, giving them the signal. "1…2…1-2-3-4!!!" Her band begins to play 'Remember', her trademark song.

Most of the time, when this song is played, the audience becomes hypnotized by the melodic tune. They would become hooked on every Guitar riff, and every word she sung.

But since theses kids aren't even 10 years old, and most of the parents don't appreciate her Rock, the music falls on deaf ears. The band finishes, and waits for a wave of applause. Instead, what they get is a barrage of boos and jeers. "YOU STINK!!!" One kid yells out. "YOUR BAND IS UGLY!!!" Another one says. The insults come at her like darts to a dartboard. Then, without warning, a slice of pizza comes flying to the stage and hits Ember smack dab in the face.

As the slice slowly slides off and hits the floor, Ember's look grows more enraged. Having heard enough, she finally storms off the stage and eventually, out of the restaurant. Only stopping to pick up her check. An Hour Later… "THAT'S IT!!!" Ember kicks down the door to her Hotel Room.

It's a run down room with a bed, a nightstand and an old TV, black & white. Over in the corner is a door that leads to the bathroom that's not much bigger than xxx sex stories story download snyy leon closet. She storms into the room, carrying her Guitar and ready to rip someone's head off. "The snot-nosed brats, the crappy food, the measly $5.75 a fucking hour, I can't take this!" Her eyes wonder towards an adjacent wall, where she sees a poster she hung up when she first moved in.

It's a poster of her when she was famous, at a concert in Amity Park. This only enrages her more. "That use to be me. I had legions of fans who worshipped me. And men hung like horses waiting to satisfy me. Then Danny Phantom and his stupid friends Took It AWAY!!!" She strums her Guitar, which sends out a destructive wave of energy that rattles the room, and destroys everything that isn't nailed down. As the wave slowly fades, you can see the damage done.

The room looks like a Tornado just ran through it. Ember stands there, still angry over her situation. "I'm not gonna take this crap. I'm gonna get my fame and my worship back. They WILL chant my name again!" Her eyes wonder around the room and come to rest upon a stack of mail lying on her nightstand.


More to the point, she notices a Magazine, which features Pop sensation Brittany Britney on the cover. She walks over and picks up the magazine, examining the cover.

"I can't believe this Blonde Bitch has the fame and the loyal fans. She doesn't even Rock and…" She stops herself in mid-sentence, as an idea forms in her head.

A fiendish one that brings a fiendish smile to her face. "That's it. I've found my way back anuradhapura gon badu potos and nemanambars the top!" The smile widens as she tosses the Magazine down and takes her Guitar into both hands. "I'll make myself into one of those Pinhead Pop Princesses. I'll join a label, crank out the hits and be back on top in no time.

And Danny Phantom will never know about it…because he'll never guess it's me." She lets out a sinister laugh, one that fills the room. "Soon, very soon, they'll all be saying my name!" One Month Later… The TV is playing a newscast, with an Anchorman sitting behind the news desk.

"And the latest music Superstar seems to be 'Amber McLein. The new Teen Pop sensation has taken the charts by storm, with hit songs like 'Never Forget' & 'Keep Me in Mind.' She will be performing at the Amity Park Theatre tonight at…" The TV is suddenly turned off by Sam, who's holding the remote.

Tucker & Danny are with her, as it becomes evident that the gang is in Sam's room. Tucker stands up and argues with Sam. "Hey, I was watching that!" Sam just smirks and playfully tosses the remote from hand to hand. "My TV, my room, my rules." Danny interjects himself into the conversation. "Could we please start to focus? I felt some weird vibes when Amber was at the Amity Park Mall signing autographs. Something's not normal about her." Sam sits down on her bed. "Something's not normal about Pop music.


Amirican xstory com sex stories dxxxxx listens to that junk?" Tucker sits down in a chair near Sam's desk, where her Computer sits. "Yeah, especially when there's so much Goth Rock out there to be heard." He says sarcastically.

Sam leans forward and points at Tucker, defending her music. "Hey! Don't talk about Goth Rock." Danny steps between them before the argument can get more heated. "People, please! Focus. We have to find out the truth about Amber!" Tucker turns to Sam's computer and googles 'Amber McLein'.

What pops up on her screen is a photo along with some information. Amber looks like a typical Pop star, wearing a white tank top, white spandex pants & white sneakers. She has her blonde hair tied in a ponytail, which does look familiar, but nothing else out of the ordinary. "She looks normal to me, man." Tucker says.

"I mean blonde hair, hourglass figure, she even wears the headset microphone like most other pop stars wear." Ebony enema babes squirting in the bathtub puts his hand on his chin and examines the photo on the screen.

"Hmm, that ponytail seems eerily familiar." Tucker turns away from the computer and looks at Danny. "I don't know, makes her look kinda sexy to me." "Tucker, anything with boobs looks sexy to you." Sam remarks. She grins about her comment, before noticing she has boobs and covers them up by folding her arms over her chest.

Danny has a look of seriousness on his face. "Regardless, I'm going to that concert to scout out anything suspicious." Tucker gets up and stands right beside Danny. "And I'm going too! Maybe I can get Amber's autograph." Sam decides to tag along with her friends and stands up beside them.

"Aw, Hell. I'm going, too. Tucker might need someone to help get him out of trouble." She stands between the two and wraps her arms around them as they smile.

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A moment later, Tucker finally gets the joke. "HEY!" Later That Night… The Amity Park Theatre is jam-packed with Amber fans, wearing her shirts and holding her signs.

Some female fans, and strangely a few male fans, have even gone so far as to dress up like her. Amid all of the fans in the arena is Danny, who's wearing one of the Fenton Phones. He taps a button on the headset phone to contact Tucker.

"Ghost Boy to Tech Geek. Come in." Tucker is standing Backstage, looking for anything mysteriously out of place. He hears Danny calling him and answers. "Hey, why do I have to be Tech Geek?" "Because you have the PDA and the Techno knowledge." Danny replies.

Tucker takes a few moments and realizes that Danny's right. "Oh yeah." "Look, do you see anything back there that looks suspicious?" Danny asks.


Tucker looks around and only sees Amber's back-up dancers. He pays special attention to her female back-up dancers. "Nope, nothing suspicious. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to frisk a few of the back-up dancers." Danny sighs, thinking that Tucker is hopeless.

He decides to check on Sam, who's outside of the stadium in the Parking Lot. "Ghost Boy to Goth Girl, Come in." Sam stands near the entrance of the Lot, near a group of fans wearing Amber T-shirts and waving around her signs. She hears Danny and answers. "Nothing happening out here, Ghost Boy. Just some desperate fans." She looks over at them as they smile back. "We couldn't afford to get into the stadium," one of them says.

"So we're gonna stand here and beg for her autograph when she comes out later." Sam cringes a little and speaks into the Fenton Phone. "Some VERY desperate fans." She turns her attention back to the group of fans. "And I'm just gonna go over here now." She takes off and runs to the other end of the Parking Lot. The show kicks off inside the Theatre as the back-up dancers grace the stage. Tucker, still backstage, sees Amber McLein standing behind the curtain, holding a Guitar that looks awfully familiar.

He watches as the Guitar transforms into a Headset, which she places on her head. After a few moments, Tucker begins to put the pieces together. "Wait a minute…switch the A with the E…change Amber McLein to Ember McLain! Danny was right. That's Ember! She changed her look, and transformed her Guitar." He's about to press a button on his Fenton Phone to call in Danny for help, but stops himself from doing so.

"Wait, why call in Danny and let him take all the credit. I can catch her by surprise and expose her to the world. I'll be famous, beloved, and knee deep in gorgeous women!" Amber a.k.a.

Ember steps out onto the stage and addresses her fans. "Alright! Like, are y'all ready to get down and boogie?" The fans respond with a loud roar of cheers. Ember turns her back to the fans, as he look changes to that of pure disgust. "I can't believe I have to act like a fucking blonde bimbo just to get them to chant my name." she says to herself, as she looks at her back-up dancers. "Alright, let's make this good! I want them to scream out my name!

HIT IT!!!" The music blares loudly throughout the whole Theatre. Within a few seconds, most of the audience is hypnotized by the rhythmic sounds and trance inducing beats.

As Ember sings out, the crowd proclaims their love for her by chanting her name. Danny, unaffected by the music, decides that he's heard enough. "OK, This is way to weird & familiar. And I'm beginning to think I know who's behind it.

GOING…" Before he can transform into his ghost for, Danny Phantom, Tucker runs out onto the stage with a microphone. "EMBER! SO WARM AND TENDER!!! EMBER! Adorable little cutie gets her wet hole and tight anal reamed THING REMAINS!!!" He's singing one of Ember's old songs, specifically 'Remember', in hopes that he'll break the spell again as he did before.

Ember turns around to see him, and becomes enraged. "It's that loser that hangs out with Danny Phantom!" She reaches and grabs Tucker by his neck, dragging him backstage and slamming him against a wall, holding him there.

In her rage, she slightly loses control of her powers, which causes her true form to be revealed. Her hair turns from blonde to blue, and her outfit is transformed back into something more familiar, a black Tank top shirt, Leather pants, and platform Rock Boots reminiscent of KISS.

She tightens her grip around Tucker's throat, and grins evilly. "Looks like the Ghost Boy isn't here to save you. So SAY GOODBYE, DIPSTICK!!!"

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