Real incest daughter and mother lesbian homemade story

Real incest daughter and mother lesbian homemade story
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Not content with what was available, I wrote this with parts of all stories I collected to create as. Because my output slowed down over the last year and it was taking too long to finish (over 15 years), I planned to wrap it all up but recently lost my files before I could finish.

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Manage to retrieve this as last updated in over 18 months ago but it was too much work to do this again so call it a day and publish it as it is. Apologize for the errors but feel free to complete it as your own version. --- It was around six in the morning as police officers stood guard outside a young woman's wrecked car. About thirty minutes ago, some teenagers going deer hunting found her unresponsive. She had been dead by then for some several hours at least. The cool night had kept her in very good condition, and for the next three hours her body lay there.

The girl was about 5'7", had an athletic build, and long, blond hair.


She was lying against the seat of the BMW, dressed in a white blouse with a little black vest and a white sweater over that, a medium wide skirt, nude stockings and black open toed heels on her feet. Her pretty brown eyes were open, staring lifelessly at the white ceiling, her mouth partially agape.

When an ambulance was the first to arrived from vampire babe with big saggy tits squirting with toys satellite rescue station in a nearby small town a few minutes later.

Right behind them was a state highway patrolman Officer Jeff Tibbs. I walked up closer to the car until I could see inside, Her long shapely legs were splayed wide apart so that her pussy was in full view. One of the ambulance attendants thought he detected a very faint pulse and so they placed a neck brace on Abigail and removed her body from the car to a gurney to perform CPR. The teenagers was quickly taken out into the hallway so that he could be calmed down long enough to answer some basic questions for the detectives as one of the attendants lifted Abigail's top and unsnapped her black lace bra.

Her big tits jiggled as they performed heart massage and CPR on her. They were still in the process when a doctor arrived and checked Abigail for signs of life. He found none and signaled the medics that it was of no use to continue. He reached down pulled down her eyelids and gently closed her eyes.

At this point a sheet was placed over the corpse of young Miss Abigail Miller. Her honeymoon had ended abruptly and much too finally. I arrived at the old sawmill as quickly as I could and saw a small crowd of law enforcement and medical personnel gathered around an silver BMW abuzz with activity with police, and forensic and medical personnel went over the area searching for clues.

Photos were being taken by one of the technicians of Abigail and the surrounding area from the crime scene's unit. Shortly after that; Detective Charlie Hall arrived to take over the investigation. Not much got by Charlie.

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Less than a year from his planned retirement; he had nearly 30 years experience in all areas of police work. He walked in and surveyed the scene. It was obviously a horrible of a very beautiful woman he thought as he stared at Abigail's corpse before returning to the door to prevent the evidence from being trampled.

He picked up her purse and took out her drivers license with the name Abigail Miller, and she was twenty-one years old. He walked over under the light so he could see better.


He continued to look through her purse. He walked back over to where she lay, and looked down at her. The medical examiner spoke again. She had a lovely low sweet voice and I knew I would like her if we could have met in normal circumstances. "I'll have to call this a car accident for now. When we know more I'll be able to confirm or deny, but for now I'd have to say I can see no reason this young and otherwise healthy looking girl is dead." "Sad when they die so young." "Yeah," said one of the policemen.

"Cause of death seems pretty obvious," the voice of a black-haired female whose face was obscured by a protective mask piped in.

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"Still, the ME's probably going to want to do a full autopsy to be safe." Her panties had a yellow stain from where urine had dripped out of her bladder upon death, yet this was not the only indignity Abigail had suffered as she expired. "Looks like she shit herself," the female investigator says, looking at the contents of the dead girl's pink panties.

Of course, this wasn't that uncommon a sight with someone that had been dead for hours.

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"When did she actually die?" One of the policeman. "I'll tell you more accurately when we do the autopsy but let's say tentatively, about five hours ago". "We'll need to tag her, bag her, and get her down to the morgue to find out anything more." Reaching back into her bag, she removes a white cardboard toe tag and, with the driver's license laying on the table next to her, uses it to fill out some basic information: Name: Abigail Elizabeth Miller Gender: Female Race: Caucasion DOB: 12/January/1994 DOD: 2/March /2015 Suspected COD: accident Case #: 20150702003 The girl was still wearing on her feet.

The investigator removes the small black shoe and places it in an evidence bag, freeing the girl's dark chocolate-painted toes.

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She then takes a few moments to carefully tie the white string of the toe tag around Abigail's big toe, the nail of which was glistening in the sunlight coming through the nearby window. The girl's well-manicured cold hands were then folded over her chest as a black body bag unzipped and waiting on top. With one detective grabbing her by the feet and another getting her at the shoulders, Abigail was lifted and slid over into the plastic who is she ass to mouth deepthroat. A couple final photos were taken and then the bag was zipped up, the only thing exposed being a small hole through which the tips of her toes could be seen, the toe tag moved to dangle outside the bag for the purposes of quick identification while her corpse was in transit to and awaiting processing at the county coroner's office.

The coroner arrived and directed the transport of Abigail's corpse to the county morgue. The ambulance drivers that had worked on Abigail to no avail were directed to transport her. Everyone watched as Abigail's sheet covered corpse was now wheeled and loaded into the back of the ambulance to be transported to the morgue. After the doors of the van were opened, the techs who were wheeling her outside grab at a plastic handle on the top and foot of the body bag and swing it unceremoniously into the back of the vehicle.

Abigail was dead, after all, so what did a little roughness matter to her? As the lead investigator from the Medical Examiner's Office walked up, she snapped her gloves off and took her face mask off as well.

"I'm gonna finish up here, grab a bite, and then meet you guys at the morgue. Think we've got a couple more stiffs just brought in too," she says, checking through a couple quick texts from the lead technician on duty. "Should be an interesting couple of days." After the doors were shut, she banged on them twice with her fist and the driver nodded, putting the van in drive, and leaving the scene.

One of the attendants jumped in the back with the body. As the coroner's van made its way through the mid-day traffic, Abigail's corpse shifted in its bag with each sudden turn or stop, her head moving side to side, and the toe tag on her big toe dancing wildly. As they were traveling down the road; he removed the sheet to have a better look at the young woman.

He admired her long tanned stocking-clad legs. His hands pushed her top up and he touched her large cooling tits. With a rebuke from the driver that they would get into trouble; he took his hand off and pulled her top back down.

But his curiosity and lust were not to be denied. His hands now wandered to her short skirt and he slowly slid it toward her waist until her panty came into view.


His eyes could hardly believe this sight. He patted her crotch with his gloved hand before receiving another rebuke from the driver and pulled Abigail's minishirt back in place and covered her with the sheet. They were now pulling into the receiving area at the morgue. All-in-all, the ride would be about 35 minutes, though time to her mattered little. She would have been happy to know that an unusually high number of male morgue attendants where eagerly awaiting her arrival.