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Dormida dildo peluda mexicana df manoseada ex esposa panocha pussy puc tube porn
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About 2 months into me and Wendy's (aka Dr. K) ongoing lesbian affair, she said she thought it was time for us to make some "house calls". She called me one night on my cell and explained to me in a week we'd be driving about 30 minutes out of town to perform an exam on a woman with whom she met on an online medical fetish message board. She said I needed to get a nurses outfit that she approved of, as I would be playing the role of her nurse. A few days later, after Wendy's approval of which costume I had picked, I ordered it from an online halloween site and it arrived in my house in mere days.

Wendy told me to wear it under a trenchcoat because once we arrived to the patient, we'd have to stay in girl one boy three sex vidoe. When the big night arrived, I drove to Wendy's house and then he hopped in her Expedition and drove to our "appointment". Wendy was dressed in a long black. belted trench and a pair of black stilettos.

Underneath, she had her white doctors' coat on (embroidered with her name) and nothing but a pair of black lace panties and a bra. I had my long white belted trench on with my nurses costume that was like a white latex mini dress, very plain - none of those cheesy red crosses on it.

I also had on a pair of red stilettos. On the way to meet our patient, Dr. K (aka Wendy) told me what was about to go on. Our patient was a 28 year old attractive female (Dr. K and her had exchanged pictures over the internet) who lived with a boyfriend and always wanted had a medical fantasy that she was afraid to share with him.

We'd be meeting her at a motel and at the end of the "exam", we'd be paid $300, to which Wendy would give me $100. Wendy went on to explain that Denise (our patient) had never even been with another female. I was so excited, I was getting wet in my panties just thinking about it.

Wendy went over "the script" with me according to the patient's wishes (what's okay, what's not okay, etc. etc.). After about a 40 minute drive, we arrived at a somewhat, seedy motel.

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We got out of the car and Wendy handed me a duffel bag while she carried her black leather doctors bag. We knocked on the the mother pay for son debth and a very pretty, tall, slender brunette answered the door wearing a white T-shirt and white full briefed cotton panties (she had been instructed to by Wendy).

"I'm Dr. K & this is Nurse Julia. We are here to exam you", Wendy said. We entered the room and Dr. K began take out of her instruments. She handed me a stethoscope. I put it on and instructed the patient to swing her legs off the bed while Dr. K continued to prepare for the exam. I took out my little flashlight and looked at her eyes, nose and ears. I listened to her heartbeat under her shirt but not exposing her bare breasts just yet.

I then told her to lay flat on her back and it was time to check her mouth. I took out my tongue suppressor and told her to say "ahhhh". I did exactly what Wendy had instructed me to do in the car. I stuck my fingers deep her mouth, stretching it and making her gag, while shining my flashlight down her fucking throat. I pressed my tits that were popping out of my cheap nurses costumes just inches away from her face to get her aroused.

I then put the tongue suppressor in and started gagging her like that. Before long, I noticed Denise opened her legs ajar. "Rub your fucking clit over your underwear", I told her. Denise reached down and very lightly rubbed her clit as she gagged and drooled incessantly. After that I told her to stop touching herself and it was time for the breast exam.

I softly lifted up her shirt and exposed her Bcup size titties. I saw her body tense up and I could tell how nervous she was. It was like the first time Dr. K exposed me naked in her real exam room at work. I felt so violated and so fucking hot at the same time. Her nipples immediately stood at attention. Dr. K was still unpacking her bags, getting everything in order but every so often she'd come up behind me and "check in" on the exam, as she would softly grab my ass from behind.

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Dr, K had reached under my dress and inserted her finger in my anus and began fingering it. I kind of pulled her hand away because we hadn't even completed the exam yet and I wanted to preserve my orgasm because I had a plan that I hadn't told Dr. K about. I then came up, unbuttoned the plastic buttons on my uniform and placed my right nipple into Denise's mouth and instructed her to suck on it.

I instantly felt my pussy get wet and I couldn't wait for penetration in my hole. I began to give Denise her breast exam, feeling all around both breasts. I started to pinch her nipples simultaneously and Denise let out a soft moan. She lightly began to grind her hips against the bed and her legs started moving further and further apart. I then leaned down and and started to suck on her nipples. Denise's eyes rolled back in her head with pleasure. I felt Dr.

K come behind me in the bent over position and stick her hand up my white shiny mini dress. Dr. K watched as I sucked and bit that slut's nipples, rotating back and forth from left to right, right to left. "Denise, how do you feel?", Dr. K asked the lovely schoolgirl is seduced and rode by her senior teacher. "So good," Denise whispered.

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"Play with that little clit over your panties". I moved out of the way a little bit so Denise would reach down and play with herself. She was rubbing that clit harder than she had before when I did the oral examination and I couldn't wait to see how wet she was going to be. Dr.

K then said it was time for the vaginal/anal exam. I pulled my tit out of Denise's mouth and placed in back in my dress.

Dr. K had taken a chair and put it at the foot of the bed. She had all her tools sprawled out on the dresser behind the chair with a napkin placed over it so Denise couldn't see. She told Denise to scoot down to the edge of the bed, as she put on her white plastic gloves. Denise had removed her shirt at Dr. K's request but still had her on her white cotton panties. "Nurse, please pull down the patient's underwear so I can exam her". I put both my hands on the waistband of Denise's panties and slipped them down to her knees only.


"Now Denise, please open your vagina so I father and daughter incest in mainstream movies see the inside. Please leave your panties at your knees." Denise lifted her legs in the air, her panties stretching around her knees. She took her fingers and spread her labia open so we could see. Dr. K took her legs and bended them further back so we just had her two holes glaring back at us.

"Good, Denise but I need you to open it wider. Please let me see the hole", Dr. K said softly. She reached down to her pussyhole and forcefully opened it as some white stuff dribbled out.

"Nurse, please remove the patient's panties all the way". I slid Denise's panties all the way off and placed them on the floor. "Denise, please show me how you play with yourself." She was a little hesitant at first but soon she was rubbing her clit until it was double it's normal size. Her outer lips got swollen and engorged with blood as she got more and more turned on.

I was instructed specifically by Dr. K on the way there that I wasn't allowed to touch myself as we watched Denise fingerfuck her pussy. This was HER fantasy and she wanted us just to watch her, and long for that pussy and it most definitely worked. "Okay, Denise I think you are ready for the exam now", Dr. K said just before Denise was about to cum.

Dr. K began the visual inspection of the pussy, pulling apart all her folds. Denise was itching to touch herself again so Dr. K handed me a roll of bondage tape and I taped her wrists to the headboard.


After Dr. K felt the visual exam was complete, she took out the speculum from underneath the napkin. "Oh, fuck yea," Denise moaned. "You going to look inside that pussy?" "Yes, I am," Dr. K said. Dr. K didn't even need to lube up the pussy spreader; mature british lady in stockings fucking a truck driver tube porn just slid right in.

She turned it and clicked it and then took her light and was looking deep inside Denise's hole. I looked too and the aroma in the room started to smell instantly like pussy from the 3 of us being so excited. "Play with my clit?", Denise asked.

Dr. K looked up at me approvingly (after all, the patient was a paying customer) and I began to rub her clit with the speculum still inserted. I started to rub it harder and faster and Denise was gyrating all over the bed. Dr. K continued to just gaze inside the gaping hole, licking her lips.

"Lift your ass up", Dr. K said. I helped Denise bend her legs back as Dr. K licked her finger and inserted into the patient's rectum. "Oh my God!", Denise screamed.

Then, simultaneously, I rubbed her clit furiously as Dr. K roughly fingered the girl's asshole. Dr. K instructed me to go sit up by Denise's face and masturbate on it while Dr.

K fucked her with the speculum, just like we had done to poor Kimmy just a few weeks ago. I went up by Denise's face and straddled it. "Yeah, let me see that pussy", Denise said. I removed my underwear and hiked up my dress and spread it open less then an inch from her mouth and nose.

"This pussy?", I asked her. "Yeah, play with that little pink pussy", she said. I began to masturbate on her face as Dr. K fucked her hard with the speculum and fingering her ass at the same time. I rubbed my clit fast for a few minutes until Denise asked me to put my fingers inside and open it.

I did as I was told. "You like that, you little dirty slut?" "Yes, Nurse, I like it. Keep going!" This is where my secret plan was going to come into play. I had been watching a lot of porn since I had started my affair with Wendy and wanted to be able to learn to squirt when I orgasmed like Wendy did.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on cumming and right before I did I screamed, "Doctor, quick come here!" Dr. K dropped the speculum and ran around the bed by the headboard just in time to see me cum all over Denise's face as I held her mouth open. She was gagging and shocked at first and then she smiled.

After I came, Dr. K grabbed me by the face and stuck her tongue in my mouth while reaching down and grabbing my nipple hard. My body was still spasming from my orgasm. She then unbottoned her white doctor's coat and I realized she was wearing the same strap on she had fucked me with the first time.

She untied Denise, removed the speculum and told her to get on all fours. Dr. K climbed up on the bed and inserted the rubber cock into her pussy. I laid in front of Denise and told her to lick my pussy and ass. Dr. K fucked Denise hard as her soft tongue lapped my throbbing post-cum japanese young wife n son sex. "Fuck it with your tongue, whore", I ordered her.

She did as she was told and even would reach up and fondle my nipples. Dr. K rode her ass, spanking her hard every few seconds. Finally, Denise looked up from her pussy and said, "I'm gonna cum". Dr. K rode her harder until finally Denise let out a scream.

Dr. K withdrew the cock and it dripped clear juices all over the bed. Dr. K removed her strap on and handed it to me and told her to fuck her, something I had been dreaming about for over two months now.

Denise sat on the other side of the bed and watched as I fucked Dr. K with her legs open in the air, furiously rubbing her clit the whole time. Denise was touching herself and grabbing her nipples the whole while, saying things like "fuck that doctor's pussy" and "fuck it harder". After only about 3 minutes of me pumping Dr. K's meaty pussy, she told me to pull out and she grabbed me by the hair, forcefully stuck my face by her crotch and came on my face (that was her trademark).

There was very minimal chatter after we were all done. Denise wrote Dr. K a check and thanked us for our services and she would gladly recommend us to anyone that she knew had the same sick fantasies as her.