Flawless czech teen was seduced in the supermarket and pounded in pov

Flawless czech teen was seduced in the supermarket and pounded in pov
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INTRO: This is a story that begins in a small town called Ivor-Creek 500 residents We now follow a woman of 20 named Clara she lives on a street with yenna and angel share a stiff cock masturbation and blonde other houses with hers at one of the ends the town is based in one of what can be the coldest parts of the world but we dont know her where about's also this first part is pure character building a week from now i will release part 2 ______________________ "Clara" a voice whispered, She gazed around her room she stood up and checked her home, the bathroom EMPTY!, the living room EMPTY!, the Kitchen EMPTY!.

Perhaps it was just her she was still up at 2am doing fuck all, appearing that she had an empty household she went back to her room."Clara" the voice whispered she looked out the windows this time as she had locked the doors before.

Making a 360 Degree scan of the out side of her house she still could see nothing from the comfort of her home could see nothing. She sat back in her chair to doze off till the morning, "Clara" the voice was there again she looked at the clock frantically searching "4am" she thought she made a 360 Degree scan outside the house her bedroom window faced the front of the street she peered out her window looking back and forth across the dim lighted land to see a figure standing maybe what she thought was 200m out perhaps her imagination?

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No, seemed a bit real but it was late she dismissed the figure outside and went to her bed. RING! RING! RING! "Fuck me" Clara shouted 9am as she clicked the off button of her alarm clock. She remembered the events that had taken place before she slept she thought nothing of it but it was strange indeed. She got dressed, fed herself left her home locked her door but when she left her house he neighbour Mr.

Wittiker left too ,he was in his 20's ,he was hot and enjoyed a drink ,but Clara thought he was a strange man as he had a large collection of plastic models to which he kept in his front window 40k he called it but Clara was sure they were expensive hunks of plastic (writer intervening: don't actually dislike 40k).

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"Morning Clara" he said, "hi Mr. Wittiker" Clara replied she left for her work in the city. Clara worked in a large office building with what she could only guess is that she had the same amount of co-workers as her much loved neighbours all in one building it was silly all those people working in one place then again she'd seen stranger.

All that working day she thought about the figure she'd seen, she couldn't put her finger on what she had seen, "Hmm" that's what went through he head all day.

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Well she continued to think and the days flew by for a week she hadn't seen anything since or heard the voices maybe it was her. Another week passed and she forgot it. She walked home to the bus stop the usual route like she did after every working day through a few alleys, she never had trouble everyone knew her in those alleys too and so there was always an eye kept on her to make sure she got to her stop on time.

Tonight was different though no one was out, talking to her the alleys were filled with an eerie silence that she didn't like. She blacked out. She was woken a strange room tied to a chair.

Can this be real, was it a joke, where was she many question filled her head. It wasn't a well lit room her first thought was that of a movie she seen recently 'SAW 3' she almost giggled at the silly idea someone would tie her up just to do a bit of torturing pointless in her eyes.

Then the door room opened and the figure she had seen 2 weeks prior bella nikole black gets tied up and slammed in staring, looking almost delving into her soul. Another blackout and she was up, a search for the time was again commenced "IS THAT 7 ALREADY!" she almost panicked at the time she left her work at 4 usually how had doxy is fully in love with sex games lost 3 hours?

any way she decided it was shower time. Which just so happened to be her favorite time of the day. She slowly stripped herself exposing more skin with each item removed Clara did it in such a way that was almost art like, her shirt, her trousers she removed her baby blue bra releasing her B-cups every woman she knew had bigger tits than her but she enjoyed having small breasts they were easier to handle, carry around and she loved to play with them infact she probably squeezed her own tits 5 or 6 times a day, out at the club she would convince as many men as possible to have a feel of course men being men they always took her up she relished the idea of it again and again.

Her panties came down giving way to a nice flat ,shaved pussy she hated pubic hair so every day she would spend 10 minutes going over her pussy with a razor and every week or 2 she would buy fem car products to keep it extra smooth. When she was in the shower her long brown hair would cover eyes washing it was what she thought a right pain in the arse but it was what she thought it was necessary to keep up her good appearance.

Clara got out the shower and waited in bathroom she liked to drip dry it made her feel comfortable with her body walking around naked for hours she even liked to let her hair drip dry it would take her hair 2 hours to fully dry into nice soft fluffy brown hair she went back to the bathroom looked in the mirror to fix her hair, gave her breasts a nice squeeze and went to bed.

"Clara" the voice whispered again 1am from a 12am lie down she looked to her front window to where she had seen the figure before she seen the figure again this time it was closer about 100m out this time she almost shivered to the fact some creep was watching her like that every night "why won't they take a fuck to themselves" she said as she peered out her window her green eyes glinted off the moonlight that hit her window she was a bit creeped out now.

But like clockwork she went back to sleep. BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ!

a call from her mother at 11am she woke up with a sigh it was Clara's first day off in 3 weeks and it would be like that for the next 3 days sat about doing fuck all maybe she would see the figure in the distance again although it was weird she was almost intrigued that someone would watch her