Slutty blond double fucking her pussy with huge dildos

Slutty blond double fucking her pussy with huge dildos
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"shh Lindsey you'll wake your brother!" Kathryn Pierce scolded her 9 year old daughter as they crept into 13 year old Connor's room. "Sorry Mom!" Lindsey whispered as she opened the door slowly and quietly tip toed inside.

10 min earlier "Mom, what's a boner?" Lindsey asked "where did you hear that" wondered Kathryn "some boys at school were talking about them, what are they?" Kathryn thought for a moment and decided to just come right out with it. "when a boy sees a girl he likes his penis gets bigger and harder, then he is ready to make a baby with her, that's a boner" Lindsey was crazy pretty college girlfriends bisexual smoking hot dorm fucking for a moment then asked "do all boys get bonered?" "boners, but yes all boys get them" Kathryn tried not to chuckle.

"even Connor??" Lindsey asked, her eyes wide. "I'm sure he does" as she said this Kathryn began to feel something in her stomach. Her husband left when Lindsey was 4 and she had not had a man in her life since. "CAN I SEE?" Lindsey nearly shouted, bringing her mother out of her trance.

"Lindsey calm down you're brother is sleeping, he had a long day at Soccer practice" with this came the image of her son in his football uniform, sweat dripping off ear length brown hair, his tan toned legs and arms glistening, his jersey clinging to his slim but very well defined chest and torso.

She felt herself get moist down there and quickly brushed it aside telling herself she just hadn't had sex in too long. "Please mom?" Lindsey practically begged "I just want to see real quick!" Kathryn should have said no and sent little Lindsey off to bed, but no matter how much she tried to convince herself otherwise she too wanted to see what her son had under his soccer shorts.

"allright but we have to be quick and absolutely silent understood?" "yes mom" Lindsey said as she led the way quickly to her big brother's bed room Inside Connor's room Once inside, it took Kathryn several minutes for her eyes to adjust to the dark. When they finally did she had to stifle a gasp as she saw her precious teen age son laying on his back, his hands up over his head, with his thin sheet just covering from his knees up to below his belly button.

She marveled at his chest, his developing abs, and his muscular arms. Mother and daughter stood a foot away from the bed, both frozen and unsure what to do next. They looked at eachother.

Kathryn did her best to hide her excitement, telling herself this was only for her daughter's "education".

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Lindsey was doing a poor job suppressing giggles. Both were visibly shaking. "mom pull the sheet back so we can see" Lindsey whispered, clearly too nervous to move. Kathryn swallowed, took a deep breath and moved toward her boy's bed. Connor did his best to keep as still as he could. Having awoken to the door creaking and the whispering of who could have only been his mom and baby sister.

Connor's first reaction was to yell at them to get out, but he chose to keep his eyes shut, and wait and see why they were in his room. He knew one of them was approaching his bed, he didn't dare try to peek and see which. Then he felt fingertips softly run over his smooth chest, a jolt of electricity coursed through his young body.

Connor had had plenty of "girl friends" he was a very handsome boy but none had touched his naked body this way. When Connor did not move, Kathryn grew bolder. She put her full palm on her sons body, feeling his young muscles.

She couldn't lie to herself anymore, this was not for her daughter's benefit. Kathryn wanted her son's beautiful teenaged body. Lindsey stared at her brother waiting with growing excitement that she could not yet fully understand. All she knew was that she liked looking at her brother's naked body and she wanted to see more.

She urged her mother to keep going. Connor felt the hand move down, he figured by now it must be his mom touching him, the hand was too big to be his little sister. The hand felt so good on his smooth bare skin as it ran its way down his abs and torso down to his mid section.

He too was nervous as no girl had ever seen his penis in the shape it was in currently. It was rising fast and he foolishly hoped his mother and sweet baby sister would not notice.

Lindsey's eyes widened, her mouth gaping as she saw the lump under the sheet stretch and grow. She could not believe what she was seeing. Kathryn was surprised as well, she had seen her boy naked plenty of times growing up but never like this.

He truly was growing into a fine young man 2019 virgin storys of thomas stone would sexy hot babe danica dillon gets banged in multiple position pornstars and hardcore any girl. or woman. She knows those kind of thoughts were wrong but looking at her sweet innocent young man she couldn't help feeling overwhelmed by lust. Connor felt the sheet being lifted up and pulled down.

He usually slept completely naked, tonight being no exception. When the sheet settled on his smooth creamy thighs, he heard to his delight, two muffled gasps. He lay there with the same excitement as his sister and mother, wondering what would happen next. Without thinking, Kathryn placed a finger on the underside of Connor's young 6 inch circumsized dick.

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Her pussy now soaking wet, she had to catch her breath. "mom what are you doing?!?!" Lindsey exclaimed shocked that her mother would actually touch the big thing between his legs.

But also very curious about it as well. "Lindsey sweet heart, boys like being touched this way. come closer and try" Lindsey wasn't sure, but she trusted her mother so she quickly moved to the bed, and got down on her knees to give her brother's manhood a closer inspection. "it's so big!" Lindsey exclaimed quietly. "it will get bigger as he gets older too" Kathryn stated (much to the satisfaction of Connor) "wow!

Can I touch it?" Lindsey asked. "yes but be very gentle" warned her mother. As Kathryn somewhat reluctantly pulled her hand away, Lindsey replaced it with her own smaller hand. She cupped her brothers shaft and caressed it, not knowing how good she was making him feel. "mom he's smiling!" Lindsey was ecstatic but managed to keep her voice down.


"yes your making him feel good. Want to see how to make your big brother feel even better?" Lindsey quickly nodded her head. Neither Connor, nor Lindsey were ready for what Kathryn did next.

When Connor felt Lindseys soft small hand squeezing lightly and playing with his dick he had to force himself not to gasp giving himself away. When he heard his mom say something about making him feel better he could not imagine how that were even possible.

Then he felt his young rock hard cock being lifted up and all of a sudden it was engulfed an a warm wet feeling that sent jolts of pleasure throughout his sexy teen body. He could not contain it any longer and let out a soft moan. He opened his eyes slightly to see his moms head bobbing up and down on his rod.

His sister staring in disbelief at what was happening. He had never felt anything this incredible. Street prostitute with tight pussy is worth every penny things his own mother was doing to him were making him feel like he would explode from the pleasure. Her tongue danced all around his thick meaty young cock.

as he neared orgasm he reached out his hands putting one on his moms head and the other on his sisters little thigh. Lindsey shrieked but was too frightened to move. All she could do was watch as Connor started bucking. His finger tips digging into Lindseys leg making her yelp.

Connor let out a loud moan as his first orgasm caused by another person washed over him, he unloaded his hot young cum deep down his mother's throat. Kathryn swallowed every drop of her boy's seed, sucking and licking it making sure she got everything. Connor let go of his sister and his mother and fell back to the bed exhausted.


Kathryn got up, kissed her son goodnight and then turned to Lindsey and said "time for bed, your brother needs his rest."