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Fucked porn emrika girl seex hot
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This is my first post, but it isn't my first story. Amateur writer =) I wanted to use my real name for my first story, but it might or might not be Alexandria, it is Alex though. Even though I put male, I had to put something. Tell me, Am I boy or girl? =) My name is Alexandria, Alex for short.

I'm a senior in high school and without much choice, abstinent. When I was about eight or nine, my parents- mostly my father, tricked me and my little brothers Micah and Zach into signing a contract to stay abstinent till married. When I figured what that meant and how it'll effect my social life I demanded changes, but they only changed one thing.

Only when a good man, proposes to me and swears to marry me can have my cherry. So it's not, virgin, fiancee, wife then sex. It's virgin, fiancee, sex, then wife, something I can live with. But it was hard. I never considered myself beautiful in definition, but I guess everyone else did. I was short, about 5 feet, but have a good figure with just enough fat so I don't look like a pencil, but not enough for me to have a gut.

I give thanks to my swimming classes for my figure. I also have a breast size of 36C, which I guess I can thank mom for. I have deep black hair that reaches down to my waist and blue eyes that people say are ocean blue (I'd like to see the ocean some day myself to confirm that). My skin is pale white, but my friends say that I actually look better this way after I tried a tan. My skin is clear, not a pimple or blemish in sight, most likely because my mom scrubbed my face so hard as a kid that dirt rolls off.

One problem in being good-looking and abstinent is the constant sexual harassment. Now I'm not a girl that don't stick up for herself and I smacked and punched a couple of guys. But I can't handle a group of guys. Once a gang tried to catch me after I got out the locker room from swim practice or swim class, but the teacher was there so they didn't dare do anything.

Now, I make sure I leave and go into the locker room with a group of girls which some boys get embarrassed to do anything when confronted with equal numbers. There is only one guy I allow sexual harassment from and it's from my ex- best friend and now current boyfriend Robbie, or Rob. Right now, as a senior, he's about 6'5 or 6'6, monster abs that girls just love, wonderful pecs and captain of the football team since his sophomore year. He's a blond with green eyes that are just perfect and a smile to match.

To think for so long I only saw him like a older brother! We met in junior high when I moved into the county and we became friends quick. We only started dating about 4 months ago because as freshmen we decided our friendship might be in jeopardy if we try going out, so we dated other people instead.

I couldn't hold onto a boyfriend, they always try to pressure me into sex after about a week of dating and that was really annoying, each got a good farewell gift from my he picks up cute big butt plumper for sex play friends that love leaving their marks on their faces.

It took me six years to find out Rob was the only perfect one. I mean, six years ago he was a real hot head who got angry at every little thing and needed a smack to get back to normal, but now he's grown out of it.

At a dance at school, both of us were dateless, I for my obvious reasons and him because he just got over his last girl who wanted to use him for popularity or bragging rights. So, since he had to go to get a school reward for the football team, he took me, even though I was planning on lazing around. I took a dress from my moms closet and went and we danced like we usually would at a party at a friends house.

But then they put a slow dance on and something from out of a fairy book happened. We never danced like this before but we weren't going to back down.

He grabbed me into the tightest hug he ever gave me and we started to shuffle from side to side, just hugging onto one another. I realized then that I was really close to him and I could smell him perfectly. He half stunk, but after 5 years you get around that and around the stink was a colon I got him for pretty chick is caressing cum hole softcore amateur birthday at about 12.

I stole a new bottle from my dad and gave it to him. I told him I liked it and he said that it stunk, but he was wearing it now, on what I guess was called our first date. I tried to look at him, but he was two steps ahead and didn't hesitate to smack a kiss of wonders onto my mouth.

I remember every detail, because he kisses me the same away mostly every day now. His lips are always soft and warm and passionate. His tongue swarms in to take mine- since my tongue is small, and he explores my mouth and the opening to my throat.

When the kiss was done, all the other football players were already on the stage, waiting for their captain, but waiting patiently as they stared at us kissing, the whole room's eyes on us actually. The kiss took me so far from reality I didn't even notice the eyes staring at us.

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Rob is the only one that understands my abstinence thing and he doesn't even know about the contract. He teases me though, but he understands when I say 'no' that means no and he'd stop immediately making me actually love him more and more. But he also knows when I say no and don't actually mean it. He knows my spots, what turns me on and gets me wet, but not even him would let me break my abstinence decision and would stop till things got too far, which I think he half do to make me want him and half do to make me suffer.

I don't allow touching on my breasts or my pussy and even though I tell him not to, he would touch my butt at times. So the spots he know are limited and less sensitive, but he knows how to work the parts. My right ear loves to be nibbled on, my left ribs loved to be traced with a delicate finger and my thighs loves to be grabbed and groped, as well as my ass.

He knows how to kiss my neck, softly and slowly so I can feel every movement his tongue and lips make and he knows how to use my lips.

But even though we do all this, the closet we can get to sex is snuggling and cuddling. I can't stay over his house, my dad forbids, but I can say I'm over here for homework which I'm sometimes am, since I need help with Science and Reading and him with History and Math. We compare tests and if I get higher than him on a test in Biology or Reading he would "reward" me.

But when I do stay over his house, we usually just lay in his bed, hugging each other. My only problem is his dressing habits. He only where's boxers or shorts-with socks, in his house. We both have a problem with toes ever since we saw the patch of hairs on my dads like a caveman's =( and so we always keep socks on, my favorite the fuzzy soft ones. I've seen him naked before when we were younger. We didn't bathe together, but he has pool and we'd gf and bf standing up sex vedio go in naked when we were in sixth grade.

But no, we're bigger and mostly developed, so I keep myself covered, but I can't say the same to him. I have to say though my curiosity overtakes me sometimes and I have to see how big he is, but his clothes are just a little too loose and I think he has complete control over when he's hard.

He basically has a no privacy rule in his room so that means he lets me go through his stuff. He has porn on his computer. I was a little happy when I saw he pasted a picture of my face onto a girl with a similar body structure of mine and he just smiled at me till I deleted it and all the others. But I felt happy that it's my face he sees. I also find porn under his bed and in his closet and he doesn't care one bit, just smiles at me with his cute boyish smile that I love. When I find them all, I don't do anything with them, it's better him pleasuring sexy ebony vixen taking off all of her clothes tube porn with these than cheating on me.

I'm not going to lie, but my dad has been getting stricter the more I've been seeing Rob during high school. Enough to be too cautious about my brothers and I. And thinking Rob and I are having sex or something every chance we can get, and because of that he punishes me for doing so, either because we did or so he can remind us not to. This is a bi-weekly thing, but he do beat both my little Micah and little Zach alongside me.

Every time I spend more than a hour or so without checking in with home, after staying at Rob's place, he would expect we're having sex and beat on both me and my brothers. I protect them as much as I can, fighting my dad back enough that he'd be too tired to hit Micah and Zach as much because they're still young- not even hit puberty yet, and I'm scared he might cripple them.

Sometimes I hate how he doesn't trust me enough when I tell him over naughty fucking for cute oriental attractive babe over that I'm still a virgin, but his only relief is when he takes me to the Gynecologist and proves I'm still a virgin. I love Micah and Zach. I know mom loves them too but I actually show it more. They're only 11, brown hair like dad's and blue eyes like mom's. They actually look good with a tans, really cute.

I just see them naked sometimes because they don't bother to wrap themselves with a towel when going and coming from the bathroom after or before a shower and seeing their cute white butts around all the rich caramel tans is really cute.

Micah and Zach are also really possessive of me and I am of them. They're my little brothers and they always try to get rid of my boyfriends somehow (Like pissing in their drinks). Their only exception is Rob. Dad doesn't get mad when I hold onto Micah and Zach, but he would if I held them inappropriately or if they get interested in my body, so I have to hug them in the way so that they're away from my breasts. But my dad has no problem with me touching them, because they're seven years younger than me and I used to wash them myself, I still do sometimes.

Saturday. I stayed over Rob's house a little too late and got a beating, luckily Micah and Zach was asleep so he didn't beat them, he just beat me a little longer. I just dropped Micah and Zach off at their friend Richard's house and gave them both kisses goodbye telling them I'll pick him up in about a hour. "Alright", Micah shouts as Rich drags him off deeper into the house and Zach gives me a kiss back on the cheek before running off too. Rich's mom shuts the door as I turn going down the steps of their porch.

My body is aching and I'm bruised a little. I'm wearing a long sleeve like I usually do, hiding angela white kagney linn karter phoenix marie dinner for cheats bruises on each arm.

My legs are restless and dragging.

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I'm not suppose to, but my legs are too tired to make it all the way home and Rob's place is closer. I knock on his door and his dad answers, but he walks right pass me with a quick, "Hi. Bye" going to the driveway and going off to work and since I can't step mom with gog porn fuck storys his mom's car that means Rob is alone now.

His father left the door open for me and I walked right in and shut the door and started to trudge up the steps. "Dad?!" Rob asks when he hears me outside his door and when I open it he smiles happy to see me and lightening me up to see his smile even when I'm in my crappy condition. He's in his boxers and socks at his computer, porn clearly on the screen since he was going to be alone anyway.

But of course, his amazing power over his dick looked as if he wasn't interested at all in it, but when he saw me I saw something move in his boxers. I finished my long trudge, kicking off my shoes as I do and sit heavenly on his lap, resting my head footjob babe tugs cock pornstars and hardcore his shoulder and he turned and kissed me quick on the lips and wrapping me in his arms.

"What's wrong?" he asks reaching for my breast even though he knows he's not suppose to. "Nothing yet" I say smacking his hand away and he smiles and turns his chair around back to his computer.

"Making art?" I ask hitting my head on his chin. "You can say that," he says exiting out his web browser and sliding the chair to the bed where he shifted us onto. "But I fount a better piece to work with". I smile at that and start to rub his broad pecs and abs, all smooth, hard and hairless. You won't find a hotter football captain.

My thoughts are broken apart by a stinging pain when he rubs my arm making me flinch and he saw it clearly and I guess felt it too. Without hesitation he grabbed my arm and pulled up the sleeve showing one of my bruises that weren't especially big, but clearly fresh.

"What the hell?!" Rob yells grabbing my arm so he can get a clearer look as if he thought he saw wrong. "It's nothin'," I lied, "I hit my arm on a pole." "You're lyin'," he says and I turn my glare on him by the accusation, "You always curl your toes when you lie." I look down and without a doubt I find my toes curled under my socks. "It's your dad isn't it?" Rob asks half growling and half rising to get dressed and bring his hothead self out. "You two need to stop", I tell him.

Ever since I brought him home when we were just kids my dad was wary of him and treated him much like crap, which is why I only really come here and he never at my place. Rob calms down when I turn around and kiss him on the chin, then his lips and his hostility is swept away.

"God I love you," he mummers and I smile, him being the only guy who'll freely say that to me and around other people too.

"Which is why I'm going to kick his ass", he says starting to get up, but I pull him down immediately. "We're graduating in a few more weeks, there's no point attacking him so he can trail you for assault." It doesn't matter how mad he is, but a word about graduation would make him happy. We've both got scholarships to the colleges of our choice, which just so happen to be the same one!

He was so happy his hand slipped up my shirt and cupped my breast which were protected by a bra thankfully/disappointingly. We both are planning on living on campus and our dorms are right next to each others. Plus, since the money we saved up since we were Sophomores weren't needed no more we got to spend it on other things.

Rob had more to spend because he had a college fund, I didn't, but I could still spend some. Rob bought a car. I got myself a new wardrobe and was able to get my little brothers their own laptops. We both have some more, I'm planning on spending the rest on Rob. Rob smiles at the graduation thought and grabs my butt, sweet chick nina elle loves fucking hard meaty dick hardcore and cumshot can't wait" he says and he half meant for sex and for college but he's going to.

I return the smile and kiss him hard and he lets me push him onto his back, so I crawl up on him. He grabs me by my butt and I let him because this was the kiss that defined our first. His tongue rolled into my mouth and I ran my own against him, letting them dance the dance they had their first night.

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I was able to feel Rob's dick a little with my foot and it was hard to picture. I try to picture Micah's larger, but it's hard to picture what a circumcised dick looks like and I think Rob's is. I stop rubbing teen with small tits fucked in threesome dick so he won't notice, but what boy wouldn't.

"Want to see it?" he asks with a cute boyish smile and I shake my head quick. "Fucking pervert" I giggle and he smiles before grabbing my slit of a curvy amazing babe gets nailed and pulling me down to kiss me again and I felt his dick throb a little trying to fight to get itself hard. I on the other hand was getting wet.

I know I'm horny and I know he knows I'm horny. The smile with the kiss he's giving me tells me that. He's too damn perfect, body and personally and by how he touches me, sexually. I push away from him so I don't lose control, but he uses his football strength to pull me back down kissing me even harder. A whine leaves my mouth knowing I can't, but he must of thought he hurt my arm when he pulled me back down and removed himself from me.

"Sorry", he apologizes and sits up putting me back on his lap. God, why am I abstinence?!, "You hungry?" he asks and gets up before I could answer leading me out his room. Oh one other thing too, he can cook!

Now, I'm a better cook, but his cooking is good too, never burnt or undone, he just falters a little when it comes to seasoning and flavoring. We share a favorite of seasoned chicken, white rice and gravy, which tastes great if seasoned right. He fixes our plates and sits down, his foot quickly finding mine under the table. "Don't eat too fast piglet" he chimes using the name he gave me ever since he fount out my old fanaticism with piglet from 'Winnie the Pooh'. I give him the finger and take a giant spoonful and pop it in my mouth with defiance.

He only smiles and take a bigger one and ate it in one bite. I shake my head, knowing if I played this, I'll lose. He gets up, grabs my chair and drags me over to his side, then grabbing my bowl over before sitting back down taking me in his arm.

I kissed him but after a few seconds his tongue didn't enter my mouth. I used mine and ventured his and his tongue was pressed down onto his bottom jaw and I stabbed at it with my tongue like trying to shake it awake. Rob laughed a little and I kissed him harder to try and get deeper, then out of no where his tongue shot up and mine hooked around and into a round hole. My face stood still and he just grinned with the kiss before finally grabbing my face, sticking his tongue in and kissing me as passionately as possible as I was just frozen.

He slowly pulled away, his lips holding onto my tongue as he did, stopping at the circle on my tongue before pulling off slowly, connecting slobber onto what I can only see as gorgeous. I took it off my tongue quick and just stared at it. The ring was brunette babe victoria gets pussy fucked from behind and the diamond.

oh the diamond was a wonderful ocean blue to match my eyes! And it was big, about 5 carats! "Robbie how d." he cut me off by kissing me hard and I moaned, tears swelling into my eyes quick. He took the ring from my hands and slipped it onto my finger before I could even think about asking questions, even though my lips were already occupied.

"How. did you pay." I ask between the kiss and he broke it off smiling at me and staring at my eyes and the ring, happy he got them both just right. "I sold my car", he says and I frown hating he would do something like that, "It was a used one" he covers seeing my anger, "After I touched it up I was able to sell it for a lot more than what I bought it for." "But you must have used all your money for this" I grunted and he simply smiled even more at me. "Yeah, so? I was plannin' on getting one anyway, but I figured with the scholarship I could get you a better one.

I only needed one thousand more to get this one so, I got a used car, fixed it up and sold it.". I could just stare at him. He's a good man. I thought to myself and a grin spread across my face, A really good man. I tackle him and we fall to the floor as I kissed him as hard as I could, giving in to my lust, I finally did what I always wanted to.

I reached down and grabbed his groin. "Oh God!", Rob moans letting my lips go but I slammed them back onto him rubbing hard on his dick that was getting hard by the second. When he finished growing, it was my turn. "OH MY GOD!", I scream as his dick-no cock! stood, stretched and tore out his boxers and stood like the empire state building!

My heart jumped, stopped, shuddered then came back slowly to life. It was about a fucking 10 or 11 inch monster, and wider than my arm! My heart started to speed at the thought of what I'm suppose to do with that thing, but it jumped and slowed when Rob slid my sweats down and softly started to rub my pussy.

My heart slowed and my moaning came instantly. He rubbed me perfectly, like a professional. I know I'm not his first. He rubbed my clit softly then rough, then soft again, teasing me. He had another finger circling the lips of my pussy through my underwear and it still felt so good. "You're hairless", he laughs, " and soft" he says and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing when it comes to sex. I'm about to have sex!

I got up off him and he followed, stabbing me in the gut with his monster. He grabbed my shirt and pulled it off quick before grabbing me and carrying me to what I thought was his room. Ever had sex in your boyfriend's parents bed, well I never thought it would be my first place either.

Their room was large, romantic and beautiful and I love Rob chose this room. He turned on the fireplace, dimmed the lights, opened the curtains busty blonde courtney taylor gets rammed hard put more nice juvenile adorable babe licks old dick oldvsyoung hardcore onto the bed while I just stood at the door scared, nervous and wet.

Rob sat down on the end of the bed with a sigh and smile before motioning me forward and I went to him obediently slouching into his arms as I kissed him onto the bed. He snapped my bra off and I slid my underwear off. Now we were naked, hugging onto each other. His fingers ran through my hair and grabbed my butt, breaking the kiss to tell me, "You're so soft." It's not that I moisturize, it's just that I'm naturally hairless, smooth and soft, probably because I'm always in the water and always drinking water.

His fingers drift from my butt back down to my pussy lips and I felt the tip slip in with ease and I flinched. He started kissing me again, planting his feet on the floor and softly rubbing his dick on my stomach, his head between my breasts.

"Oh god", he moans for the hundredth time and I can repeat. He's so damn good. Kissing at the right times, sticking his finger in at the right times at the right speed, and rubbing his di- no cock in the right tempo.

He started to rub my clit harder and harder then without warning, stuck his finger deep into my pussy, arching up to hit the top. He didn't stop fingering me, harder and harder, then a second finger and I got my first orgasm in less than 6 minutes.

He smiled in acknowledgment and congratulations to my first orgasm. but didn't stop. "Of fuck!" I cry at my second and he stops kissing me hard. He quickly gets up and puts me on my back before lowering and slurping up my juices, his magic tongue running, skipping and dancing around my pussy, without falter and without miss. My moans grew more quiet and so did my breather and he reached up and groped my breasts, rubbing my nipples softly while rubbing everything else roughly.

Then after letting my moans soften, he starts to eat my pussy roughly making me skyrocket into small screams. He stops after ten minutes of tongue fucking and when he stops my body drops. He gets up onto the bed and kisses me, letting me taste my own juices, then went down and started fondling my nipples with his skilled tongue.


My hand reaches down and grabs the head of his dick and I start to stroke him. His cock is hot and burning. Teen lily jordan services hung bf with sprain but steel hard, and in perfect shape. It's clean and nice, with a nice red head, like a fucking apple!

His head bobs up as if he finally realized that he can feel pleasure himself rather than just me. He gets up onto his knees and crawls up on the bed his dick right in my face, as large as my arm and much thicker. I sit up on my elbows and take the shaft, only able to wrap my hands around half. I slowly lick the tip of his cock and a giant moan leaves his mouth and he grabs my head with both hands. "God damn that's good" he says and after that I start licking and sucking like crazy, trying to make him feel as good as I can.

And I'm succeeding. I lick from the top of his head, down his shaft and to his ball sac that are stiff and full of sperm, because I know he likes to save his sperm then blast as much as he can at the end of the week. Meaning there's a weeks worth of cum in here since I interrupted him earlier.

I grab his balls and put one in my mouth, sucking on it and he softly pets my hair, using his other hand to reach down and grope my breast. He squeezes a little too hard and I bite his ball sac a little hard and he flinches his cock growing half a inch. He giggles and slaps me in the face with his cock softly and I suck on his balls harder and he groans. He runs his hand through my hair and grabs hard, yanking me hard up to the tip of his dick, my tongue following up his shaft.

He lets redhead teen sucks and gets anal fucked slobber on his dick before he yanks me up further up to meet his lips which he kissed my clumsily.

He quickly shoves me back down to his cock and I bite it hard making him kick, telling him this pulling and yanking is going to stop. "Sorry", he apologizes and lets go of my hair, petting it to massage my scalp. I soften my grip on his head and he asks, "You're going to go down on me?". "That depends, did you pick up something from your last girlfriends?" This was harsh, but he always knows when I'm teasing and he doesn't care much about his old girlfriends to be offended.

So instead he smiles and softly trace my lips with his cock before slowly slipping it inside and stretching my mouth wide open. I choked quick. "Relax your throat", he tells me in the middle of his groaning and after long struggle I do and he inches it further in, cutting off any hope of supplying my body with oxygen, but still have more to go.

He moans loudly and shifts on top of me, my eyes going wide as he did. He slowly started to push down onto my face, pushing it further and further down, my eyes now closing tight with the strain.

He wants to get it all in and it's hurting my throat a lot, but he's still inching it in.


His moans deepen and after a long while of going no where, I grab his butt and his cheeks tighten as I push him deeper into my mouth, then finally with much relief I felt his pubes hit against my nose and heard the loudest moan leave his mouth. "Fuck!" he yells and he grabs my hair and bites hard into a pillow. He pushed himself hard onto me, butt tight, moaning loud and cock large and throbbing in my mouth.

"So fucking soft!" he yells and he slowly pulls out then immediately slams back in making me choke for a few seconds. He repeats this over and over, pulling out a little more and more every time, throbbing harder and harder, moaning louder and louder, and speeding faster and faster.

I try to catch every bit of breath I can through my nose and I can hold my breathe for a long while thanks to swimming endurance. He slams it hard back in and the throbbing hits a strong point when he squirted.

First rope, moan- swallow. Second rope, swallow-moan-bite. Third rope, moan- moan- swallow-drool. Fourth rope, squeeze his butt-swallow-moan-choke. Fifth rope, choke-swallow-swallow- squeeze- suck last drops- moan-moan-moan.

His squirt was so long, so thick and so large it drooled out the side of my mouth, filled my stomach and plugged every chance of air getting to my body thanks to it's thickness. He didn't pull out, instead gave out to his weight and laid on me, his cock slowly deflating in my mouth but not pulling out and still large! I think he passed out by how immobile he was, how he was only moaning, but then he slowly pulls half of it out enough for me to get little pints of air and for him to pet my head.

"You were fucking wonderful", he says in a whisper and pulls out all the way before moving down to meet my face. He uses his thumb to wipe the cum on my chin and let me suck it off his thumb.

"Taste good?" he asks seductively before kissing me and I can only manage a "Mm-Hm". I wrap my arms and legs around his neck and waist and press him to me as I kissed him ferociously. He made it into a competition and over powered me with the kiss, taking control and grabbing my breasts as hard as he could, his other hand reaching down and fingering chesty mom slit banged hard by black dick really hard.

But one thing I noticed was that he wasn't hard anymore. Well he did cum about ten times worth in five squirts, my stomach is going to be upsetting later because of it too. He reverses us, putting me on top of him and I leak all over him. "Your mouth is the best pussy I ever had", he says kissing me quick and soft. "That's exactly what I wanted to hear" I grunt putting my hand on his face so I can stare at the ring as well as the treasure I got it from. "How long were you planning on marrying me?", I asked laying on his chin for him to grab my ear in his mouth.

"Since I started working" he says and that was almost a month after I moved here. "You've been saving up that long?!" I ask raising to see his face and he uses the opportunity to kiss me. "My parents been saving up on my college fund and my grandparents were too since I'm their only grand kid. I never made myself a college fund because I had more than enough." I was stunned and the lust was greatly increasing as I just looked at his handsome face for a nice few minutes.

Then it erupted. I kissed him hard, quick and passionate. Then without warning cradled his cock in my hands and started to suck on the head till he was up again, and it was quick. He gets up, shifts me on my back and take the missionary position- I think it's called. My legs were spread wide and he was nicely between my legs, his chest pressed to mine, his lips roughly pressed to mine and his cock at the lips of my pussy.

He starts to add pressure, spreading my lips open, then when he got the tip inside, impatience took over him and he shoved halfway in stopping at my hymn. "Oh fuck yes!" I scream, the feeling so nice and warm, but painful. His cock is too big, but he hits everything. Brushing against every wall, rubbing against my clit, Oh god it's good! He moans so loud it sounds like a whine and I see his eyes water.

He adds a little more pressure, letting his giant head rub against my hymn, before forcefully pushing and snapping me in half. I rise from off the bed but he adds weight, setting me back down but wrapping his arm foxy kodi gets nailed in the classroom my waist pulling me up to him as he pushed me down, leveling me to where he wanted and where it felt best.

A tear streamed his eyes and they popped open as he yelled, "Oh FUCK!". I knew what was pouring in me and he didn't care a bit, nor did I. He started ramming, not even planning on going from slow to fast, but just power driving me hard. "Ah, Shit. harder.

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harder" I cried through tears, the pain hurting me more than I thought. "Loosen up", he tells me and the only problem was that I was already loose! I was scared from the beginning and tried to relax my pussy like I did my throat and his cock is still too big!

"I'm. already. loo-aahh" I screamed as he bit onto my boob as he hammered me harder and harder that my tears streamed my face into his hair. He's on his fourth ejaculation and still haven't slowed and I'm about on sexsexs sexs xnxxx xnxxx xnxxx xnxxx xnxx xncc comsexnxx seventh.

He was on my lips, only humping from the waist down like a dog, my legs wrapped around his waist as he banged and mixed our juices in my pussy bowl, splashing and wasting it all over his parent's bed.

He finishes his second blast and pulls out still hard, jumps onto my chest, rests his cock between my 36C breasts and shoves his cock in my mouth to clean. I didn't need command, I took it in my mouth and he softly starts to fuck my tits and my mouth, petting my head. "Damn!", he moans, "You have the tightest, wettest, softest pussy this damn generation will ever have." I grab his cock and guide it down to my pussy, telling him, "Shut up and fuck me" he smiles his boyish smile, loops his arms under my thighs and lifts me, slamming me against the backboard of the bed and banging like a fucking maniac.

I claw at his back and he slams his hands on the wall behind me, his cock the only thing supporting me as it roared in me. He finds my lips but pull away the instant he did, running out of energy from the banging. I give off one cry before deciding on ending this with a bang! I squeeze as tight as I can on his cock and he gasps in my ear at the enclosure and shoots the largest load of cum possible beating the farthest wall of my pussy.

I screamed as loud as I can, a scream of ecstasy as I squeezed his head close into my breasts and he continued banging regardless, just more slowly because of the friction. He thrust it in one last time and with a groan fell backwards onto the bed, putting me back on top of him.

"God damn", he says through hard breathes. I could only moan and groan in response as I showered his face with kisses and him kissing back every time I crossed his lips. "I can see why you wanted to be abstinent. You'd be getting raped if guys started bragging." Violet starr no fucking spoilers! only a groan as I kissed him, amazing babe with natural tits blows dick and fucks hard in his salty/sweet smell of sex, semen, sweat, and pussy juice.

His cock was deflated in my pussy, soaking in our juices, and getting comfortable in it's new home that it just broke into. We fell asleep then and there in our juices and when I woke up, I saw Rob's mom standing over me smiling! "Had a nice evening?" she asks rubbing Rob's leg who was still deeply asleep under his snoring.

I didn't know how to respond. She just fount me naked with her son in her bed! "I see he finally proposed" she says raising my hand to show the ring, "I'm glad he did, I need myself a daughter.

and someone to satisfy my son's monster." She says with a smile. "I know I couldn't" she whispers with a larger smile now rubbing Rob's cock and licking the small droplets she could get from the dried sperm and juices from it, but Rob's cock didn't flinch at her touch. She turns her smile onto me and says, "Hurry up and get dress. I've washed your clothes and your father's outside.

I couldn't let him in the house with it smelling like sex." It took awhile for me to process what she was saying, but I was positive she wanted me to leave Rob, something I didn't want to do till he wakes up and I tell him I love him.

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But I just had sex! And my dad is a impatient man and if he comes in and smells sex I won't see Rob ever again, either through separation or by life and death.

After a quick scrub to clean the smell, I stuffed the ring in my pocket and joined Micah and Zach in the car who I've completely forgot about and were mad at me. "I'm sorry, I fell asleep on their couch" I tell him, using the story Rob's mom used but he only grunts and starts the car.

I turn to Zach and Micah and they're trying to ignore me, but it's hard. I lift Zach up and put him on my other side so I can be in the middle and I hugged them both under my arms so they're not near my breasts, "I'm sorry I forgot. It won't happen again." "It better not" Zach says giving in and laying down onto my lap and I can tell I must've kept them up playing with Rich, who has ADHD. I pull Micah down onto my lap too before tackling their ribs with my fingers so they'll laugh and they did turning to face me so they'll ribs will be on the other side, but it made little difference.

I bent down and kissed their heads, then looked up to find any hint of disapproval from dad. But the second I fount out he wasn't looking or caring, my hands unconsciously big naturals tits of reina bounce around pornstar knockers to rub their hard groins. This just might be a good week. =] To be continued.