Big ass real mom son

Big ass real mom son
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Sister in law visits She is my sister-in-law. That little detail hasn't stopped me from getting crazy thoughts about the things I'd like to do with her. Ever since I met her, I've had this desire to see her naked and a urge be with her sexually. From one perspective, it's almost understandable. I mean, she's remarkably similar to the girl I married -- they both have great smiles, blue eyes, and vey similar in appearance - both on the shorter side with nice curves and both great tits.

It stands to reason that the features I find attractive in my wife also strike me in her sister. She recently left her job and had come to visit us. We have an extra bedroom with its' own bathroom so it's really no inconvenience. Which is why, when I came home from work and heard the water running in our master bathroom, I had no reason to think it was anyone but my wife taking a shower. Thinking we had the house to ourselves, I started undressing and walked into the bathroom fully naked hoping to ass fuck her punish my yearold backside and mouth her for an afternoon quickie.

Absolutely to my surprise it was not my wife in our shower. I stopped in dead in my tracks and just stared through the glass walls at the body before me. So similar to my wife, but not my wife - her wet hair, awesome breasts, the small waist and lovely hips, her legs -- all so similar, but it was indeed my sister-in-law naked before me.

My appraisal and gaping stare of her amazing body that took mere seconds was a more than enough time for her to cover up or me to leave, but neither of us made a move. While I expected her give a startled apology and I would stammer something in return while I left, she just turned her back on me and continued her shower, giving me a nice view of her small hands soaping her curvaceous ass.

No looks, no words, she just continued her shower. Like me walking in (naked) was perfectly natural. It felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I continued with my original plan.


But instead of opening the shower door to enjoy a hot shower with my wife, it was her sister I would hopefully be enjoying. I stepped in behind her, my hands gingerly reaching for her body, tracing her warm wet skin down her shoulders and across her back, feeling the curve of her waist to her hips.

Firmly grasping her at the waist and pulling in close behind her, I pressed my hips close against her, enjoying the feel of her soft skin against my hardening cock as the warm water ran between us. As I pressed tighter against her, my cock slid easily between her wet, soapy ass cheeks and a slight moan escaped her lips. It was the first sound either of us made. Strapon loving babes ruling over their sub stood there, pressed back to front, my cock throbbing between us and she slowly started to rock against me.

She reached back grasping my hips making sure our bodies would not separate and more aggressively sliding her ass up and down against the underside of my cock. My hands now roaming over the front of her body, enjoying the soft fullness of her breasts and marveling at the contrast once I reached her hard nipples.


Gently closing my fingers over them and rolling each nipple under my hands. We were both enjoying the sensation and I felt her body tense, her breathing briefly halt each time I pressed my hands against her very sensitive nipples.

I was trying not to but I was making the inevitable comparisons in size and sensitivity between her and her sister. Letting my hands slide lower over her wet stomach, reaching between her legs, feeling the warmth pulsing from within her. Letting the thin wisps of her pubic hair slip between my fingers until I was finally separating her folds and sliding inside, savoring her tremendous warmth engulfing my finger.

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I realized that she was in a much heightened state of arousal already - either she was as eager as I was or her mind was elsewhere before I joined her. Either way, I could hardly control myself as I worked my fingers across her slick folds. Her stance widened slightly to accept my probing fingers, allowing them to enter her freely and deeply with my thumb pressing against her pulsating clit.

Sliding both hands over her thighs, using my one thumb to pull back her hooded cover and my other to stroke the swollen little nub. Rhythmically circling, moving it back and forth occasionally causing her to again hold her breath as the pleasure built inside.

Her body matching my rhythm as she continued to push her ass against my hard cock. I could feel the pressure building between us and certainly felt the great need to explode when she suddenly pulled away. I hadn't thought of much other than enjoying the sensation of her body and felt an immediate shock at the thought that she might just walk straight out of the shower and our tryst would be over before it really started. But she turned to face me, and I got another amazing view of her fully naked body before she came close, placing short haired brunette decided play with her pussy after work day lips on mine, kissing me deeply.

Our wet bodies embraced once again. Her breasts pressed against my chest, my cock pressing hard against her pelvis. We stood there, kissing deeply, hands roaming, exploring each other's bodies. Her left hand stopped as it encircled the base of my cock, giving a strong squeeze.

We continued kissing, with her hand adding pressure against the strength of my erection when she pulled back again. This time I knew we weren't finished as she never released her grasp on my cock. She turned back again now placing her free hand on the glass of the shower wall, bracing herself as she bent slightly at the waist, rubbing my cock up and down the wet opening of her pussy.

She released her grip to brace both hands on the glass as I guided my cock inside her. I entered her slowly, pushing into her as far as I could manage. Her stance widening to accept me even deeper.

Holding myself there, buried in her, pushing my weight forward against her, my cock fully surrounded by her warmth. She too pushed back, creating an intense summit of pleasure before slowly rocking forward. I watched my cock reappear from within her, sliding out now covered with a different kind of wetness. I held myself still feeling her slight muscle contractions squeezing my cock before plunging back inside. Now more quickly and more forcefully, our bodies thrusting against each other with the growing pace of impending orgasm.

I hesitated slightly, trying to maintain some control but quickly losing myself in the amazing sensation of the shower and my sister-in-law's body enveloping my cock.

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Her ass pushing against me as I disappeared inside her with each full stroke. My hands firmly grasping her hips, her hands firmly planted on the shower glass, steam building from the heat, water splashing as our bodies worked in unison. I looked up from the amazing sight of her in front of me to see ourselves reflected in the mirror.

Her fingers curled on the glass, her eyes closed, her breasts hanging down and shaking with each thrust from behind as well as the remarkable look of pleasure on her face.

I was in awe of what was happening. She opened her eyes and our stares met in the mirror. We stayed like that, staring at each other until I couldn't resist any longer. The sensation of the shower, her tightness swallowing my cock, her stare; all combined to break down any resistance I had left, drawing out the mounting explosion of my orgasm.

I managed a few more frantic thrusts, before I broke her gaze and closed my eyes. The eruption came from deep inside me and buckled my knees nearly knocking me over. My cock in reflexive spasms filled her with my hot semen. Each thrust pumping another load that mixed with her own warmth - combined and explosive, flooding and surrounding my still twitching cock.

I took a deep breath as my orgasm began to subside when I felt her body tighten signaling her own climax. I reached between her legs pressing her clit against my cock, pushing her further over the edge. Her back stiffened and I felt all the muscles of her legs and ass tense and begin to quiver. When she came she let out a very quiet moan (quite different from her sister) but her entire body shook.

We stayed together for a bit before my cock slipped out in a wet sticky mess. She straightened herself, stretching phoenix marie has a premium big ass and we both took a deep breath before she reached over to pick up the soap and resumed her shower.

I cleaned up as well then grabbed a towel and left. We probably didn't say two words between us, but it was an event that will hopefully repeat itself.