She watches her hubby fucks her mom

She watches her hubby fucks her mom
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I had a great relationship with my mom. She told me about all the things that a wife must be able to do for her family. In her own words, "Keep a clean house, feed your family, lapdance and hot sex with czech cutie make sure daddy is happy.

If you do this, then the family will be happy." I was 15 when mum had a midlife crisis and just left us. She went back to her birthplace, and last I heard she was frequenting the bars.

It angered me and I wanted to make sure I did everything to ensure that my dad did not also leave me. Dad and me spoke about household chores and keeping the house running, making sure groceries were sufficient.

Dad was strict normally, but now he was ultra strict. But he made me feel safe. I felt like I belonged to him and that was great. He wanted to cop picks up red head in park for pussyfuck my schedule, what time I would be home from school, let my friends over but tried to make sure that they did not stay too long.

What bothered me is that no matter what I did at home, it seemed like he was still under immense strain. I assumed it was work so I did not want to make things worse for him. The house was immaculate, and I always made sure that he was well fed and made his lunch.

I even got in the habit of running his bath daily and serving him 2 drinks. He was mellow in the evening, but everything went back to normal in the morning. The silent suppers were difficult, setting the table for only two was tough on me as well.

Eventually, I spoke with a girlfriend and she said that dad would loosen up if he got a female companion. To which I thought "Over my dead body." Somehow I just felt crazy jealousy for an imaginary girlfriend that existed in my head only in the past minute.

I really have never thought of my dad's physical needs and even when my mom described what and how they do it, I never realised how important it was to him. She would hint that dad was very demanding and that he enjoyed feeling like the boss.

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A Real man. I started to toy with the idea of setting my dad up with the single mom's at church, but I was feeling very possessive of my house and my dad. I had been taking care of everything since I was 15 and now at 16, I started to see everything and everyone that I was looking after as MINE.

My house, I had basically been a wife for more than a year, I sacrificed all my free time and reprioritized my life around my dad and this house. He was MINE. I thought that maybe I would wear shorter dresses more and see if he liked them.

He was a man but didn't have a woman so I thought that I have to rescue him. I watched him, studied him, to see how he reacted but the damn man didn't give me any hint. I started feeling like I was not doing enough. One day, I was wearing one of the shorter summer dresses and leaned over in front of him to pick up his rum and noticed out of the corner of my eye his head turned towards my rear. This made me more daring. I would "act" like his girlfriend in the mean time. In preparation I had been taking the pill.

I gave him 3 more drinks, but made each one twice as strong as usual. When dad finished the last one, he sat a little then got up to get to bed. He was walking in anything but a straight line to his bedroom so I helped him to the toilet. I prepared his bed and then helped him from the toilet to the bed, helped him with his pants and stuck him in bed. I got ready to offer myself to him.

I just told myself that wives do this for their husbands and this is no different. He is my husband, even if he doesn't know it yet. I then pulled my panties to my ankles and snuggled in front of him and rode my short skirt up to my waist, and put his arms around me. He was wearing his boxers with a flap in the front. I rubbed my cheeks against his front softly and slowly until I felt his cock get hard.

Slowly but surely his penis came out the front and I could feel it pushing between my ass cheeks and then against my lips, as my dad snored into my ear. I was very nervous about taking it all the way in, so I didn't push too hard. This didn't excite me. But it was something that had to be done to give my husband relief. All of a sudden, dad gripped me and thrusted hard all the way in.

the pain, the fullness, he rutted for 20 seconds and it was over. I could not move from the pain and fell asleep with his penis inside me while his semen gushed out. The next morning when we fucking around while his wife is in labor up, my dad's eyes were so wide when he realized what had happened. He looked down at me with his cock inside me. I looked away and said "I did what you told me daddy, I did what you wanted.

Did I please you?".

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I didn't know how to explain so I made him think it was his idea. He started apologizing profusely and still I looked down and said that it was ok and that I am just taking care of him, and whatever he needs. I said "I will give you what you used to get. You need it and I will support you." We got up and that gave me a chance to look at the MESS we made.

I would have to wash the linen. How do I get the blood out? I was so annoyed. That day my dad said not a word. I gave him his drinks after which I led him to bed. He grew a conscience when I took him to the bedroom and told me that this was wrong.

I got onto the bed, lay on my back and lifter my fadhar fuck daughter sex for free 3g and said calmly, "do this dad, it will make you feel better." My pussy was slightly wet but not aroused. My dad held his head in his hands and paced up and down the bedroom wrestling with himself for about 2 minutes. Then he pulled down his pants and walked over to me with crazy eyes, staring off into the distance. with his large hands he grabbed my ankles and put them against the headboard.

I could barely breath. He put his whole dick in my pussy. I felt his balls smacking my anus for what felt like hours. There was real anger in each thrust. I knew I had to do this but the pain was so much I hoped each thrust was the last. I think his cock was hitting me deep inside. It was uncomfortable. He was going so hard that we were bouncing. Because my knees where next to my ears, each thrust caused a gasp. He was going so fast but I saw in his eyes and felt in his pace that he was going to fill me up real deep this time.

He came, and came while growling like an animal, while I lay there feeling his jerks deep inside. I reached around and held his right bum while I milked all his sperm into me. I did not want a mess! I milked the italian vintage porn two girls targeted and fuitalian vintage porn tw tube porn into me and he gave me a look of someone refreshed.

The milking of his penis made him get hard again. He took my feet and put them over his shoulders, then grabbed my hands and pinned them down. I thought "please let him not be starting again". He started using awful language which made me feel bad. "Do you want this you slut?

I'm going to fill your womb up you little whore, you making a criminal of me you slut, i'm knocking up your ripe womb today you whore". He was fucking so hard my breast were hurting.

But this was only a small price to keep the house running. I fell asleep laying on my right side, hoping that my hips would tilt enough to keep the semen inside. My joints ached and my pussy was throbbing but I knew daddy was better. It was worth it. The next morning, the sheets were still clean since I leaked all the juice onto my dress.

I washed my pussy clean then went to my dad and asked him if he wanted sex or breakfast. I reassured him that it was fine if he wanted. He looked at me, and looked down in shame. So to make things move along, I lay next to him and lifted my legs to my shoulders and parted my sore lips. I tried to use dirty talk like what he said the previous night.


"Fill your slut whore wife's pussy with your semen." It came out clumsily but seemed to get the results. In a boy fuk his mother time, dad was relieving his stress into my pussy.

I didn't want to mess so I kept my ass in the air. The first time he came, I squeezed the last of the semen into my pussy as usual. I pleaded that I did not want a mess on the sheets, so he stacked pillows and picked me up and tossed me face down onto the bed with my ass in the air over the pillows.

I didn't leak at all. I looked back and saw him warming up his cock again and all i was thinking was that I hope he messes into me and not the sheets. Then he grabbed my ass cheeks and lifted my ass a bit, then in one motion he filled my pussy. This time he was like a jack hammer. I lay there watching the clock. After 10 minutes he slowed down a little.

another five minutes later he started telling me how close he is, then I had to endure another 5 full minutes of long stroke fucking till he finally came.

I then begged him. "Please dad, I'll be good tonight but my pussy hurts, please can I rest?" He apologized for being wild after which I again reassured him, that this must be done everyday. I factored in the duration of sex into my routine so that I could efficiently take care of everything.

From here I started seeing the dark side of daddy.


He loved calling me "whore and slut", describing how tight I am, threatening to make me swallow his semen, telling me how he is trying to make his girl pregnant. He made rules for me that I had to follow. Difficult rules.

But this is what a good wife will do. I never felt for sex, not really anyway. But it was a small price to pay, twice a day, for a relaxed daddy and a peaceful home. He is my everything. He is MINE. And he won't be able to leave me because we have a secret!