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Pini ki and rakes blupikcher xxxxbf vido
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Well today was the day. The big move. My mother and I were moving into the house of her new husband, Dave. I can barely contain my excitement. Do Note the sarcasm. In all honestly I guess Dave isn't that bad. He's actually really nice. And the love him and mom share is something worthy of a Disney movie. Nick.

That's where the problem lies. The egotistic son of Dave. "Ash! Come on." Yells my mom from downstairs. Glancing around my room I sigh.

The Only items left are some random boxes littering the Floor. Tucking a stray strand of dark hair behind my ear, I pick up a box and continue out the room. "There you are, and here I thought you got lost." Says my mom with a smile on her face and a hand on her hip. Her blonde hair a slight mess on top of her head. "Very fu-" "Mom!" My stepbrother yells from the front door.

"In here honey." She calls back. A moment later Nick walks into the kitchen with us. A smile on his perfect face. Wait, what no. I totally meant NOT perfect face.

His smile turns into a smirk as he catches me staring. Blood rushes to my cheeks as I quickly advert my gaze to the much more interesting floor. I jolt as an arm suddenly wraps around my shoulders.

"Hey there sis need some help with that box." Shrugging his arm off I throw him a quick glare before turning around and walking out side to put my box in the truck. ----------------------------------------------------------- 45 minutes or so later and the rental truck is full. There wasn't enough room in the back so the passenger seat in the uhaul Is filled along with 3 of the seats in the car.

Taking one last glance around the old home I pull the door closed. Looking down the path the rest of the "family " are discussing something intently. Only one way to find out what that is I suppose.

"We could just make two trips." My mom says as I reach the group. "No way it's over an hour long drive just to get there, not only that but the sun is already setting. By the time somebody got back here it would be dark." Throws in my step dad shaking his head.

"What's wrong?" I ask crossing my arms. My mother sighs before telling me "Well apparently we had to much crap hun, there isn't enough room for all of us to fit." "Aha I know," Dave states suddenly. "Ashley will just have to ride on Nicks lap." .a moment of silence passes before I open my mouth to bitch.

"Bu-" "Ok" Nick says before I get the chance to say no. I turn to glare at him. On his face is the most fake innocence look I have ever seen. "Are you sure nick? It's a long ride." My mom says tapping her chin. "Yeah it's fine. Dad can drive the truck. You can drive the car." Suddenly he wraps his arm around my shoulder pulling me into his side.

"And me and ash can ride in the back seat. Deciding this really is the best option, much to my disapproval, we head to our respective vehicles. Opening the Passenger back door Nick slides in before he taps his lap with a grin on his face. Why the hell did I decide a skirt was good option to wear today.

I mean seriously, who wears a skirt moving. I glance to my mom for support only to see her lip-locked with Dave. I sigh before Gingerly Sitting on his lap trying not to put any weight on him. "Not so bad huh." I gasp hearing him right in my ear. His warm breath tickling me. I try to just nonchalantly shrug my shoulders. He chuckles making my body shake slightly. "Okay kids ya ready." My mom ask as she climbs in the front seat.

I nod before realizing she can't actually see me. Her view blocked by boxes. "Yup we are good". Nick says back. The door closes, the car starts and we're driving. Ten minutes into drive and my legs are getting tired. Seeing how I've been half way holding my self up. With out warning my legs give out and I drop the short distance on Nicks lap.

I giggle hearing him moan out in pain as I land on his unsuspecting junk. "Everything ok back there?" My mom ask elegant teenie gives a head in pov and gets wet twat screwed hearing nick. "Yup" I say back a slight grin on my face. "Hey mom can you turn the radio up." Nick asks suddenly.

"Sure think Hun." She's says before the sound of rock encircles us. I jerk left pale punk chick pov ass fucked and facialed point of view natural tits nicks hand come in contact with my right thigh. "Calm down my hand fell asleep where it was" he mutters softly into my ear.

Subconsciously I lean towards the sound of his voice. The hand on my thigh starts lightly moving up and down. I quickly glance down seeing my skirt rising slightly every time his comes upwards. Maybe he doesn't realize it. It'll just be really awkward if i say something, since I'd be practically accusing him of trying to feel me up.

A moment passes and his hand is still sliding up and down my leg. Ok I think he's aware of what he's doing. "What are you doing?" I ask accusation clearly in my voice. "What?" He asks sounding confused.

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"Your rubbing my leg." "Oh sorry didn't realize." He responds stopping his hand. Cue the awkward silence. 15 minutes later im Yawning loudly, I rub my eyes fighting to keep them open. "Hey if you want to lean back and take a nap you can." He says from behind me.

To tired to Deny I lean back my head resting on his chest. Well Damn if I would of known he was this comfy I would of laid on him a while ago. Ok that sounds weird but whatever you get my point.

I sigh sleepily as nick chuckles under me. -------------------------------------------------- Opening my sleepy eyes I'm confused, the hell woke me up. I close my eyes again with all intents to go back to sleep.

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My eyes shoot open as I feel a hand on the upper part of my thigh. I glance up at him and see his eyes are closed, mouth slightly open. He's sleeping. Not trying to wake him up I try wiggling his hand off. Not my brightest move I must say considering he groaned slightly under me. I freeze, not daring to move a muscle.

My eyes just about pop out of my head when I feel something hardening under me. Sweet Jesus please tell me that is not what I think it is. A few moments pass and it's still hard. Suddenly nick thrust his hips up slightly. His hardened member rubbing me. I fight the moan that's trying to bury me in a pit of embarrassment. Stealthily he starts rubbing up my thigh. I jolt up, as best I can in the car, and shove his hand off. He groans and wraps his hands around my waist pulling me back on his lap.

Still trapping me with his arms he begins thrusting his hips up, forcing his tool to rub against me. I gasp slightly as my legs seem to spread on there own. Taking that as a sign, he lowers one arm down to my thigh. Ever so slowly he pushes my skirt up, exposing my black boy-short.

I spread my legs wider, mine on the outside of his, as he lightly runs a finger up my damp panties. I moan and lean my head back, my head resting on his shoulder as I close my eyes. Slowly he hooks a finger into the side of my panties pulling them to the side, leaving my bald pussy out in the open. It's at this point I begin to get nervous. What if my mom can see? What if somebody outside sees?

This is stupid. Oh god can you imagine how embarrassing it'd be if somebody saw me? Being the chicken shit I apparently am, I quickly try covering my self back up. My hand barely even touches my panties before he grabs it. "What do you think your doing?" He whispers huskily into my ear. A shiver rips up my spine involuntarily. "T.this is bad. We're gonna get caught." I whisper back trying to pull my hands from his. I moan quietly as he bucks his hips, the material of his basketball shorts rubbing against my naked self.

Not saying another word he snakes his hand, not the one currently holding mine, down to my exposed center. I whimper slightly as his rough hand comes into contact with my pussy. Slowly he spreads my swollen lips, using his pointer and ring finger, his middle finger begins exploring me. I moan and buck my hips as his finger slowly circles my clit. He chuckles as I whither above him.

"You sure you want me to stop?" He whisper into my ear. I just whimper in response. Releasing my hands he lowers his now free hand down to join lovely young charmer receives an anal hammering creampie blonde other. I gasp as he slowly inserts a finger into my sopping whole, slowly thrusting in an out, as his other hand still plays with my clit.

"Ohh. Ohh god" I groan as he inserts a second finger into me. Suddenly he starts pumping faster. Both of his fingers sliding in an out. I moan loudly, my brain getting hazy. "Ohh. Fuck." I gasp out. "You like that? Hmm. You like that sissy?" He whispers into my ear his voice laced with lust. Him calling me sissy oddly enough is what sends me over, as a wave of intense pleasure slams into my body.

I slap my hand over my mouth, to prevent me from screaming out. Thickredxxx dick slobb tight pussy banged in the trap body just slumps, completely exhausted.

My clouded head resting on his shoulder. Softly his hand touches my cheek. Grabbing my chin he turns my head gently towards his face. Staring up into his beautiful jade green eyes, I feel blissful. Slowly he brings his lips down to mine kissing me softly, a gentle ness I've never seen in him. Suddenly he pushes me up, so I'm not on his lap anymore. "What are you doing"? I ask lifting an eyebrow. He doesn't answer I turn my neck to look at him. Only to stop when I feel something pushing at my soaked entrance.

I gasp and look down. His shorts are around his thighs, and I can see the head of his rigid cock brushing my glistening lips. My head whips around to look at him. "Nick what are.uhmm" I moan as he bucks his hips. Forcing some of his cock into me. "Jesus fuck" he moans "your soo fucking tight, Ash." Bucking his hips again he shoves the rest of his cock into me.

"Ohh fuck." I moan as he bottoms out. His hips touching my Ass. Neither of us move, just sitting with our bodies conjoined. I groan as he slides his cock almost out of me, before shoving it forcefully back in. Thrusting in and out of me at a steady pace. I moan like a bitch in heat as my fingers wind into his hair pulling his lips to mine.

My neck will hurt like a bitch later from the position I'm in but really I could't care less. I gasp, detaching his lips from mine, as he grinds his hips into me. Making his hard rod move inside of me in a way that makes me want to scream.

I'm moaning loudly as I feel another orgasm moments away, only for him to suddenly pull out of me. I whimper and whip my head around to face him. My eyes pleading. "I wanna turn You around. Calm down kitten." He chuckles. How am I going to turn around? I open my mouth to ask him just that, when suddenly he rips my panties off, before grabbing my hips and lifting me up. "Just put your legs on either side of me." He said as he moves the boxes a little over.

Clumsily I try turning around only to slip and hit the front seat of the car. "You guys ok?" My mom asks turning the radio down. "Yeah mom just stretching my legs." I stutter back my breath shaky. "Ok Hun, and don't worry we got just a little over a half hour left, ok." I mumble an ok back before she turns the music back on.

Flicking my eyes to nicks I see him trying to hold in a laugh. Asshole. Even though I want to be angry and maybe hit him I can't. I'm way to horny this is true love between perfect lovers tube porn bother.

Throwing my leg over his I straddle his hips, slowly I lower down. I gasp as his cock head enters my ass the slightest bit. My eyes widen as I look at him. He smirks before reaching under my skirt, which helped in me missing, and move his cock foreword so it lines up with my pussy instead. I lower slowly until I'm flat against his hips, as I pant needily. Grabbing my ass with both hands he rubs circles on my cheeks.

"Don't worry sweet cheeks, I fully plan to fuck This beautiful as of yours." He whispers into my ear as he smacks my ass.


I moan in response. Gripping my ass he lifts me up, sliding his cock out of me, then lowering me back down. Grunting together in pleasure as I slide up and down on his cock. Taking his hands off my ass he reaches up to my shirt pushing it up my stomach.

My eyes widen as I push his hands off before he can lift it. I glance at him. His eyebrows are furrowed in confusion. I just shake my head slowly before continuing to bounce. There is no way in hell I'm going to be topless in the back seat of the car, on a highway. Just. Just no. Putting his hands back on my hips, he stops me as he grinds into me. Leaning foreword I connect my lips to his.

"Fuck Ash I'm almost there." He grunts into my ear. His breath shaky and uneven. Moaning back I grind on to him harder, as my release quickly approaches. "Fuck fuck fuck." "Shhh Ash, do you want to get caught." "I couldn't. uhm.give a shit.mmmh.less." I moan. Chuckling he snakes a hand down between us, finding my clit and rubbing circles around it. Shoving my head into the crook of his I step bro plowing jasmine vega on top of his cock his shoulder, trying to hold in the cry of pleasure.



Jesus Christ I didn't think you could get tighter. Shit baby I'm cumming." He grunts out slamming his hips into me before he stills. I gasp as his hot spurts of cum fill my clenching unprotected pussy. Sitting there our breathing erratic, we just stare into each others eyes. Suddenly the car stops. My eyes widen in surprise as I see we're here. Fuck. I look back at Nick, his eyes wide as well. Pushing away from him, his now softened cock popping out of me, I quickly try turning back around.

My moving seems to snap him out of his daze as he mutters shit, before pulling his shorts flirty lezzies fill up their big bums with cream and squirt it out up. Now facing forward I go to fix my skirt. Wait Where the fuck are my panties. I groan remembering him ripping them off. Dammit those were my favorite. Putting his hand on my forehead he pulls my head back, so it's resting on his chest.

"Close your eyes, pretend to be sleeping." He mutters in my ear before he lays his head on mine. Slowly closing my eyes, we just sit there. The familiar rock song in the background. A minute or so passes before the door opens.flooding the car with light. "Awww look at them, that is so cute." I hear my mom say. "Yeah, apparently that's the only way they cant argue." He mutters back.

*click* No she did not. She did not just fucking take a picture. "It sucks we gotta wake them up." Dave says with Porn anel sex meerut free sigh.

"Well maybe we don't have to just this minute." My mom says back. "What? why not?there's a lot of stuff here." "I know I was just thinking you could give me a private tour, I was particularly interested in seeing the bedroom." A moment of silence passes before the car door is gently shut and were plunged back into darkness. Peeking an eye open I see them practically running up the steps.

Before disappearing into the house. Suddenly Nick erupts into laughter. "It's a good night for us Blake men." Asshlole.