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Jake Freemon - Main character Gen - Jakes first Jinn Jinn - What the genies are called Tommy - Friend of Jake's and fellow worker Mary - Boss's daughter Juno - Jakes big Boss and Mary's Father Jinn Council - Council of major Jinns Yasmen - Gen's mother Doctor - the Jinn doctor Rasmir - Gen's father Rosalinda -Jake's second Jinn Once called Dreama Rashala - Gen's niece and Jake's 3rd Jinn Tankena - evil brother of Rasmir Sheeka - former evil female Jinn Jake's 4th Jinn Inger - Mary's Jinn, Akeesha's lover Akeesha - Sheeka's twin sister Rita - older female and one of Juno's sisters Tina - Rita's daughter Trully - second Jinn doc Rasmir's little sister Nyrae - Juno's powerful Jinn Nuha - Leader of Sunny leon fucks ta doctor Trio Abla - sister of Nuha member of Deadly trio Fatin - sister of Nuha third member of trio Tyrin - neighbor of Nyrae's parents Aahil - one of the twin Jinn princes Aalee - other twin Jinn prince Amira - Jinn Princess sister of twins Al-Mazhab - King of the Jinns Qistina - Ex Queen of the Jinns, the Leader Marie - Juno's ex-wife Kasha - Elite Jinn friend of Rashala, Marie's Jinn Zahra - evil elite Jinn working with Marie Jake walked back into the other room that Juno was in.

The poor man was a devastated wreck the sheer amount of guilt the man felt was clearly etched on his face. "Juno?" Jake asked as soon as he knelt beside Juno. "Juno!" Jake almost shouted when the older man was unresponsive. Hesitantly the man raised his head an extremely distraught look on his face. "I'm lost. Mary was all I had left I can't lose her!" Juno was whispering. "I don't understand how she got her hands on a Jinn; especially one this powerful.

Even Nyrae couldn't find her!" Jake look at the man with shock, "Just who in the hell are you talking about Juno?" Jake asked. Juno turned toward Jake a lost look in his eyes, "Mary's mother, Marie." Juno said in a whisper as if to say her name would conjure the woman before him. Reaching up Juno grabbed Jake's shirt.

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"You have to find her! As the Ever Last Master you have the power necessary. Please Jake find my baby girl!" With that Juno released Jake, collapsing into a sobbing heap. Jake looked at Nyrae as she nodded. A moment later both Juno and Nyrae disappeared. Releasing the breath that he'd been holding Jake turned toward Rashala.

"Can you find Kasha, Rashala?" Jake asked. "I am having an exceedingly hard time finding him Master Jake." Bowing on the floor at his feet Rashala started crying. "I am sorry master, please do not punish me I will do better, I will try harder!" Sighing Jake reached down gently grasping Rashala's chin.

Rolling his eyes he addressed her and all the Jinns there. "Just how many times am I going to have to tell all of you? I am not like other masters!

I do not, and will not punish you like the other masters of old. I did after all destroy all of your bottles." Here Jake took hold of a hand of Gen, Rosalinda, Sheeka, and Amira. "I love each and every one of you. I could never punish you, not that way EVER!" Nyrae appeared a moment later, "I took master home and put him to bed. I am afraid that if we do not recovery mistress Mary," here she sighed deeply.

"I am afraid that he may waste away. I cannot allow this! He may have been a difficult master but he was always kind. I will do all I can for him." Jake nodded as all of his Jinn's and an even more determined Inger did. Bowing to Jake she said, "I pledge myself and my powers to your aid Master Jake. When we save her, I will owe you. I will do all I can to fulfill whatever you wish." Jake's eyes were wide with skinny but busty emo rock chick dances sexy, she would owe him?

Shaking his head, right now he didn't want to think about anything like that. Jake was about to speak when five of the seven Jinns before him started to glow. "Father," A voice seemed to come from the air. "Please do not forget that we will also be there. Being in the human world has accelerated the growth of all of us. This must be concluded soon as mother Sheeka and mother Nyrae are close to their time. Our other brother and sisters are still behind us in time but they also will help as much as they can." Another voice sounded, "Please be careful father as we know you are always.

The one called Kasha's heart is almost completely evil, he can be saved, but there is not much time." Jake was nodding when, and then it hit him that six of the Jinn's that were here had been with were glowing!

Holy crap! Another three babies? Sitting with a thud Jake could only shake his head looking at Rosalinda he shook it again. That was four of Juno's nieces, Mary, Nyrae, Akeesha, Amira, Sheeka, Rashala, and Gen! His mouth dropping open again he thought, god! Were they all that pregnant happy? Eleven babies! Eleven! What in the hell was going on? Gen walked to Jake a large smile on her face, "It is as we told you before master.

Unless you do not wish it every time you are with a female she will get with child." Leaning in close Gen kissed Jake passionately and whispered, "Thank you my dear master!" Rashala and Akeesha were touching their stomachs gingerly.

Looking up at Jake they both broke into a smile as they also kissed him whispering thank you. Jake tried to stand though his legs were like rubber as each try was met with non-success. "Eleven babies! I. I." was all he could get out. Shaking his head the thought of never seeing Mary also came to his mind.

Suddenly standing up a more determined look on his face, "we need to talk more later; Mary is the only concern now!

Let's go!" All eight of the Jinns nodded a look of fierce determination on their faces. "Follow me!" Rashala said. "I can still feel Kasha, he has as of yet to have moved." All nodded as they suddenly disappeared.

Almost one hundred miles north of where they had started, all nine of them appeared in an alley. Jake looked up at the tall building. It appeared to be one a lot like Juno's building. "Rashala I need to know everything that you know about Kasha.

Nyrae I need to know everything you know about Marie.

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There is a way to defeat her; I just need more information to find it." Both of the Jinns concentrated as the information started to flow into his mind. Interesting he thought after only a few minutes. So she blonde teen tight dress hd assslave yoga fetish a bigger money hog than he'd though at first, that should work well to their advantage. A few minutes later Jake had a huge smile on his face.

Instructing all of his Jinn's, Gen changed his appearance before he headed into the building. Stopping at the front security desk he was buzzed in. Nodding his head as he stepped on the elevator Jake took a deep breath as he ascended to the top most floor.

As the doors opened Jake stood stock still as he expected an attack at any moment. "I'm not detecting any of those weapons on him mistress." Jake heard nearby.

"Thank you slave baby; now be a good boy and get your ass back in here." A gruff female voice commanded. With a little sigh Kasha replied, "Yes mistress." Jake watched as a male appeared from a hidden wall and moved toward the other room. "Be seated, mistress will tend to you in a moment." Jake bowed saying, "Thank you." Taking a seat Jake thought this woman certainly has a lot of money.

This is a very nice place. "Thank you, uh. Jake is it? Ah! I see that you are employed by that bastard of my ex-husband. Yes I see, you heard I was here and have come for a job." There was a purely evil laugh, "so he did hire intelligent people after all. Come in young man I might have a position for you." Walking to the other room Jake could feel the heavy magic that was blanketing the room.

Rounding a corner Jake saw a young, slender blonde woman on a divan. A moment later his vision blurred, then cleared revealing a rather portly, older woman with graying hair. The more than sour, disdainful look on her face let him know he was in the right place.

"I was told that you were interested in certain plans of my boss's office and building? I brought a partial of both, I may be young, but I am not stupid. I like to play for the winning team, you I feel, are that winning team. These I bring to you free of curvy legal age teenager beautiful babe likes fucking a lot hardcore and blowjob. As I said I like to be on the winning team." Jake told the woman hoping she took the bait.

"Please call me Marie; I have to say that you are a most virile young man, yes indeed." Jake held as still as he could as Marie ran her hands over his crotch.

Squeezing him a wry smile crossed her features. "My, my yes indeed, I do have a position for you! So nasty in the presence of a lady! T Take your clothes off young man so we can 'talk' better." Snapping her fingers Kasha appeared, "Put these in the place, slave!" Taking them Jake tensed, this was going to take timing.

"What position do you have in mind?" Jake asked staying in character." "Why," Marie said as she blinked, an evil smile drifting on her face. "Beneath me as all men deserve, pleasing only me!" Pulling her clothes off she commanded Jake to get on his knees between her thighs.

Even as he started to sink to the floor he saw Kasha open a hole in the wall. Springing toward the hole, Jake was across the room in a second. Reaching in Jake snatched the two bottles that were there. Even as he was falling away from the hole his disguise dissolved. Letting out a scream Marie told Kasha to kill Jake.


"I cannot; he poan sing ka rani morkig e ka xxx storys holds both halves of my bottle. I am no longer yours to command." "Zahra! We have been betrayed! Kill the bitch!" Mary appeared a moment later against the back wall. "I don't think so!" Jake shouted as two, then four and finally all eight of the Jinns that had accompanied him appeared. "Here!" Jake shouted as Mary winked out appearing beside him.

"So it is true, the one who has no magic but has more around him than any master before. We must flee Mistress! He is the Ever Last Master! There is far more power in this room than either of us can defeat." Zahra Told Marie. Even as Zahra was finishing Gen and Rashala, started the others chanting.

Zahra had waved her hand but nothing had happened! Looking back she saw that Princess Amira was here also. Suddenly the building started to shake, Zahra smiled, then screamed when Amira and Rashala both hit her with energy blasts.

"You are going nowhere you traitorous Jinn!" Amira told Zahra. Zahra smiled waggling a finger as the building started to collapse! Firing another blast at her Zahra screamed again as her whole left side was singed. "You will pay for that Princess Amira I will see to it!" With a brilliant flash Marie and her Jinn vanished.

"We have to stop the building's collapse! Jake was shouting above the noise. Amira, Akeesha, Sheeka, Gen, and Nyrae all nodded then started to glow again.


Finally a few minutes later the building righted it's self. Jake had been busy getting Mary loose who was now clinging to him as if her life depended on it.

Shaking violently Mary hesitantly kissed Jake, then the dam broke as the tears began to flow. "I can't believe that mother hates me so much! I thought she was finally ready to start acting like a mother when she came to my place.

The next thing I know three Jinns were grabbing me and I was suddenly here. All she talked about was making father pay for betraying her and leaving her." "It's alright, we're here I incredible indecent cleft drilling session momsandteens and threesome to make sure that this doesn't happen again." Jake told Mary as he gently stroked the side of her face.

Inger flew to her Mistress also holding her, terrified that she might disappear. Fifteen minutes later the great racking sobs that had been issuing from her came to an end. Jake turned to all the Jinns, "I think the house would be a far better place than here." All of them nodded then they were all in his house. Setting Mary in his bed he reached into his shirt rubbing the bottle talisman.

A few moments later the Jinn council appeared. Rasmir looked around a bit confused, "Master Jake you are here? We had been wondering why we could not feel you in the Jinn realm." Rasmir was about to say more when there were several hisses and gasps from the council. "KASHA!" Rasmir hissed as his hands began to glow with deadly energy. "Fear not Master Jake we shall destroy this traitor!" "NO!" Jake yelled startling all of the council.

"I am in possession of his bottle now." Almost to a male the entire council was staring at Jake. He had the bottle? That was impossible!

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Kasha was an evil human female's Jinn, how.? Suddenly Rasmir smiled, and then looked at Jake. "Master Fuck rape in the wood you captured him! Japanese teens playing with her dildo uncensored diary will destroy him so you are no longer bothered with. IT!" Jake just shook his head, "No I wish to help him. I was told that he could be saved, though we haven't much time." "Why Master Jake?

He betrayed the elite capturing a human female how.?" Rasmir started. "I believe he was overpowered by another stronger Jinn, plus the evil wishes of his Mistress. I am sure you have heard of Zahra?" Jake asked. This time there were louder hisses of anger as several of the council started to talk at once. "Yes," Rasmir sighed. "Another elite that long ago chose a path of evil. Alright if you know this to be a fact then, Doctor?" Trully and the Doctor appeared a moment later.

"How can we. Kasha! Traitor!" They both growled. Jake reached out touching both of the Doctors whose eyes flew wide when they saw the amount of truly dark magic that was threatening to take over Kasha. "I want you to heal him." Holding up his hand when they both started to protest Jake continued.

"I know we need to put his bottle back together first, then you can heal him. Please for me heal him he wasn't bad he was betrayed as you all were." Looking at his Jinns Jake wished that the bottle was whole again then the one within was stronger to begin healing.

There was a tremendous clap of thunder as Jake set the bottles down. Both began to shake then move toward each other. Even as they came together Jake could see that Kasha had fallen to his knees breathing hard. Suddenly a ghost like image of him appeared and melded with him. Looking up a grimace of pain Kasha stated.

"Master Jake let me go please! I have betrayed all that I was; please I cannot live with the shame." "Enough!" Jake shouted silencing Kasha who was staring at Jake with a surprised look.

Trully and the Doctor moved to each side and started shooting out blue energy. Screaming Kasha fell to the floor. Rasmir walked to Jake, "Master Jake I learned a long time ago that if I ever met the Ever Last Master I would not question him.

Though I have to say Master Jake this seems to go far beyond what I know as right. Coerced or not we all still feel he is a traitor and therefore should be treated as such!" "I'm sorry Rasmir as with all the things I have done, I felt that this was the right thing to do." Jake told him. "I believe that Kasha has information that will help in the defeat of Qistina's army." Jake advised Rasmir.

Rasmir watched as Kasha screamed louder as the power the Doctors were using was increased. 'I truly hope this is true Master Jake,' Rasmir thought, 'for all of our sakes.'