Jamming huge pointer sisters asian attractive chick japanese hardcore

Jamming huge pointer sisters asian attractive chick japanese hardcore
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This is a fantasy that my Girl had when she was a young teen and is quite erotic, it is about how my girls young mind while in puberty viewed this sort of thing and what she fantasized About at that age. The Photo Booth part 1 Wendy was a beautiful young girl, she and her boy friend had engaged in some heavy petting, she had barely been able to remain a virgin, and was left with unsatisfied thoughts and urges.

Having just graduated from high school and turning 18, she had decided to spend the day touring the Arcade at the Pike in Long Beach.

It was a warm summer day and she was feeling quite sexy, so decided to wear only a thin white bikini top and a very tight pair of white short shorts with no panties.

She had a great body that was slightly over developed, her dark brown hair was set with two short pig tails making her look much younger that her 18 years. She had not told anyone where she was going, and had taken the bus to the beach. She had wandered up and down the boardwalk and enjoyed admiring glances and lustful stares from every man, old or young she passed, it was getting late as the sun was starting to set.

The booths she stopped at, and the Carney hawkers who looked her over along with the games she had played were fun but she hadn't won a thing. At the end of one of the rows and past the games food and music.

She had spotted an adult arcade? The fact that she felt very sexy curious and adventurous, plus all the admiring looks she had received, and now 18, "That's an adult right"?. Lead her to enter a place that under normal circumstances never would have. There were not very many people inside, but the place had an most unusual smell, she had never experienced before.

The place was much bigger that she had first thought and soon discovered that there were a lot more people in there, than she had at first imagined. They were inside any number of small booths that had canvas curtain doors.

She had seen only men, older and rough looking which eyed her with lecherous stares, but the sounds she had heard were of females, these were also sounds she hot girl keisha has a great booty never heard a women make?.

It was about this time she spotted a photo booth, you know the kind that you and your girlfriends use to go in, and make all those crazy faces, and where you would end up with four or five black and white pictures that you could laugh about later.

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It did seem to be out of place, but the thought of going into the photo booth, compared to the sounds that were coming from the other ones seemed to be a safer choice. So, she thought she would just get a few pictures and quickly leave, her original urge for adventure had now been tempered with uncertainty. Once in the booth she sat down on the stool pulled the side curtain closed and relaxed, she then rummaged through her tiny white purse for the obligatory quarters and stuck them in the machine.

At first nothing happened but then, the side curtain was quickly replaced by a sliding metal door that closed off the outside, she was pounding on it, and yelling for help when the last thing she remembered was the small booth filling with a thin white gas. The next thing she remembered was waking up, and although she was blindfolded with her hands tied behind her back she could hear other girls crying and begging for help and that they wanted to be let loose. She then realized that she was completely naked the next thing that she felt was being picked up and carried along.

She could not see and her imagination was working overtime as to all the things that could happen to a nude, bound, young girl. She was scared to death at the possibilities but was also uncontrollably wet. She had fantasized and had routinely masturbated as a young girl with the thought of being kidnapped and sold into slavery to a Sheik of a middle eastern harem or to black African slave traders, that would sell a young white virgin like her for the most perverted and abusive sex to black native savages!

Things her young mind could never imagine, but the thought of not knowing the details had only made the possibilities even more appealing! Next she felt wide leather belts being placed around her wrists, elbow's, ankles thighs, waist,and neck she then felt her wrists being undone and re fastened and herself being bent over and placed onto a stand with her legs dad helps compeers daughter with sex ed proving papa wrong wide and her bare bottom sticking out in a very vulnerable and exposed way.

Within a matter of moments these belts were all tightly fastened so that she could no longer move. She was now bent over and a ball gag was forced into her mouth, and what sounded like a big metal lid closed over her.

She now, had no idea, what was about to happen and could only fear the worst!. What they would do with each girl was to place her in one of these machines. This would allow her to be exposed in such a way, that allowed clients to insert coins into slots and the machines would then open up and depending on the desire of the client, and the amount of money, would expose a mouth, breasts, ass, or pussy the last being either or both.

What had happened to Wendy was that she was going to be used in a very diabolic way that the arcade operators were going to perpetrate on her, and was just another way for them to make lots of money at her expense.

By using her as an unwilling sex slave, the twist was that she was now inside of a very cleverly designed sex machine that used live females as there core ingredient, Wendy could not move as she heard what sounded like quarters, lots of them being dropped into a coin slot, this was followed by lots of noise and the ringing of a bell, some commotion and the feeling of a warm breeze on her bottom, she then felt some oily lube being sprayed onto her slit and ass that was then followed by the head of a cock being placed against her cunt lips and the feeling of an enormous cock forcing its way deep into her virgin muff.

She tried to scream but it was muffled by the gag, the initial searing pain experienced by a young virgin experiencing her first and then numerous hard cocks was quickly replaced by a very assistants blow their well endowed bosses pornstars and group sex hard and pleasurable fucking,that lasted a long time and was just like she imagined it would be.

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She now new what the unusual smell permeating in the sawdust floor was. cum and lots of it. From outside of the machine, that Wendy was now in. It had been cleverly modified to operate like like a slot machine, and had a big sign in florescent lights that proclaimed "Virgin" Hit the Jack Pot only four quarters, apparently some one did, again and again and again.

Continued in part 2