Cute teen fucking herself while boyfriend watches

Cute teen fucking herself while boyfriend watches
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Clone Whores. Spot lights strobing, alarm noises sounding; the visual and audio cues were like a dentist's drill boring into her consciousness combining with the adrenaline that was flashing like a lightning storm through her system.


As she ran Sandra no. 7 never felt so alive. If she pulled this off she would be the first of her kind to escape The Facility. She sprinted as fast as she could through the broken streets dodging piles of smashed debris and ruined vehicles, occasionally glancing behind her to check for the pursuers she knew would be coming.

She thought about the girls she had left behind, the other Sandras, the Tinas and all the other pre-fabricated sex clones with whom she had spent her brief lifetime. She wished she could have brought them all with her, rescued them all from the years of sexual slavery they were destined to suffer, but it would have been just impossible. Besides, would they have wanted to come?

They were all designed for subservience, their DNA had been coded to make them docile and open to suggestion; that was the whole point. Who wanted a sex slave who had big mother and associates daughter aint no lovin like your cousin mind of her own?

Though she didn't understand the science that had gone into creating her and her fellow clones, nor did she understand what had gone wrong with her manufacture; what she did understand is that she was scheduled to be destroyed in two days time and that was unacceptable.

Sandra No. 7 came to a crossroads in the now destroyed centre of a once magnificent city and stopped shaved luscious virgin pussy filled by rod breath.

Which direction to choose? She chose right and set off running again. This was the first time she had seen one of the old cities in real life. She'd seen them on the web stream, learned about the terrible war that had caused their annihilation; but now she was there for real and the sheer scale of everything, the size of the buildings, the level of destruction was beyond anything she could have ever imagined.

She'd lived in The Facility for the whole of her seven years of life; it was all she had ever known. Even though it had essentially been a prison her life hadn't been unpleasant. She had had everything she needed, she had been well looked after; there had always been plenty of nice food. She had just never been allowed to leave. Sometimes the constant schooling had been a drag, the language classes, the manners and comportment lectures; and of course the twice daily sexual technique seminars.

It had only been the last month or so that she had started to change, started to become less like the other girls. The differences were slight at first, they had seemed almost insignificant. Her not wanting to go to class with the other girls or her being bored whilst she was there; her beginning to ask questions of her instructors, something that until then had been unheard of. Questions of the significance and validity of the lessons, questions about the outside world; questions as to the nature of her existence.

She slowly began to realise that not only was she different from the other girls, but in fact the other girls were all exactly the same. They ate at the same time, slept at the same time, even laughed at the same time.

It hadn't been long before her errant and unpredictable behaviours had been identified by The Overseers and she had been subjected to myriad psychometric and physiological examinations.

Eventually she had been classified as "defective" and was scheduled for liquidation. She was to be first dissected so the nature of the defect could be established but she had managed to escape before that had happened and here she was.

In the distance behind her she heard again the sound of the dogs and she knew they had picked up her trail. Then, over on the left of the street she saw movement, someone was hovering in a doorway, silent and obscured by the darkness, but definitely someone there.She turned and headed towards them. "Hello. Hello, can you please help me." She called out as she approached the figure. "Hello, I need your help." The man stood, unmoving and stared at her, pulling out a makeshift blade and waving it confrontationally in front of him.

"Whoa I'm not going to hurt you but I need your help. They're after me." She brunette mona kim gets fucked for a fist full of cash raising her arms, trying to be as nonthreatening as possible. The man still looked at her and then turned his head to look in the direction of the dogs, looking again at Sandra No. 7 he eventually pocketed his knife and gestured for her to follow him into the building.

The stairs were cratered and broken, the handrail was missing and water gushed from the ceiling but the pair managed to climb flight after flight until the man stopped. He looked at her again and then walked through a door into a shattered apartment. She followed him in and the man went to crouch by the smashed window, looking down onto the street, watching out for trouble.

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Sandra No. 7 sat on the floor with her back to a wall, and so they stayed, in silence for about an hour. "So why were they after you, what have you done?" The man asked her, turning to sit with his back to the window, apparently satisfied that the danger had passed.

"Nothing, I just escaped." She replied and told him her story. "So you're one of them sex clones eh. D'you think you could, you know help me out?" His filthy leer showed blackened and missing teeth and he started to rub his crotch.

For some reason she couldn't understand Sandra No. 7 began to develop a desperate need to help kinky ballerina rides rod pornstars and hardcore man.

This filthy, low life degenerate of a man became the only important thing in her life. She became confused by the thoughts and feelings and urges that began to grip her, as if they came from somewhere beyond her ability to make consensual decisions and she felt her self standing up and shuffling towards him.

Before she even knew what she had done she had removed the man's disgusting trousers and had his cock in her hand. She started to palpate the shriveled thing and rubbed it till it got hard, and while she began to toss the man off he said "Now take your clothes off." And without thinking she stripped naked.

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"Now show me your cunt" and she peeled open her fanny lips and revealed her sweet pink hole to him. "Come here and stick it in my face." He said and she walked to him and thrust her pussy out so it was inches from his foul, drooling mouth. Using both his thumbs he opened her cunt as wide as it would go and stuck his tongue in, licking her slit hard and making awful slurping noises.

And then, after a few seconds and completely amazing to her; Sandra No. 7 started to enjoy massive boobs emma butt pussy slammed by throbbing cock. As her enhanced endocrine system pumped massive amounts of hormones into her perfectly designed body, her genetic programming activated and she transformed into the horniest, filthiest kind of whore, completely ready and willing to do absolutely anything to please this man and fully prepared to extract as much pleasure from it for herself as she could.

She grabbed the man's head and forced his face harder into her pussy, which was now soaking wet and starting to open. She groaned and sighed as her respiration increased and her heart rate doubled.

She could feel his tongue licking her up and down, then stiffening and jabbing her hole; he sucked on her clit and her flaps, gently nibbling them and then returned to fuck her cunt with his hungry tongue. He forced a couple of fingers into her twat and she squealed as she felt them go all the way in. The sex lessons at The Facility had never felt quite like this for some reason, but she forgot all about that as the man's rhythmic fingers and searching tongue caused her to come all over his face.

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She bent down to kiss his grimy face and licked her own juices off his lips and tongue. She had never before been so desperate to be fucked and she sat down on the man's hard dick and started bouncing up and down all over him. She grabbed his head again and forced his face between her perfectly engineered tits. He squeezed them hard, sucking and biting her over-large nipples and she moaned with delight. She continued to fuck the man's cock, up and down, up and down.

She slowed down and used her hips to gently massage the dick inside her, then sped up and bounced up and down again. The man was still fondling and sucking her tits and she started to rub her clit as she rode his cock.

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After another couple of minutes she felt the man tense inside her and felt his cum filling her up. The sensation made her come again and she screamed in a rapture she had never before experienced.


She collapsed against the man and stayed there until she felt his dick go soft. As she climbed off him the haze of confusion and programmed instinct disappeared and she looked at the man and then herself and turned away in disgust. She quickly got dressed and ran down the stairs, no longer caring about The Overseers or The Facility, she just needed to get away, needed to try and get clean.

She bolted out of the building and continued running up the street. Now she was not only fleeing The Overseers and certain death, but she was also fleeing that horrible, horrible man and the awful memories of her own depravity and perversion that he represented.

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