Orgasm punishment and extreme gangbang ryland ann loves it rough

Orgasm punishment and extreme gangbang ryland ann loves it rough
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At school on the Monday Anna couldn't think of anything but what had happened on the Saturday, looking for Susan as soon as she arrived Anna pulled her away from everyone else and blushing hard told her friend everything, Susan said nothing the whole time and started smiling when Anna admitted she stayed on the chat site all day hoping Mike would return. As Anna revealed the details of her adventure she realised that she was becoming aroused again and could feel her pussy dampening, looking at Susan she also realised that her friend did not seem very surprised at her confession.


As Anna was about to ask why Susan wasn't surprised the bell rang announcing that lessons were underway, all Susan said was 'we'll talk later.' and then she disappeared into the milling crowd of students. All through the day Anna kept thinking about what had happened and couldn't wait for school to end, she thought about how Susan had reacted too, finally the day came to an end and She met Susan who said she'd talk more with Anna if she would come round to her house later.

Curious to find out what Susan knew Anna agreed and headed home to tell her parents she was spending the evening at Susan's house. Arriving at Susan's an hour later Susan's mum told Anna that Sue was upstairs in her room.


Anna had been round many times so went straight up and walked in to find Susan sitting on her bed watching TV in nothing but her underwear. Sitting down they started talking and Susan asked Anna to describe what happened again, after listening for a little while Susan asked Anna if she was feeling turned on and Anna had to admit that she was.

Susan told her to strip down to her underwear too if she wanted and carry on with her story, as Anna told her more she saw that Susan was slowly stroking her pussy through her panties, watching her friend more as she spoke Anna realised her Pussy was getting wetter and wetter, unable to stop herself Anna started touching herself as she talked not caring that Susan was there or watching too.

Anna felt her pussy twitch as she this amazing latina milf loves to fuck black dick how she had orgasmed and then watched as Mike came on cam for her, as she described the feelings she jumped as Susan casually reached over and touched Anna's panty clad pussy, Anna's thoughts went to pieces as Susan slipped a finger under the edge and again touched Anna's pussy, frozen for a second Anna almost melted as Susan move her panties to one side and openly started rubbing Anna's wet pussy.

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Anna started panting and moaning as Susan aroused her more and more, Anna thought she was about to cum when Susan stopped, disappointed Anna thought Susan wasn't going any further as she watched Susan stood and took her underwear off and then stripped Anna of hers, naked together now, Susan sat beside Anna and took her hand, opening her own legs she placed Anna's hand on her already soaking pussy, inviting Anna to explore her as she moved her hand back to Anna's hot wet perky titted teen sofia gets fucked by old woody. Gently at first Anna started rubbing and probing Susan's pussy finding her clit already hard and erect, as she did Susan also found Anna's clit and both girls jumped at electric shocks ran through them at the other touch, leaning forward Susan kissed Anna for the first time, as she did Anna felt Susan slip a finger inside her hole and push it in further, moaning loudly Anna followed Susan's example and kissing her back slipped her finger inside her friends pulsing hole.

Moving in unison both girls finger fucked each other as they kissed burying their fingers up to the knuckle and covering their hands in each other juices.

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Susan suddenly moved down Anna's body and attacked her nipples biting them gently and sucking them into her mouth, with this Anna started orgasming while Susan kept finger fucking and teasing her friend's nipples. Rising up Susan offered Anna her nipples letting Anna suck and bite them as she had Anna's, Susan finally started orgasming as Anna worked on her nipples and pussy fingering her and rubbing Susan's clit with her thumb. Collapsing Anna thought their mutual pleasure had ended.

only jumping when Susan moved down to Anna's wet and dripping pussy and covering it with her mouth, Anna almost screamed as Susan pushed her tongue inside and lapped up Anna's juices, finding Anna's swollen clit Susan set to work on it running her tongue round and round and over and over it, Anna started orgasming in seconds with a horse whisper begging and pleading for her friend to stop she gasp that she couldn't take anymore.

Finally Susan relented and stopped, moving back up Anna's body she kissed Susan hard jaelyn fox getting laid in the principals office her tongue into Anna's mouth, Anna was surprised to taste her juices all over her tongue and lips, pulling away she could see that Susan's face was also covered lustrous brunette vanessa decker gets fucked by a random stranger them.

As Anna lay there panting Susan whispered 'shall I tell you a secret?' Nodding Anna looked at Susan in shock as she admitted she had known about what happened with Mike already, Susan admitted that she had been talking to him for months and when she mentioned Anna he had got excited and asked her to arrange it so he could talk to her. Not knowing whether to be upset of grateful Anna just lay there saying nothing. Susan then got up from the bed and said 'I have another secret' I hope you'll still be my friend when you find out what it is.

Anna feeling nervous asked Susan to tell her what it was, in reply Susan said 'I can show you', moving to her computer Susan switched the monitor on, as the screen came to life Anna was speechless as she saw Mike's smiling face appear looking red and sweaty.

Anna now realised that Mike had watched everything that had happened between the two girls, blushing furiously all she could do was sit there not know what to say, Mike broke the tension saying that both girls were gorgeous and had given him a fantastic show making him cum several times. Susan still smiling came back and sat beside Anna 'did you like seeing Anna's pussy Mike?' she said as she pushed Anna's unresisting legs apart.

Mike replied that it was beautiful and he wished he could see it in the flesh; Anna still couldn't move as Susan opened her legs wider and then moved the webcam right up close to Anna's pussy. 'Can you see her juices running out? They taste so sweet mike, I bet you want to taste them don't you?' Susan said. With that Anna came back to herself and jumped knocking the cam on the floor. Mike realising that Anna was still shocked told Susan that he would speak to her later and turn his cam off as Susan did the same.

Turning Susan found Anna quietly crying going to her Susan wrapped her arms around her friend as she asked her what was wrong.


Sobbing Anna admitted that though she had enjoyed everything it has scared her to find out that Mike had seen it all without her knowing, Susan talked to her friend and calming her down promised that Mike would never do anything to hurt of embarrass her. Susan then told Anna that Mike had said he would love to meet them both if they were willing and treat them to a shopping trip as a thank you.

Anna gasped and said she couldn't meet Mike now; all Susan did was smile and reply. 'We'll see' then she slowly leaned into Anna and kissed her hard on the lips.