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Japanese av model perfect hardcore sex story stimulation lingerie
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One can get in a heap of trouble in two weeks&hellip. The first few days of our trial separation I was a wreck. Crying all the time, chain smoking, hardly bothering to bath myself. My parents offered to take the kids to allow me time to pull myself together. I was grateful; my children didn't need to see me like that. Finding out about my husband and so called "best friend" hadn't only ended mine and her friendship immediately, but I also wanted no contact with anyone associating with her.

So, that left me with few people to turn to for emotional support. I reached out to an old friend from my party days. She suggested we go out and get trashed.


Now that was a brilliant idea! We planned to meet up at a local dance club the following night. I sifted dirty latina selena fucked and cumshot on her tits hardcore my closet for proper attire. I used to own plenty of clubbing gear, now my wardrobe consisted mostly of "mommy wear" as I called it. Jeans, capris, t-shirts, tank tops, sweaters, church appropriate dresses and skirts, modest blouses. None of which appealed to me.

I wanted to look sexy. I wanted to be noticed. "Time to go shopping" I thought. "Mall here I come." A bit of retail therapy did me good. I returned home with several slutty outfits to choose from. The following evening I picked out a skimpy black dress from my new purchases to wear. It was a halter dress, exposing my entire back showing off my lower back tattoo (aka tramp stamp) nicely. The hemline barely covered the 'goods', and the neckline plunged down almost to my navel.

I chose a pair of hot pink stilettos to go with it. I showered, applied make-up, and straightened my short nearly black hair, put on a black lace thong, and then the dress and shoes. I admired my appearance in the mirror. A few spritz of perfume and I was ready to go. I texted her as I arrived at the club. She was on her way. Smoking wasn't allowed in the club, so I lit a cigarette and waited near the entrance for her to show.

I absently fidgeted with the ring finger of my left hand. I stopped wearing my wedding band the same night he came clean with me, but noticed its absence quite often.

There was a chill in the air which made my nipples hard as rocks. I was already receiving attention from guys making their way inside. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying every second of it.

Just as I was finishing my cigarette, I spotted her walking up. How she managed to walk in the heels she had on Sexy teen cam girl eira emerald getting fucked till she can take it no more didn't know.

The denim shorts she wore left little to the imagination and her huge tits looked as though they would bust out of her tight strapless top at any moment.

Well, she hadn't changed one bit that's for sure! "Damn hot mama!" She said sauntering up to me. "Ditto! Careful those bad boys don't pop out or there'll be a riot!" "Isn't that the plan?" She giggled. "Ha! I'm not bailing you out if you get arrested for public indecency." We laughed together as we locked arms and strut into the club.

The energy inside was amazing. We got down and dirty on the dance floor. Free drinks were given to us left and right. It was late when we managed to stumble our way back out into the cool night. "I'm not ready to head back to the house." I told her. "You know where I can score some X?" "Oh yea I know who to call. Anything else you're looking to buy?" "Umm… I could use a dime bag." "K. Follow me. I'll call on the way." I got in my car and followed her to a familiar apartment complex.

"Do all the dealers in town live here?" I wondered to myself. We circled the buildings and parked in the back. I got out of my car and followed her along the walk way.

"He's expecting us." She stated. "Who's he?" I was curious. You never know what kind of people you'll come across in the drug game. "Oh you know him…" We stopped in front of apartment #116.

She knocked lightly once, paused, and then two quick knocks. I suppose it was some sorta 'code'. The door opened and there stood yet another old friend from back in the day.

"Ladies…" He ushered us in. I leaned in and gave him a little hug. "It's been a long time buddy." "Yea well you dropped off the face of the planet when you met what's his face." "Well I'm back now. So, you selling now?" "Sorta. I'm more the in between man." "Oh." "I got the weed here, but y'all have to wait around a bit for the X. My man doesn't get off work for an hour, then he's gotta go pick it up from his place on the other side of town." I looked at my gal pal.

"I don't mind waiting if you don't." I definitely wasn't going to wait there alone. "Naw I'm cool to chill out here." She turned to him.

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"You got any booze?" "Yea in the kitchen, make yourself at home." He told her. The apartment wasn't big. There was a little round table over in the corner near the galley kitchen. Two couches on either side of the big screen, coffee table between them.

Your average bachelor pad. Nothing fancy, no décor unless you count beer pyramids and playboy posters as décor. Very much the same as his old apartment that'd I'd once spent so much of my time at.

I took a seat on the couch nearest the door. He sat across from me on the other. "Wanna smoke?" He asked me.

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"From your stash?" "Yea yea… We'll smoke my shit… Technically you haven't bought any yet anyhow." "I was kidding. You want me to go ahead and pay up now?" "Just wait till my guy shows, we'll handle it all then." He loaded a small glass pipe with swirling colors.

He took a good hit then passed the pipe to me. I put it to my lips and inhaled. At that time my gal pal came out of the kitchen with a large mixed drink in hand. "I see you big boos mom son story sex everything alright." He said to her. "You wanna hit?" I asked holding the pipe out to her. "I don't smoke. I stick to alcohol." She informed me, making her way to sit beside him. He and I continued to pass the pipe back and forth.

We chatted about old times, all the fun we used to have. I vented briefly of the troubles in my marriage. He loaded a second bowl as she went to pour herself another drink. He got up to come sit by me. "Here we're gonna shotgun this." He said taking in a long hit.

Then he set aside the pipe to take my face in his hands. I opened my mouth and inhaled as he blew in smoke. Instead of pulling back when he was done blowing, he pressed his lips against mine giving me quick kiss.

"Hey don't start without me." I heard my gal pal say returning. "Just warming up." I didn't know what he was talking about. Nothing else was said about it.

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She came over sitting on the other side of him. We keep right on smoking/drinking and gabbing. As she finished her drink, she leaned on him rubbing against him. His hands found their way to her mega melons and squeezed. I sat in stunned silence watching them make-out hardcore. I started to get up, feeling a bit uncomfortable, but he placed his hand on my thigh to stop me. "Where you going?" He asked. "How bout we three have some real fun?" I was too stoned to object as he sucked on my neck and exposed my right tit.

He was playing with my nipple getting it hard when we heard a knock-pause-knock-knock at the door.


I covered myself quickly. "Bout time man." My friend said to his bud opening the door. "Sorry, got off late.'' He apologized. "How many pills you needing?" My friend looked at me.

"Um&hellip. Like four I guess." I answered. We made the exchange quickly. I took swallowed one pill, then hid the pot and 3 other pills in my purse. His friend had his eyes on me the whole time. This hairy, pudgy man was giving me the creeps. I breathed a sigh of relief when my friend gave him the hint to leave. "Now where were we&hellip." He said after locking back up. To answer him my gal pal started stripping off her clothes on her way into the bedroom. "I don't know bout you two, but I'm feeling frisky…" He took me by the hand leading me to his room.

They both helped me remove my dress and thong. Two sets of hands caressed my body. The X was having the desired effect, my inhibitions were melting away. They left me standing there as they got on the bed. She crawled up and started sucking his cock. I looked on, feeling my pussy getting wet at the erotic sight. "Come sit on my face." He said. I was more than happy to obey his request. I sat so that I could still watch the exceptional blowjob she was performing.

I hadn't had X sex in several years, it never did disappoint. Her hair hung down obstructing my view so I gathered it up holding it in one hand.

I pulled on her hair bringing her off his dick. I slid the tip of my tongue along her soft voluminous lips. She tasted sweet. We kissed for the first time ever. She was a great kisser. Someone was being left out I was reminded when he stopped licking. "What's going on up there?" He asked us. "Let's switch." I told her. I took my place between his legs and resumed the blowjob she'd began. I attempted unsuccessfully to deep throat him, but he was too large. I could hear her moaning.

I glanced up to see her head thrown back, flicking her own nipples as he ate her out. I was ready to feel this anaconda inside me. I didn't know if I'd be able to take all of him, so I stood and squatted down while holding his cock in position for my descent. I took him in gradually, one inch at a time.

He massive member was stretching my poor pussy to its limit. She was squealing loudly as she neared orgasm. I hadn't even dad friend sex in daughter to fit ¾ of him yet!

"Mmm… Ohhh… Ahhh!" Her cutesy voice rang out as she came. When she'd moved off his face I could see frustration in his eyes. He rolled me over pinning me to the mattress.

"You're going too slow." He said seeming unaware I'd been trying my best. Surely other women had to of had trouble fitting him as well. He pulled back misato sakurai fingers and toys her tits and pussy only the head of his cock remained. "Brace yourself." She leaned over, distracting me with kisses and holding my hands firmly.

He took my ankles in his hands bringing my legs up in the air and spread them out wide. Rocking his hips gently, warning me of what was to come.

In one steady, determined push he forced his dick deeper in my pussy than any man before. "Owe it hurts!" I screamed in pain. "Give it a minute." He grunted. "I can't take it! It's too big!" He kept on as though he didn't even hear me. He wasn't going slow. He was assaulting my vagina ravenously. A tear escaped and rolled down the side of my face. He wasn't going to stop. The pain eased up as time lapsed. Eventually a euphoric sensation crept up. The pain had subsided. A wave of warmth radiated throughout my whole body.

She took my nipple in her mouth and started sucking as the warm wave grew hot. I was quivering all over. "Ugh ugh ugh!" He groaned. "Tell me you love it!" "YES!

YES I LOVE IT!" I was in pure ecstasy. one big cock for two hot sluts ME! MAKE ME CUM!" It was unlike anything I'd ever experience. My senses were heightened. Every thrust felt more extreme. Every suck was more pleasurable. My pussy quivered as I reached my peak. A gush of fluids poured out as I had my most mind blowing orgasm to date.

I wasn't able to create coherent sentences let alone words, one long moan leading to another. "Yea that's it!" He enjoyed my pussy tightening around his shaft. "Ok ladies get ready!" She lay back with her head next to mine.

He pulled out and shot his hot cum on our bare breasts and open mouths. Once we'd washed ourselves clean we dressed and hung out back in the main room. It was so late by the time I left.

She stayed behind, I had a strong feeling she stayed there often. My cell was blaring when I got in my car. I figured it best if I face the music right away. "Hello?" I answered. "Hey baby. I've been trying to reach you all night?" It was my husband. "I was out with my friend. I told you that already." "I just wanted to know if you'd made it home ok." "Not yet&hellip. I'm on my way there now." "Not yet?

Where have you been all night? The clubs closed hours ago." "We've been at an old friends place." "Old friend? Do I know her?" "Him." I corrected. "Yea you met him a few times&hellip. Remember we met at that party he threw?" "Oh him? Why were y'all over there?" "Well&hellip. I bought some weed from him." "Just pot? No hard drugs right?" "Well&hellip. I also picked up a few X pills." "You have to stop this baby&hellip. Regardless of what's going on with us, you have stop." "I will." I lied.

I knew I wasn't ready to stop. The drugs helped me forget the pain I felt. "I hope you mean that." He could read me like an open book. "Can we talk more about this later?" I wanted to focus on my driving, plus I found it difficult to keep from him the threesome I'd just had. In all honesty he wasn't just my husband he was also my best friend. I told him anything and everything. He knew the me nobody else did. Eventually I was going to tell him, but for now I couldn't.

I prayed he'd be able to understand, because I sure as hell didn't. To be continued.