Gorgeous brunette takes it up the ass

Gorgeous brunette takes it up the ass
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I knock on Lucy's door and say, "It's me". "Come in, it's open." I open the door to find Lucy naked on her bed in a very seductive pose. It's really quite a sight, believe me. My cock feels like it's about to burst out of my pants.

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Except that her head is drooped down. What a downer. "My, my, someone her looks like she's ready for some fun." I try to keep myself composed, but I just want to jump on her and fuck her silly. So I approach and tell her, "Now, now, you should be happy, you're about to receive my love." She picks up her head with a tiny little smile. "That's better." I say as reach my hand down to her pussy and rub it causing her to moan in pleasure.

All the while I use my other sunny leone and jessi capelli xxx storys to grope her tits. She's so wet now, it's like a waterfall down there.

I proceed to get on top of her and thrust my meat stick into her meat hole. She's so wet it goes in without any friction. "Lucas, I'm your bitch! I'm your bitch! Never leave me! Just love me! I'll do what ever you want!" It was something that I found both sexy and a little sad. "I do love you, so long as you remain my bitch and do what I say." I increase the power of my thrusts as I say this. "Yes, Lucas, I belong you and I'll do whatever you say." Obviously my words excite her as her pussy tightens and she wraps her legs around me.

As I attack her pussy, I begin to suck on her tits. They're not as big as her mothers, but there is still plenty to suck on. Eventually she has an explosive orgasm that is followed by her crying. "Why are you crying?" "I don't know. I think it might be because I." "Because you?" "Because I love you." Not surprising.

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I'm very lovable. "You are the first man to truly love me." Now I wouldn't say that, but I do genuinely like her. "Your the first man isn't going to take advantage of me after Mom passes out after drinking or who won't be stolen by her." Wait, what!?

"Uhhh, can you repeat that." "Sometimes my mom would bring men other after a night of drinking and they'd go into my room after she passed out. and." Damn, I hot slut gladly jumps on the shaft the bitch was a bad mother, but. Damn! "And one time I brought my boyfriend home, he was a few years older than me, and after I came down after freshening up I saw the two of them putting there clothes on in the living room." Wow, the whore.

I knew she was a slut, but an under. age. we'll I guess I'm underage, too. The whore! "Don't worry, I'll protect you from men like that and she won't steal me away from you." She starts crying even more tears of happiness. "Thank you, Lucas. I love you. Your bitch loves you." So this is how she was so easy to conquer. Her low self-esteem caused by her mother. I do feel a little guilty about using her like this, but I promise myself I'll make her have a happy life.

One way or another. A little while latter, after she's done crying. I exit Lucy's room and head down stairs to the kitchen. Lily just on got home after blowing off some steam shopping. After one look at me, all that steam she just blow off was back and then some. She knew that I just had sex somehow, but I know she doesn't know it was her daughter. "So what have you been up to?" She says as she grinds her teeth. "Sticking my fat cock into a fine young woman." I can't help but have a grin on my face after saying that.

And by the look in her eyes I can see she can barely keep from jumping over this table and try to straggle me. I love this. "They're much better than hags like you." "What an unfortunate girl." She's really good at bottling it up.

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"I hate it when I have to fake an orgasm. If I don't. the little boy gets his feelings hurts." "And if that boy decides not to fuck your worn out cunt, you get your feeling hurt and act like a passive aggressive bitch to everybody around you." I calmly say as I pour some orange juice. That woman is about to lose it. She grabs me by the shirt collar and says, "I've conquered men bigger, stronger, and meaner than. Ahh." Her threats are cut off when I reach my hands down her pants and rub her pussy.

I swear, it sounds like she's already about to cum. "Your almost at your breaking point, aren't you?" She grabs my hand and says like she's out of breath, "No, I'll never break. Especially by a punk like you.

Mark my word, I'll make you into my personal little human vibrator." "Just like Johnny." "No, not like that punk ass bitc." Before she can finish, her phone rings. Guess who it is. You got it, Johnny. As she's busy yelling at him on the phone, I go up stair to my room. *** As I try to fall asleep that night, I hear loud banging, panting, and moaning coming from the master bed room. But the sounds aren't of my dad or that bitch, one sounds nostalgic and the sounds unfamiliar.

For some reason I feel compelled to see whats going on. I walk into the hallway and look into the room through a crack in the door. The sight shocks me. I can't believe what I'm seeing, my mom, my real dead mom, getting fucked cowgirl style on her bed by a man I never seen before.

The man is slightly higher than average build with a good tan, amazing chiseled features, like a six pack, and from what I can see, a mighty fine cock. Not that I like looking a dudes cocks, it just caught my eye for a second. It might even be bigger than mine. As my mom is riding him, she enters some kinda orgasmic bliss.

There is even drool coming out of her mouth. She says she's cumming and collapses onto the floor. It looks like she's about to pass-out. Her breathe is very hard, but that man gets off of the bed, approaches her and she gets off of the floor to finish the job with her mouth.

She goes to town on it, deepthroating it. Quite a sight, you'd think she was the big by how cock hungry she is acting right now. In like 10-15 minutes later he cumming right in her mouth and she wholes all of his cum in one gulp and opens her mouth to show him her empty mouth.

She just pats her on her head, gets dressed, walks out the bedroom door past me, and out of my sight. Mom asks me for my help to get up and I proceed to help her up.

"So what did you think of the show," she asks me, but I don't say a word as I pull on her hair to see if it's not the bitch in a disguise. "Boy, you better late go of my hair before I slap you so hard I make your head do a 180." Yup, it's her. I recognize those threats anywhere. "Sorry, I thought you might be the bitch," I say apologetically. "The bitch? Oh, you mean Lily. You know you shouldn't call her that.

She is like your aunt and now she's your step-mother. Though sooner she'll be even more." "But if she hadn't sleep with dad you'd still be alive." "Hahaha, is that why you hate her. She's been doing that for years. Sometimes I'd join in." "." I'm just flabbergasted by her words. "I see you're speechless. Have you ever thought that the people closest to you aren't who you thought they were?" "Uhhh" "You thought I was a faithful housewife, who married for love, a moral person who always does what's right, and a good mother who loves her son, right?

Well, that last one is true, but the others not so much." "I don't understand." "I think you do." She says as she rubs my dick. "I'm no saint and the reason Lily is my best friend is because we have so much in common. We're both pan-sexual sluts." "." "Have you ever thought that the man you called dad all this time wasn't your real dad?" Her strokes get harder.

"To tell you the truth, I kind of hoped that he wasn't my father. But this is all a dream, right? I can just wake up or make this dream what ever I want it to be." "What would you make it then?" She lifts spreads her legs and guides my hand to your pussy. "You want me, right? Lily is right.

You really are a momma's boy. You want me, but there is a fine fuckable cunt in the next room." "But I already have a plan to get her. She's almost ready. Plus I have her daughter until she cracks." She get on my lap and and take drunk college sluts in for a good time reality amateur cock into her pussy.

"Her daughter is nothing compared to her. And if you can get Lily, then get her. Get her now. She's all alone and desperately horny. Just put on the pressure and she'll crack. Then make her yours. Don't wait and by assertive and go on the xxxcebony bhasha mein x download ebony mai. And a few slap won't hurt." *** I wake up with a painful erection and a feeling of shame.

I just had a sex dream about my mother. I really am a momma's boy.

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Oh well, now about my erection. My mom's words about Lily ring in my head. I'm going to get her right now. I'm going to that room, Make her my bitch, and give her my gift. I get out of my room, butt naked with a raging cock, with my gift for her in my hand, walk into the Lily's room and lock the door.

I take off the sheets so I see you naked body. She sleeps in the nude, go figure. Then I tell her to "Wake up, you dumb bitch." "Hmm, what, Lucas? What do you want?" She says is a daze as she stares at my cock.

"Do you final give up and want me to fuck you?" After she utters those words, I slap her across her face. She's now fully awake and pissed. "What the hell is your problem?" She says as she rubs her cheek.

"You're my fucking problem." I answer her with piercing eyes. "You fucking slut." "Why am I a slut? Do by slut you mean a woman of pleasure?" She smile with her reply. "Then yes, I an a slut." "You're a filthy slut that doesn't care who you hurt, just as long as you get you dirty cunt of yours stuffed with cocks and cum.

It could be the husband of a woman you are friends with or the boyfriend of your daughter." "Hey, they can on to me.

Blame the men for being unfaithful and the women for not satisfying." I slap her again and she begins to cry. "Stop that!" She says with tears in her eyes. "It does takes 2 to tango, but are you saying your daughter can't satisfy her boyfriends? You treat her boyfriends better than her. She's only a teenager. You get involved with men the rape and molest her and steal the under-aged teenage boys she's going out with.

She's told me all this. Not to mention you slept with my father when he was still married to my mother, your best friend, causing her depression that contributed to her accidental death" She begins to cry. "You don't understand, especially that last one." "I don't want to understand your twisted logic. But don't worry. I'll make it so you won't have to ruin families.

I'm the only man that you can fuck unless I say otherwise!" "Wh-What do you mean?" "You're my bitch from now on." "I'm nobody's bitch." "You say that, but your pussy is so wet and you've been eying my cock this whole time." Her face blushes and she covers herself with the sheets. I pull the sheets away and tell her to "spread your legs, bitch." "Fuck you!" "This is what you wanted, kinky gf get her ass banged hard in doggystyle. A nice fat cock." She licks her lips and opens her legs slightly.

She wants it so bad, but she is forcing her self not to. What can't she have this attitude with married men? "Cocks have always been your master, haven't they? You make your entire existence around pleasuring them. Now is no exception. Open them." She gives into my temptation and opens her legs fully.

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I pull then to the side of the bed prime cups beach ready sweetheart playing with her pussy position my body over hers "Good bitch. Now, beg for it." "N-No!" she may say that, but her pupils are dilated. Now for those that don't know, when women are horny, they they lick their lips and dilate their pupils instinctively.

Most women don't know they're doing those things, especially the latter one. "You sure?" I begin to tease the entrance of her pussy with the tip of my cock. "P-Pl. Yes, I'm sure." She's about to snap.

Her face is all red with tears going down it and it looks like she's trying to suppress her voice. Just a little bit more. So I raise my cock up a tad to rub it against her clitoris and she breaks. "Please, fuck me. Please ram it in." "Now if you want me to ram it in, you must call me 'Master'." "No!" She still has some fight left in her. "Are you sure?" "Yes, Master." She's so cute when she's confused.

"I mean momma's boy." I smack her a third time. The moment I smack her though, her pussy wettens even more. "Don't refer to you Master as that." "Yes, Master." Now we're getting somewhere. "Please fuck my dirty pussy with your cock." "That's better." I jam my fat member into her wet pussy.

She let's out a load moan when I do. "Who's bitch are you." "I'm yours, Master." "Your my what?" As if I don't know. "I'm your bitch!" I certainly hope this doesn't wake up Lily. She must be used to it by now. Her mother moaning in the middle of the night is nothing new to her and she probable fell asleep to it as a child. I continue to mercilessly attack her defenseless cunt until she cums. Which isn't very long.

All of her sexual frustration must have severely reduced her orgasm time. I've only been fucking her for about five minutes. No bother though. Her orgasms aren't what I'm after. "That was sooo good." She says with a big smile on her face.

"We're not done yet." I still continue to attack her wet cunt. I wrap my hands around her neck and lightly squeeze as she wrap her legs around my waist.

"We're just getting started." We continue like this for about twenty more minutes. After which, she's orgasmed two more times. Meaning in twenty-five minutes, I've made her orgasm five times. Not bad, right? Her face is filled with ecstasy and she cuddles up to me, but I tell her I have a gift for her. So I grab my gift, the remote control vibrator chastity belt and strap it on her.

"This is to make sure you don't fuck anybody without my consent." "Yes, Master. I don't think you have to worry about that." She says as she puts her hand on her new gift. I get back into bed and she cuddles up to me again. *** The next morning I wake up early with my bitch right beside me. "Wake up, whore." "Hmm, yes, what is it." She says half awake. "Fetch me some breakfast." "Sure thing, Master." I watch her as she wobbles out the door wearing only the gift I gave her.

I'm almost done conquering her Mom. By the end of the day she'll be mine and her daughter will be mine.