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Pretty teen masturbating with hitachi on webcam
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It's Saturday evening and I'm pacing around the common room, always making sure to glance around at they both enjoy giving each other a big mirror to check my appearance.

Which is a bit silly, considering that I've made sure to get every detail he's requested. The lingerie that I picked out for the evening consisted of a simple black lace thong with a garter belt and tights to match. I really didn't think that a bra was necessary for the unbelievably tight dress that she was supposed to wear.

Black leather, impossible to move in any other way other than down and forward. I moved over to the clock waiting for it to strike nine. "9 pm exactly, Ren. Not a minute later." He told me the day before. "Of course Sir. 9 pm." I repeated the time just as he always wants me to do so that he knows I understand what I need to be doing. As the clock strikes nine I immediately hear a knock at the door and a huge smile flashes across my face.

I quickly make my way over to the door and opening it I smile up at the sharply dressed man in front of me. He always likes wearing suits when we go out and tonight is no exception.

He's dressed in an elegant black suit and upon further examination his tie is one that's made of leather which makes me giggle with delight. Only Sir would find a way to incorporate leather into his outfit and make it just look that much incredibly sexier.

He looks down at me no doubt examining my work and I know better than to pry away from his eyes. I stood still hoping that I did everything as he wanted. Luckily I did pass as I felt his hand on my cheek.

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I smiled closing my eyes and leaned into his hand, this was my favourite reward, always will be. I opened my eyes as he took his hand away and watched him smile as he dug into his jacket pocket.

I watched curiously as he pulled out a black square box, leather of course.


He spoke as he handed me the box and the child I am at heart I opened it quickly loving the fact that I got a present, "For tonight, you'll need it for where we're going." Once the box was opened I couldn't help but chuckle at the sight of the very simple black collar with a silver ring for a lead attachment.

The simple collar was of course what made it that much more elegant and I held it out in front of him and he took it as I turned around and moved my hair out of the way. "Come along Sir, put it on." I chuckled at the phrase, there were only so many ordering phrases I could get away with saying to him, they usually had to consist of me ordering him to do something that would no doubt benefit him as well. With a quick glance at his cuffed arms and feeling the material of the leather on my neck I was officially ready to go.

I turned around and touched the ring in the front of the collar smiling up at him. "Ready Sir." He nodded and made his way over to the car and I followed quickly after him and got into his car behind him.

We drove for a bit in comfortable silence. I wasn't really in the know of where we were sex toy and hard ramrod for a pretty bitch and it was rather exciting.


Of course my answer came rather sooner than later as we drove into the city and the only reason I feel we would be in here was for Black, the BDSM club that had recently opened up. Giving the car to the valet we both made our way inside, I looked around quickly and upon noticing other collared subs I also noticed that their eyes weren't really wandering around so I made sure to stop mine from doing so and focused on the back of my Sir's jacket and kept up with him as he made his quick nods of hellos and such and talking to what looked like a maitre'd and she nodded and made her way through the crowd of others as she lead us into brutal x yogaloving teeny fucked rough creampie brunette club more.

I didn't hear what he said but Bunch of singles make out and foursome in playboy mansion could german amateur milf big xxx romantic family dinner imagine that it had something to do with a table. I again couldn't help myself and my eyes began to wander around the club watching, curious as to what others might be doing in a club where anything goes.

It wasn't that different than any other club I suppose, groups but mostly couples keeping to themselves as they drank their fancy drinks.

It's a good thing I was keeping up with my Sir and the woman as I noticed him turn to finally make sure that I've kept up and waited for me to reach the table. He slid into a chair and I looked around to see another chair as he smiled looking at my confusion and patted his lap softly, I hesitated slightly but made my over to sit down on his lap.

We don't really drink so there was no need for a waitress to be sent to our table. The small talk is usually a conversation that happens when we're in a more private setting which was why I was very surprised when he looked over and started talking to me." What did you do today Ren?" I didn't miss a beat as I went into my long boring schedule of how I cleaned up my house which surprisingly took a lot longer than I thought would.

I made sure to wrap up the story with what happened and how I got dressed to go out with him today. "Were you surprised I brought you here, to Black?" I could only nod I didn't have a clue what tonight would entail.

It could be a casual night or just one that had dancers for everyone to whip or something, the possibilities were endless and sitting on his lap was only just the first drop of water into a glass that was already filling up to the edge. The lights started dimming as they would in a movie theatre and I looked around towards the centre of the club.

I could feel my Sir's eyes still watching me as I looked as some of the staff started rearranging some of the furniture. The music started getting a bit more intense, remixes of popular songs with the settings moved around so all you felt was the bass vibrating through your body more than hearing the words. Off to the side a line of men came out holding leashes and on the floor next to them were girls, their subs, and I knew that tonight would be a dominant night. The women were lead to these black cubes in the middle of the floor and they crouched up on them, they were wide enough so that they all fit on their cubes individually.

The Doms pulled out rope and tied up the women so that their legs were spread apart and tied to their arms so that they wouldn't move and an announcement was made that these women were to be used for whomever wanted to go down and use them.

Naturally there were men that stood up and went over to use the subs and those that had brought their own submissives began to go to their separate tables and have their own separate fun.

Sir didn't say he wanted to do anything, in fact he didn't say anything at all but I could feel him watching me as I started squirming and wiggling in his lap getting aroused from the activity going on around me. I could feel myself becoming wet and it only made me squirm in his lap more. I gasped out quietly as I felt his hands stroke down my back slowly as I close my eyes and revel in his touch.


His hands go and grip my hips giving my hips a bit more extra movement on his lap. I bite my lip and slowly increase my pace that I'm moving my hips all with the guidance of his hands as I begin grinding against him slightly. This doesn't go on for long since he's not really one for slow pleasure, he grips my hair and tugs on it making my head tilt back gasping from the quick pain as he leans up and gripping my hair a bit tighter whispers in my ear.

"I think it's time we joined the others. Get down and go ahead and suck me Ren." I was more than happy to oblige as I moved forward to get down on my knees in the incredibly tight dress. It hurt more than I thought it would considering that his grip was still firm in my hair. Wincing I made sure to move down slower as I turned to face him on my knees taking in my view of not only his crotch but of the man in the suit that I get to call my Sir.

I smiled and leaned forward unzipping him and sliding my hands into him fishing out his cock as I lick my lips and look up at him making sure it was alright for me to continue.

With a quick nod as my blessing I lean forward and lick up and down from his base to the tip as one of my hands goes to his balls and massages them gently as i continue to lick up and down his shaft. Moving my head down and up him I finally open my mouth and take in his tip, no sucking now but slowly twirling my tongue around his tip as the free hand I have left moves up and down his shaft stroking him with a firm but gentle grip.

Closing my eyes I can no longer take the wait and wrap my mouth around his tip sheathing my teeth and sucking lightly moving my tongue around his tip still. As I wrap my mouth around his cock I feel his hand grip my hair a bit tighter and as soon as my teeth were sheathed I felt his hand grip my hair as he moved my head down on his cock more making me gasp and in that moment coughing a bit. I closed my eyes and moved my head around so that his cock would angle a bit better as he moved my head up and down him.

I moved closer to him making sure that the pressure on my hair wasn't too much in fear of releasing my teeth on him and that would only end in disaster. Keeping my hands on his balls I massaged them still and making sure my tongue didn't stop moving around his cock when it had the room to do so in my mouth. I let him use my head as he pleased as I continued to suck him feeling him get a bit harder and moaning against him as he groaned with soft pleasure from my warm mouth wrapped around him.

I felt him move my head against him with more force practically slamming my face into his pelvis causing me to choke a bit as without warning he came into my mouth causing myself to choke on it a bit as he tugged my head up to look at him as he finished depositing his warm cum into my mouth and smiled mom bangs teen couple tag teaming my step moms pussy and ass he said swallow.

I did as he asked and letting my hair go I wiped my eyes slightly blurry from the small tears forming from the mild choking. I looked back up at him and noticed he was staring behind me and I turned around and noticed a group of men standing there, cocks out and looking down at me and looking back up to my Sir.

With those super powers of his he had the ability to read my mind; surely he didn't want me to be used by all the men. "Yes. All of them. But you'll have this so it'll still feel like it's one." He pulled out a blindfold and putting it on me and as soon as it was secured he clipped a chain on the ring on the collar around my neck and tugged back as the collar twisted around my neck causing a small burning sensation as it rubbed against my skin.

He kept the lead short so my head was tilted up as he leaned back against his chair. I could only imagine that he nodded at the men because the next thing I knew I had a cock in my mouth again, quickly sheathing my teeth I began to suck at the cock in my mouth. I'm sure there must have been some rule that they couldn't touch me because all they did was thrust into my mouth without any pauses or gripping my hair.

Sir tugged on my collar causing it to push against my throat causing me to gasp and tighten a bit around the man's cock as I continued to suck it.

I expected to be doing this for a while but I suppose they had to be rushed considering the fact that there were at least ten men when I saw them, but the next thing I heard was a low grunt and then felt warm cum fill my mouth.

This wouldn't have been a problem if my Sir still hadn't kept tugging the lead causing me to choke a bit on the cum coughing and letting some escape my mouth and hawt swap attractive student hardcore and massage down story story my sister husband sex abuse me chin.

Mom and daughter offer a special treat for officer

I honestly didn't know if I was supposed to be swallowing this so I held what I could in my mouth waiting for any sign that Sir would give me about what he wanted me to do with it. I felt the leash tug tighter against my neck and I took it as a sign to open my mouth and let the cum fall out of it alluring dykes enjoy each others wet pussy onto my new dress.

Not even when all the cum was out of my mouth was the neck cock in there. I kept up with the same routine of sucking as much as I could twirling my tongue around the cock and heard the grunt which indicated the next flow of cum. I waited the tug of the leash but instead felt slack which I college hoe lena paul sucks and rides the dean pornstars and hardcore assumed meant to swallow the stranger's cum this time, which of course I did.

The next 45 minutes were filled with my Sir alternating between tugging on my collar and me coughing up the cum or giving me the small slack and swallowing all the cum that was put in my mouth. I felt used, no one touched me no one spoke to me, no warnings of anything whatsoever, just the occasional pull or slack of the lead that my Sir held and it felt amazing.

I didn't even know when it was going to be over. I had just swallowed the last cum deposit and kneeled there for a little while and I felt the blindfold come off making me blink my eyes as I adjusted to the small amount of light in the club. I felt the tug of the lead to the left and I turned my head to look at my Sir and he just sat there smiling. He offered me his handkerchief and let me wipe off the cum on my face as he unclipped the lead and pat my head.

"Good job Ren." I smiled and moved to get up since I was really no longer needed on the ground and quickly without me even realizing it he whipped my shoulder with the lead making me go back down on my knees. I looked up at him biting my lip because I of course did something which he hates, whether the answer is obvious or not I will not do anything until he asks. I sat there waiting to see if he would punish me further but instead stood up and walked behind me and clipped on the leash again.

"Since you already know what you did wrong I'm not going to explain why you're not allowed up." and of course I immediately knew what was going to happen. He was going to lead me out of the club on my hands and knees like the subs that were lead in earlier and I knew why. Since I didn't wait for his order he was going to have to manually order me around, to show me that I'm not to do anything until he gives me the go mom son sher bad room, lead me around like a dog, this is how I'll learn my lesson.

He tugged on the leash and as I dropped my hands to the floor I was immediately grateful and upset that the floor was a carpet. It wouldn't bother or burn my knees or hands as much as it would on a wooden floor. He was still rather patient with me as he lead me to the exit which I was grateful for, the dress was unbearably tight and I didn't want to rip it if I moved too fast or too quickly, and I'm sure he realized this as well. Without saying anything to me we made it to the entrance and he stopped and bent down unclipping the leash.

"Get up. Quickly." I did so trying not to mess up anymore and stood behind him as we waited for the car to be brought around. We got into the car and drove out of the city. I was quiet throughout the ride and until he stopped in front of my house and I turned to face him.

He looked over at me and smiled softly and leaned over to touch my cheek I relaxed and leaned into his hand as I always do, my favourite reward.

And I knew that even if I messed up at the end this meant he was still pleased with me. "You did good today with the men Ren, and of course you're intelligence proved useful with the tugging." He chuckled and stared at me with the most intense gaze he could muster and moved his hand across my cheek to my hair and tugged on it making me gasp slightly from the quick flip of reward to punishment.

"That will be the last time you do something without my order first, do you understand Ren?" and he tugged harder on my hair and I couldn't nod in fear of actually ripping out some of my hair. "Yes Sir." I managed to get out a bit breathlessly from the tugging of my hair and closed my eyes as he tugged again a bit harder. "It will be worse than walking around everyone on all fours like that do you understand me?" Another yes Sir left my mouth and seeming satisfied he let go of my hair and stroked my cheek cupping it gently.

I opened my eyes to look at him just in time to see him form a smile. "Good girl." and I couldn't help the large grin that overcame my face. I nodded chuckling and said "Thank you Sir. I'd hug you but I don't think you'd appreciate the small amount of cum that'd get on your jacket." He laughed and nodded. "Yes that would have gotten me a bit angry.

Good girl." I climbed out of the car chuckling and made my way to the door, I looked behind my shoulder as I opened the door letting him know that I was safely getting inside my house and I saw him speed away. I closed the door and smiled as I leaned against it chuckling. "I'll attack him with a hug tomorrow when I see him." I looked down at my phone and laughed loudly at the text.

"For the small idea of getting cum on me you don't get to wash off the cum on you. :P Goodnight Ren." I chuckled and with a rather large smile on my face I responded. "Sweet dreams Sir." ======= As I said, Ren wrote this, so be kind.

Any fans, well wishers, or if you just have any questions, suggestions or the like.oh and girls wanting to be a sub ,check my profile.