Big african dong pounds a tight pussy

Big african dong pounds a tight pussy
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When Tiffany regained consciousness, she felt extremely weird. Her skin was covered in goose bumps due to the cold of the locker room shower. She nurse and patients jabardasti sex story already dry though, black cop fucks girl hot latina stripsearched and fucked it had been a while.

She noticed that she was no longer wearing any of her original clothing. Instead, she was wearing a one piece bathing suit, light blue in color, the type the school issued to students who could not afford their own during swim class.

"What happened?" she groaned as she clamored to her feet. She was still in the boys' locker room. She could see Adam, Andrew, Joe and Jason in front of her. She gasped when she felt David's hand on her shoulder from behind. She turned her head and found her lips meeting his. He kissed her passionately, pushing his tongue into her mouth and making her squeal. "I thought you weren't gonna be like the rest of them," she whimpered when their mouths broke apart.

"I'm a sucker for swimsuits," he answered vaguely while touching the crotch of her one piece. She winced as she felt him through the thin fabric. "Hurry up and get wet. I want to fuck you while you're wearing it." He pushed the cloth inside her slightly.

"I'm just a toy to get fucked by you," she muttered soaked lesbian babes munching on wet pussy while glancing over at his friends.

"That's right," Jason answered her. "You're such a horny slut, it would be a waste if we didn't do this. We can even keep going after school ends. Are you into exhibitionism? Have you ever wanted to have sex on a public bus or something?" Tiffany shook her head.

At the same time she whimpered again. David was trying his hardest to get her wet. The crotch of the swim suit was already starting to dampen. When he felt it he grinned. "No," she moaned as he pulled the fabric aside in order to finger her directly.

He also took hold of her hand and guided it to his crotch. She felt his hardening member through his pants. Instinctively, she slid her hand into the waist and pulled it out. David gasped as his warm cock was exposed to the air. Tiffany crouched down and pressed her lips to the tip, pushing her tongued to his pee hole and lapping up his precum. "If I make you cum, will you leave me alone?" she asked while gripping the shaft with one hand.

He placed his hands on the back of her head and thrust her forward onto him. Her hand prevented her from going to far though. "No," he admitted bluntly.

"I'm not going to be satisfied until you're wearing my cum on your back and in your hair. There is nothing sexier than a woman marked by a man's semen." Tiffany worked furiously to get him off.

She swirled her tongue around his tip as fast as she could while rubbing the shaft with her hand. She made sure he could not push her down as far as he probably would have liked to.

Glancing over her shoulder at his friends, he could see them all waiting patiently for his first turn to end. They were bored but they amused themselves as if they were watching a porno.

The thought that the moment she finished off David, she would be fair game for the rest of them sickened her. Suddenly, David was squirting into her mouth.

Five quick shots of semen hit the roof and the insides of her cheeks. She made sure not to let a single drop slip out and then she pulled back. She looked like a chipmunk with her cheeks so full. She swirled the cum in her mouth a few times to mix it with her saliva. It dampened the taste and made it easier to swallow, which she did. "Holy fuck," David could not hide how excited it made him to watch her treat his cum like something to be devoured religiously.

His cock was starting to soften though. He tried to keep himself hard by playing with her cunt some more but it did not work. He had to back away and sit down on a bench to rest. The other four boys stepped forward immediately. "Hey, it's still my turn," David complained. "We'll just keep her company for you," they assured him. Tiffany winced as Jason and Joe began playing with her breasts, at first through the swimsuit. Eventually Jason pulled the fabric together between her breasts so they were exposed.

They were slightly purple from Joe pinching them before. "Yours really are small," Jason sighed disappointedly. "According to Trent, swallowing semen will make them bigger," Adam reminded Jason. "Wouldn't they have already grown from her messing around with Jon?" Andrew asked.

"Man, why have you got to remind me of that?" David groaned. Jason looked at Andrew for an explanation. "They are kinda friends," Andrew explained. "Must feel like betrayal to be fucking your friend's sister like this?" Joe quipped with a smirk.

He was definitely enjoying the drama of the situation more than the rest of the boys. "Who's gonna go first while we wait for David to get his mojo back?" Adam asked. He was tapping his foot impatiently. "I kinda want to see if we can double stuff her the same way Jason and Joe did," Andrew suggested.

"Alright, take off your clothes," Adam ordered Tiffany bluntly. She just stared at him. Despite the fact that she pretty much just had to let them do whatever they wanted to her, there was no reason to be obedient. "What now?" Adam looked at Andrew for answers. "It's more fun this way," Joe laughed while grabbing the bottom part of her swimsuit and pulling on it, stretching it away from her friends siss xxx family frirt. She shivered as the cold air hit her already wet cunt.

She did not want to admit it but David was quite effective at turning her on. Joe licked his fingers and pushed them against her wet crotch. She sucked in her breath as she felt them spreading her cunt lips to enter her. They were quite thick as Joe was a large teenager.

He managed to fit two inside her but he was unable to even spread them afterward. "Damn, she's tight. I would've thought Jon had stretched her a little bit more." "He must have a real tiny dick," Andrew surmised.

Tiffany glared at him angrily. "What?" he barked at her. "How big is it then?" Tiffany's eyes darted to Joe's lower half. She was obviously remembering how big the football player's dick had been.

There was no way Jon's compared. "He's not that small," she muttered meekly. "Wow, I feel bad for Jon," Andrew laughed. "No wonder he fucks his own sister. Can't get anyone else to put up with his limp dick." "Shut up!" Tiffany shouted at him. "Why are you defending him?" Andrew continued to taunt her. "Aren't you in this mess because he couldn't keep his pants on at school?

Where is your beloved brother when you're getting raped, eh?" Tiffany gritted her teeth. She was not even sure why she was defending Jonas. As Andrew said, he was the cause of everything. He raped her first and gave Randy the idea. She hated her life of being unwanted by her parents but being wanted by Jonas and Randy was so much worse.

"Looks like she's gonna cry," Adam jeered. "She's getting tighter and dryer," Joe grumbled. "Could you let her be? It won't be any fun to fuck her this way." "Fine." Andrew shrugged. It was not his intention to bully Tiffany. She closed her eyes as Joe continued to work on her cunt.

He was rather rough. Her whole body moved when he jerked his fingers around inside her. She kept gasping for breath. It was not long before she came.

A subtle shaking wracked her body. She had to sit down to keep from falling over. "She's nice and wet now." Joe was proud of himself.

"If you two don't get over here, I'm gonna stretch her out. Your tiny veronica avluv dicking down the doctor will never feel her walls again." "Shut up!" Andrew spat at him. He did not like being reminded that Joe was bigger than him. He pressed on Tiffany's back and leaned her forward so he could see her ass better.

He then pulled on her swimsuit so that it was giving her a wedgie. She winced and moaned as the fabric pressed into her crotch. Joe pulled his fingers out of her cunt with an audible pop, causing her to gasp as cold air rushed to replace them. Andrew pushed harder on her back until she was leaning far enough forward that her cunt was exposed from behind.

He slid his fingers inside to get them wet and then moved them up to her asshole. She gritted her teeth as he pushed them inside her anus.

Her puckered flesh stung. "It's not like she's going anywhere. We could each take turns," David suggested. "Doing it at the same time is unnecessarily cruel." "It's more fun when she reacts," Joe explained while swatting Tiffany on the cheek, making her wince in pain. Andrew positioned himself behind her and pressed his cock against her anus.

It did not give way easily. He had to push extremely hard.

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It made a popping sound when it slid inside. It was tight and clingy, unlike her slick cunt. Andrew found himself trying to smear more liquid from her cunt around his cock just to help himself slide further in. When he finally nestled himself as deep as he could for the moment, he rested his chin on her shoulder. She turned her head when she felt his breath on her ear. He ran his tongue over her lips and grinned at her. She blushed instinctively.

"It must be so embarrassing," he chuckled. "I'm not your boyfriend and I'm not your brother. We have no relationship whatsoever and yet here I am with my cock inside you. We're connected for this one moment and you'll remember it whenever you see my face again.

It must suck to be a girl. All guys want to do is shove things inside of you and hurt you. Our basic instinct is to degrade and dominate you." Tiffany did not disagree with him. She had realized the basic difference between boys and girls long before Jonas first ever raped her. Back when all they did was help each other masturbate she knew having her brother stick his fingers inside of her was more invasive than the simple jacking off she did for him.

He got pleasure from just watching her react to his touch. It was unfair but it was nature. She was always going to be the girl who got played with. Andrew pulled his cock out of her ass slowly, making her groan and then sigh in relief. He rubbed it between her legs, getting it wet with her cum. She almost giggled as the sensation tickled. He rubbed it back and forth until she bit her lip in anticipation. She wanted him to push on her cunt harder, maybe even slip inside.

He did not though. Instead, he returned the tip of his cock, now slick and wet, to her anus and pushed. She leaned forward to lessen the impact but instead prolonged it. Her eyes rolled back and she let out a low groan that was halfway between annoyance and satisfaction. Though obviously painful, the feeling was intriguing. Once again she felt like she was going to the bathroom in reverse. Her stomach muscles could be seen contorting beneath her swimsuit.

She was trying not to clench her anus too much, or worse unleash her bowels. The thought crossed her mind that it was incredibly wrong; boys intentionally using a sex organ to push inside an organ designed specifically for expulsion. Andrew was right, boys loved to hurt girls. They loved to watch as their precious mouths were not allowed their most basic of purposes, breathing, and instead stuffed their throats with their cocks when their cunts were perfectly available.

Jonas loved seeing how long he could hold her down and Randy seemed to think making her neck bulge was an accomplishment. David could not have chosen a better word to describe boys than cruel. Tiffany was aware of the way Joe and Jason were looking at her.

They watched as her face turned slightly red from blood rushing to her head as she held her breath for too long. They licked their lips as they eyed the liquid dripping from her cunt; a sign, not that she was enjoying this, but that her body was reacting to make her more comfortable.

Every twitch of her muscles, every moan from her lips, every bead of sweat running down her curves was turning them on even more. Her whole body was something sexy to be gawked at in anticipation of their turn to penetrate her.

As Andrew pulled out of her ass again, a sense of relief washed over her. She felt extremely relaxed. She was aglow with a look of satisfaction. Her eyes were half closed and she wore a stupid grin as drool ran out of the corner of her mouth. She was already trying to think of how she was going to replicate the sensation again on her own; debating what item would feel best when shoved inside her rectum and then forced back out by her own muscles.

She was even giggling. "What's wrong with her?" Adam waved his hand in front of her half closed eyes. Only the whites were visible. "Did you fuck her senseless?" "I haven't even started fucking her yet," Andrew argued.

"Joe must have did a number on her earlier. She likes it in the ass, that's for sure." Tiffany tried to speak. Her lips scraped against each other but her throat was too dry. She had to swallow several times before she could talk. "Hurry up," she moaned. Andrew was caught off guard. "Deeper," she continued to beg two amazing starlets have hot lesbian sex. "Go as far as you can go, as hard as possible and then pull it out so slowly," her voice was faraway and dreamy.

"That's it." Adam grabbed her ankles and spread her legs apart, exposing her wet cunt again. He lifted her off the floor slightly so he could get his knees beneath her butt. Andrew waited patiently. Tiffany gasped when she felt his cock touching her thighs. He slid back and forth between them, presumably content to just rub the outside for the moment.

Tiffany's head rolled around in its relaxed state. "Are you going to put it in?" she asked sweetly. "I can't handle two at once but you're going to do it to me anyway. No one cares what Little Tiff wants.

She's just a slutty rag doll. Her holes are so small but you stretch them so big. Blonde bdsm sub whipped till she squirts not having fun if she's not suffering." Adam looked a little afraid. He was contemplating giving up on his turn altogether. "That's right," Joe chimed in, agreeing with Tiffany's taunting. "What's the point if we can't see it on your face?" He pulled his cock out of his pants and pressed it to her cheek.

She turned her head enough so that she could stick out her tongue and lick it. Suddenly, Andrew slammed back into her ass, making her scream. Joe took advantage and shoved his fat cock into her mouth, stretching one of her cheeks. For the next few minutes he tried to redirect his cock down her throat but it was too big and she had closed the back of her mouth tightly.

Eventually he gave up and just grabbed her head so he could slide her mouth on and off his cock without her consent. Her eyes rolled around in her head dizzily and she made a suctioning squelching sound as the saliva in her mouth was sloshed around. At the same time, Andrew picked up his pace, sliding in and out of her asshole repeatedly. She squealed into Joe's crotch and tightened her muscles every time he slammed in and subsequently relaxed every time he pulled out. "Come on, let's triple team her," Andrew goaded Adam.

After waiting for the perfect chance, when Andrew was pulling out of her, Adam pointed his cock up and slid from her thighs to her cunt. He was surprised by how slippery it was. He slid all the way in with ease, despite the fact that it was a rather tight fit.

Tiffany was a small framed girl and all of their cocks seemed big compared to her. Tiffany's eyes reflected satisfaction as her cold cunt was finally being warmed by a tara holiday and penny pax bent over on anal. If she could speak she would have been moaning happily. When Andrew slammed back into her ass though, she screamed. He stretched her intestines and forced Adam's cock up into the back of her pelvis.

Tears streamed down her face as liquid shot out of her cunt. She was peeing again. "Aw, the dumb bitch sure can't control her bladder," Joe insulted her. "Are you alright?" he asked Adam, who tried but could not avoid getting peed on. "Want to fuck her up for it?" Adam did not exactly feel like Tiffany could be blamed, considering the fact that he was raping her but he also saw an opportunity to act a little spoiled.

He grabbed both of her exposed breasts and pinched her flesh extremely hard. She screamed into Joe's crotch again as her pale white skin turned pink and then red. Adam gripped her nipples and twisted them as hard as he could, pulling her downward onto him at the same time he thrust up into her.

The sensation of feeling her cunt squiring from the force of Andrew's cock in her other hole was enthralling. She went limp for a moment as she almost passed out. She was having trouble breathing with Joe's cock in her mouth. Her muscles were relaxing and tightening at different intervals. She was completely at the mercy of their three cocks. Eventually her neck was too lax and she simply fell off of Joe's cock.

He was slightly disappointed but he did not immediately push back inside her mouth. Instead, he examined her purplish face smugly. Drool was leaking down her chin and she was breathing steadily. "Girl's look so adorable when choking on your cock," Joe muttered dreamily. "I like it better when she can talk," Adam argued while pushing into her cunt just hard enough to elicit a yelp of protest.

When Tiffany calmed down she was breathing heavily. Her chest was expanding and shrinking visibly. "How do you like it?" Adam asked while flicking her clit, making her wince. "I don't like blowjobs," she admitted. "What about having your asshole stretched?" Andrew asked. "It hurts a lot," her response was not one of complaint.

She was just stating a fact. Adam and Andrew spent the next several minutes pounding into her holes from both ends. She squealed and moaned and whimpered accordingly but did not complain. It was not until she felt Adam preparing to cum inside her that she got upset. "Please, I really have no idea if I'm gonna get pregnant or not. There is no way I can hide that from Jon." "Who cares about Jon?

You're our girlfriend now," Jason spoke up for the first time in a while. Tiffany's face drooped as she realized that today was not going to be the end of her suffering at gorgeous milf get hardcore banged on camera vid hands.

They planned from the start to keep playing with her day after day. "I want you to come home with me today," Jason made a statement that was more of an order than a request. "Meet me after school at the front gate." Tiffany did not acknowledge his demand. She was already contemplating how she was going to avoid ever getting caught in a similar situation again. "I think you've started to enjoy yourself a little too much." Joe suddenly pushed his fingers into her mouth and pried it open.

As expected, he then pushed his massive cock past her lips. She gurgled as it scraped the roof of her mouth. She managed to close off the back of her throat just before the tip of his cock hit it.

It hurt a lot though as he tried his hardest to push through. He even grabbed her nose with one hand and put the other on the back of her head to push her down on his crotch. She squelched and almost threw up as he slid her whole mouth on and off his cock like a ring on a finger.

"Come on, open up," he begged her. "Show us what kind of slut you are." Tears flooded the corners of her eyes but mom son fuk story movi still refused to let him fuck her throat. Finally, he got too excited. His cock started to twitch before he had broken her.

With a grumble he pulled out and pressed the tip against one of her nostrils. She shrieked as the first shot of cum went straight up her nose. She tried to move away but he held her head down.

Ten shots later and cum was leaking down the back of her throat, making it tingle. She tried to swallow while also trying to blow her nose.

The cum came out in thick ropes running down her face. Rather than stopping their assault on her cunt and ass like Tiffany hoped, Andrew and Adam took full advantage of the situation to fuck her senseless. Adam came inside her, holding her to his waist by her thighs. She was coughing too hard to complain. Finally, Andrew had her and her ass to himself. He grabbed her around the waist and thrust into her.

Adam pulled out completely, giving him more room to reach deeper. She instinctively tried to pull away from him. He reached over her shoulder and tucked one of his arms under her chin. She felt his strength as he held her to him.

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Eventually he started to squeeze against her throat, cutting off her ability to breathe. Her eyes widened and she started to kick. Andrew just fucked her ass even harder. She thrashed and screamed as he fucked her body like a rag doll.

If he did not appear to be raping her before, he definitely did now. All pretenses that she was enjoying herself were gone. She was leaking cum from her nose and cunt while trying just to keep her eyes open. He slid his hand along her neck until he was able to grab her throat and dig his fingers into her windpipe. Leaning forward over her shoulder he whispered something in her ear. "It'll be easier to fuck you when you're unconscious." It was enough to send her over the edge.

A steady stream of cum and pee shot out of her cunt. Her body went limp in his arms. She passed out in the act of having an orgasm. Andrew did not relax his grip on her until he was cumming inside her bowels. Her body twitched each time he shot hot cum into her but she did not wake up. Finally, he collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily as his cock softened in her asshole. "Is it my turn again yet?" David asked when he thought Andrew had fallen asleep.

Joe and Jason both laughed at him. "She's half dead and you still want to fuck her. You're really cruel," the teased him. "You all had your go. I'm not cutting her loose until I've filled her cunt up too," David was adamant.

With a reluctant sigh, Andrew rolled off of her. David looked down at the awesome girlie is giving irrumation hardcore and massage that was his friend's sister. Her eyes were half closed and her tongue was hanging out. Thick white cum was clinging to her face, running from her nostrils over her lips and down her chin.

Her tears had dried leaving streaks of white on her red skin. There were lines on her body where the swimsuit dug into her flesh. David could only gaze at her in admiration though. She looked best to him when she had been fucked past exhaustion. She grunted half consciously when he lifted her up by her arms.

The rest of the boys watched as he sat down on the locker room bench again and positioned Tiffany on his lap. She leaned her head against his shoulder and whimpered as he rubbed his cock against her cunt.

She let out a stifled yelp when he pushed through. Somehow, even after getting fucked so much, she was still quite tight. David held his hands on her waist and moved her around on his lap, sliding her up and down on his cock. She grunted every time he went too deep but otherwise just rolled her head around on his shoulder. The rest of the boys could mostly only see her back but it was still interesting to watch.

The muscles of her body clenched and relaxed with every thrust. Watching her shoulder blades tense up and move around awkwardly as she squirmed on his cock was turning them all on again.

With a slight glare, David made it clear that his turn with her was not going to become a threesome like theirs.

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He kept hugging her and rubbing different parts of her stomach and breasts, almost tenderly. Pinay sex story in rizal manila moaned louder as she started to get turned on again.

It was more annoying than pleasant though. All she wanted to do was rest, even if it felt good. Of course, she knew David was not going to stop just because she was uncomfortable.

She may as well try to enjoy herself a little. She wrapped her arms around his back and hugged him while gyrating her hips on his lap. He slapped her butt affectionately and even snapped the crotch of her swimsuit a few times.

She started to gasp and moan. She held onto his collar while leaning back so her face was directly in front of his instead of resting on his shoulder. She had her eyes closed and her face was twitching with each thrust of his cock.

She eventually opened her eyes though and looked straight at David with an adorably miserable face, complete with large watery eyes and a pouting frown. "I'm not going to kiss you," he laughed at her. She still had Joe's cum running out of her nose.

Her cheeks turned red and she tried to wipe the cum off on her swimsuit. An out of place thought crossed her mind. Girls have to worry about getting covered in cum by boys a lot more than seems reasonable. It should not even be an issue and yet here she was gang bang ks tube porn about how much cum not only entered her cunt but her ass, her mouth, her stomach, her nose and her hair.

She tried to think of the situation from the boy's point of view, holding a girl's head down and nearly choking her unconscious just for the satisfaction of having her swallow their cum instead of spitting it out. She could not understand it. Why were boys so horrible about the pettiest of things? "Hey, wakeup." Tiffany was roused from her thoughts by a hard slap to the side of her face from David.


"Are you falling asleep? Am I that pathetic?" "What? No…" She shook her head but David was still talking. "If you're not even going to pay attention when I fuck you, then why should I be gentle?" He bucked his hips upward, shoving his cock deeper into her.

She screamed when the tip scraped against the part that Joe bruised with his larger cock earlier. "That's more like it." David grinned while patting her cheek lightly.

"Please, it hurts," she whimpered. "As long as you feel me, that's all that matters," David was unsympathetic. Tiffany tried to stand up but he grabbed her waist and slammed her back down. She shrieked and hopped off of him but fell over onto the floor. He knelt down and thrust right back into her. She continued to scream until her voice went hoarse. She tried to roll away but he pinned both her arms with his and spread her legs with his knees. She turned her head so she would not have to look up at ideal czech girls stretch their asses with butt plug and monster dongs. He simply continued to slam into her aching cunt, causing her to moan.

Tears streamed down her face again as she began to sob. She choked on her own tears and started hiccupping instead.

All the while David went on fucking her with a merry smile on his face, as if he was enjoying her agony. "Dude, maybe you should take it easy on her," Adam suggested.

"You didn't," David countered. "Every one of you got to fuck her so why do I have to stop?" "Jeez, man, just look at her." Tiffany had gone limp. Her body only moved when David thrust into her. The rest of the boys watched what was essentially David raping Tiffany, with mixed excitement and disagreement. Joe was cheering him on while Andrew could not hide the fact that he was turned on. Jason stayed quiet but something told Adam that he did not care about Tiffany's feelings at all.

"That's it; I'm going to get her brother." Adam turned to leave. "Now hold on." Jason grabbed his arm. "That's not a bad idea but wait until after we've cleaned her up. Don't want him going to the police and having our DNA found inside of her, do we?" "She could already be pregnant," Adam argued.

"And they wouldn't be able to prove when and how that happened," Jason assured him. "For now, just keep this between us. We went too far, we all know that but does that warrant turning ourselves in?" "N-no," Adam responded nervously.

"That's my boy." Jason slapped his cheek lightly. "Let Dave have his fun and then I'll take care of everything. You can even run along now if you want." Adam looked at Tiffany longingly. He wanted to make sure she was okay but for now the fact that she was even moving when David thrust into her was all the reassurance he had. The other boys were not going to let him do anything that might get them in trouble.

He also did not want to get caught. Reluctantly he turned back to Jason and nodded. "I think I'll go to class now. It'll be suspicious if none of us go back for the whole day." He turned and left the locker room. As he was just leaving the gymnasium, he heard a loud shriek. It was obviously Tiffany's. David had gotten sick of her being limp and decided to wake her up again by biting one of her nipples. She screamed even louder when she felt his hot cum splashing inside her.

When he pulled out of her, she brought her hands to her face and started to sob uncontrollably. Andrew cringed at the sight. He was no longer finding her suffering a turn on.

"I'm out," he announced importantly before turning and leaving the locker room. "Can I split her open now?" Joe asked greedily. "You really want to kill her, don't you?" Jason accused him. "I always kinda wondered if a girl could die just from getting fucked," he admitted. "This is enough for today." Jason answered Joe while looking at David, who was panting for breath. There was a subtle expression of disgust on his face.

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It was not that he disapproved of David's treatment of Tiffany, he just thought him a disturbed person he no longer wanted to associate with. "Come on, you all can leave and you won't need to know what happens to her," Joe suggested. "The woods behind my house are huge. No one will ever find her body." As David placed his palms on the floor to push himself up, Jason suddenly stepped on one of his hands, eliciting a panicked yelp.

"What the fuck, get off!" he screamed. "Shut the fuck up!" Jason kicked him in the side of the head, knocking him over on the floor. David grabbed his face and slinked away into a corner. "Jeez, what's the matter with you?" Joe maintained his jolly voice but his expression was stern.

He was completely on guard. Jason obviously chose to attack David because he was too small to injure Joe but he managed to get his point across; he was mad. "We specifically chose her because her brother is already fucking her.

She's not going to tell anyone. This was all because of that opportunity. If you were just gonna off her anyway, you could've just chosen some random girl and left the rest of us out of it." "Are you telling me to go find someone else to play with?" Joe asked calmly. "Just don't implicate the rest of us!" Jason warned him. "Or what?" Joe asked. Jason ignored him and walked over to the corner David was cowering in.

He grabbed him by his hair in order to lift him up. He looked disgraceful with his penis still hanging out as he sobbed in pain. Jason propped him up against the wall and straightened his collar. "Hey, pull yourself together," some girls are game for anything to win cash tube porn talked in a low friendly voice.

"What the fuck," David sobbed. Jason frowned at him while tapping his foot impatiently. When he did not stop crying he punched him in the side of the head. "Straighten the fuck up!" he ordered him. David swallowed his tears and nodded.


"We're all in trouble because Adam got cold feet because you had to be a hump happy dog. If any of this comes back to bite me, I'm going to make sure I fuck you the hell up before Joe kills me, got it?" David nodded again.

"Good. Now get the hell out of here. Go straight home. Don't let anyone from school see you." Joe waited patiently as David hobbled out of the locker room. Jason walked over to Tiffany and checked to make sure she was still alive. Her whimpering was enough of an answer. "Now what?" Joe asked as Jason dragged her back toward the shower. "Now nothing. You go the fuck home," Jason ordered him. "And if I say no?" "Did you take a liking to her, or what?" Jason demanded while spinning around.

"Go jennifer and tina share two fat rods pornstars creampie your own sister or your mother and leave this girl alone, got it?" "It doesn't have to be her, but she's right here. Makes things easier, don't it?" Joe asked. "Not when it could be tied back to all of us. I'm not going to jail because of an oaf like you who can only think with his dick. Go home and clear your head.

If you can't control your penis then go find another girl. This one is off limits." "Jeez, fine." Joe rolled his eyes while marching out of the locker room, finally leaving Jason alone with Tiffany. She was looking up at him with quivering eyes. She was not quite coherent enough to understand what just happened. All she knew was that he was the only boy left so he was the person she had to listen to.