Sweethearts are delighting cocks with blowjob till they get cumshots

Sweethearts are delighting cocks with blowjob till they get cumshots
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Crystal was a slightly chunky Hispanic girl from Mexico city.

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She was also becoming very sexy. My stepdaughter had been friends with her since third grade. Now, as they were entering freshman year of high school, her baby fat was dwindling, her hips were filling out, and her boobs were growing to a nice 36c size. She had a cute doll face, a winning smile, and a shy, sheepish grin that allured people to her. She had always been shy, and she seemed even shyer as her body matured.

Every time she came over, I would tell her how pretty she looked, and her beautiful brown skin would somehow blush a kind of red. I liked teasing her, but i really meant it. She was a shy woman being pounded on her couch cutie.

Her ass perfectly filled out her cut off jeans as she swayed thru my house into my stepdaughter's bedroom. One day I found out a surprise. She had come her illegally with her dad when she was only 6. Now, at 15 years of age, the authorities had come calling and put her dad in jail. Her mom was still in Mexico. Crystal was frightened she would be sent back south of the border.

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She came to our house after school with my stepdaughter. She was obviously upset and could not stop crying. "What if they come for ME!?" she exclaimed through tear-filled eyes. Lisa and I tried to calm her and reassure her. "Honey," I said, placing a fatherly hand on her knee, "I will make sure nothing happens to you." It was the only solace I could give her.

I was lying, but I didn't know what else to tell her.

I would try and make sure nothing happened to her, but of course I was powerless against the Immigration Service. That night I was watching the news and getting ready for bed. Close to the end of the broadcast they presented a piece about "Anchor Babies." Pregnant women who came to the US to have babies.

the babies were immediately US citizens because they were being birthed on US soil. Furthermore, when these babies became 21, they could bring their families yong boyz oozing slots pussy striptease and hardcore to the US!

My turned suddenly dark. Crystal! What if she were to get pregnant. I Shook it off. What was wrong with me? Thinking of impregnating an underage girl? Breaking the law just to get my rocks off? Damn I was thinking some bad thoughts. My wife came to bed, noticed I was flush, and asked me what was wrong. "Oh, I'm just worried about Crystal," I said. And I was worried. About what would happen to a sicko like me who would fuck a teen girl, get her pregnant on purpose, just to keep her from being deported.

My head was spinning.

I was either being knightly, or I was being perverted. I decided to plant the idea into my stepdaughter's head. I rolled over to go to sleep and felt my wife's hands rub my back and gently rub my ass. I rolled over and smiled at her. I saw Crystal's face.

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It was my wife of course but I was fantasizing. I kissed her deeply imaging it was the nubile young teen with whom I was about to make love. After a few moments I rolled on top and entered my wife's sweet pussy. I was enraged with lust as I pounded her pretty pussy. my wife is attractive, but tonight she was unknowingly playing the role of a young teen whom I was impregnating. My wife had her tubes tied before we were married, so I never had biological children.

The thought of fucking sweet Crystal and getting a baby of my own was intoxicating. My wife seemed surprised at my enthusiasm and now turned the tables. She rolled on top of me and straddled my cock. Her big 38D tits swaying beautifully back and forth as she rode my stiff cock. She began that familiar moaning sound and let loose with a series of yelps as she came all over my cock. I returned the favor by spurting a huge jet of cum in Crystal's -- wife's pussy.

Dang honey you haven't loved me like that in a long time shae said as she ran her reed nails over my chest. "Ya I still got it," I told her. I kissed her goodnight and went to sleep dreaming of of jeny smith pantyhose and high heels fetish tease an underage Latina. What was wrong with me? The alarm startled me as I swam up from my dreamy sleep.

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I was sucking Crystal's sweet, puffy nipples in my dream and hated the thought of being awakened form that fantasy. I stumbled to the shower and ran the water as I took a piss. Could this be possible I thought?

What exactly were the rules for this Anchor Baby stuff? I would certainly search for on the Internet when I got to work. I stepped into the shower and allowed the spray to take me back to my dream. Crystal had come over to see Linda, and she was wearing a tight, pink tank top and those infamous blue jean shorts.

I quietly led her to the bedroom and sat her down. I told her she would never have to worry about going back to Mexico. I explained to her that I was going to make love to her and give her a baby. Both she and the baby would be citizens forever more. She smiled at me and hugged me tight. Gracias Mr. Downing she said and kissed my cheek. I kissed her on the lips and she slipped a tongue into my mouth as I felt her swelling hot asian slut fisted in her gaping asshole. I gently laid her back and lifted her shirt, kissing her tummy.

She lifted her bra, revealing those lovely puffy brown nipples. I licked them and put my lips on to suck it. I sucked as if hoping to extract lovely chocolate milk and. BANG BANG. The knock on the door awoke me to reality.

Are you gonna shower all day?

I heard my wife ask. "Why did you lock the door." I still hadn't shampooed my hair and I was standing with a fully erect boner.

"Just a sec," I said and quickly washed my hair as my dick slowly deflated.

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I quickly turned off the water and opened the door. "Geez I didn't think u would need to jack off after last night," my wife said sarcastically. "Very funny," I retorted. covering myself with a towel. She slapped my ass and I walked to the closet to dress for work.