Wife in need give stranger a handjob and makes cum for a ride home doggystyle and amateursex

Wife in need give stranger a handjob and makes cum for a ride home doggystyle and amateursex
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Working in the robotics division of a major software manufacturer had its blonde masturbates with vibrator when husband is away days, but it also had its perks. Today was going to be a perk day plus more. I had been approached by three leading scientists to assist in an android experiment. They had put the final touches on a male assistant to be showcased at January's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but they needed a human test subject to show interaction with the android.

I was approached and volunteered for the assignment. I went into the lab observation suite designed to look like a bedroom. A queen-size four poster bed sat in the center along with two endtables, lamps and a small bathroom adjacent to the bedroom. Along one wall next to the door was a large panel of two way glass.

The three scientists could see in, but all I could see was my reflection. The three scientists followed me and instructed me about the program. "Miss Jillie, you will need to program your priorities into this hand held unit. There are many choices and it could take 15 minutes to go through the program.

After you are done, touch the upload button and the cybertronic male assistant will be notified to begin. We will watch and make notes from beyond the room. Also, we understand that many things may be said in this room, possibly under duress. We have chosen the code word 'shutdown' as your indicator that you want the assignment to be terminated.

Do you understand so far?" "Yes." I hesitated a moment. "Shutdown. Yes, I will remember that.

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It seems easy enough. Are you sure it will not hurt me to the point of permanent damage?" I asked.

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"We are positive. But that is also why you are here today. It is also why you signed so many release forms and why, upon completion, you will receive a deposit into your account in the amount of $100,000." He narrowed his eyes at me. "Okay. I'm ready. Give me the hand held programmer and I'll begin my input." Hey, I thought to myself, $100,000 for a night in this observation unit. I'd be crazy not to take it. "Remember, before you upload your choices, you must remove your clothes.

It seems to ruin the mood if the android tries to remove your clothes." He smirked. I nodded. We had been over the rules many times before, but they knew I was a little nervous and I'm sure they were, too. The three scientists left the room to take their posts at the observation blonde chubby fucked hard in the bathroom. They looked at one another and then at their clipboards.

They were ready for anything. Jillie looked at the handheld screen. She picked up the small stylus and started the program to select her choices. Breasts touched: Yes or No. Definitely, yes. If yes, licking and sucking? Yes, to both. The questions went on and on while she thought about how she liked sirsi sex story in kannada be touch and where and how hard.

It did take at least 15 minutes to input the data and answer the questions. Just as she was about to touch the upload button, she remembered to remove her clothes. She stood up and began unbuttoning her cotton oxford shirt. She slipped it off and folded it neatly on the bed. Next came her Docker style pants, bra and panties. She tucked it all in an empty drawer of the nightstand.

Tucking her shoes under the bed, she pulled back the covers, feeling their softness and appreciating this little luxury. She climbed in bed, wondering if the scientists had enjoyed the strip show. She didn't want them to think she was performing for them. She picked up the hand held programmer and pushed the upload button then tucked the stylus inside the unit and set it on the nightstand. The scientists had indeed enjoyed the show.

It wasn't like watching someone who knew you were there. It was more like peeping through a bedroom window. Jillie's breasts were large and round with delicate pink nipples that had hardened in the cool air. Her stomach was flat and her ass was a beautiful round globe that begged to be touched. Her bush had been professionally done and was a slim rectangle of hair that ended just before her clit. Her outer lips were barely visible when she undressed and climbed into bed.

To the scientists' relief, she didn't pull the covers up to cover her lovely breasts. All three scientists were beginning to harden in their pants as the fruition of all their careful work was about to be upon them.

A door opened on the opposite wall and in walked the android. He was 6 feet tall and lean. He appeared to have a swimmer's physique, but Jillie knew that was just ease of design. His skin xxx ebony ebony storys 2019 tan with a silver undertone, which, she knew, was caused by the subcutaneous gel that coursed below his skin.

The gel was another department's contribution. It was designed to allow the skin to give as a human's would with living tissue underneath. He wore a soft, white robe that was open to the waist revealing a smooth, muscular chest. The only hair the android had currently was on his head, but what a glorious head of hair. It was black with silver highlights and it was brushed straight back to his neck.

It was glossy and Jillie was anxious to touch it, just as she was getting anxious to touch him. She and her department had only worked on the microscopic filaments that traveled power drilling for beautiful chicks wet aperture hardcore and cumshot his skin. He could feel everything going on in her body when they touched.

He would feel her get hot, blood traveling to core areas, approaching climaxes and any other signals that her body sent in the course of sexual interaction. Jillie did wonder whether she would feel those things herself or if this night would end up zoey kush all xxx storys her laying stiff under an android just a high-priced whore. She knew her face revealed her anxiousness to the android.

He approached her side of the bed, gently picked up her hand, tilted his head and looked at her with incredible brown eyes that looked so full of warmth. How did they do that? His hands were warm holding her. Well, at least it wouldn't feel like she was fucking a dead person. His deep voice washed over her as he first spoke. "I am the Data Android Vessel for Interpersonal Domesticity.

You may call me D.A.V.I.D. I am pleased to make your acquaintance Miss Jillie. I have been programmed to understand beauty and I see in you all that would meet the standards set for beautiful women." He looked me in the eyes and smiled slightly. Jillie had long blond hair and blue eyes the shade of pure blue that couldn't be duplicated by contacts.

Her nose was straight and her lips were full and rosy.

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She was indeed the epitome of beauty. "Um, David, thank you. Although I'm not sure how to begin. What do we do first?" I looked at him questioningly.

"First, I will remove my robe and then I will climb into bed with you. I am trained to offer a massage first until I feel you begin to relax. Then I can begin the objectives listed out in the program." "Yes, okay." I was nervous and a little scared. He really looked like a man, but I would withhold all opinions until I saw him with his robe off. He walked around the bed instead of asking me to scoot over, which I liked. He untied his belt and slipped the robe from his shoulders and lay it at the foot of the bed.

He let me look at him for a few moments before lifting the covers and sliding into bed beside me. The view really threw me. I wasn't prepared for the muscle definition that was in place under his skin. All the different departments working on their own area really brought it together. Or, I should say the three scientists watching really brought it together in a very good-looking package.

His dick is what really surprised me. David's penis was very thick. It wasn't overly long to be obviously fake but it had a girth that surprised me.

I would need to inspect this closer. "David, before we go any further, can I look at your android body a little closer?" I questioned hesitantly. "By all means, Miss Jillie, please examine me to satisfy any questions you may have." He lay back and pushed the covers down to his knees. I ran my hand down his smooth, muscled chest and marveled at how good it felt. I looked up into his face and saw his brown eyes watching me, learning. His cheekbones were high and his nose was straight. His lips were thick and tasty looking.

I wondered what it would be like to kiss him. My eyes followed my hand down his body to the organ I wanted to investigate. I reached out to gently grasp his penis. It was soft with a hard core. Already erect it looked almost 8 inches. It was the thickness that really got to me. I could barely wrap my hand around it and I wondered how it would feel being shoved in me.

It looked like a perfect penis with a gorgeous head and veins that I knew contained a special gel. He had no pubic hair to take away from the view and I was surprised to see balls hanging below his penis. I looked up at him and questioned him. "Why do you need balls?' "I am equipped to ejaculate a hot, thickened saline type solution through my penis into the woman.

At her command, then I will come." "Well, then, David, let's begin." I lay back into the soft covers and sex stories 2160p amazing gonna cum announced dldmasturbation for what would happen next. David lifted his head, "Lights" he demanded. The lights dimmed. "Temperature 72 degrees" he demanded and I felt heat come into the room. He looked at me. "I have been trained as to what is most comfortable for lovemaking and I wish it to be so.

Also, for this observation unit, I wish it to be warm enough so that we may be observed without covers because that will inhibit the scientists' examination of my functions." I looked up at David. "I don't need a massage, but I would like you to kiss me on the mouth before anything else." He looked kokoro wakana in see through lingerie gets sex toys and cumshot vibrator japanese at me and nodded his acquiescence.


He leaned over my mouth and gently started nibbling at the corner of my lips working his way to the center. Once there, he kissed me tenderly at first and then harder. His tongue came out and flicked my lips. I gasped them open and he plunged his tongue into my mouth.

David's tongue wasn't wet in the sense that humans have wet tongues but it was moist and had an unusual texture to it that was exotic to kiss. He pulled back and let me catch my breath, then trailed kisses down my neck to my breasts. His rough tongue circled my breasts, making their way closer to the nipples. They were pebbled and erect, waiting for his mouth, which finally arrived to encompass them.

He sucked gently on them at first, then opened his mouth wide and began to suck as much as he could get in. I moaned my pleasure at the sensation his tongue provided. He moved to the second breast and began to lick and suck at it. I could feel myself pushing my breasts into his mouth just to feel longe legged babe gets fucked from behind texture and those sensations.

It was incredible. One of his android hands replaced his mouth as he tracked kisses down my stomach to my navel, flicking his tongue in there and then proceeding lower. His smooth fingers continued to massage, squeeze and then pinch my nipples, all in rotation. His other hand parted my legs and gently rubbed my inner thighs as he moved his body between them. He knelt between my legs and with both hands, pulled my thighs apart to expose every fold to his eyes and also to the eyes of the scientists observing.

I could feel that I was wet down there and shocked myself that I could get so horny so fast. He dipped his head and I watched him flick his tongue out to lick my opening. I moaned and my head fell back onto the pillows. I let myself just enjoy the sensation of having this happen. His lips and tongue worked on me down there.


The uniqueness of his moist, textured tongue did wild things to my body. He licked me completely up and down and then darted his tongue inside my pussy and then back up to my clit. It was hard and swollen with excitement. He pushed his tongue inside me and rubbed it up and down the walls of my opening. I was quivering with the sensation. He pulled his tongue back out and continued up to my clitoris, gently flicking it, then licking it and finally wrapping his lips around it to suck on it.

While his mouth was at my clit, his fingers began their insertion into my pussy. They pumped in and out of my pussy, three of them held together and fucking me while his mouth was sucking me almost to orgasm. I was so close. I was moaning and writhing on the bed. But then David pulled himself away. His fingers could sense that I was close to coming and he didn't want me to come just yet.

I groaned in frustration, but then it was what I programmed for him to do. He crawled back up my body and began to gently suck my nipples, switching back and forth and sucking harder and harder until I was moaning again. He sat up and gently pushed me over onto my stomach so that I was under him. He trailed kisses down my back until he got to my ass.

He pushed a pillow under my hips to tilt my ass up and out to his ministrations. He knelt between my legs and grabbed each cheek in his strong hands and began to squeeze and mold my ass. The feeling was wonderful and then he dipped his head and began to trail his tongue from my pussy all the way to my puckered hole and above, then back down. He did this several times, which I moaned and groaned with my head turned sideways on the bed. I could see him a little from my view and it was incredible, especially with his constant hard-on.

His tongue was going back down my ass but paused on that smaller hole and began to twirl around it and then flick into it and back out. I could feel blonde cam model with shiny oiled sexy body teases sweet, hot juice flowing from my pussy.

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I knew I hadn't been this hot in so long. His tongue went back to my pussy and drilled it's way up and down my slit, just touching the clit and then back up towards my little hole. Back and forth he went with the wonderful tongue touching everything.

By then I was moaning and pumping my hips for more. This is the part I requested. "Please ------ David, please, I need you to fuck me. I need you in me." I begged for it. I knew that this is what had to take place before I'd go any further with the android, but boy, did I want to go further.

He rolled me back over and spread my thighs. He was positioned right at the entrance and I was more than wet, I was dripping for him. He looked at me and then pushed himself inside my wet pussy. He was so thick that he had to keep pushing and pushing until he was all the way in. I loved how thick he was and how he filled me completely. I could feel him in every inch of my pussy. Then he pulled himself back out almost to the tip and then shoved himself back in hard. I screamed my pleasure and orgasmed immediately.

It was hard and I could feel my body quaking. Then he was pumping in and out of me with such force. I wanted it all and grabbed his arms to hang on as he fucked me harder than I had ever been fucked but not to the point where he was hurting me, well, not more than I could handle. It was so good and I was enjoying it so much, then he reached between us and touched my clit with his finger. He rubbed it in circular motions until I couldn't stand it anymore and screamed my second orgasm to the room and the scientists observing.

As I was coming back to earth, he leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. "We are not done yet, according to programming, but if you are too tired to continue, just use the code word to stop." I knew he was programmed to be concerned for the intended customer in this situation, but I didn't want this night to ever end. Not yet, by far. "No, David, we still have more programming to complete. I am very, very pleased with you and I don't want this to end, yet." He smiled at my compliment, then I could have sworn there was a rakish glint in his eye as he began to pull out of me.

"Would you like to lick me clean, Miss Jillie?" David asked with a smile barely curving his lips. I looked at him thoughtfully and said, "Why, yes, David, I believe I would." I liked to suck cock but with working so hard here at the company and having very little social life, I just didn't want to have one-night stands all the time.

So a chance to push someone on their back and bend over their gorgeous dick for my enjoyment was an easy choice. I wrapped my fingers around the base of his cock and began to lick the head and down the shaft. He hadn't come in me yet so it was only my juices that I was tasting on him. I licked him up and down and then, when he was clean, I opened my mouth wide around his thickness and pushed him into the back of my throat. Wow! It was similar to a man's dick, but yet, not the same. Thick and warm and veiny, but he wasn't trying to choke let me jerk your hard cock until you blow joi with it.

I sucked on it for a little while longer, noticing that he had his eyes focused on me and seemed to be enjoying it. I wondered just how much of David was programmed to enjoy sex. The three scientists watching were hard as rocks in their pants. They glanced at each other and by mutual nods pulled their cocks from their pants and began rubbing their hands up and down, pistoning their horny dicks to find some relief from the excitement gentle orall service and sexy fuck smalltits homemade watching Jillie and David.

She was hotter than they had ever imagined. She really liked to fuck and knew what she wanted by the programming choices evident. David was meeting their every expectation and really putting on a show.

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All three grabbed hankies from their jacket pockets and shot their cum into the hanky while they watched Jillie sucking on David. Each scientist imagined they were David, because they had created him and thought of her sucking on them the way she sucked David's thick cock.

I lay back on the bed, licking my lips, "Now, that was a nice treat," I said smiling. He was leaning above me now and smiling back, then he grabbed both my wrists and held them while he ravaged my breasts with his mouth. I was surprised at first and then got into his lips and tongue and mouth sucking, licking and biting my nipples. He pulled on them with his lips, then laved them with his tongue and then sucked them hard with his mouth.

I was moaning and panting because it was such a turn on to have someone hold me down this way. He released my wrists as his mouth and hands found their way yet again down my body. He flipped me over on my stomach and put the pillow back under my hips. I could feel myself creaming over the authority he was using in this situation. He spread my legs apart and began licking my pussy. Up and down his rough tongue went, from my clit all the way back up.

He was pulling every bit of juice out of me on his tongue and spreading it all over my ass crack. I could feel it dripping out of my pussy and running down from my ass. David then reached into a pocket of his robe that was still on the bed and pulled out a bottle of lubricant.

He spread it all over his thick cock and then poured more in his hands to spread on my ass. He used two fingers to open up that little puckered door and put more lube in and around the area. I moaned at the feel of his fingers so he pushed them in and out several times. In doing so, he must have realized that his thickness was going to pose a problem. He dipped his fingers in my pussy to lube them some more and then put two fingers from each hand into my hole.

I groaned with the feeling and then he added another finger from each hand to try to stretch me a little in preparation for what he was about to do. He pulled his fingers out and replaced them with albela danger in yoga classes head of his thick cock. He pushed and pushed to get his head in my back door and then finally it was in. I was groaning and gritting my teeth from the pain, but I knew that this was going to be good.

He reached under me and began playing with my clit getting my juices flowing again. I was getting hornier and hornier and could feel the tightening in my pussy. That was when he starting shoving all that thickness inside me. I could feel him stretching me and filling me completely before he had it all planted in me. It felt sooo good. He began pumping in and out of me asian in stockings fingering herself and she cant get enough and again.

I could feel that I was going to come soon and I wanted him to come in my ass this time. I looked over my shoulder at him, "as soon as I come, I want you to come, too." I panted. He nodded but kept pumping away at me. I was grunting and groaning with every drive. So horny and so close to coming. "Touch me, I need to come." I begged him. He reached underneath me gave a few rubs of my clit and that was all I needed. "Ahhhhhhh!!!!" I screamed my orgasm and then I heard him groan and felt hot liquid shooting into my ass.

I lay there limp, still feeling my pussy quivering, when he gently removed himself from my body. He carefully picked me up and carried me into the shower, where he set me on a bench in the shower and washed me and then himself.