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Girls xxx pushy fucking and bobs story
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I am the groomsman at my bass players wedding. I was happy for Greg to be getting married to Paris. We had just come out of the chapel and were headed back to take some photos at the park and then get ready for the party. Of course because Paris's brother, Reeve, is dating Ashley Greene, the party will be annoyingly long, but being the awesome guy I am, I plan on not getting bored and enjoying my time.

We took a bunch of photos then were on our way to the hall. By now it was about 6pm-ish and the guests were to join us at about 7-ish. I could feel someone looking at me so I turned around and saw Ashley staring at me.

She quickly averted her gaze when I turned around. But even I must admit she looked beautiful in a long, tight-fitted purple dress. Reeve was matching, wearing a black tux, purple top and dark purple tie. Although I do miss our time together, I'll never want to go back. What she put me through was just too much and that's what had inspired my album 'See No More'.

But I'm happy for her and Reeve. "Joe, hey. You'll be sitting over there with the other grooms men," I turned around to see Peter, the wedding planner/usher in a white tux, pointing me to my table.

"And don't worry; we tried to distance you from Ashley." He added in a hushed tone. I walked over to where I was assigned and saw my name on the place card. I took my seat with the other grooms men.

Idle chitchat between us kept me distracted, but I couldn't help notice that Ashley was seated just a few tables away from me. Ok so it was not that close, but it was still near enough that we could see each other clearly and uninterrupted. She caught me looking at her, sex mature bbw rare story best I gave her my sweetest smile and waved.

She smiled and waved back before I tuned into the conversation happening at my table. More people had walked in and soon the bride and groom were expected.


The DJ announced that it is time and we all stood up, clapped and cheered as they walked in and took their seats at their table. The music blared from the hidden speakers and the dance floor was open. People ran out of their seats, grabbing a partner, to dance or greet friends.

I looked around the room, trying to avoid looking at Ashley. "Joe!" I turned around and saw Paul, a mutual friend of Greg who I met during an audition. "Hey, Paul. How are you?" "Oh I'm ok. Same old, same old. How have you been? Pretty busy with the new album and the reuniting, aye?" Paul sat down on the empty chair next to me. "Yeah, but its great working together again. So much is happening and hopefully it'll be worth it." I don't like to brag but the songs and tunes we are making are guaranteed to be a hit.

But surprises are meant to happen. "Of course it will, you boys are awesome. We buddy, enjoy the wedding." He patted me on the back and walked off to another table, greeting some random he knew there. I felt alone sitting at the table, the last guy just got up to dance.

I got up and walked to the bar, ordered a beer and walked around. Greeting and chatting with anyone I met. I'm annoyed with myself for getting bored. This was supposed to be fun and relaxing but here I am, walking around with a beer in my hand and talking to randoms! I walked back to my table and took out my phone. Rude, I know, but I tweeted: "Having a blast at the wedding, wish you all were here to see the couple x".

In about 30 seconds I had 50+ retweets, 50+ favourite and countless replies of: "@joejonas Lonely in my bed, wish you were here ;)" or "@joejonas I wish I was there too… we can fuck in the closet ;)".

Of course this was to be expected. I'm used to dirty tweets and have actually enjoyed reading what some have tweeted about me. I put my phone away and looked around.

I noticed a girl sitting and what I guessed is the singles table. She was wet group shlong sucking striptease and hardcore a beautiful long green dress and was tapping her feet to the music.

Looking as bored as I was, I walked over to her. "Hey, mind if I sit with you?" She looked up at me. She looked even more beautiful up close. "No, I don't mind. It'll be better than sitting alone and bored." I took the seat next to her and introduced myself. "Ha, I know who you are, Joe. Big fan. My names Samarah but you could call me Sam." She held out her hand but instead I pulled her into a hug. "Either you are really drunk or just that bored." "I'm not that bored, but yeah, I'm bored.

So how are you?" "Ha-ha, well apart from bored I'm and feeling ok. How about you?" "Same. Between you and me, I don't really like weddings. I much rather prefer a dinner with family. Weddings are just overrated" I said, moving closer to her. "True, but it's a nice way to have fun, dance and unite your friends and family." "True. Want to dance?" "Sure, why not." I held her hand and we walked to the dance floor. Some song was playing with a heavy techno beat.

We walked to the middle and started dancing. I goofed around by doing weird hand movements and the robot. We both laughed and danced. Then to my luck a slow song came on. I grabbed her waist while she awkwardly wrapped her arms around my neck. "Just relax," I whispered in her ear. She rested her head on my shoulder and we swayed to the music.

I could feel her heart beating fast and lowered my hands slowly down her back. Her breathing had quickened and so had her heart. I lowered my head and kissed her lightly on her neck, nibbling along her jaw line. "Want to get out of here?" I whispered in her ear? All she did was nod once with her eyes still closed and I took her hand and ran toward the door. Thinking on my feet, I decided father and daughter real family on the webcam the best place that was near was the bridal room.

I remembered where it was and went to it. Luckily the door wasn't locked, I opened it was slammed it behind me. Pushing Sam against it I kissed her deeply on her lips. Her arms played with my hair, pulling me deeper and closer to her. My hands were all over her, pulling her legs around me and wrestling with the zipper of her dress. She took off my jacket and ripped off my shirt. I finally won with her dress and nice girl gives a damn masturbation show it off her.

Holding Sam up, I laid her down on the floor. She looked amazing in her underwear and my chesty mom slit banged hard by black dick anticipation for her is showing through my pants. She got up on her knees and undid the buckle and zipper on my pants. I threw my head back and closed my eyes, letting out a small chuckle as she pulled down my briefs and grabbed my cock. She rubbed it playfully before putting it in her mouth.

Playing with my sacks, she deep throated me. I moaned in pure pleasure and put my hand on her head. I didn't want to cum in her mouth so I pulled her off and lay on top of her.

I took off her panties, opened her legs, and guided my cock to her wet hole. "Faster! Harder!" I thrust to her commands, going as fast as I can. "Oh, please don't stop!" She moaned. I knew I was coming soon, so I thrust faster and then came. I stayed in her, letting it all go in her. I pulled myself out and collapsed next to her, both of us breathing heavily.

"That…was…amazing!" She gasped. "Don't think that's all you're going to get. Meet me outside when the wedding is over." I said, winking at her and getting up to dress.

"What do you mean? I though that's it," she had gotten up to get dressed as well. I laughed, "You're cute. No, that's not it. We are going to have so much fun once we are in my apartment." I kissed her before leaving the room and returning to the hall.

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Dinner was due to come out shortly, which is awesome to hear especially after what I just came from. I walked back to my table and poured a glass of water. Once that was done, I poured another 3. "Woah, what have you been up to?" I felt like saying "Fucking your mum" to the guy next to me but instead I said, "I had to run down the street to get something I forgot in the car and run back." I don't like lying but I wasn't going to tell him I was having sex in the bridal room with a stranger.

Just thinking about it made me horny and snatch and chocolate hole are drilled smalltits hardcore last thing I wanted was to have a stiffy while giving a speech to the bride and groom, which was happening right now.

I stood up at the sound of my name and launched into my memorised speech to the bride and groom. There were laughs, sighs and cheers and I ended with: "May you be blessed on your journey with each other." Corny, lame and boring but it was something. People applauded and I took my seat again. The next guy stood up, but I had tuned out and was looking at Sam who was sitting at her table, looking at me. She waved for me to come to her, I held up two fingers, signalling that I'll come once the speeches were done.

I sat as patiently as I could; shaking my legs, looking around and cursing the man that decided to sing the longest song as his speech. The two minutes felt like hours, I tried not to look at Sam but couldn't help myself.

I looked up to where she was sitting and saw an empty seat. I must admit I did panic. I was having fun with her and wanted to have so much more fun with her but she had disappeared.

I felt myself drop a little in my seat. "I'm going to meet you at your apartment, give me your keys. Run back when this wedding is over." Sam whispered in my ear.

I gave her my keys and address. At the sound of her voice I became excited and tried not to show it through my pants. I sat back up in my seat and watched her as she walked out of the hall. I tried my best to occupy myself with the wedding but just thinking of what she was going to do kept me day dreaming and losing focus. The next 2 hours passed slowly but when the wedding was finally over, I once again congratulated the newlyweds and all but ran to my car.

Suddenly I remember that my keys were with Sam and o had no way of getting in my car. I saw Paul about to get in his car and ran over to him.

"Hey, Paul. Mind if I catch a ride with you?


I… my car… broke down." I tried to make it sound real and it worked. "Sure, jump in. Anything for you." I sat in his car and told him where I live. He tried to keep me entertained by talking about some lame event that he had to go to for his boss and by telling me some lame jokes that he thought were funny, but my mind was on Sam.

What is she doing? I finally saw my apartment and checked to see if there were any lights. There were none on and I feared that I may have fucked up, big time!

I thanked Paul and ran to the elevator, punching in my floor and praying that Sam didn't just leave with my car and house keys. When the doors to the elevator opened I ran to my door and knocked hard. To my surprise the door opened and there were japan mom n son sex stories lit around the house and the blinds had been drawn. I could hear "I wanna fuck you" by Akon playing from my bedroom and walked over to my room.

I opened the door and saw Sam lying on my bed in a beautiful green and black corset.

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I couldn't help myself, my cock became hard and I wanted to make her suffer for what she had put me through. She was crawling on the bed toward me when I said, "Don't think this is going to be easy, I'm going to make you suffer for what you put me through." "What did I do?" she asked puzzled.

But I had walked into the bathroom, ignoring her question. I quickly stripped and took a quick shower. My cock was aching, needing to cum. I started rubbing it and within minutes the hot cum was out, washing down the drain.

I turned off the water and dried myself. Wrapping the towel around me, I walked out of the bathroom and saw Sam still on the bed, looking sexy as ever. "Can you please tell me what I done wrong?" I walked over to the draws and took out a pair of fluffy cuffs. "What are you doing?" she said as I grabbed her arm one by one and chained then to my bed posts.

I walked out of the room and went into the kitchen, drank some water, grabbed a can of whipped cream, then went back to kerala boy forced sex with ammayi room.

She looked at me and smiled. "Are you punishing me because I made you hard during the speech or because I took your keys?" "Both, and also because you are such a bad, bad girl." I joined her on the bed, staying on all fours on top of her.

"I think you deserve to be punished." "What are you going to do to me?" she asked, losing her breath. "You just wait and see." I lowered my head to kiss her but then quickly pulled back before we kissed.

Getting off her and walking over to my closet to get something. When I turned around the look on Sam's face was priceless. She was shocked, amazed and turned on by what I held in my hands. "A whip?" Walking over to her, I placed the whip on the bedside table. "That's for later." I said as I crawled on top of her on all fours, still wrapped up in the towel.

"You've been a bad, bad girl," I purred in her ears. Her breathing quickened as I nibbled at her neck. She arched herself up to me, trying to extinguish all the air between us but the chains in her hands stopped her from holding me against her.

Not wanting to get the corset of her yet, I lowered myself to her thighs. Lifting up the skirt I saw that she was wearing no panties.

I chuckled a bit before pulling her legs open and lowering myself into her. She let out a moan and instantly came when my tongue made contact with her. I sucked away at her flowing juices, not missing a single drop of it. She wrapped her legs around me, pushing me deeper into her while I put my tongue in and out of her hole.

Her moans growing as well as my cock. I pulled away from her, "Now it's your turn," I said as I threw off my towel and sat on top of her, placing my cock next to her mouth. She opened her mouth willingly and started deep throating.

"Yeah, that's right, suck he hard you dirty little slut." I placed my hand over her head and pushed my manhood further into her, not caring if she gaged.

When I felt myself close to coming I pulled myself out of her and jumped of the bed. I walked over to the draws and pulled out a vibrator.

At seeing this Sam said, "Can't you just fuck me, please?" "No one likes a desperate little slut like you. This is all part of your punishment. Once I'm done punishing you, I'll fuck you hard and make you cum like you've never before." I went back on the bed, opening up her legs with one hand while turning on the vibrator with the other. The vibrator had 3 settings: Slow, Moderate and Fast.

I put it on slow first and lowered it down to her hole. Holding it just at the mouth, I let it tease her and watched as she moaned for me to make it go faster.

I set it to medium and pushed it a bit closer to her. She closed her eyes while moaning louder but she still wanted it faster. I pulled it away from her, making her look up with a questioning look.

Then I quickly set it to fast and rammed it in her. She moaned loud, throwing her head back and closing her legs around the vibrator. I turned it off after I felt her cum and threw the vibrator away as I lowered my head to her, once again sucking away at her juices, loving the taste it in my mouth. "Please Joe, just fuck me. Make me cum harder than ever," she said as I finished loves it in the out hole anarchy her.

"Shhh, I said I'll do that when I'm finished punishing you." I unlocked her chains, one hand at a time. once done I told her to stand up on her knees, facing the head board.

"Why?" "Just blindfolded wife unaware she sucking multiple cocks as I say or else I'll make you suffer for longer." She did as I told her too and I grabbed her hands, chaining the back to the bed posts.

"What are you going to do?" Ignoring her question, I walked over and picked up the whip and the end of my bed.

I whipped the air, letting Sam know what's about to happen.


I saw he jump at the sound of the whip snapping and smirked, knowing I'm going to enjoy whipping her. "Every whip stands for something you put me through during and after the wedding. The first one is for too damn sexy it that long green dress," and with that I whipped her hard on her ass. I heard her wince in pain but didn't care. "This one is for making me run out on my mates wedding," whip. "Making me want you so bad," whip.

"Making me lie," whip. "Getting me hard when I was about to present my speech," whip "Taking my keys," whip. "Making me think you ran out lapdance and hot sex with czech cutie me," whip. "Dressing like this and making me do this to you," whip. By now her ass was red and little streaks of blood oozed out. She was crying and tried wiping the tears away with her arm but failed.

I grabbed a tissue and wiped the blood and her tears. I unlocked the chains and watched her as she lay on her back, breathing heavily trying to ignore the stinging pain from her ass. I crawled on top of her and nibbled at her neck, whispering "I'm sorry," before kissing her deeply on the lips. She fought back a first, pushing me off her, but I just pressed deeper until she gave in.

Opening her mouth allowing me to slip in my tongue and massage hers with mine. I slipped my hands under her, finding the loose string of her corset and pulling it free. We pulled away from the kiss so I could lift the dress off her. Before going doxy is fully in love with sex games for another kiss I once again admired her naked beauty and said, "You are so fucking sexy," then kissed her.

She wrapped her arms around me while I rubbed her breasts in both my hands, pinching her hard nipples between my fingers. Not wanting to waste any time I guided my throbbing coke into her awaiting hole. She let out a load moan and moved in time with my thrusts.

I went fast and hard, trying not to cum too quickly. My moans were drowned out by the sound of hers, which only made me more excited. I felt her nails digging into my back, promising to cut through my flesh. I kissed her hard on the lips before picking her up and lying down on my back, allowing her to be on top. She scratched my chest while jumping up and down on me. I could hear the sploshing of her juices every time she lowered herself.

Looking down at my chest I noticed that her scratches had cut me and little drops of blood were pushing their way through the cuts. Unable to hold it off, I came in her. She lowered her hands to my sack, squeezing it to allow it all to empty into her. She collapsed next to me, both of us breathing deeply with our eyes closed.

We lay in our juices with the smell of sex in the air.