Tittyfucking dominatrix pegs subs tight ass fetish

Tittyfucking dominatrix pegs subs tight ass fetish
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Part two *Jenni* The next day, much earlier than I expected, Jenni was running up my sidewalk, her strong legs carrying her gracefully, until she was rapping on my front door.

I greeted her with enthusiasm. Another big hug, too. She wore her new sun dress, she looked like a darling, her large blue eyes peter north hot asian fucking tube porn at me. She told me I looked much better today. 'Very handsome!' I made her a big breakfast, and we were waiting at the mall doors when they opened. "I can try on as many suits as you like, Johnny," she said. "I just have to have my underwear on under them." she explained.

She tried on many, and picked out the ones she thought I liked the most, which were, of course, the skimpiest, tiniest. We bought her the very best suntan oils, and skin lotions. She loved it when I bought her a walkman, a ton of CDs, a pair of sunglasses, and a copy of one of the novels I had written.

My work was for mostly teenage-readers anyway. I took her back to my home, and went upstairs to shave and change into my suit. When I looked out my window at the pool, I saw Jenni walking from the pool house in her new bikini. Wow! It didn't cover much. I clearly saw her little pointy hip bones poking out! My cock stirred. She slipped on her sunglasses. I watched her throw a towel over a recliner and put her earphones on, flick on her walkman.

She set the oil on the small table next to the recliner. I ran downstairs and out to the pool, hoping to get the opportunity to oil the little waif on her recliner. My hands were nearly sweating with the anticipation of spreading oil all over her body.

She would soon crush my hopes, as if she was stomping on a little bitty annoying bug. I grabbed another recliner and set it nearly next to Jenni's, a small bamboo table was between us, on which sat the unopened bottle of suntan oil.

I reached for it. She was watching me, placing my recliner and all, nearly right next to hers. She saw me look at the oil, and reach for it. She grabbed it, with cobra-like quickness, her sunglasses somehow managing to momentarily blind me with some reflected sun light.

"Did you need some suntan oil, John?" she asked, lowering her ear phones. I shook my head, sitting down on my recliner. "I don't like smelling like a coconut." I explained. Shouldn't I just ask her if I could put sun tan oil on her? We had fucked, after all. "Then why did you reach for the oil John?" she asked, opening the oil bottle.

I shrugged. She continued to stare at me, making feel small. I leaned back on my recliner with a sigh. She rose from her recliner, stood by the little table between us. She told me I wasn't very tan, and that she thought I needed oil.

"I'll rub it on you, if you like." she offered. I nodded. So? I can get used to the smell. She sat next to me on my recliner now, and. told me what she thought, which I soon learned, was a habit of hers. "I think you cheek looks much better today, " Jenni said, pouring a little too much oil on me for my taste. "And so do all these bruises." She rubbed the oil across my shoulders. "You're strong John!

Handsome, tall, strong, blue eyes, and I love your curly hair. How old are you John? Thirty?" I gave her my best 'blank' look. She giggled, rubbing oil on my stomach. "A few sit-ups might do you good, John." She giggled again, having fun trying to get under my skin. Her hand traveled across the edge of the top of my shorts, spreading oil. Then her hand traveled back across my stomach, spreading oil just under my shorts! I looked at her, she was smiling. "I think you are 27 years old John." She stood and moved between my legs and began rubbing oil on the arches of my feet and working her way up.

She told me more of what she thought. "You want to know what else I think, John? I think I know why you were reaching for the oil." she claimed. "I think that you hoped to rub sun tan oil on me!" She was working oil up dumb whore forced gang rape my knees now, as I looked down at her, trying to maintain a poker-face.

free chat sexy pergnant with big boobs playing on cam I think that's why you bought me this little bitty bikini. It hardly covers me at all. Heck, I could have made three of these suits from the material of my old bikini." She was working oil toward the top of my thighs now, reaching several inches under my shorts.


"I think you bought me this very inappropriate bikini with every intention of rubbing oil all over my body." I was watching her closely, wishing I hadn't bought her those sunglasses, she was tough to read.

Her hands were coming very close to my balls, and my cock was filling with blood, quickly. Her hands traveled around to my sides, still under my shorts and gave me a little squeeze on the side of my ass, I am almost certain. I watched her little hands closely now, as they swept up under my shorts again, and I certainly felt her fingers tickle my balls briefly.

Suddenly her hands were racing down toward my knees again, as my cock started lifting my shorts up noticeably. She saw it raising my shorts too, and her hands were slowly running back up my legs, toward my shorts.

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She moaned. Her hands went under my shorts, my stomach muscles stiffened. I felt her hands travel over my balls, tingling, and stroke my hardening cock, quickly, briefly, as she groaned again. She sat up! "Oh, John," she said. "I don't think I will be needing you to rub oil on me today." she said, standing swiftly up blondes eden sinclair and dylan snow sharing facial at party cumshot college our recliners again.

I felt lonely. If my cock could have talked, it would have yelled! She took off her bikini top, tossing it down on her recliner. "Do you mind, John, if I go topless?" she asked. "Since if have no boobs at all." She poured oil into her hands, and rubbed them together. She began to rub it on herself slowly, teasing me.

She rubbed it all over her chest. She watched me watching her. She told him more of what she thought. "You had every intention of rubbing my body with oil, that's what I think." She rubbed oil over her flat belly. "I remember, John, what you said, chained up in that room, as you stared at my naked body. You said you found my body sexy. You said you found me beautiful. You said you found me young." She was rubbing oil over her sides now, watching me watch her.

"You grew very very hard, John, staring at me. I KNOW you bought these bikinis for me. I KNOW you invited me here, with every intention of rubbing oil all over my tan teen body, John," she said, beginning to rub oil on her leg. But she didn't not bend down to rub oil on her leg. Oh no. This agile waif, so sexily driving me mad, brought her leg UP to be oiled. "And I KNOW, after rubbing oil all over me, you had every intention, John, of FUCKING me, again." Her leg rose higher, as she oiled her calf and feet, gracefully standing completely balanced on one small foot.

The bulge of her pussy strained at the thin material of her tiny bikini. She dropped her foot to the ground and her other leg rose. She began to oil it now. "I KNOW you loved it when I fucked you John, when we were locked up together, helpless in that room.

But do you think that gives you the right to buy me these tiny itsy-bitsy bikinis? Do you know me so well that you would think I would feel comfortable wearing this tiny bikini in front of you?" She looked very comfortable, to me, in half her bikini at that moment, as she finished oiling her leg.

She spun around. I was going crazy, watching this gorgeous young teen oil herself, and now she reached over her shoulders, and began oiling her back. "We were in an unusual situation when we fucked John. When I sucked your cock, John, we both knew we could die at any moment." I was amazed she was able to oil her back so well without dislocating her shoulders. Damn her flexible arms! I watched her oil her lower back, then her hands slipped under her bikini bottoms, and began to slide them off, as she bent over slightly, showing me her bare ass, lifting one leg, and then another, stepping out of her bikini bottoms and flipping them over her shoulder at me.

She missed. But she was soon rubbing oil all over her fine tight ass. She groaned pleasantly. It made me hard as steel. "I think you have been fantasizing about fucking me all morning. Rubbing oil all over me and fucking me!" She said. I was fixated on her, my eyes moving from big black on thai hooker black male squatting in home gets our mummy officers squatting well oiled ass to her puffy pussy between her legs, her tiny pussy lips hanging just a little bit.

She spun around, and began rubbing oil all over her pussy now, looking at me, at my shorts straining to hold my erection. She chuckled. "Well John, if you want to fuck me," she said. "You'll just have to catch me." Giggling, she began to sprint across my wide lawn, naked and oily, thin and tan, her little tight butt hardly wiggling in her exertion.

I rose, my cock lifting me from the recliner and encouraging me to run! Pursue! Leaping over the recliner, my cock and I gave chase to the nude teen, now running like a well-oiled tan cheetah, trying to close the gap between us. I saw her look over her shoulder, her eyes gleeful in finding my pursuit.

Her smile devious but concerned when she saw I had gained. She stopped, waited, and dodged gracefully aside, as I dove past her, sliding along the grass, her oily body easily dancing out of reach.

My little angel was making my conquest difficult, I thought, rising from the ground, finding her running toward my pool again, giggling in delight of her nimbleness, her agility, her quick moves. I needed to corner the waif running from me, eliminate on her escape routes. She ran for the pool house, making a grave judgement, error. She reached the door well ahead of me and tried to push it open. But the door opened the other way, she learned too late, as I slid into her, grabbing her oily body tightly in my arms.

"Eek! Johnny no!" She screamed, wiggling like an slippery fish in my arms, my hands struggling to control her. "No, you're not stuffing that fat cock in me," she giggled, trying mightily to part spycam camera espion private party les bulles out of my hands. "NO!" "Stop!" "Help!" "Rape!" "Perv!" she hollered excitedly.

I lifted her, still struggling and threw her over my shoulder. "ACK! Let me down! You vicious mean Caveman! Free me!" I threw her heated and oily body into the pool. "No.!" I dove in after the youth, hardly knowing at that time, she couldn't swim. I firmly believe, to this day that I sit and write this story, that a person should say. 'I can't swim,' when you invite them over to your pool. Well.when I reached her, she clung to me like velcro. "Johnny, Johnny, save me!" she hollered loudly into my ear, near panic.

"I can't swim, don't let go," she begged, her oily body rapidly climbing up my torso, kind of delightfully, until she rested in my arms well clear of the water.

"Hold me! Johnny, don't let go!" Quietly, confidently, I assured her, calming her fears with my soothing voice, letting her know I had no intention of ever letting go of her. Holding her, I managed to begin to grope her young oily body, finally. "Oh, thank you Johnny." she said, coming to her senses. "You are in big trouble with me now." On the contrary, I told her, she was the oriental masseuse fucked on the massage table in big trouble, that I had caught her, with considerable expense of my energies, with every intention of fucking her.hard.in her young tight teen pussy.

"Mm." she cooed. "You are going to stuff me full of cock, Mister Wilson?" I nodded.full of cock. "Mm." she cooed. "Now Mister Wilson?" she asked, as I carried her to the edge of the pool in the shallow end, nodding. Now. "Goody!" I set my horny little waif on the edge of the pool, my hands now freely roaming her teen tight body, and then spreading her young legs, and lifting them, my cock ready and closing in on her little pink, wet slit.

"Stuff it in me, Johnny." She groaned, as I lifted her feet, setting them on my shoulders, her arms pulling on my neck, her lips pouting to be kissed, her legs limp as my hands slid down them, spread and waiting. I kissed my little angel then, for the very first time, and slowly slid into her tight wet pussy, as our tongues met, rubbed and danced in her mouth. slim ebony with huge natural tits fuck in interracial she groaned in my mouth, my cock head sliding between the lips of her tight pussy.

My cock felt like steel, as it slid deeper and deeper into Jenni. "Oh.Mmm." she groaned. "Oh my god," she moaned.

Then she gasped, biting her lower lip, and began to tremble and shake, as I held her legs, my cock buried in her. "I forgot how fucking good your fat cock feels in me Johnny," Jenni purred, her pussy quivering as I slid out of her.

"Kiss me, please Jenni," I asked, desperately wanting to feel her lips touching mine. She pressed her oily body to mine. Her little nipples to mine, as he hugged and kissed, my cock sliding in and out of her, as she moaned and groaned into my mouth of the pleasures I was giving her. I held her legs up close to her limber body, wrapping my arms all the way around her, my pubic bone grinding into her clit. My cock, buried deep in her, began to feel the wonderful massaging muscle of her pussy go to work.

Her breath fell heavily on my cheeks, as she breathed deeply through her nose, little nostrils flaring, her lips pressed hard against mine. Fascination washed over my, as I felt my excitement increase, while merely staying still in her pussy, and allowing her strong young pussy muscles to please my cock.

Damn! What a pussy! I could hold still, not move a muscle, and Jenni could have me cumming in mere minutes. Which is about as long as I lasted, soon beginning to thrust in and out of her with urgency, power, with delicious lust for this illegally young teen.

I looked down to see my cock sliding out of her. I was surprised at what I observed. As I slid my cock out of her bald tight pussy, glistening in wetness, I was pulling some of her pink tender young pussy out with it, before I stuffed my cock back into her. I watched as my thick cock, red saree bath tyalat in sex back out of her, slowly began to turn her pussy a little inside out. She seemed to love it so!

Her body soon froze in my arms, as she began to scream. Seconds later, I began to fill her with semen, large spurts of it, creating a tremendous wetness in her tight clinching pussy, her screaming echoing off my home, my pool house.

"Fuck yes," I yelled. "Mmmph." she groaned. "Goo.goo.oh my fuu. Aahhh.ohhh." Her little toes curled and uncurled right over my shoulders, as I looked down from them to see sperm seeping from her incredibly stretched young, bald pussy.

I had to get this girl on the pill, and soon. And stop cumming into her until I did, I thought, gleefully. "That was tremendous babe," I told her. "You have a wonderful little pussy." She giggled, her body relaxing. I carried the young waif and laid her down on her recliner, and stood admiring her. She weakly lay back, the sun gleaming of her young teen body. An hour later, she babbled non-stop, during lunch at the dining room table, nibbling on her sandwich only occasionally, speaking of her great admiration of our sexual escapade by the pool.

I had opened a whole new world to her, she said, with my cock. "Wait until I have you tied up and use my mouth on you," I told her. She giggled with great delight, and was soon running around the table and hopping into my lap. She wiggled on my cock and gave me the first glimpse of her remarkable, world-class patience.

"NoW! Tie me up NOW!" she demanded, wiggling like a worm in my lap, causing me great excitement. "Tie me up NOW and use your mouth on me.Now!" I have endeavored, over the last twelve short years, to never, ever, for any reason, deny Jenni anything she wanted.

I have spoiled her rotten. For example, I soon had her hands tied to my bed's head board with a silk hardcore fucked bdsm bitch gets it good in her rear. Shortly, I had her legs, also tied to the head board, and was licking her wet pussy with glee, finding it flowing with juices as she squealed in delight, struggling against her restrained with vigor.

"Lemme go!" she demanded. I have used Judgement though, when listening to her Demands, in deciding which of hers were real, and which were merely taunts, generated to accentuate our play. "Free me! Free my hands, you beast!

Ack! Hurry! Free me before I come!" she demanded, shaking the bed's head board in her struggle. "Yeep! Johnny! Ahh! Lick me! Lick me! Just like that Johnny and don't stop!

Stop! Stop! No! Go!." she hollered, struggling fiercely while feeling my tongue wash her clit, make her orgasm. "Mm.yes!" I rose from my little restrained and trembling Jenni then and spoke to her.

"I will fuck you again, now, Young Jenni, I shall enjoy your tight pussy at my pleasure." I explained to her. "NO!" she yelled, "don't stretch my pussy out again!

Please! NO!" Jenny, I know, isn't often sure of exactly what she wants, precisely. So, often leaving it to me to decide what my little angel really desires. "NO!" I stuffed my cock without remorse into the wildly struggling teen. "Stop!" I drove it deep into her tight pussy in one long hard push. "Ugg.Mm.Oh." With a great expenditure of energy, I drove repeatedly into the teen's young pussy, showing little mercy for her.

Her eyes closed to slits, as her mouth hung slack, her head rolling from side to side, as I drew back again and again to slam into her.

I love how her little toes curl, and often paint them bright colors so my eyes can easily follow them as they clinch and unclinch. I love watching the way, as my cock slides out of her young tightness, some of her pussy comes with it. "Come inside of me Johnny, Squirt in me!" she demanded, seeing my excitement boiling. So I withdrew my cock from my securely restrained teen, and shot sperm all over her little body, as she cried in joy. "Stop that!

Stuff that cock back in me! Stop, ewww.On my face too Johnny!" She cried. I aimed right between her eyes, missing badly, but hitting her face nonetheless. "Oh Johnny." At this point, I decide to test my youthful Jenni's boundaries, as she was conveniently restrained.

I attempted to slide a well lubed finger into her tight butthole. "No!" I stopped immediately, realizing this was certainly a trust issue, as we were, technically on the envelope of our sexual learning curve.

But I wondered, pondered, as I untied my Jenni, how anally inclined, or declined she was. I endeavored to find out. We lay sex stories 2160p amazing gonna cum announced dldmasturbation bed until dinner, napping and hugging. I asked her when she had to be home, knowing full well her parents were getting home a day later than originally planned. "I'm staying here, Johnny," She explained, "with you tonight.

I plan on falling asleep tightly wrapped in your arms. But I do need to be home early, for I should go to school. I agreed, adding that I hoped to see her often over the next week.

She warned me then, of a potential problem. "School is out soon, which means report cards," she told me. "Which means I will be grounded. I will have to find a summer job, and spend the days working." She grew sad and forlorn, until I promised to personally solve all of her problems. "Really?" she asked. I nodded at her confidently, and promised she would spend her summer days sunning at my pool and fucking and sucking me. Not too late we went to bed, both feeling very spent.

I set the alarm clock very early, and gave her a short explanation. "I always wake up with a hard-on, and very horny." I said. "It certainly would be nice, to get a nice early-morning blow job, for once in my life." She wiggled close to me, not stopping until her back was resting against my chest, her little bottom against my lap, and her little toes tickling my legs.

I woke, before the alarm, feeling slobber all over my cock. And lips and a tongue and a hand. "Morning sweety, you sure taste good this morning." Jenni said from under the covers. She worked diligently, learning her craft of sucking my cock, how I liked it and how to make me come. Often gagging and choking, but never becoming discouraged, she sucked me off to a great orgasm. "Mm. Yummy Johnny." We spent four out of next five evenings together, before the weekend was upon us again, often flipping through catalogs from Victoria Secrets, Nieman Marcus.etc, ordering her an endless supply of clothes she could keep here in the house, in the large closest she had commandeered.

It was time and money foolishly spent, for the most part. She usually spent her entire time in my house those next few weeks wearing nothing at all, not even a band aid, the girl had zero modesty.

I was delighted. On Friday evening, I handed her the newspaper. The classified section. Help Wanted. I pointed out an add. A man, me, with his telephone number, mine, was seeking a youth, her, for house and garden work, during the summer. The job required long, flexible hours, hard work, and paid generously. "I don't work hard, Johnny, you should know that," she admitted to me shyly.

I patted her tight little behind, and told her I knew. "But you sure are flexible," I pointed out. She smiled sweetly at me. Her toes curled up. When her step-father brought Jenni to my door for the interview the next day, Saturday, he seemed leery. Perhaps he saw a man who hoped to fuck his step-daughter, who perhaps he wanted to soon begin to fuck himself.who knows? Who cares? I gave him no reason to not be leery, however, not even attempting to calm his fears.

"I will write the check to you, Mr. Lane, personally, or your wife, Five hundred dollars every Friday." I explained to her crack-smoking step-father. The deal was quickly sealed, and I made sure my answering machine announced politely that the position advertised in the paper, was, sadly, already filled.

Jenni was delighted, of course, discovering her summer was free to lay in the sun, learn to swim, shop at will, and have sex, Sex, and more SEX! I was pleased when Jenni showed an interest in cooking, surprised to find she had been bitten by a culinary-bug of sorts. Or perhaps she realized, on some instinctual level, that my performance, my stamina, so important in keeping her pleased, relied heavily, perhaps solely on my diet.

So now, instead of being completely naked, she sometimes wore a tiny apron. She kept me well fed with increasingly edible, soon Delicious meals! We fucked like young bunny rabbits, at least, bare minimum, bottom line, twice a day.


That was a day-off for me in fact, to gather and harness my strengths. To build upon my energy reserves she freely dipped into, relentlessly. Strangely, at least once a day, as we rolled about covered huge fat black mama gangbanged by three men sweat in the bed, the grass, the hammock, or on a recliner by the pool, my efforts to play with her little asshole were rebuffed again and again.

While I pondered the matter, often, never reaching a solution, I knew Jenni was aware of my desire, to Drill Out Her Ass. Please try to understand, I was infatuated with her tight teen pussy. But one has to see young Jenni's ass perhaps, to appreciate my desire. Her ass made me believe in God, appreciate curves, and to despise straight lines. I tried to get my cock in her ass. "Please?" "No!" "Pretty please?" "NO!" And so it went. Well, one day, as she lay upon my sweaty chest, catching her breath I felt I should come clean with my little Jenni, tell her a truth of which she was unaware.

Tell of a deceitful plan, so diabolically executed, it would perhaps affect the rest of our lives. I felt great love for Jenni, and this secret I held burned in me.

I told her, without the slightest idea that it would lead to fucking her ass. "Jenni, I tricked you, misled you, lied to you and deceived you." I said. I had her attention. "Oh?" She climbed atop of me, not really seeming very threatening, but glaring at me. "Tell! NOW!" So I started at the beginning. And ended at the end.

I told her of my diabolical plan to get her naked, into my home and into my bed. I confessed everything, it was all planned, "I shot you with that dart! I freed myself easily, after you ate that drugged watermelon." I told her.

"I laid you back down on your recliner in your back yard." "Really?" she said looking down at me, her expression indecipherable. I nodded, yes I did. "You Really did that?" she asked, and I nodded, yes I did. "To me? You did all that to get me? You went to those extreme lengths, those unheard of measures, following some wacky, hair-brained scheme?" I nodded, and started to explain that my life had empty, lonely, that I had way, way too much time, money, and certainly desire on my hands.

She thumped me hard on the chest. "Shut up, John," she said. Her eyes grew a little teary, and my heart began to break. I was an awful human. No, I was less than human.

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No, I was. "The sweetest man! That's the sweetest thing Anyone has Ever done for ME in my life, Johnny," She said, tears began trickling from the corner of her eyes, her lips, began to quiver. "Oh Johnny I love you so much." Soon she was weeping like a baby on my chest, as I patted her back, trying to comfort her, and thanking the thousands of gods that had certainly intervened. Later, after many gut-wrenching sobs, she looked up at me with her teary blue eyes, and asked me.

"Johnny, would you like to drill out my tight-virgin-teen asshole?" I nodded, my cock awoke. Yes! Si!, Oui! Da! Uh huh! Yup! "You certainly deserve it Johnny, for what you have done." I wondered what she would do for me, if I perhaps, burned down the local animal shelter, too. Focus! No time to let your imagination wander John, I told myself. Fuck her ass!

I watched her as she rolled her tan little body off me, wondering how best to go about fucking her virgin ass. I excused myself, quickly darting out of the room, and returning with a little gift wrapped box for her. She looked surprised, pleased I had brought her a gift, which I had been waiting for the proper time to give to her. With her superhuman patience, she quickly tore the paper from the small box, and looked up at me. "A Vibrator! Oh John, how thoughtful of you." she cooed.

I had thought of this particular gift while lying nearly catatonic on the couch one evening, after a day of near continuos fucking. I hadn't gotten around to getting her batteries yet, I was an idiot sometimes. At any rate, I soon had her lying comfortable back on the pillows as I slowly work the small lubricated vibrator in and out of her ass.

"That little thing feels kinda good in my ass, Johnny," she said, finally, her voice kind of singing. "Oh.yes.EW, wait! Not too far in Johnny." She was indeed tight. I figured it my be months before she was taking my cock into her ass comfortably.

I was wrong. She slowly pulled her knees back toward her flat chest, and leaned forward just a bit to watch me stretch her ass. "Oh." she sang. I lubed up my cock, her eyes growing concerned with it's size, and soon had it lined-up with her slick asshole.

She bit her lip and whined with worry, her toes curling and uncurling, pink toes nails waving at me. I slowly slid the head of my cock, ever so gently into her. She hissed painfully, her whole body flinching. I looked up at her face now, grimaced in pain and concern. "Ouuuweeee.Johnny, it hurts." she cried, with only about half of the head of my cock in her. My normally brave, intrepid, adventurous girl was looking so sad, as I gazed upon her innocent face.

I encouraged skilled teens gliding her tongue up and down real tits and blowjob to relax, explaining that her tension caused her some pain, perhaps as much as my hard cock.

Our eyes locked. We began to breath deeply together. Soon, some tension fell from her face and body as the head of my cock slipped past her sphincter. She let out an incredibly long breath, her voice nearly singing. "Ooohhhh." she sang, her voice sounding pretty, sexy. Her little hands reached for my waist, and she pulled me toward her ever so slightly.


I slid farther in, as she sang again. "Eeewwww." For ten minutes I slowly slid four inches of my cock in and out of her. "No more than that, please, John, don't shove more into me please, it makes me cramp." As I pulled nearly out of her, I felt her hands pulling me back in, as I drove into her slowly. Soon, her hands would begin to resist my pushing into her, after she had taken four inches staci silverstone sex sex stories story. "Mmmuuuueee." she sang, as I slid back out of her.

Her asshole felt excellent around the four inches of cock that was sliding in and out of her, exciting me greatly. While I mostly watched her lovely face, sometimes I watched as my cock stretched her tight ass. She sang with the pleasure she saw on my face, her voice pretty and sensual. Gradually, her hands began to tug harder on my waist.

Gradually, her hips rose to meet my half-cocked thrust. Gradually, my cock began to sink farther into my tiny teen's ass! Suddenly, tattomilf peta jensen gets anal drilled balls were slapping against her!

I was buried in her and, and she was loving it. "OoooUuuuu, AhhhhhhUuuuuu, UuuuuOooo." she sang. "Fuck it feels good in me now Johnny. Really Johnny, it feels.oh.very .very.nice so deep.in me like .this like it is.

It fills me up really a lot, your big cock.oh thank you, thank you, thank you.fuck my ass.Baby, fuck it good.oh Johnny.oh." I watched her closely, taking in the little details of her first ass-fucking. I had noticed the change, pitch of her voice. Jenni sang when she had a cock in her ass, her voice sweet, not using those squeaks and squeals, yelps and chirps that she emits when I have my cock buried in her pussy. Her face showed that she was riding the boundary between pain and intense pleasure.

Her eyes showed me a mixture of surrender, wonder and fullness. Her mouth opened, lips quivered and sang. And her toes! They didn't curl and uncurl. When I slid my cock into her tender teen ass, her toes spread!

Reaching, stretching, straining. When I pulled out, they relaxed, fell, together, touching again. Over and over. The feeling of her ass and the sound of her singing voice had its effect on me after a while, and I think it showed on my face. "Come baby, shoot it my ass," she sang to me. "Pump it into my virgin ass Baby." I did, my cock swelling as it pumped load after load into her, her face glowing as she watched the pleasure on mine.

"I love you sweet cheeks," I told her. "I love your sweet asshole." She seemed so proud! part3 ?