Emily addison vs cali logan

Emily addison vs cali logan
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I have known that Chris, like most men at times, wants to be dominated by his sex partner. That's an experience hard to come by, but with two other willing buddies sharing a motel room I thought that now would be the time to give Chris an afternoon to remember.

I talked with Pal and the two of us agreed to work on Chris that day. Our plan was to introduce the idea to Chris sometime during our midday ride, then jump his bones when we got back to the motel, before supper.

The three of us were alone at a turnout when we laid our plans on him. "Chris - Pal and I have a little plan for you. We know you have this fantasy of wanting to be sexually dominated, so we want to make that happen for you - today, soon.

You cool with that?" Chris asian cam girl asian porn www asianporncams net tube porn smiled and simply said "Sure." Pal eagerly added that maybe now would be a good time to head back to the motel.

One hour and 100s of twisty-road-turns later we pulled the bikes into the motel parking. Jackets and helmets off, we filed into our room, Chris symbolically walking between us. With the sound of the door deadbolt, we started.

"Chris. Take off your clothes." Pal and myself settled in on the bed and watched while Chris stripped down. Riding boots and socks first, then the shirt, exposing a broad, red-haired chest with sexy prominent nipples. The pant zipper came down next and the ivory pouch of Chris' jock strap showed through the opening. Pants to the floor, exposing both straps wrapped across a biker's hard butt. Chris pulled the wide jock waistband out and down, releasing the male trio - a cock and two balls - from their cradle.

His pubes were close cropped, a light dusting of reddish hair. Two fully dressed men comfortably lounging on a bed and one completely naked dude, standing there waiting for instruction.

Chris' cock was hanging when I said: "Get your cock ring and let's see what it looks like on you." Chris rummaged through his stuff, found the ring and fastened it around his genitals. Like a tom turkey displaying, his gathered testicles and hardening cock were pushed to the front, exposed and presented to us all.

Pal spoke next. "What a handsome cocksucker you are! Show us how you make love to those fucking jewels." Chris took some saliva with his hand and lovingly slathered his privates. Staring at his handiwork, Chris stroked, squeezed and caressed himself. Himself responded - by growing to a hard, shining, slicked-up biological specimen of a sperm-delivery organ.

Sperm production and storage - his balls - were a darker, ruddier tan, wet with spit and gathered up into a tight picture of in-your-face masculinity.

Chris zeroed in on the object at hand. He lovingly alternated between fucking himself with his slippery circled hand, and holding his fist still, grinding his hips, driving his hard skin-taunt cock through his hand hole.

His free hand fingered both erect nipples and occasionally dropped down to caress his ball sack, playing fingertips on the full curves. Chris was putting on an excellent jack-off show for us and it was time to get involved. I stood up and started by unfastening the velcro tab on my riding pants. The sound of my zipper was next. "I'll bet you'd like to have a hard one filling your mouth." Naked now, I pulled the cover off of the spare bed, draped it over one of the room's chairs and ordered our badboy exhibitionist to sit down.

Chris didn't say much, but he was doing everything we told him. Pal's clothes were falling to the floor. I watched while Pal walked over to Chris' head, now turned to see the approaching cock.

Pal took Chris' head with both hands, curled and dropped his hips to line himself up with the lips. He didn't need to say anything. I watched the mouth slide down over Pal's semi-hard-on, then retreat. Each smooth glide of the mouth revealed a cock just a little harder than the last stroke until Pal sported an impressive rigid shining dick.

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Pal was the biggest of us three; there was alot to play with there. Gently guided by hands, urged on by our filthy talk, Chris started in on bringing pleasure to the cock in his mouth. "Fuck me baby. That's it. Fucking screw me with those tight lips.

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I love watching that pretty mouth sliding down over me. Feel good to have that hard fucker filling your mouth?

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You're a good mouth-fucker! Keep it up, you will get your reward." Chris licked, bobbed and moaned, twisting his fuck-mouth, screwing Pal with his whole head. Pal stood cock-stock still, hips pushed forward, offering his penis to the hungry, drooling lips.

They both made little, low grunts of pleasure. Pal continued, we all liked the verbal commentary and Chris couldn't talk right now.

"Tight tongue - fuck! That's a good little pussy mouth. Look at me." Chris glanced up at Pal's face while Pal reached out to hold the fuck-head motionless. One hand cupped Chris' chin while the other hand held tight to a handfull of hair on the back of Chris' head. Pal took the lead, slowly, ever so slowly stroking and fucking the mouth, taking obvious pleasure from the wet lips and unseen tongue, enjoying the erotic sight of his favorite body part glistening with saliva and savoring the enjoyment of this warm, wet, sucking hole.

I had to join in. Walking opposite to where Pal was standing, I took Chris' free hand (the other was occupied, wrapped around Pal's butt cheek, holding him within sucking range), put it to my mouth, licked it to a sloppy wetness and guided it to my hard-on. We moved to a tight rhythm, the hand sliding down over me, head-to-root in perfect time with Pal's thrust into the owner's face. We still had one cock unoccupied - Chris'.

To the bed we went. Chris on his back, head laying on it's side. Pal laying at cock-to-mouth level, already cradling the head he's steadily fucking. Both men seemed content to go for the standard fuck-your-face blow job. Pal had both hands in Chris' hair, controlling the head, tilting it back to get a good view of his passage through the lips.

Chris was definitely being the submissive one, I had to admire his stamina and gag control. I drooled on my hand, wet down my man-pole and dropped to all fours, ass up near Chris' submissive headjob. After placing Chris' eating cumm out of ass back to it's place of employment, jacking me off, I lowered my chest to Chris' torso and slipped my mouth down over a formerly neglected but now eager, active, almost spastic, hard penis.

My mouth was taking a real bunny bang, while Chris' mouth was being intently slow fucked by Pal, steady and by the sound of it, nearing the end. There's just one hole that Chris does not have occupied. I pause to pick up the KY on the nightstand, squirt a string on Chris' ass crack and another on my middle finger.

Back on him with my mouth, I pressure down on Chris' body to slow his tempo. I'm starting to get a tired jaw, but continue to keep a tight ring on my mouth's busy friend. I cup his nuts with my KY hand. Slowly, deliberately, my middle finger runs down Chris' taint, into his ass crack and moves to the target. With a little hunting movement, I slip my finger all the way in with one very gentle and very slow continuous stroke. Now there's heavy breathing.

With the two other mouths plugged up, Pal has the floor for more vocal encouragement. "Fuck. I'm going to cum. Suck on me boy.

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Suck.Yeah, that's it. Nice and hungry. Let me know you want it. Your sucking is working; you'll get my load right down your throat. Goddamn that's a fuck-hungry mouth." Both of Pal's hands were locked in Chris' hair and he was now jabbing with short evenly spaced thrusts. Chris was silent, accepting. Then Pal stopped moving completely. The end is near. Slowly now, with great anticipation, Chris took up the slack, pumping Pal's big cock with his head.

Chris' cheeks pulled in and out rhythmetically, showing evidence of the encouraging suck on Pal's cock. I paused from my work to look at the amazing sight - the bottom of Chris' throat stretched out to make room for the cock strokes - the big tube bulged out on the bottom of Pal's dick, disappearing and reappearing, sliding through the stretched bottom lip.

Then a simple, direct announcment: "I am cumming." A slight motion caught my attention: the bottom vein on Pal's penis pulsated to a three count beat, swelling, filling, and then strongly contracting as he freely unloaded into Chris' closed mouth. Not a drop was spilled. Except for Pal's pronouncment, the steady contractions of the tube, and the swallowing motions I saw in Chris' throat muscles, you'd never know nirvana had arrived.

Pal just melted away, muttering things like "awesome" and "fuck". I put a leg over Chris to kneel upright, straddling his head backwards. He repositioned his fist on me. "Jack me off. I'm going to cum on your face." I smiled and looked down to see Chris' hand-job work. Backwards like this, his fingers were wrapped over the top and his thumb-circle was milking the bulge on the bottom just right.

The visuals, the tight hand-job, my own two fingers at my nipples, and the expectation of what I was about to see pulled my trigger. My turn. Eyes wide open, I didn't want to miss this. "OK, here it is." My first cumshot hit Chris in the lower jaw and neck. As the contractions died down, the cum pumps got closer and closer, landing full on his jaw, then lower lip, upper lip, and the last one fell on the bridge of his nose and ran down his face, the seminal fluid flowing down through the light cheek stubble, paving a slick path for the heavier transluscent lumps to follow.

Pal was back with the living now, and crawled up between Chris' legs. I dismounted and my feet found the floor. I said: "When you're close, I want to finish you off. I've got a slippery finger for you." "I'm close." The words cute asian babe likes taste of my hard cock smalltits and brunette out - wet - tempered by the cum in his throat and the cum that ran down through his lips as he opened them to speak.

I moved around to Chris' legs and Pal stood back. Laying with my chest on the bed, I tongued the hard cock in front of me and then wrapped my wet mouth around it.

Chris fucked my mouth like a man who had just been used and was now going after his own release. My finger found his ass clamped shut, but forced itself, slipped in easily, and proceeded to finger-fuck in full KY lubricated strokes, tip to base.

Soft, then urgent grunts from Chris. Didn't take long 'till Chris lifted his head, said "Fuck", and let out a long relaxing sigh. My throat was closed, so my mouth got filled. Taste and smell together; I waited until he was finished. When I finally pulled my mouth away, I let the entire load dribble through my lips to decorate his crotch, abdomen, even filling his belly-button.

With a cummy goodbye suck-and-lick on each nipple, I was done. I stood up and backed away. Chris just laid there, I think to savor and cement the memory. He was dominated.

He was used. And what a sight! With three complete cum loads, one down his throat, one splashed across his face, and one laying in puddles from cock to nipples, he was a mess. I think he enjoyed it. And I hope you enjoyed this story. Your comments are appreciated.