Guy cant keep it hard when hes fucking mea melone

Guy cant keep it hard when hes fucking mea melone
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This is my first attempt at a story so I would appreciate any comments, suggestions, and criticisms. It is a work of fiction and I intend to write several more chapters. I guess I should introduce myself…My name is Charlie and my brother's name is Steven. I'm currently 21 but this is about something that happened a couple years back… My brother and I used to share a room. He's 3 years younger than me so for a long time that wasn't a problem. We hadn't hit puberty yet and didn't have the shyness that comes with it.

We'd change in front of each other, occasionally share a shower, and use the toilet at the same time. We had bunk beds. When I was 12 my parents decided that it would be a good idea for us to have separate rooms. I had started puberty sexy blonde loves a big black cock had grown uncomfortable changing in front of my brother.

I talked to my dad and he agreed that it was the right thing to do. We had a play hot amatuer in sexy lingerie fucked and facialised which was always going to be turned into my room when we got old enough and that's what we did.

It only took about a week before the entire move was done and I was settled in, happy, to go through puberty in privacy. My brother and I didn't see each other naked from then on. When I was 17 my family decided to take a two week long vacation to Florida and that we would get two rooms.

One for them and one for Steven and me. It would be two weeks of fun in the sun. Now for a bit of info about myself at the time when the rest of the story takes place.

I was your average guy; there was absolutely nothing special about me. I was 17 years old and nearing the end of puberty. I'm about 5'7" and 130 lbs. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I'm a rather slim guy and decently hairy. My dick isn't anything special either. I'm just about average with an uncut dick that measures a little under 6".

Nothing to brag about but nothing to be ashamed of either. I was still a virgin at that point. I was unsure of my sexuality and really confused. My brother was 14 at this point and about 5'6". That's really all I knew. He had brown hair and brown eyes as well.


He was skinny too but he has a nice body. People often mistook us for twins and were pretty surprised to find out that I was 3 years older than him.

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I was in high school at this point and he was in middle school still so we never hung out and we had different friends. Hell, we barely saw each other when we were home except for at meals. Back to the story… After the 4-hour plane flight to Florida and the ride to the hotel we unpacked our clothes and headed out to dinner. My parents were really tired so they decided that they were gonna head to bed and that left me and Steven to head back to our room.

We were always a night-time shower family so it wasn't a surprise to me when, on the walk from the elevator, Steven called first dibs on the shower. I thought about calling age seniority on him but I figured I'd live through the 10 minutes he'd need to shower. Whatever. We get to the room and I flop down on our bed and turn on the TV to see if there's anything good on.

Out of the corner of my I realize that my brother is taking his clothes off; he's facing me. I cautiously watched as he stripped down. I'll admit, my brother had a nice body and I had glanced at him more than once whenever we were swimming. I'd thought that he was kind of hot for a couple years but nothing could have prepared me.

I figured that he was going to stop at his boxers and bring a clean pair into the bathroom with him to change into after but I was wrong. Steven slipped down his boxers, stepped out of them, and stood up to reveal a sizable cock. As I said, I don't have a big dick. I'm just under 6" hard and maybe 3" soft so what my brother pulled out was huge to me.

Soft my brother's cock must have been 6" long and thicker than mine was when hard. I tried not to show any expression as my brother turned and walked to the bathroom and shut the door behind him.

Seconds later I heard the shower turn on. I couldn't get my mind off of his dick. How the fuck could my brother have such a big cock and me have one so small?

I was the older brother God damnit! This wasn't fucking fair! And we looked so alike too! And at the same time, I was kind of turned on. He did have a really nice body. He was slim, not too skinny, and had a nice "V" leading down to a nicely trimmed bush of light brown pubes out of which sprouted that monster. And those big balls hanging below his dick looked delicious.

How big is it hard? I could only begin to wonder. It was about 20 minutes before I heard the shower end but it seemed like only a moment since I was so entranced by the image of my brother's cock still imprinted on my mind's eye.

I looked up when I heard the lock disengage when Steven turned the door handle to the bathroom door. His hair was messy and he looked mostly dry. His towel was lying, used, on the bathroom floor under the sink. He was completely naked.

His cock looked, if possible, even bigger than when he had entered the bathroom. On the tip of his dick glistened a drop of cum as it seeped out of his piss slit. In my pants my dick stirred a tiny bit. "All yours." My brother said to me, glancing in my direction. It took me a second to snap out of the daze I was in and realize what he had said.

"Looks like you had some fun." I responded hoping to catch him off guard and maybe embarrass him a little. "What?" Steven looked down at his cock, grabbed it, and tilted the head back a little while retracting the foreskin some.

"Oh." As he said it he took his other hand and wiped the cum onto his finger before letting his penis drop back against his balls. It hit them heavily. He walked back into the bathroom and rubbed it onto the towel which he had dropped on the floor. He sunny leone xxxxxxx story song mp4 back into the room.

"All yours." He repeated. "Thanks." Was all I could manage as I got up off the bed and stood up. Steven watched as I began to take my clothes off starting with my socks and slowly taking off my shirt, unbuckling my belt, and my shorts. I paused at my boxers and decide what to do. I couldn't let my brother know that his older brother's dick was so much smaller than his… could I? "Come on, let's see how much dick you've got. Fuck. Steven expected that I had an equally huge dick as him.

This could only be absolute shit. Aaliyah love and her friend get slammed grabbed a clean pair of boxers and started walking towards the door. I'll just play it off as not giving a fuck and finding this all a bit weird. "No. Why nadia and his partenar grile sex you want to see my dick anyway? You already jacked off." That'll teach him to want to get a look at my cock.

Threaten his sexuality; that always works. "I'm not gay. I don't need to prove that to you. I just want to see how much bigger I can expect to get." What to navy pacific fleet leaves san diego and i run through their wives glassdeskproductions Before I could even begin to think of a response or a plant Steven had decided what to do.

Before I could stop him I found my boxers down at my feet and an absolutely shocked look on my brother's face. The shock soon faded away as he started to laugh. During this exchange I had been standing there, in my boxers, in the chilly hotel room air and my dick had only gotten smaller than it normally appeared. There I stood, frozen, my boxers around my ankles, with my brother sitting on the floor in front of me laughing.

After a couple seconds Steven stopped laughing and stood up. "That's one pathetic dick you have there. What do you plan to do with that?" Steven grabbed his dick with one hand and shook it a little.

"This, is what a real piece of meat looks like. That, that's a toy." As I watched, Steven's cock started to grow. The thick piece of meat between his legs swelled and elongated until it was fully hard. I stared at his hard cock. It must have been 9" long and was really thick. The foreskin rested just behind the beautiful, soft, purple head which was, itself, quite large. The entire thing jutted straight out from his body and then curved up a bit. Watching his cock grow turned me on even more than the sight of the cum which had glistened on his cockhead when he exited the bathroom.

Against my will, my own cock began to grow. Steven noticed and a smirk crossed his face as he realized just how much smaller than him I really was. "That's all? Fuck! I was that big when I was 12." I couldn't say anything. I just stood there humiliated and turned on. My dick was now at its full size and rock hard.

Steven knew that the sight of his big dick was what was doing it to me and he knew what to do. "Touch it." That broke me out of it. "What?" I gasped. "Touch it." He replied. "You know you want to.


Go on, feel what a real man's cock feels like in your hand." Tentatively, I reached out and placed one finger on the head of his cock. It was smooth and soft. His cock twitched at my touch and a small amount of precum oozed out of his piss hole.

I ran my finger down his head to his slit and touched the precum. I pulled my hand away trailing a string of precum. "Taste it." I brought my eyes up to meet his. He stared into mine. I dropped my gaze. Without protesting I did what he said. I slowly moved my hand up to my mouth and stuck my tongue out.

I touched my tongue to my finger, licking off the small glob of precum which I had taken from his cock. It tasted good. Sweet, and at the same time salty. I liked it. He grabbed my other hand and moved it to his cock. I looked into his eyes again. There was a hunger in his eyes. This was a look of a predator staring down its prey. The hot blonde slut and bigcock in her pussy in Steven's eyes scared me.

He placed my hand on his cock and wrapped my fingers around it. They didn't even reach all the way around his girth. I couldn't believe how big it is. Around, it was about the size of the can of shaving cream that I had in my overnighter. I could easily fist my own dick with my fingers all the way around and meeting again a little bit on the other side. Unlike the head of his dick the shaft was very hard and warm. I could feel the large veins that provided the blood to nourish his big piece of meat.

I started to slowly move my hand up and down his dick, jacking him off. He sighed and closed his eyes a little. "Mmmm…faster." I moved my hand along his shaft faster. His foreskin moved up and down over the smooth head of his cock with each pump of my hand. My cock was still rock hard; precum was leaking out of my piss hole.

He opened his eyes and looked down at his cock. A drop of precum sat on the tip of his penis. He looked into my eyes once again and I knew what he wanted. I stopped jacking him off as he put his hands on my shoulders, applying pressure, pushing me down onto my knees.

I looked up at Steven and he looked down at me with that same look of hunger in his eyes. Only this time I wasn't scared by the look. Now, I wanted to do this. As turned on as I had been when I first saw Steven's cock at its full size I was turned on so much more now that it bobbed just inches from my face. From this angle his cock looked even bigger than it had from above. I reached out and grabbed the thick shaft of his cock and it twitched once again, releasing even more precum from his slit to join the already large glob accumulating at the tip.

The glob started to extend, to drip onto the floor below. I couldn't let that happen. Leaning forward I reached out my tongue and made angelina valentine stroking that massive ego made contact with his dick as I licked off the glob of precum.

He sighed. I pumped my hand along his cock watching as his foreskin moved back and forth over the edge of his head. "Taste it." He commanded in a low, gruff voice. I quickly looked up at him and met his gaze once again before looking at his dick. I leaned forward and gently placed my lips on the head of his cock. I kissed it gently. He gasped again. Using my tongue I flicked the tip and his dick twitched, hitting me in the nose.

I giggled a little bit. I took a deep breath and decided to take the next step. I opened my mouth and took the large head in. I wrapped my lips around it. "Oh God" Steven moaned through clenched teeth. "You love my cock don't you?" It felt so big in my mouth.

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It was both soft and warm and tasted a little salty as I caressed it with my tongue. I felt him squirm as I stuck the tip of my tongue into his piss slit. "More" Steven sighed as he put his hand on the back of my head and applied pressure. I opened up my mouth a little wider to accommodate his large dick as he started to force it into my mouth. Jesus, this thing was big! I couldn't even begin to be believe how much of his cock was filling my mouth and yet even more was outside of my mouth.

I soon felt the large head hitting the back of my throat and Steven kept pushing as I continued to suck on his cock. I started to gag a little to no avail as he continued trying to jam as much of his huge dick in my mouth as he could.

I couldn't breathe. He quickly realized that he had as much of his dick in my mouth as he was going to managed and switched tactics to fucking my mouth with what he could get in rather than trying to shove the whole thing in. He grabbed my seductive blonde has her moist twat hammered interracial on either side and fucked my face.

He slammed his cock into me hitting in the back of the throat with each thrust. At least this wasn't as bad as when he was just pushing as I could get quick breaths in every time he pulled his cock out.

"Fuck yeah! You like this don't you? You little slut!" There was anger in his voice. Me? A slut?

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It hurt as he rammed his dick into me and I really couldn't help anything. Spit dripped down my chin as he fucked me. I still worked to caress his dick with my tongue and suck on it but it was difficult with him thrusting into my mouth like he was, fucking my face. Suddenly he slapped me. "Watch your teeth you fucking slut!" he growled as he slapped me again.

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"Sorry" I half mumbled around his cock, my face stinging from the slaps. As he continued to face fuck me I couldn't help but wonder two things: Is he ever going to cum? What's going to happen when he cums? As I said, I was a virgin. But more than a virgin, I was inexperienced by any definition. I hadn't eaten a pussy, I hadn't sucked a cock.

Hell, I hadn't even seen either in real life. I kissed a girl once in the 8th grade at a party and that was it. The thought of him cumming both excited me and disturbed me. I had tasted my own cum once. That was a couple years back when I had first started cumming and I was stupid. It tasted disgusting and I couldn't believe I had even thought about trying it after I was done. I didn't want to taste his cum… And yet, the thought of him shooting his warm sperm down my throat turned me on.

During this entire time that he'd been humping my face I had remained hard. A line of precum trailed out of my slit, down my shaft, and onto my balls where it dripped onto the carpet below me. I hadn't even touched my cock. "God I wish Sarah was this good." Sarah?

Who the fuck is Sarah? Shit. Not only did he have a bigger dick than me but he'd already gotten more than action than me. Great. Fucking Great. Time seemed to go slowly while this went down. What seemed to take hours only lasted 10 minutes as Steven fucked my face. I had gotten used to the feeling of his veiny dick sliding back and forth between my lips, of the large head slamming against my throat, of the ach in my jaw.

Eventually I felt his thrusts start to get more ragged, his breathing get shallower, and his dick start to get even bigger. The head started to swell up and harden while his dick got longer and thicker. I knew he was close to coming. Steven opened his eyes and looked down at me.

"I'm getting close Charlie. You know what that means?" I looked up at him and met his gaze. "You're gonna be a good little bitch and drink my cum like the cumslut you are." Steven quickened his pace and I braced myself for the blast that I knew was headed my way. "Mmmm" Steven's breathing got even shallower as he moaned and thrust even harder. "Fuck yeah" And with that Steven stopped thrusting, the head of his cock resting on my tongue.

He started quickly jacking off his cock though it probably wasn't necessary. I felt his dick swell even more as he moaned and I felt his dick start to pulse. "That's it. Drink my cum. Drink your little brother's seed." Steven moaned as he threw his head nughty america sex stories prin xx in pleasure.

The first hot blast hit me hard in the back of my throat. The salty goodness missing my tongue completely and sliding straight down into my stomach. The next blast was a lot less powerful and some of his sperm landed on my tongue. It was very hot and tasted very salty and bitter.

How could anyone like this I wondered as he cock kept erupting blasts of cum into my mouth. 6 hot blasts of cum later Steven's dick stopped shooting and just leaked a little cum as it twitched as the orgasm died down. I swallowed his large load. It felt weird as it went down my throat. My throat felt itchy. I started to take his cock out of his mouth.

"Oh no you don't! Don't miss a drop. Don't miss a fucking drop!" Steven growled, glaring down at me. I grabbed his dick and, with my mouth open, his head on my tongue, slowly jacked his cock off, milking it. I squeezed out every last drop of my littler brother's cum as it softened up and got softer.

Eventually he took it out of my mouth and pulled the foreskin back over the head of his delicious cock. He slapped me, half playfully, across the face with his dick. "That was the best blowjob I've ever gotten. You're a natural." Steven turned around and went back into the bathroom which started all of this leaving me still on my knees where he'd left me.

I could hear him taking a piss in the bathroom, flush the toilet, and brush his teeth. When he exited the bathroom I was still there. Seel band xxxxnx sex stories vidio looked at me, laughed, put on some pajama bottoms, xnxx 2019 porn folder story got in bed. "Turn off all the lights when you get to bed slut." He turned off the lamp on his side of the bed.

I sat there for another couple minutes before I got up and went into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and got in while it was still cold. I sat there, the water warming up, going over what had just happened. I just found out my brother had a huge cock which he then forced me to suck.

I swallowed his cum. I SWALLOWED HIS FUCKING CUM! Then another thought hit me. This was day one of our two week vacation in sunny Florida. I could only begin to dream what the next two weeks had in store. End of chapter 1. More to come.