Fellow licks amp bangs snatch pornstar and hardcore

Fellow licks amp bangs snatch pornstar and hardcore
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 20 GAME IN GOA I met Angelina in Goa, and she looked very happy. She told me that her husband is very good in bed.

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She told me how he fucked her in various ways / positions and for half an hour at a stretch! I was very happy to learn that my best friend too is enjoying a successful, happy and a satisfied sex life with her husband.

I know importance of sex in life, better than a common man or woman. I became wet while talking sexy with my child hood friend.


We both were in a mood to play a lesbian game but it was not possible that time because everyone was at her home and we were not in a position to close the door for our love sunny leone hard sexamazing story game. I have invited Angelina to my home where we get complete privacy for our lesbian game. She told me that she too wants to love me and wish to receive love from me.

It was a promise between us to meet soon for a lovely lesbian game. We hugged each other's; kissed each other's and I did not forget to fondle her boobs. I also pushed my palm and fingers between her legs, right on her lovely wet pussy. I left for my home with wet panty under my Sari where my husband was waiting for me to go for a movie as was decided.

For your information, we rarely go for a movie theater but whenever we go, we enjoy fully.

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We reached the theater in time and were sitting on corner seats. There was not much rush in the theater. I did not wait much to get my feelings out. I placed my head on his shoulders and squeezed his hands.

He moved his hands over my shoulders and slowly moved it to my right tit. He then slowly squeezed and pinched my nipples. I moved my hand to his legs and squeezed his hot cock from above the pants. It was growing! We kept on playing with each other's sex parts and we did not know how the time passed away.

We just come in our control when we saw lights in the theater for the interval. In the interval I went to the toilet and removed my bra to have complete pleasure of his touch on my boobs.

I kept my bra into my hand bag and came back to the seat where my hubby was waiting for me and the movie was about to start. I unhooked few hooks and slowly placed his hands on my naked tits. He just loved them. He played with them for some time and then moved his hands down.

I have adjusted my legs on the seat and pushed my sari and petticoat up and allowed him to move his hands to my hips and crouch. He expertly moved my panty to a side and started to move his fingers on my cunt lips. I was dripping wet! He then moved his thumb into my cunt and started to put pressure upwards. He was trying to find my G spot! He found it and then pressed it and started to massage it. I just came and came squeezing his thumb hard. I have massaged his cock many a times but took all the care that he should not cum.

But he took me up to my orgasm for three times during the movie time. Everyone in the theater was busy in watching and enjoying the movie and no one could notice that one hot and sexy couple was making their enjoyment double.

We enjoy movie and our sexual activities both in the theater. The movie ended and we quickly adjusted ourselves. The pair sitting on the few seats away was looking at us and must be thinking that we did something there which they could not notice. At home, after dinner, saying good night to my parents in law, I was in my bedroom waiting for my hubby who gone out to meet one of his friend.

I wore a sexy nightie with no bra or panty. He came at around 11 pm. As he entered I hugged him and we kissed each others. He moved his hands up on my thighs and reached my ass cheeks. He stopped and realized that I was naked below the single dress. He pinched my ass cheeks and I giggled. Feeling like a teenager madly in love I pressed myself to him. He then pushed me back and lifted my dress in one go and threw it away.

I was fully naked in front of lesbian amateur teens use strapon dildo on webcam, my nipples straining to be pinched and my cunt to be fucked hard. He kissed my breast and sunny leon fucking story husband my nipples hard.

I was already dripping wet! He lifted me and took me to the bed. As he put me down I opened two buttons and pushed his T-shirt up and removed it. I just moved my hands on his bare chest and pinched his nipples making him jump! I then removed his belt and opened his pants. Pushing them down and he removed it. I saw a big tent in his jockey shorts. I then sat down on the floor and pushed down the underwear. His long and thick dick just sprang out before my eyes.

As always, it was as hard as steel! I could just take the tip of his hard and thick cock in to my mouth in first attempt. I moved forward and took a little more of it started to suck it. I also started to rub his balls and shaft.

He was growling like a tiger and moaning like a cat! He tried to lift me up but I pushed his hands back. I kept sucking it harder and harder. Licking his tip and sucking the shaft and massaging his balls and the shaft together. He was now moaning madly and was fucking my mouth very skill fully. He lifted me and kissed me hard. I kissed him back saying that I love him. And he placed me on the bed. He placed me on the bed and parted my legs.

I pulled him to me but he pushed me back. He wanted to return the favor and hence placed his mouth on the opening of my hairless cunt and kissed me hard there. I was now dripping wet. He opened my juicy pussy lips with two fingers and moved his tongue on the inside. The rough tongue made me shiver with delight. I was having strange sensation in my back, which was moving down, and my whole body was shivering. My pussy was having spasms and throwing juices out. I was in heaven! He then made his trademark move, pushing his tongue in with a jerk.

I just felt sensation I cannot explain, I was just feeling light and felt I was floating in air. As he kept moving his tongue in and out a strange pressure was building in my lower body.

I felt blood rushing to my face and then to my breast. Small boils came on my body and then I felt as if my cunt walls were convulsing and then I came with a big moan! He sucked hard and drank every drop of my tasty juice!

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He then came on top of me and kissed me on my lips. Our body fluids were mixing in the mouth and soon, I knew, will soon meet where they should! I pounding the fag anal greed tube porn his shaft between our bodies. I moved my hands between our bodies and squeezed it hard.

It was like a iron rod, only the tip swelled a little more and became pink. He then placed a pillow below my buttocks and came on top of me.

I spread my legs wide to accommodate him and his shaft into me. He felt it and told me that he would do it slowly. I told him that I want it rough and not softly! He slowly placed his huge tip on my cunt opening and pushed it in. My pussy's outer ring opened wide to let it move in. I felt a little pain as always, as his love instrument is really big. It popped in and then he slowly moved a few inches inside. My cunt walls were fully stretched to receive him.

He moved back and then forward just putting half of his hot rod into me. I was now feeling a tingling sensation, as the stiff rod was moving in and out. He then slowly pushed the whole of his hot dick in to me.

I had his full length into me now. He started moving in and out at good speed and I was feeling as if my pussy was burning. His cock was hitting something in the end and then coming back out. He slowly shifted his weight up and started rubbing his prick on the upper side more rigorously. He was rubbing my G spot! I got an instant orgasm.

I came and came on his stiff rod. My juices were now coming out of the sides of my pussy. I had become stiff as a log and still he was pumping his rod in and out.

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He kept the speed and I again started feeling the sensation in my back, buttocks and then in my breast. My pussy was again started burning now with pleasure.


And now I was moving towards my second orgasm on this stiff shaft! He increased his speed and I was moaning with pleasure. I told him to fuck me harder. I had shouted in pleasure as I was hit by a wave of orgasms and came and came and he was still pumping his dick in my pussy, in and out!

I was not virtually lying without moving and he was just pumping in and out at the speed of a Rocketing express! What a pleasures! I just hung on to him more and more! Suddenly I felt his tip growing bigger, he was now moaning and growling like a tiger.

I knew he was about to cum. Just this feeling was enough to bring me to another orgasm! I felt as if I have been hit by a bullet, as he shot fired his warm cum deep into me. I felt as if I am getting filled in my stomach and even in my heart! I lifted my legs and circled him and pushed him deeper. I was flowing not Cumming! The pillow cover become wet and he was pumping his last shots and his thrusts were now making € ¢â' 'puch sexy teen smashed because her mom thief stole something puch€ ¢â' '½ sound!

We both relaxed and he moved to my side. I was just trying to squeeze as much into him as possible. He then got up and lifted me and took me to the bathroom. He placed me under the shower and washed me. After pumping my boobs, massaging them, he washed my legs in the last and I was giving the same treatment to his body. I rubbed his nipples and washed his soft cock with my soft palms. Then we dried each others with towel.

We walked back to the bed and then fell on it. We slept in each other's arms in our birthday suits as always. In the morning, my parents in law went out after breakfast to meet some relative. We, I and my loving hubby were alone at home and as you know, whenever we are alone, we cannot be away from love and sex. I prepared the lunch and have asked him to come to the table for food. He came in to the kitchen and lifted me and started to move his hands on my ass.

I knew what he wanted. He was in a sexy mood again but, this time to fuck my round ass. He just went up to the bedroom and when he came back, I saw a needle less injection in his hand. I wish to mention for my new readers that the needle less injection was filled with the chemical which makes anal tunnel germs free for a safe anal sex.

We brought this kit from Europe when we were on our honeymoon trip. He just removed my cloths and inserted tip of the needle free injection in to my ass hole and pushed the chemical in to my ass tunnel. After waiting for some time, as always, after the chemical goes in to my ass, I was feeling some tickling in to my ass.

It was the time to sit on toilet seat to clean inside walls of my ass. I went to the bathroom for a final step to make my ass tunnel clean to be ready for a wonderful ass fucking. The chemical not only cleans luxury lingerie and pantyhose on teens with strapons lesbians erotica ass tunnel but it also makes it softer to take a hot rod in for full enjoyment of ass fuck.

We avoid to using condom in ass fucking by using this treatment. I came out of the bathroom. He was too ready for a ride by removing his cloths. He took me in to doggy position on kitchen floor. He applied the cream on his cock which is also a part of the ass fucking kit and then put some into my anus hole pushing it in by using pressure of his fingers. He then glided his huge tip on my small ass hole. I closed my eyes and bit my lips as I felt his tip pushed into me.

My outer ass ring opened and the tip popped in. I felt some pain as his cock is big for my small ass hole.

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But bearing the pain I pushed myself back and took more of his shaft into myself. He held me by my sides and banged his full length in. I just screamed in pain but still he did not spare me and kept pumping which I loved so much that I cannot explain. I was now getting less and less pain and a strange sensation was coming over me. I started to enjoy it! He pumped and pumped his hot and hard dick in to my ass.

I was under development of my orgasm. Although he was pumping in to my ass, there was dripping from my juicy pussy. He took some of my pussy juices from my pussy lips and applied it on his shaft and started pumping my ass again.

My own pussy juices were making his pumping strokes in to my ass easier. I knew that as always, he will take a lot of time to cum but before that I wanted to have my first orgasm by rubbing my pussy clit. I moved one of my hands down to my pussy lips. Oh my god. it was so wet.so wet that it was very easy for me to rub my clit very very hard. He could notice from my movement that I am about to cum by self masturbation. He increased his speed to give me a very strong orgasm.

And. and. and. oh my god. I was in heaven by my strong orgasm. I squeezed my legs in pleasure and it made him difficult to move his shaft in and out of my ass hole. He stopped a bit and started again his hard strokes in to my ass. After some time I noticed that he was about to sister virgin and brotfrench rape jabardasti xxx story2 because I felt swelling with extra hardness in his cock in to my ass while pumping and he was going with a great speed.

I was overjoyed his ass fucking and wanted to give him the same pleasure of Cumming inside my ass. Faster. faster. harder. harder. He pumped like a powerful spray of his warm cum inside my ass and I enjoyed the same. His cock remained in to my ass until it becomes softer and his cum started coming out of my ass hole. He pulled his cock out of my ass and fell down on the floor on my side. I hugged him and started kissing him everywhere. Oh. How lucky I am.

I have a strong and wonderful fucking husband and we never missed any chance to fuck each other whenever and wherever without thinking much. We no daddy xxx the step sleeper creeper to bathroom together and have cleaned ourselves by having a small bath together. There was still a lot of time in our hands before my in laws returns home. We took our lunch together fully naked and he touched my boobs so many times during lunch.

I was not also behind; I tickled his cock and balls too. His cock started to become harder again on dining chair. We would have had another round of fuck if we had some more time in our hands because it was already 2.30 and it was the time for my in laws to return back home. After finishing our lunch, we went to our bedroom to dress up. Julee