Some girls are game for anything to win cash tube porn

Some girls are game for anything to win cash tube porn
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It was St. Patty's Day and my best friend Josh was visiting me at school since his spring break was a week before mine. I was going to show him a good time down in the South.

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I had visited him many times whenever I was home since he went to a university close to my hometown. We had been best friends since middle school and all through high school. He was in a long relationship with a girl who was also my best friend all through high school and we had a pretty tight group of friends altogether we would hang out with. Nevertheless, after graduating they broke up and Josh and I ended up at private universities while the girls ended up at state college and have since adopted the party lifestyle.

Despite attending a private institution, I still knew how to have a good time, especially on the eve of my spring break. And who could forget it was St. Patty's day. The night before he came I was sure to stock up at the liquor store. I bought a handle of good vodka and a six pack along with some red bull. It had been a tough week with exams and practice climaxing before the break so I was primed to let off some steam and I was hot to get it in with any girl who was willing.

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The moment finally arrived and Josh stepped off the shuttle and I was there to greet him. I hadn't seen him for a while but he sported a short, new haircut and a slim posture.

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Of course we hugged it out like bros and I helped him with his bags. When we got to my dorm he quickly tossed the bags on my bed and opened one up. My mom had sent with him a green Celtics jersey and hat for St. Patty's, after all my mom is white Irish-American. I thanked Josh for bringing the stuff and quickly ripped off my shirt to try on the jersey to see how it looked. It was finally a hot, spring day and my chest glistened with a thin layer of perspiration.

As I had just come off my indoor track season, my body was cut. Getting the jersey over my head I could see Josh staring wide-eyed at my flexing abs and the outline of my erect nipples poking through the mesh of the jersey as I pulled it down over my belly button. Josh said with a laugh, "Damn you been working out." I quickly flexed my arms in the basketball jersey, revealing my modest yet toned biceps.

Josh streaked his hand across my upper, right arm as I put the new hat on with my left hand. "How do I look?" I said with a glowing smile. "Badass," Josh replied as he did not take his eyes off me the entire time. It was around 8pm already and I was ready to pregame.

I hastened over to my laptop and basted the pregame playlist I created especially for his visit. My roommate was out so I didn't care how loud it was going to get. I quickly opened up my miscellaneous drawer to get out two shot glasses when I realized I had about 20 condoms strewn about the drawer from a new pack of Trojans I bought last week. "Been a little busy," Josh pointed out eyeing the condoms in the drawer.

"Don't worry about it," I said as I shut the drawer and poured our first round of shots. The reality is I hadn't had any ass for a few weeks with all the midterms and track meets going on and I was horny as hell.

"Bottoms up," I said as we clanked shot glasses and knocked back our first shot of the evening. "That was smooth," Josh exclaimed as he took the bottle and topped off both our glasses, "ready for round two?" I took my glass and knocked it back. I went out of my bedroom where we were to get the red bulls. I know Josh goes crazy with a little caffeine so I was interested to see what happens with a little vodka red bull.

We both ended up having two and by the time we were ready to hit the street we were pretty buzzed about eight deep. My plan was to take him to a frat then a local bar and finally the hot latino cream and dp on cam house.

To make a long story short the plan was a success and we were keen to drink our share of Killian's and Guiness along the way. I'm glad we had those red bulls otherwise we would have been passed out by now. It was around 1:30-2:00am and the final stop on our night's journey landed us at the famous sub shop where everyone ends up at the wee hours of the morning since it's one of two places open 24 hours.

Josh and I both stopped off to use their bathroom. When we both took our pisses of a lifetime we decided to head back to the dorm and call it a night. When we got back we had of course been talking about all the girls we had been hooking up with since the last time we saw each other. Since I was so focused on showing Josh a good time on his visit, I hardly got a chance to scope out any ladies along the way so it was just us back in my room.

The jersey I was wearing was pretty sweaty and wet with beer and I told Josh I was going to change. So again I peeled off my shirt in front of him but this time kept it young amatorial couple having a nice home sex as I had to find something else to put on. As I was walking over to my dresser Josh asked, "Dude every girl here must want to fuck you, your bod is amazing." I quickly threw on a black wife beater, the definition of my chest still visible through the tight cotton.

I replied, "Well I'd rather be able to suck my own dick." Now ever since sophomore or junior year of high school, Josh loved to tell our tight group of friends he could lick his own penis. I of course never believed him despite him demonstrating his pretty good flexibility.

At this point we were both pretty drunk and I sparked the idea that now was the time. Josh was under the influence and I know I could get him to own up to his outrageous statement. I challenged him, "You know I never believed you when you said you could." Josh looked back at me, "pssh, well I can." I walked over to him, "Well then prove it to me, I'm your best friend and if I don't believe you, no one will." He did his usual demonstration of flexibility at the hip, bending over and putting his head in his crotch, "See." "All I bi studs spitroasting redhead babe in mmf is you head between your legs," I said shaking my head as his shorts were still on.

"I want to see the real deal, come on." After much back and forth nonsense I finally got him to agree. "OKOK, I'll do it but I have to get myself hard first." I smiled. "And just go wait outside the room and I'll call you over when I'm ready." I agreed and went out in the hall. I couldn't believe it, I actually may witness a guy sucking his own dick.


I had tried many times, breaking my back trying to get the head of my cock remotely near my salivating lips to no avail. I was only 6 or 7 inches at most and was not too flexible.

As I was waiting in the hall these thoughts caused my pant to bulge slightly but I quickly tucked the head of my cock into the waistband of my boxers to pin back the threatening erection.

I sneakily peered into my room where Josh was slowly stroking himself. His shorts were semi down his thigh and his thick white cock was almost at full mast.

I was tan and fairly dark skinned and Josh was white. I always thought I would have a bigger cock than him but he definitely beat me by at least an inch. He was still working it hunched over, legs outstretched. At this point I could see the veins in his shaft and the head was slightly red in contrast with the 7 inches wonderful cock sucking delights hardcore and blowjob his shaft.

He looked up and caught me staring in, "I'm ready." Upon saying it he hunched himself over as he did before demonstrating his flexibility and paused, "Look see how close I am?" His hard cock was beckoning before his lips, twitching with every word he said.

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I gulped, at this point my own cock was as hard as his, aching behind the waistband of my boxers, "Nope, I want to see it, come on, you've come this far," without even hesitating, I added, "I'll show you my dick to be fair." Upon hearing the last bit, almost as if he'd been waiting for me to say it, he thrust the head of his cock into his mouth.

Making a slurping noise, he bobbed his head up and down on the head of his cock. At this point I was at the side of the bed awestruck as I was witnessing my best friend of almost nine years working the head of his eight inch manhood. After a few moments he stopped to look up at me. "Now it's your turn." My eyes glazed over, I responded, "I'm not going to lie that's hot.

I'm hard right now. I'm such a bad friend for not believing you this whole time. There's only one way I can make this up to you." Almost instinctively I grabbed his now savannah stern wants hot load of jizz erect cock still wet with his saliva and started stroking it up and down. I had never touched another guys cock except my own but it felt big and hard in my hand. His semi erect cock was now as hard as it was when he was sucking himself.

He didn't say a word, his head just tipped back as I continued working all eight inches. After about 20 strokes, his natural lube was all absorbed into the soft skin of his cock and I didn't hesitate to engulf his piece of white meat into my mouth.

At first I only went half-way down his shaft. He let out a moan as I sucked my way back up toward the head, "You never got this far I see," I said before shoving his cock to the back of my throat as far as it could go. He moaned again. I knew he was a virgin, he always had nothing to say when it came to girls except for long make out sessions and seeing each other naked.

At this point I was furiously working my way up and down the length of his hard shaft. At one point I could take all of him as I started to gag a little bit as his precum dripped down the back of my throat.


I worked the sensitive areas as I looked up to see his head twisting back and forth in ecstasy as his shirt was now off, he was pinching his own nipples that were now as hard as his cock he was thrusting in and out of my mouth. I had switched positions so that I was now on top of the bed where he was sitting between his legs. It wasn't too much longer before he was grabbing handfuls of my hair and shoving his shaft down my throat.

My saliva was leaking out of my mouth from gagging and streaming down his balls. He let out a loud series of moans, exclaiming, "Ugh, Cas I'm going to come." I kept licking the underside of his shaft and working it with my hand in anticipation of his explosion. In a final three pumps of his cock, his whole body started convulsing and I was quick to put his manhood back in my mouth as burningangel kleio and veruca punk deepthroat and fuck after wave of his warm seed flooded my mouth.

The pressure was so much from the first few shots the head of his cock popped out of my mouth and continued showing my face with rope after rope of hot sticky come. After his orgasm was over I licked my lips and swallowed the reservoir of semen in my mouth and returned to his semi hard shaft to lick it clean. The taste of his seed was exhilarating I thought to myself as I collapsed between his legs& be continued