Big natural tits babe in high heels banged in the cab

Big natural tits babe in high heels banged in the cab
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Hi, there. I have been writing my own stories for quite a long time. So now i thought that it is time i try something new. So i am just trying to write a short one. If you guys like it then fine i will continue the story or else lesbians here please message me in the private message i need some suggestions thnx. enjoy!!!!!!!!! P.S.

I have left new york since a long time so plzz forgive me if i am making any mistakes regarding the lanes and places _____________________________________________________________________________________ It was the new moon night. The whole city of new york was sleeping. the sky was pitch black. only occasional cries of bats and distant wolves could be heard. A creepy cold wind was blowing, making whistling noises which can make anyone shiver with spookiness. As the sky was becoming darker with passing time, the Lincolnshire Lane was redhead having some solo fun fingering hotgvibe more of a haunted lane.

The black shadows of the tall buildings were covering the lane like big ghosts or ogres standing above it ready to pounce. It was late midnight. Michelle an 11th grade girl couldn't sleep because of fear. She and her divorced sister have just shifted in 122-C Lincolnshire lane.

Their parents have already parted ways long ago and either of them had denied keeping Michelle, who finally went to her sister. Michelle was sitting inside her blanket afraid that someone might sneak inside and steal something. She was so scared that soon she had to go to the washroom to get off. Slowly, trying not to make any noise, she got down from the bed.

and without the slippers sprinted on toes towards the washroom. As she neared her sister's room she heard faint noises, as if somebody was in agony or pain but still quite happy. Michelle thought about masturbation, she had seen on the net, porn stars masturbating. She had tried herself once or twice too but the feeling was so inexplicable that she dare not did it further. But she couldn't think of her sis doing this. Curious, she peeped through the keyhole, and was dumbstruck at what she saw.


Two hunks, one completely black and the other awesomely white were on her sis. Both the guys had dicks as big and as thick as someone's can be.

The black guy was fucking her sis in the ass doggy style, she remembered from those videos on porn sites. And the white had his dick all inside her sis's mouth face fucking her. And on that Michelle was awestruck seeing his sister behave and talk like a slut with them. Unconsciously her hands went down to her thighs and started masturbating her already wet cunt.

She ran silently to the loo to ejaculate. As she entered the washroom she saw something was amiss. Every item was shattered her and there, and the astonishing part is that, they didn't get to hear a single sound.

As she started picking love so much chinese selling her sex for good fuck teenxxxnetworkcom the soap case and the bar, she saw something red leading inside the bathroom.

At first she thought it was some dye. But as she looked from a little more nearer, she saw that it was blood. She thought she was going berserk. Finally gathering courage she started leading towards the bathroom with the bloodstream.

As she approached the curtain she was aware of a figure sitting inside. She said the final prayer and dragged away the curtains. To her great relief there was no one. But the blood stream was flowing inside the drain.


continuously. As she bent down to examine, she became conscious of someone standing behind her. But before she could turn a hand came on top of her.

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Another hand started rubbing her already wet clit, while she thought of something like a dagger bite her neck. Slowly as her orgasm was built, the dagger was going inside.

And as she came for the first time in her life the dagger like group of babes has fun at the party which she was quite aware now is teeth, went all inside her neck and all was black before her. Angelina stood up after lying Michelle inside the bath tub.

She looked around the room and was aware of what she did to it to get this one girl. She swished her hand in air and all the items were in their places in a blink. Quite happy with her work she picked up Michelle, opened the window and jumped down from the 33rd floor of the 35 storey building without a second thought.

Just as she got out of the window, Abilene, her sister came inside wildly fucking the black guy before both of them collapsed inside the bathtub. Michelle woke up in the middle of some strange sound but couldn't open her heavy eyes.

The last thing she remembered before she was flying down her bathroom window was her dripping cunt, which without warning pissed all over the windows while flying down with someone who was wearing as much as she wore. A loin cloth to cover both of their cunts.

And it was again all black As the woman hit the ground without a single noise. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, i just though of this gothic idea, if you like to hear it then please tell me!! And yeah, lesbian writers please i need some advice thnx!!!!!!!!!!!11