Supe hot girlfriend working on my cock

Supe hot girlfriend working on my cock
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Ricky left my room and I quickly peeled off the top of my bikini. I huried to the bathroom and jumped back in the shower, giving myslef another soap/fingers manual douche. I dried myself and returned to my room, donning my bikini. (The bikini itself was yellow, really skimpy, but the important part was that a couple of days ago I had taken a pair of scissors and cut out the interior lining, both top and bottom. With just the thin layer of nylon covering me, I knew it clung to me like a second skin, and the shape and outling of my nipples, (even when soft), was distinct.

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I also knew the bottoms, (what little there was of them), would cling to me, the tiny triangle riding up into my slit, accentuating the shape and outline of my lips, and that the back triangle would ride up into my crack, hugging my butt like it was painted on. I laid back down on my bed, looking down through my legs into the mirror, and started experimenting with different "poses".

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I spread my legs to different degrees, and tried lifting one knee, swaying it back and forth, trying to figure out what the sexiest position was that I could show the guys when they arrived, while still trying to appear nonchalant and "innocent". Satisfied finally that I knew exactly what to do, I rose and quickly straightened beauteous teen love tunnel is nailed well my bed.

I checked myself in the mirror one last time, then moved it back to its normal position. Satified with my appearance, I started to gather my "equipment" for the day. Even though I had just thoroughly cleaned my insides, I could feel myself already growing moist in anticipation of what this day would bring.maybe. Ricky had invited eight or ten of his friends over for a pool party / cook out, and I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of those Jennifer, (my best friend and so far, first and only, female lover), said she would come over too.

But she said she was going shopping for school clothes this morning, and it would probably be afternoon before she showed. I gathered a large towel, a couple of magazines, and one of my steamy romance novels. Glancing briefly at the clock, I realized it was almost 11:00 AM. (My how time flies when you're having fun!) I hurried down to the pool, and deposited everything on the patio table in the corner, under the roofed part of the deck.

I went back up to my room and grabbed a bottle of sun lotion, and my battery operated tape player. I grabbed my dark sunglasses off my dresser and propped them on my head. (I had learned a couple of days ago what a wonderful thing dark sunglasses were.

From the outside, nobody can even tell if my eyes are open or closed, much less where, (or what!), I was looking at! I went back down to the pool. Depositing the lotion and tape player on the table, I grabbed one of the reclining lounge chairs and moved it out from under the roofed part into the sun. I positioned it so that when the guys came through the sliding glass door, they would be looking straight up between my legs.

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To finish setting the stage, I went over to the big chest/box where we kept most of the pool toys. I pulled out the floating basketball net and threw it in the pool. I started to pull out a couple of the balls to go with it, but hesitated. I just might need an excuse later to visit this chest again, giving me a chance to put on a show.

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I spread my towel out over the lounge and climbed in. I relaxed and alexis texas zenci anal porno back. I adjusted the spread of my legs a couple of times until I was sure I was presenting the "picture" I wanted to. I lowered my sunglasses over my eyes.and waited. It wasn't ten wankz sexy spanish porn star vanessa veracruz solo fifteen minutes before I heard the sound of the sliding glass door opening, and opening my eyes behind the dark glasses, saw Ricky leading Scott and Eric out onto the deck.

Although they were both going to be seniors, they must have already turned eighteen, (legal drinking age back at that time), because they were lugging whole bunches of beer.

I continued feigning my "unaware/asleep" pose, watching them through my glasses. Scott and Eric were two of Ricky's friends. Neither was overly good looking, yet neither was bad looking. They both had decent bodies, nothing spectacular, but not bad. I guess they were just.all in all.average. Still, my juices were already flowing so I probably found them more attractive then they deserved to be. A few minutes later, Michael and Tommy showed up, and now there were four of them.

Four penises! Four! I was in heaven even though i couldn't really actually see any of them. The guys were all wearing swim trunks that kind of looked like gym shorts.baggy.not bulges.

Still, my imagination was going crazy as I tried to picture what they looked like under their trunks.what their penises looked like.soft.and hard!

I felt myself getting wetter. But I latina big ass teen bangs huge dick also feeling let down.disappointed.none of the guys seemed to be paying any attention to me.

Within a minute or two, the guys were all in the pool, splashing around. A minute later I heard Scott call to Ricky, "Hey, you got any balls to go with this basket?" Ricky turned and shouted to me, "Hey sis, can you help?" I pretended like I was just coming out of a sleep, and replied, "What?" "Can you see if you can find some of the balls to go with this basket?" he hollared.

"Perfect!" I thought. I feigned a yawn and stretched, sure that my nipples were straining against the thin nylon covering them. I got out of the lounge and walked over to the chest. Flipping the top open, I bent all the way over and rummaged through the contents. With my butt to the pool, I thought to myself, "Damn! I should have gotten wet before I did this!" I grabbed a couple of the balls and turned back to the pool. I tossed them in, calling out lightly, "Anything else guys?" Getting no response, I thought, "What the hell!" and jumped in myself.

When I broke the surface, I knew my suit would now be glued to my nipples, and made sure to stand up straight, remaining in the shallow end, so the water level was just above my waist.

"Much better," I thought, noticing that I now had five pair of male eyes riveted to my chest. Since I still had my dark sunglasses on, no one could tell exactly where I was looking. Walking slowly toward them, I called out, "Hey guys, do I get a chance?" One of the balls immediately came flying toward me. I caught it and turned, flipping it toward the floating basket. Much to my surprise, it actually went in!

Michael hooted, "Look's like you've played this before!" I cum swapping bitches get nailed in a threesome smiled and called out, "Hang on a sec, I'll get a couple more." I made my way to the steps and climbed out of the water, heading toward the chest. I was pretty sure at this point that all the guys would be staring at me.

I innocently hitched my bikini bottoms up a bit, knowing that the thin material would ride up between my cheeks.and my lips. I bent all the way over again, affording the guys the best view I could of my butt, knowling they would also be able to see my pussy shape between my somewhat spread legs. I grabbed two more of the balls and turned, walking back to the edge of the pool.

Standing on the side with my legs slightly spread, I called out playfully, "So who is going to come claim these two?" Within seconds, Michael and Eric were standing in the water right in front of me. Both were staring up between my legs, and I imagined their penises twitching inside their suits. I tossed them the balls, and had a thought.

"Hey guys," I called out, "Anybody ready for a beer?" Five entusiastic answers sent me over to the pool fridge. I grabbed a six pack and walked back to the pool. This time, all five guys were standing right at the edge, awaiting my arrival. I felt my pussy moisten as I watched all of their eyes roaming all up and down my body.

I'm not exactly certain, but I'm pretty sure I saw Scott drop a hand down into the water, giving himself a quick squeeze. Don't know for positive, because just a second later, he excused himself, heading out of the water and toward the pool bath.

"Gotta pee," he hollared as he moved off. I anxiously let my eyes follow him, but even as I was imagining him getting hard, his suit was so big and bulky, I couldn't really see anything at all, not even a shape. "Damn!" I thought to myself. I really wanted to see a penis! A bare naked, hard penis! After handing all the guys a beer, I grabbed the last one from the six pack and asked in a pouty voice, "Anybody mind if I share the wealth?" I opened it and took a swallow, then placed it on the edge of the deck, right over my favorite "magical water jet".

I jumped back in the water and we all just kind of horsed around for the next minute or two. I actually made a couple of more shots into the basket!

But in reality, my mind was on the male eyes staring into my chest. "Much better," I thought to myself. It was a few minutes later when Scott walked back out of the pool bath that I had my flash inspiration. The pool bath!

Within seconds, my mind had raced through the beginnings of a plan, and I put it into action. I moved to the edge of the pool and took another sip of my beer, lingering as I felt the water jet caressing my pussy. "Hey guys," I called out as Scott jumped back into the water.

"I'm gonna grab a bite to eat. Anybody want another beer before I go?" Five affirmatives sent me back out of the water and back to the fridge. I grabbed another six pack and returned to the pool.

This time I was thrilled to see all of the male eyes absolutely devouring me as my wet suit clung lewdly to my pussy lips. My nipples were hard as rock, and I quickly dispensed the beers, hurrying into the house, anxious to put my plan into action. I grabbed a banana on my way through the kitchen, and sexy blonde slut takes with two big black cocks into my parent's bedroom, closing the door behind me. I moved quickly to the sliding glass doors and parted the blinds just a fraction.

Peering through, I had a perfect view of the guys in the pool. I moved to the sliding door separating my parent's room from the pool bath, and slid it open just a little tiny bit. Gazing in through the small crack, I thought "Perfect!". From this angle, I would be able to see everything. The next guy that came in to pee would be standing at an angle so that I would be able to see his penis, his hand holding it, the stream flowing out the end.everything!

And the slight crack in the door was small enough that I seriously doubted that whoever the next guy was would even notice it was slightly ajar. I moved back to the sliding glass doors, peeking cautiously through the blinds, and settled in to wait. My hand found its way into my bikini bottoms, and I started getly stroking my lips, getting wetter by the minute. I waited for hours. It was probably really only a couple of minutes, but it carter criuse takes sammi daniels anal virginity forever.

Tommy was the first guy to climb out of the pool and head for the bathroom. I was still disappointed in that his big bulky swim trunks showed nothing, but my fingertips now had my pussy aroused enough that my imagination was going wild. I heard him open the door and moved quickly to my little "spy crack".

I glanced at the banana I had left laying on the dresser and briefly considered. "No,: I thought, "not this time." I peered through the crack as he entered, lowering his swim trunks. When he turned to face the bowl, my view was perfect. There was his plain sight.

It was beautiful.not big or hard.just.beautiful. He grasped it in one hand and released his stream. I stared mesmerized as the golden flow shot out of the tip of his penis, and heard the splashing sounds as it hit the water in the bowl.

Proceeding with part two of my plan, I took my hand out of my bikini bottoms and boldly slid the door all the way open, walking into the bathroom. Feigning surprise, I stood there frozen.

He was just as frozen as his head jerked around to look at me. No words had been spoken, but he didn't move, the golden stream still flowing out of him. "Sorry," I said just standing there, now staring openly at his penis. "I didn't know there was anybody in here." I finished lamely. He said nothing, just standing there.peeing.and I grew bold. I moved into the room and reached for his penis, replacing his hand with my own.

He didn't object as I murmured suggestively, "How about a little help?" He just stood there, not moving, not speaking, as I grasped his penis and directed his flow into the bowl. His stream subsided, and I gently shook his penis up and down a couple of times, as I had seen my brother Ricky do.

I began a gentle stroking motion as I whispered huskily, "Think we got it all?" He remained motionless, mouth agape, staring in disbelief as I released his penis and lowered my bikini bottoms.

I reached back and grasped him as I sat down on the seat, whispering naughtily, "My turn." I released my stream as I resumed my stroking motion. I spread my legs as far apart as I could, and, although I don't think he could really see anything, his eyes were glued between my legs as the sound of my stream splashing into the water in the bowl was obvious.

I stroked him a little faster, feeling him grow larger and starting to get hard in my hand. His penis was right in front of my face as my stream started to subside, and I just sat there, staring at it growing bigger and harder as I stroked him. With my free hand, I reached for the tissue and made a show of wiping myself.several times.

His eyes followed my every move. He let out a groan. I stroked his now rock hard penis faster. He twitched, jerked, and spurted.all over my neck, all over my face. I slowed my hand movements and began gently squeezing him as I slowly moved my hand back and forth.

I could feel him starting to grow soft, but continued my hand motions, squeezing a little more firmly."milking" him. In a few more seconds, one last drop of his white cream appeared at the tip of his tiny pee hole, and on impulse, I leaned forward, sticking out my tongue. I gently probed at his tiny opening, licking up the last little bit of his spurt. I had actually done it! I had actually tasted a guy's cream! Salt! That's the first thought that went through my brain!

"Oh my God!" I thought to myslef, "salt!" I love salt.I salt everything! This was incredible! My first taste of a guy's cream! Not only was it unbelievably sexy, a real.REAL.turn on, but I loved the taste.the flavor. I knew in an instant I wanted more of this. As he stood there, still motionless, still speechless, I used my fingertips to scoop up some of his cream that had landed on my face. I put my fingers into my mouth, making a show of sucking them dry. "Ummmm." I murmured.

"You taste really sexy.wonderful." I returned my fingers to my face, then my neck, scooping up all of his cream and returning my fingers to my mouth, licking and sucking on them until I was sure I had collected every drop. He stared at every one of my movements, and still hadn't said a word.

We just looked at each other for a few moments. I gave his penis one last squeeze, looked up into face, and whispered, "I think we that girl with the pigtails double penetration doggystyle it all now." I stood up and flushed the toilet, pulling up my bikini bottoms.

I bent over and tugged his swim trunks back up over his hips. Looking up at him with my most naughty smile, I purred, "This is our little secret.right.?" (To Be Continued.)