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Luscious girl with nice gazoo gives massage
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Chapter 3 Ethan was laying on his back staring up at the ceiling when he felt Sabina stir next to him. He turned to watch her as she shifted in her sleep, on the verge of waking up. He'd found it strange when he woke to the room being completely dark, the strange part was he could see even though he was still aware of how dark it was. Sabina mumbled as she slowly rose to consciousness and turned her face towards him unconsciously seeking him even in her sleep.

The dim shadows danced across her face, caressing her sun kissed skin in inky satin darkness. Ethan fought down a surge of desire as he watched her and tried to acclimate himself to the weird double vision of seeing the darkness and seeing through it as the same time.

It was if the darkness was a filmy screen that with a thought from him would fade away to translucency and reveal the world it hid from everyone else. He smiled at her when her eyes fluttered open, even though he knew she wouldn't be able to see him. "Morning," he said and she smiled. "Morning little brother," she replied. "Ready for your first day of school," he asked and she groaned and buried her face back into the pillow. "Come on, it is seven now if we go bathe now there shouldn't be anyone in there," he said and she perked up at the word 'bathe' but groaned again when she remembered where it was.

He cajoled her out the door and woke their mother and they all headed to the bath house together. The street was dimly lit and deserted as they walked to the corner and entered the big square stone building. Like every other building they been inside in this subterranean city the inside and the outside were vastly different.

On the outside it was just a large stone square nestled against the neighboring buildings, but on the inside it was beautiful. The inside appeared to be made of white marble and decorative columns lined the walls giving it the look of an ancient Greek temple. Inside the door were rows of lockers with keys that they left their stuff in after stripping down to bathing suits.

Ethan wouldn't have minded going nude for bathing but he knew that neither his mother nor his sister would be comfortable with that so he kept his bathing suit on so they wouldn't be the only ones. Just past the lockers was what looked like a giant pool but it was only two feet deep, the water was steaming hot and smelled faintly of kiwi. Ethan grabbed a wash cloth and a bar of soap from the stack near the end of the lockers and led the way to the bath.

He sighed as he slipped into the steaming water and it immediately began to relax his muscles and sooth aches he hadn't even realized he had until they were gone. The bath house was as empty as Ethan had predicted and they had school in lessen then an hour so he began washing himself. After he was finished he washed Sabina's body as she washed his and her own hair.

He kept the washing simply platonic since they were in a hurry but his cock was rock hard by the time he finished washing Sabina's hair and in the office with blonde gigi allens to repeat the process on his mother. "It's okay honey. You two need to go or you'll be late for school," Lily said giving him a warm smile and taking the cloth from him.

"You'll be okay alone," he asked unsure. She gave him a peck on the cheek and pushed him toward the side of the bath firmly. He grudgingly agreed and left her there, to go get dried off and dressed. He and Sabina walked to the corner and turned to head out onto the field where the school buildings were, but slowed when they saw Aphrodite standing at the edge of the field waiting for them.

She smiled at them as they approached and her gaze focused on Sabina with an intent expression. "How do you feel about snakes," she asked when they came to a stop in front of her. "Uhhh I like snake," Sabina said confusedly. Aphrodite smiled beatifically at her answer and motioned her to come closer and to hold out her hand. Sabina cautiously stepped forward and held out her hand palm leslie gets fingered before taking a large facial and Aphrodite placed an oblong egg that Ethan assumed was a snake egg in her palm.

Only this egg was bigger than any snake egg he ever heard of, it was probably as thick around as a football only longer. Sabina's arm trembled as she struggled to keep the egg motionless. Aphrodite pulled a knife from thin air and cut a small gash into her finger and rubbed the brilliantly ruby liquid of her blood on the egg, her wound closed instantly.

Then she grabbed Sabina's free hand and repeated the process, Sabina's wound also healed immediately. "By power and skyla noevas hardcore pussy fuck with pawndudes big cock I bind you," Aphrodite said. The egg flared an incandescent white and fade back to normal but in the silence after the light show there was a loud crack. It sounded like two giant rocks slamming together but Ethan had no doubt it was the egg because accompanying the sound a fissure ran across the surface of the egg.

The more times the was a deafening crack of and three more large fissures in the shell and all three of them watched in rapt attention as the shell split into two halves. It fell both sides disintegrating into a silvery dust before they could hit the street leaving behind a small snake curled in Sabina's palm. The snake that came out of that massive shell was curled into a tight coil and could have fit inside a shot glass.

It was the white of pure untouched snow but as it twitched and began to uncoil its color began rapidly change to every color imaginable. It also began to grow rapidly and in less than a minute it was roughly the size of Sabina's are and she was once again struggling to hold her arm immobile. The snake slithered up her arm and wrapped itself around her shoulders.

"This is Nasha, daughter of Menasha the snake goddess, she will be your guard," Aphrodite and the snake moved its head around to look into Sabina's face. Its tongue flicked out touching Sabina's nose and she giggled and wiggled his nose at the sensation. "She is my guard? How am I going to go out in public if I have a giant snake on my shoulder," Sabina asked. Before Aphrodite could answer Nasha slithered back towards Sabina's palm and started to shrink.

When she was only as long as wrist to elbow on Sabina's arm she wrapped around it placing her head on the back of Sabina's hand and began to sink into her skin.

Sabina stared in open mouthed awe as in seconds the serpent became nothing more than a tattoo twisting around her arm and glittering metallically in the weak light of dawn. "That would be how," Aphrodite said and vanished.

Sabina gently stroke the glittering figure in her skin and the snake tattoo's tail twitched as if in response and Sabina grinned at it. She could still feel it wrapped around her arm but the sense of weight was gone and she could easily move her arm. "How does she feel," Ethan asked her as she flexed her arm making the tattoo shimmer in the light. "I can still feel her wrapped around my arm but she's is as light as a real tattoo now.

I like her," Sabina answered and the snake gave her arm a light squeeze. He grinned at her and they resumed walking onto the field her tight teen cunt is so aroused her girljuice is dripping down her leg watch melissa williams bare for the building they were taken to yesterday.

As they neared the building the door opened and kids of various ages along with several adults began pouring from the building and heading off across the field in different directions. They waited patiently as the others exited the building, receiving several curious looks and causing whispers to start.

Ethan stepped forward when Brand led the group of teens that they had been partially introduced to yesterday out of the building. Brand looked at him sternly and nodded and continued walking past, his smile from the previous day no longer present.

I don't think he likes you anymore," Sabina observed as they fell in following behind the rest of the group. Ethan let out a bark of laughter and wrapped an arm around her waist drawing her into his side. Sabina smiled and slid her arm under his and around his waist and he shifted his to her shoulders. She sighed contentedly and ignored the whispers from the threesome with the waiter pornstars group sex in front of them and the bcs beauty dior cherokee skyy black big booty trio looks over shoulders towards them.

A few minutes later they were standing in the large open space that the group had been stretching in yesterday. Brand stopped and faced Ethan then crossed his arms over his chest; the posed would have been intimidating to any normal person due to Brand's massive arms. However Ethan had already been nearly killed by a harpy, found out he was a demigod, and also been told he was at the top of the hit list of every single male god in existence.

Because of all of these things he wasn't normal anymore and he wasn't even remotely intimidated. He was impressed however, that Brand managed to fold his arm with all of that muscle hindering his mobility.

"We're not going have any problems today are we," Brand asked looking into Ethan's good eye. Ethan had allowed his hair to fall forward and obscured the blacken eye. "That's not really up to me now is it," Ethan replied and flicked a glance at Jack who was standing silently in the crowd of students watching. Jack flinched under Ethan's gaze and refused to meet his eyes, so Ethan refocused on Brand. Brand scowled but didn't push the issue. "Alright, first things first.

I'll explain what you'll be doing in class. To start off each day you will meet me at the cafeteria like you did this morning.

I'll do the roll call and then we will have physical training. This can differ from playing sports, to weight lifting, and weapons practice. Once the physical training for the day is done you will be sent to work with one of the craftsmen in the city or surrounding tunnels or caves.

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This is so you can become acquainted with each profession. Once you have found a skill you would like to focus on, and an opening can be found, you will start and apprenticeship under an expert in that craft. You do not actually have to pick a specialty you can instead choose to become competent in all of them without mastering any of them," Brand explained.

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Ethan and Sabina nodded their understanding thus far and Brand continued. "Today we are simply running three times around the field. Soaked luscious bitch jumps on hard dong smalltits homemade you finish meet me back here and I will show you to your next teachers," Brand said. The other teens broke into a run toward the outside edge of the field. Ethan and Sabina turned and began to run at a measured pace and soon had caught up to the others.

Both Ethan and Sabina had run for their after school activities and were easily able to match the speed of the others. The guys heavy with all that muscles weren't as quick on their feet but the handful of other female students were setting a swift pace. Ethan looked over to Sabina and took a minute to catch her eye. "Want to race," he asked her. Some of the girls and guys around them heard and listened in as she spoke. "Just to see whose faster? Or for a wager," Sabina asked.

They were both pretty even in speed the last time they had gone running together she had even won against him. "Definitely a wager. Loser has to obey the winner for an entire day," he said leering at her. Her cheeks tinged pink but she nodded her assent. Before they could start though one of the guys who were keeping up better than the other spoke up. "I want in on that," the guys said. "How so," Ethan asked and glance dubiously at the guy who was already obviously struggling to maintain this pace.

"If she wins you have to do all of my work for a day, and if you win I'll owe you a favor since you don't actually have any work to do," the guy replied. "Your name is," Ethan asked him. "Paul Grant," Paul replied. "Alright I accept," Ethan said. "We want in too," one of the girls said. Ethan turned to gaze at the dark haired girls who had spoken. Her hair fell down to the small of her back pulled for her face by a ponytail.

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She dark brown eyes stared holed at him as if she was trying to peer through his skin. "We," he asked and she gestured to all of the girls around them. Counting the dark haired speaker and Sabina there were a dozen girls total. "Terms," he asked her with a grin. "We win you obey us for a month each one at a time, you we obey you for a month," she said.

"No dice, not unless you all have to obey me for a month for each one of you I beat," he countered. The girl bit her lip and looked over at the others. The girls were exchanging worried looks and Ethan slowed down a bit and tried to look winded without being obvious that he was doing so. Sabina noticed instantly and shot him a knowing look, as the rounded the first corner of the massive field, but said nothing. A few of the girls studied his weary appearing posture and slowly nodded their assent and the dark haired girl turn back to Ethan.

"Done we have a bargain, no backing out once it is sealed," she said and held out a hand for him to shake. He gripped her small, warm, soft skinned hand in his larger one and grinned deeply. He leaned forward slightly and shot forward into a sprint. Sabina who had been expecting it was neck and neck with him her breathing no deeper or straining then his own. There was a cry of surprise and the increase in pounding behind him told Ethan the girls had also picked up the pace.

"That was just low, pretending to be winded to sucker them into betting against you," Sabina said sarcastically and shook her head in mock disgust. "Don't worry once I win this bet, I am going to have twelve slaves for a year, and the first order of business is to have them all lick you until you pass out from the pleasure," he said and shot her a lecherous glance.

Sabina choked on whatever she was going to say next and stumbled a little before regaining her stride. But Ethan had used her misstep and was laughing as he ran now several steps in front of her. Sabina pushed herself hard but they were too evenly matched in speed and when he crossed the point at the edge of the field, where they had begun, he did so three feet ahead of her.

He grinned triumphantly at all of the others behind him even though he was struggling to draw breath as if he was drowning and black spots danced at the edges of his vision. He walked over to where Brand was waiting and stood waiting for the others to arrive. When they did a few of the girls shot Ethan worried looks and appeared relieved when he didn't immediately begin spouting orders. The worried look returned when he smiled lasciviously at them.

Brand noted the look and decided to ask Erik later if he knew what it was about. "You all know where you are supposed to be, I suggest you hurry so you aren't late," Brand said to them and they headed off for their classes. "Jennifer take Sabina with you and tell Alumina hello for me," Brand called stopping the dark hair girl who had made the bet with Ethan.

"After this class do we go home," Ethan asked Brand, who nodded. "Jennifer," Ethan called stopping the girl again as she began leading Sabina off. She paused and turned to look at him worry in her eyes even though she tried to keep it off her face. "See that my sister reaches our house okay," he told her.

She opened her mouth, no doubt to let loose some scathing comment but stopped, and nodded. Brand led Ethan toward the far side of the field from the city. The field was right on the cities edge and on its far side only a scatter of small stone building sat. They headed for a small cluster of five or six squat stone structures all spewing a thick black smoke into the physician stares hymen examination and virgin teenie nailing but it quickly faded into nothing.

Ethan could figure out where the smoke was going and he figured it was magic of some kind. As they drew near the first building Ethan heard the rhythmic pound of metal on metal and he knew where they were.

Brand pounded on the door and the pounding stopped and a couple minutes later the door swung open. A man opened the door and Ethan nearly laughed at the sight but wisely decided love creampie young amateur with huge tits gets messy casting creampie tube porn stay silent.

The man had a bushy black beard and blue piercing eyes, what was so funny was the man physical build. He barely cleared the five foot tall mark and his arms where as big around as Brand's.

"Orlan this is Ethan a new student," Brand said and gesture towards Ethan. Orlan looked him up and down while a scowl, and continued to scowl as Ethan stood impassively staring back.

"What do you know about swords," Orlan asked. "You stick the pointy end in amirican xstory com sex stories dxxxxx you don't like," Ethan replied with a shrug. Orlan let out a bark of laughter and stepped back letting the door swing open. Inside was pretty much what Ethan guessed an old-time blacksmith's forge would look like. Brand left closing the door behind Ethan when he stepped inside. "Your job for the moment is to listen and do what I say.

You work the bellows and I'll explain as I work," Orlan hard work letast xxx story. Ethan obediently moved over and grabbed the handle of the large bellows. "Smooth steady slow compressions," Orlan said and Ethan bvtt xxxx vediysex stories com in began to do so. "This is called folding, it removes impurities in the metal and strengthens it," Orlan explained as he pulled the metal from the hot coals.

He began pounding the lump of metal and soon the thick square block lengthened under the blows. He reheated the metal whenever it began to cool, when it was twice as long as it originally started out as he took a small axe and place it at the half way mark and began pounding on it with the hammer. The axe sank into the metal until only half an inch of metal held the two sections together. Using the hammer and the edge of the anvil, Orlan folded the two pieces back together and began hammer them once again.

The day flew by as Ethan watched Orlan work and pumped the bellows. When Orlan called a stop to the day at two in the afternoon Ethan stopped pumping. He immediately groaned as his sore muscles cried out in relief.


"Good busty stepmom and teen girl amazing way on the couch young old and pornstars today kid," Orlan said with a grin and clapped him on the shoulder. Ethan whimpered under the blow against his battered muscles and Orlan chuckled.

"You've got tomorrow free to let your muscles rest however come back here the following day," Orlan said and gestured for Ethan to leave. Ethan left and headed home to get a change of clothes and to head for the bathing house. Lily was standing at the stove humming away as she cooked and the smell of fried fish and homemade macaroni and cheese filled the house when Ethan walked in.

"Welcome home honey, how was the first day? Any more trouble," Lilly asked, hearing him come in. She came over and gave him a hug and a soft kiss. Her nose scrunched up, prettily, in disgust when she smelled him.

"What have you been doing? You smell like smoke and sweat," she demand and took a step back away from him. He made a sulky face at her as if her words were cruel blows to his ego. "Oh no," she said laughing and took a step back away from him. "I can stand the smell of your sweat, sometimes I even like it.

But that smoke smell is horrible," she said and pinched her nose closed. "Sorry I'm only here for a change of clothes then I am off to bathe. I was working in an honest to god blacksmiths forge all day," he said as he headed for his and Sabina's room.

"Isn't that dangerous," Lily asked with worry in her voice and returned to her cooking. "A little bit but only if you aren't paying attention to what you are doing.

Is really tiring though, all I did was pump a big bellows today and watch the smith work and my whole body aches," Ethan said as he grabbed a clean set of clothes and headed out into the living. "Bye Mom, I'll be back in a little while," he called into the kitchen as he walked past the doorway. She called out a farewell as he exited the front door and closed it behind him. He stopped to consider how normal that had been and how much their lives had changed in the past six months.

He shook his head to clear the morose thoughts from his mind and they were immediately replaced with the memory of how his mother's body had felt wrapped around as he buried himself into her4 over and over again. He shivered and felt the ache begin again, this time he was consciously aware of the start of the discomfort. The ache of his sexual hunger along with the aches from his six hour day in the forge we wearing on him.

He considered going back inside and asking his ilovegranny natural granny pictures tube porn for help but nixed the idea. She would help him, he knew that, but she already stated a dislike for the way he currently smelled and Sabina wasn't home yet.


"Damn," he said with a resigned sigh and headed for the bath house. He could take a bath and then he go seduce her. He didn't want her to think he was only using her to satisfy his hunger so he wouldn't tell her about it. He made his way into the bath house, which this time was no longer empty. Men and women alike were stripping naked and putting their clothes into the lockers.

They looked at each other some with interest some without. The keys for the lockers had an elastic band so you could wear it around your wrist since you would have no place to put it. It was when Ethan got to a locker that he realized he hadn't brought his bathing suit. He shrugged and shoved his towel and clean clothes onto the top self of the locker.

He then quickly stripped, his cheeks only flushed once when he noticed a good looking woman looked at him appraisingly. He guessed she had to be in her thirties, with a soft curvy figure and kind brown eyes.

When she saw that he had noticed her look her eyes shone and she grinned a wicked smile at him. His face flushed crimson and she chortled and winked at him. Ethan smiled back at her tentatively and dropped his dirty clothes onto the floor of the locker with his shoes sitting on top.

"Looking good," the woman said as she walked past him letting her arm brush against his back. Her skin was soft as satin, a quality that Ethan had noticed most women shared, and he shivered and began thinking of complex math equations to keep little Ethan from rising to the occasion. He managed to keep from popping a boner danejones sexy blonde covered in sticky cum sweat beaded his forehead from the effort and the ache in his bones intensified slightly.

It was only a small fraction of an increase but he was so aware of the ache that he felt the change. The woman smiled knowingly at him as she vanished around the corner toward the bathing pool. Ethan followed after her only a moment later but she had already disappeared into the crowd. The pool wasn't packed exactly, you could get in and have plenty of room to move around but there would be absolutely no privacy.

Ethan got and began preparing to wash with a new, small, bar of soap he grabbed from beside the door and a washcloth. As he lathered up the washcloth he spotted one of the girls from his 'class' only twenty feet away.

What caught his attention was the boisterous older man talking loudly to her. She smiled at him as he continued to talk animated and gesture wildly as he told some story. The guy was blonde and looked fit, not ripped like most of the guys in Ethan's class but in shape.

He had blonde short blonde hair which looked to be graying a little but it was hard for Ethan to tell due to the light blonde color of his hair. The girl, who was now laughing at whatever the guy had said, had the same hair only a tiny shade darker. The bone structure of her face also matched the man's a little so Ethan figured this was either her father or some other relative.

Feeling his gaze the girl scanned the people around them still smiled until her eyes fell on him. Her smiled died as she froze staring at Ethan as he lathered up the washcloth in his hands. The man noticing her abrupt change in mood looked at her questioningly. He followed her gaze to Ethan who looked back at them impassively as he began to run the cloth over his arm. Soap, dirt, and soot that fell from his body remained in the water for two seconds before it vanished leaving the water clean and pristine.

Ethan noted this absently, but el hijcoje a la madre mientras hace trampa impressed with it, as he washed and continued to hold the girls gaze. It was the man who finally broke the eye lock calling 19yr old college girl upskirt at craft store tube porn girls attention back to him.

Ethan assumed from the curious and slightly hostile gazes from the older man that he was asking who Ethan was and if she had some kind of problem with him. The girl shook her head and spoke to the guy and turned her back to Ethan, she remained very tense though and Ethan could see it.

The guy shot Ethan a glare that would have given him second degree burns if the guy could shoot lasers from his eyes. Ethan lifted one eyebrow in bafflement as he looked back into the guy's hostile glare. When Ethan didn't balk and break eye contact the guy moved toward him. It took the girl a few seconds to realize her companion was no longer there.

She turned looking for him and when she saw where he was headed her face paled and stood displaying herself completely to Ethan's pleased stare. He drank her in as she rushed forward, too late to stop the man from reaching conversation distance with Ethan. She was average height, and probably weighted about a hundred and ten pounds Ethan guessed.

She had small pert breasts probably an A-cup and she shave her pubes off completely. The sight made Ethan's mouth dry and he had to force his gaze back to the approaching man, who was not appealing at all, and not look back at her. "Do you have a problem," the guy asked.

His voice was quiet and still firm not wanting to cause a problem to the people around them. "Not that I am aware of," Ethan replied, washing his chest now. "Your staring is making my daughter uncomfortable. By the great goddess Themis if you don't stop," the guy said and Ethan quickly cut in before this could degenerate into threat. He didn't want to start solving all of his problems with force or bribery. "It is my stare making your daughter uncomfortable.

Look around there is plenty of guys looking at her standing there beside you," Ethan said. Sure enough with a quick glance around they saw over a dozen guys watching the girl's nubile body drip water. "Ask her if you don't believe me," Ethan continued. "Elaine," the guy said in question to the girl, who was now sitting in the water to hide from the watching eyes. "It wasn't him staring that made me uncomfortable, Daddy," she said confirming Ethan's words.

"Well what is it then," her father demanded. Elaine let her head hang forward to hide her face and didn't answer. "I can tell you if you really want to know," Ethan said, still washing. "Well," Elaine's father demanded when Ethan didn't say anything else. "What's the answer worth to you," Ethan said with an evil smile. The man gritted his teeth and turned back to Elaine who was glaring at Ethan. "Tell me what's going this instant Elaine or you're grounded," he commanded. "I'm eighteen you can't ground me," she shot back angrily.

"I suppose I can't but I can kick you out of the house," the guy replied. She looked startled for a moment then angrily gritted her teeth. "Fine, I made a bet with him this morning along with some of the other girls and we lost. Now we are pretty much his slaves for the next year starting today.

I was worried about what he was going to make me do, that is why I was uncomfortable," Elaine explained. The guy opened his mouth to speak but Elaine continued and rolled right over him. "Also since you want me out of the house so much I'll be moving in with Tabitha tomorrow," Elaine said spitefully and stood and turned on her heel and marched off as fast as the two foot high water would let her.

"You should have just taken my offer and given me something for the information old man," Ethan said and began rinsing the soap from his body having finished his cleaning while he watched the two of them bicker.

The guy spun to face Ethan his face mottling red and purple in anger. "Don't bother threatening me; it is an exercise in futility. Your daughter has to obey my every command for the next year. You wouldn't want to make me angry now would you," Ethan said swiftly cutting off the man's tirade before it could begin. "You can't hold her to that bet or tell her what to do," the man blustered. "How sad, to see follower of Themis saying that it's okay for his daughter to welch on her deal simply because she made a bad one.

Hopefully your daughter's word is a little more trustworthy. The man's face flushed to a dark purple almost a blue and his fists clenched and unclenched at his sides. Without another word the man turned and stalked off following after Elaine with a little more speed.

"You sure do make friends where ever you go," a familiar voice said behind him. He turned and came face to face with Rosa's black eyes. She sat in the water hiding most of her, but the tops of both of her tits were visible above the water as were her bare shoulders. "What can I say, it must be my godlike charm and winning personality," he shot back and she snorted in amusement. "Can't you go one day without making someone new want to pound your face in," she asked exasperatedly.

"Actually probably not, I did make Elaine tense like that. Nor did I fingering and licking action with a group of pokemon doggystyle and bestfriend her father come over here and make an ass out of himself. I don't go looking for fights but I will finish them. I don't back down and I rarely sugarcoat the truth as I see it," Ethan said. She shook her head and then let it roll back on her neck. Ethan's gaze hungrily raked her body as she lounged.

So engrossed in studying her tanned flesh and curves that he didn't notice her raise her head and watch him as he devoured her with his eyes. He did notice her nipple harden and her breast seem to tighten. His gaze flicked to her face and he realized she had caught him staring at her.

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"You want to get out of here," she asked staring at his muscles chest. Her chest was lifting rapidly as the rate of her breathing increased and her cheeks flush with excitement. "Yes," Ethan said and stood. Rosa gasped as his fully erect cock nearly smacked her in the face and then nearly moaned when she saw its size.

She stood and quickly followed him out of the water and towards the exit. Near the soap stack was a door for storing the supplies for the bathers. When they got near she grabbed his arm and whipped open the door and dragged him inside. She hit the light switch next to the door and pulled it closed behind her. Then sexiest body in the world anllela sagra paused when no one immediately came in to scold them she launched herself at Ethan.

Her mouth sought his and crushed against it with bruising force. Then she broke free turned away from him and bent over placing her hands on the wall. "Fuck me," she told him looking over her shoulder. He didn't need to be told twice and deftly positioned himself behind her. With one hard thrust he buried himself in her up to the hilt, his tip pressing almost painfully against the entrance to her womb.

Her scream was muffled by her clenched jaw and Ethan didn't pause before withdrawing and ramming forward again. She grunted as he hit bottom and he began a rapid forceful thrusting.

"Oh my god," she moaned as he increased his pace to as fast as he could while still maintaining the force of his thrusts. After five minutes or so he pulled out and spun here around to face him and pushed her back, up against the wall. He pulled her hips forward so she was leaning back against the wall and crouched slightly to position himself. Once he was situated he stood tall and she gasped as he filled her.

She had to stand on her toe tips to reach the floor or he would have her held completely airborne. She gritted her teeth from the pleasure of gravity forcing her completely down onto his cock along with the fact that her clit was grinding against him. She could feel her finish coming and her breathing was coming fast and heavy, the beautiful breasts heaving with each labored intake of air. Ethan curled forward and ran his tongue in a long sensuous lick from the underside of her breast to the nipple, giving the nipple a quick flick.

She jerked at the sensation and he pussy clenched tightly around him. Her orgasm was swiftly approaching and then Ethan bit down on her breast. She screamed in pleasure and pain as his teeth dug into the soft springy mound of her tit, and she exploded in release. Her pussy clamped down so hard Ethan felt like a fist had clutched him tightly. Rosa began to thrash on him, pounding her hips back and forth in a frenzy as her orgasm rode her.

He groaned, his teeth releasing their grip on her as he lost control and came as well. He shuddered and rammed his hips forward pressing her harder into the wall, even though he was already buried as deep as he could possibly go. She whimpered at the sensations his movements evoked in her. "That was much better than I expected it would be," she said panting when she finally calmed down enough to speak. Ethan was slowly softening inside her and she was distracted by the small movement on her sensitive flesh.

"You expected me to be bad at sex? Was I any good compared to your other lovers," Ethan asked. His only previous experience had been Sabina and his Mother and even though they said he was good they were bias.

Sabina loved him and had no one to compare him to and his mother would never tell him the truth if she thought it might hurt his feelings. "I didn't mean it that way. I mean sex felt as good as I expected it to I've never had any other lovers," she explained. "Oh, sorry I just figured… With how beautiful you are and the fact that there was no blood, that you had experience," he said. She blushed looking at him and then blushed even deeper when the silence continued.

"I have a few… toys," she said and embarrassed. "Oh," was all Ethan could think to reply. "That was fun thanks," she said and kissed him on the cheek before leaving the room. As she left Ethan could see his cum beginning to stream down her inner thigh and had to think very un-sexy thoughts to keep his cock from springing back to attention.

After a few deep breaths he left the roof and headed for his locker. Rosa was already gone and he dressed and made it home without anything else unexpected happening.