Asian sex from tokyo in a home room

Asian sex from tokyo in a home room
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Basking in the glow of what just happened, I put my head back and just passed out from total bliss. I didn't know what else Carol had in store, but I knew I wanted to be well rested.

A few hours later I was woken up by Carol. "Wake up baby this day is just getting started" she said. My eyes opened and Sick girls vomit puke vomiting puking gagging and barf spitting barfing was like a kid on Christmas morning.

I couldn't wait to see and "feel" what she had in store for me next. Carol instructed me to shower get dressed and leave the house for a few hours. My next surprise needed some set up.

I did ask she told me. Before I left Carol came up to me grabbed my dick, kissed me and said "get ready for some fun". Having no clue what she might have planned I was excited and ready for anything. Having a few hours to kill and not really sure what to do, I just went to the office. I figured I would get some work done and try to take my mind off all the possibility of things Carol had planned.

I got my car and drove to the office. I sat down at my desk and began to work. I was behind on a few things so the time went by fast. Just as I was finishing up, I received a text from Carol it read "everything is ready come home now" I didn't need to be told twice.

I ran out of the building and hopped into my car. I sped the whole way home. I was full of anticipation. I pulled into the driveway and texted Carol that I was outside.


She texted me back right away to come in remove all my clothes and come to the bedroom. As I entered the front door I threw my shoes off, took off my shirt and pants and boxers and was ready.

I walked up the stairs and moved to our bedroom. I was semi hard just from the thoughts in my head. I slowly opened the door. The room was very dark but I was able to make out Carol on all fours.

Her ass and pussy in plan view. As I approach her she told me to stay where I brokenteens 6 big dicks for 1 cheerleader. I did ask I was told. Carol walked over to me got on her knees and started sucking my dick.

This was the most intense blowjob I ever received. Then Carol stood up and grabbed my hand. She said "here it is baby your fantasy come to life." She turned on the lights and laying on the bed was the sexiest Asian shemale I had ever seen.

She had great B cup tits a small frame and was very attractive. She was also decked out in a full schoolgirl outfit, including white thigh highs. I didn't know what to say. I was totally speechless. But I didn't have to say a word. Carol could tell from how hard I was that I was happy. Carol and I walked over to the bed. Carol said let me introduce you two. This is Angel.

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I still couldn't say a word. I was in shock. Carol told me to stay where I was. She got on the bed next to Angel. They started making out and rubbing each other's tits. I was in heaven.


My wife with a shemale. The Ultimate thrill. They started to get more aggressive. Carol started to unbutton Angels shirt, then removed it. Angels tits where gorgeous. Nice full B cup, with pretty pink nipples, which at this point where hard as a rock.

Carol then moved a little lower. And undid Angels schoolgirl skirt, then pulling it down her legs. Angel was wearing white cotton panties and I could see the bulge of her cock under the panties. This was just like I imagined. Carol looked at me and said "say it baby, tell me you want to see her cock" I responded, please let me see her cock.

Carol put her hand down Angels panties and pulled her cock out. It was everything I had hoped for and more. Very smooth, nice size and very attractive.

If I had to guess I would stranded big tit gymnast blows hard dick in car it was about 6 inches. Carol told me to just stand and watch. Don't jerk off. She took Angels cock and stuck it in her mouth. First only the head. The moving down the shaft till it was all inside. Her head went up and down on Angels cock. Carol then took off Angels white cotton panties.

She started to play with Angels balls as she blew her. Carol finally looked at me and told me to come over. I approached the bed nervously. "Put your hand on her dick" Carol instructed. I moved my hand closer and wrapped it around her cock. This was the first time I touched a cock that wasn't my own. It was new and very exciting.

Carol told me to start jerking Angel off. And I did. Angel started to moan. "Your very good at this" Angel said. Carol then told me to put Angels balls in my mouth as I jerked her off. I leaned forward opened my mouth and put them in. I sucked them slowly and Angel started to moan again. Angels balls where in my mouth her cock in my hand and I was ready to cum. Carol must have seen the look on my face or the amount of precum on my dick because she was very forceful about me not cumming yet.

Carol grabbed my dick and said "stick it up my ass, as Angel watches". Carol put her ass up in the air spit on her hand and used it to lube ass. I took my dick and shoved it right up Carols ass. She let out an intense moan.

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I thrusted in and out of Carols ass. As I looked over to the other side of the bed Angel was jerking off as she watched us. Angel then licked her finger and began fingering her asshole. The more Angel played with herself the louder Carol and I got. I was slamming my dick in her ass harder and faster then I had ever done before. Suddenly Carol pulled my dick out of her ass. She pulled me on the bed and said "assume the position".

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Right away I knew what this meant. I got on all fours and waited for Carol to get her strapped on. Carol stood behind me for a second having a secret conversation with Angel.

I felt Carols hand lube up my ass. Then I felt the head of her strap on. I turned around to look at Carol but was shocked to see she wasn't there. Angel was behind me. And it was her cock in my ass.

I let out a moan and instructed Angel to fuck me. And fuck me she did. This was a little different then Carol and her strap on. It was a real shemale cock in me. It wasn't plastic it was real flesh. Angel continued to fuck as Carol came over, laid down and put her pussy in my line of view. I didn't even need instruction I just started lick her pussy like I never had before. Angels cock was in my ass and Carols pussy in my mouth. I licked Carol more and more aggressively.

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She started to twitch uncontrollably and proceeded to have the hardest most intense orgasm of her life. She was shacking like I had never seen before. Carol then Stood up and told Angel it was time to college girls get messy by a cumshot. Carol went to her top draw grabbed her strap on and was ready.

Angel position herself just like Carol had. I began to lick the head of Angels cock. It was so soft. Just like I knew it would be. Carol position herself behind me and jammed the strap on right up my ass.

I had an intense burst of adrenaline and took more and more of Angels cock. I was blowing her the way Carol was blowing me when this night started. I was giving porn star head.

I had no limits and no boundaries. I felt free to do anything I wanted. Angel was also getting into it because it felt like her cock had grown a full inch in my mouth. Carol continue to peg me. Harder and faster. She started to talk dirtier as I took her strap on. "Take that dick in your ass". You love that dick don't you baby?" "I like watching you take one in the ass and one in the mouth." Carols dirty talk was getting me so hot.

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But she wasn't done. "You like Angels pretty cock don't you? I responded with an inaudible yes because Angels dick was filling my mouth. Carol kept up the dirty talk and Angel joined in. With her sexy accident. Angel told me to keep sucking her dick. I didn't need to be told. I wasn't going to stop. Then Angel told me to put my finger up her ass.

I stuck my finger deep in her ass as I blew her. The whole time Carol is fucking me with her strap on.

Carol encouraged me and started instructing me as well. "Lick Angels asshole now". Let me see you lick that Asian ass for me" I buried my face deep in Angels ass and started to lick as if it was Carols pussy. Carol was moaning and getting off on this.

I was as well. Carol said "I want to see it, I want to see you take Angels cum down your throat. I brought my mouth just above Angels dick and started jerking her off. Carol removed the strap on from me and came closer, so she could get a better look. I aggressively jerked off Angels and rubbed her balls. I told her I want to taste all of her sweet cum.

The next thing I knew Angels cock was pumped tons of cum directly into my mouth. I waited for her to finish and swallowed it all. Not even having enough time to fully comprehend the moment, Carol grabbed Angel and put her on all fours. Carol told me with a twinkle in her eye, it was time to have the completion to my fantasy.

She put a hand on my dick and said "fuck that little shemale ass for me. I want you to shoot your load deep in her asshole, and I plump nailed by black man large ladies and hardcore to watch it all." I moved closer to Angel and rammed my dick into her ass. Carol looked at me and said "fuck her like those shemales you jerked off to." Make her your whore".

With that last bit of encouragement, I stuck my dick in and out of Angels asshole. She was almost screaming it was so intense and hot. With a few huge thrusts I sprayed every last drop of cum I had into Angels tight shemale hole. It felt like I was cumming for thirty seconds to a full minute. I didn't think I'd ever stop cumming. As I pulled my dick out a flood of my cum came dripping out of Angels ass. Carol quickly swooped in and started to drink the cum.

Just as I had done before she didn't swallow a drop till she had it all in her mouth. She licked her lips and smiled. Me, Carol and Angel all collapsed on to the bed. The three of us laying there, covered from head to toe in sweet, cum, pussy juice and ecstasy. I was in paradise and I'm pretty sure they where as well.


Carol leaned over and gave me a romantic kiss. She said "I hope your happy baby." I was. I was happier then I had ever been. This was my Shemale Fantasy with my Wife. And it was perfect. The End =