Purple haired petite sub in device bondage

Purple haired petite sub in device bondage
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The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 18 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 18. Enjoy. __________________________________________________________ My name is Paul.

I just turned 18 (or I had when this happened) and I was still a virgin until last night. We moved to San Diego about two years ago and live in pretty blonde biatch takes black cocks in her fuckholes big older house with extreme petite kinky nicole finds a good match ocean view, five bedrooms and three bathrooms.

My mom and dad are in their late thirties. Dad's name is Dan and he is about 6'3" and weighs about 210#. Mom is smaller, about 5'6" and maybe 135#. She's a red head and kind of attractive for a mom. She has a pretty good figure with maybe c cup boobs. Her name is Cheryl. I've seen both of them in swimsuits but have never seen either of them nude. They get along well.

I often see them holding hands and hugging and giving each other little kisses. I also have a twin sister named Nancy. We don't fight a lot like some of my friends do with their brothers and sisters. We just kind of go our own way and don't have much to do with each other. I guess she is sort of cute. She is about 5'3" tall and a red head like Mom. She is a little on the chubby side but has been exercising to try to get in better shape.

She started to get her boobs about two years ago. I would say that she is about the same size as Mom. I saw her nude a lot when we were smaller but have only seen her nude once now that she is older.

I came into the house one day to go to the bathroom and as I entered it Nancy was just stepping out of the shower. I got a full view of her from the front.

We both jumped and she yelled at my to get out of there and I left the bathroom right away. It was the first time I had seen a real girl naked. I've seen lots of pictures and have several Playboy magazines in my room. As startled as I was I sure noticed that I got a hard on and I decided that I wanted to see her that way again.

Our bedrooms share a bathroom that has three entry doors, one from the hall and one from each of our bedrooms. I thought that if I left my door open a little I could peek in and see her again. I was going to do it. I guess I'm sort of an average kid. I'm not quite 6 feet tall and skinny, about 150#. I don't spend a lot of time at the beach (although I do like to go fishing) so I don't have much of a fairy tail erza and jellal. I am a B student and enjoy bowling and golf.

I think about sex a LOT and have started masturbating. I've kissed a few girls and grabbed a couple feels of boobs but that is all so far. I have several friends - mostly guys and the ones that are girls might as well be guys as there is nothing sexual there. The girls that turn me on at school go out with the jocks and won't pay much attention to me. The ones that kind of show me that they like me don't interest me.

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There are four of us guys that julia ann erik everhard livegonzo out together most of the time. We talk about girls and sex a lot. All of us tell stories about the sex we have had. Most of them are probably made up.

I know mine were. A couple of the guys have talked about fucking their sisters. One has an older sister and one a younger one. I sure would like to fuck Bob's older sister. She is a real knock out with huge tits. I wonder if he really has fucked her. Ralph told of going down to Mexico and fucking a prostitute. Ray lives on a farm outside of town and he says he fucked one of their cows.

I bet! We shower together after gym class so we have compared equipment and a couple times we have been at Tom's house when no one else was there and we all took down our pants and jerked off at the same time. I don't have the biggest cock of all of us but it is about 6" and I can just get my hand all the way around it. I can shoot the farthest of any of us though. I can remember one time when a big glob of stuff shot all the way up into my own hair.

I sure went and washed that out fast. When I jerk off at home I usually do it looking at the pictures in my Playboy magazines or thinking about the girls at school that I would like to be with. A tori black real wife stories times I thought about being with my mom. Now that I have seen my sister naked I'm sure that I'll think about her body while I do it.

Mom and Dad had planned a trip to Catalina Island for the weekend and I was going to stay over at Bob's. I was sure looking forward to seeing that beautiful sister of his even though she was a senior and would not even notice that I was there. Mom and Dad did not think that Nancy was quite old enough yet to stay home alone so they asked Betty to baby-sit for the night.

Betty is our next-door neighbor. She is a divorced black woman of about 30 with no kids.

She is a real nice lady and very friendly. She and my folks became good friends about six months ago and they visit at each other's houses often. I've seen her giving both Mom and Dad big hugs. She has a great body. She has a small waist and big tits that are probably about 38 D's.

Her skin is probably a little darker than milk chocolate and her hair is short and curly. Sure I've noticed but she has never starred in one of my jerk off sessions. I guess I have never thought much of older women sexually. Last night, after Mom and Dad had left and just as I was getting ready to go to Bob's, Bob's mother called and said that Bob was sick and I would not be able to come over after all.

She talked to Betty and Betty told her that it was OK for me to stay home as she would be there. I thought I'm 16 and should have been able to stay by myself anyway. After supper Nancy and I went to our rooms and did our homework. I had left the bathroom door open a little and when I heard Nancy go step mom wants your baby mindi mink milf pov hairy pussy and lingerie the bathroom and start to pee I went to the door but could not see the toilet area.

Thinking about it was enough to give me a hard on so I went to my bed and started to jerk off to relieve myself. Before I had finished, Betty called upstairs and asked if we were done with our homework yet as the TV show we wanted to watch was starting. We both said yes and headed for the living room.

As we walked into the living room Betty looked over at us. I could see that she noticed the bulge in my pants and she gave me a little smile. After we had watched a couple shows Betty told Nancy that it was the time our folks had said that she was to go to bed so she should. Nancy went to her room.

I watched a couple more shows and Betty read a book. Then Betty said it was my time to go to bed. I asked If I could stay up later but she said no. She said that it looked like I had gotten dirty playing outside earlier that day so I should take a bath before going to bed.

Off I went, stripped down and jumped it the tub. A couple minutes later I heard the bathroom door open and Betty walked in. I jumped and covered myself up with my hands. It was hard to do as I had been masturbating and was hard. Betty said not to be worried but that she had not heard any noise from me for a while and just wanted to make sure I was OK. I blushed and looked down not knowing what to do. Betty said to relax that I was not in any trouble. She asked that as long as she was in there would I like her to wash my back.

I said yes. She soaped the washcloth and began rubbing my back. Oh, that felt good. As she did it I started to relax and without thinking I put my hands down to my side to brace myself. This exposed my cock, which was sticking straight up out of the water. Betty looked at my hard cock and she asked if I would like her to wash it too.

I was in shock and did not know what to do or say so I just nodded my head yes. My mind was spinning with what was happening. She got down on her knees beside the tub and got her hands all soapy and reached out and wrapped one of them around my boner. As she slid her hand up and down on my cock it felt so much better than when I did it that I thought I was going to come right then. She rubbed her thumb across the tip of my cock making it twitch.

She cupped my balls with her other hand and soaped them clean too. I got an idea and reached out and touched one of her breasts through her blouse. She did not get mad and it felt great, both soft and firm at the same time. That was more than I could take. My cock exploded.

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The first shot must have gone straight up in the air two feet. The second and third were not much shorter falling back down on to her hand as she continued to jerk me off till nothing more came out. I looked down and could see my big load of white cum on her dark skinned hand as she held my now empty and slightly softening white cock between her fingers.

This was fantastic. She pulled the plug and told me to stand up and shower the soap off and she gave me a quick little kiss on the lips. As I finished rinsing off the soap Betty stayed sitting on the floor by the tub. She leaned over and gave the end of my cock the same kind of little kiss that she had given me on the lips.

My cock jumped. She then stood up, toweled me dry and took me by the hand and led me back to my bedroom. Being young and horny as hell, by the time we got into my room I was fully hard again.

She looked at me and smiled and sat me down on the edge of my bed. Sitting down next to me she asked, "Did you like that?" All I could say was, "That was wonderful".

She leaned over and kissed me again but this time much longer and harder. I felt her tongue rub against my lips. It sent a shiver all over my body. As we were kissing she took my hands and placed them on fascinating lady is precious at blowjobs pornstar hardcore tits.

I began squeezing and rubbing them and could feel her nipples getting harder and larger and I heard a soft moan come from her lips. "When you put your hand on my titty while you were in the tub you got my blouse all wet. Maybe you should take it off. "she said. Wow, I was going to get to see those wonderful big tits. Her blouse buttoned down the front and it took forever as I fumbled with each button.

Finally I pulled the unbuttoned top back off her shoulders and she let it drop to the floor. Then she hot ebony gives tug and titty fuck back and unbuttoned her mom bathroom shower com xxx vedios bra and let it slide to the floor with her blouse, exposing for the first time to me, those great huge tits that I will remember forever.

I remember jokingly thinking how lucky black babies were because they got chocolate milk. I reached back out and took the now bare breasts in my hands. "Kiss them" she said in almost a firm tone and I bent over and tentatively kissed the top of one of them. She reached under her boob and lifted it so her nipple was at my lips. I put it in my mouth and as I gave it a first suck she jumped and let out a loud OOOH! I stopped, thinking I had hurt her.

"Don't stop" she said "that feels wonderful." I went back to suckling her breasts, first one then the other. I could feel her nipples getting even bigger and harder. Then her body started shaking and she loudly said "I'm coming, don't stop". Soon she relaxed and took her tits away from my mouth. I could have kept doing that forever. It was then that I realized how hard my cock was so hard it was hurting.

I reached down and rubbed myself. Then Betty stood up and dropped her skirt and panties to the floor. There were more wonderful things coming for me on this the night of my life. I had been naked ever since I had stepped into the tub and now my Nubian princess was too. She reached my shoulders and pushed me down on my back in the middle of my bed. She rolled up onto the bed next to me and placed her top half over me putting one of her nipples back at my mouth.

I started to suck on it and she took it away and gave me the other one which I gave my attention wantingly to. Then she took it away also and leaned over a gave me a big long hard kiss spreading my lips apart with her tongue and sliding her tongue into my mouth and rubbing it against mine. After a minute she stopped and moved to kissing my neck then my chest.

She licked and sucked each of my nipples giving my body another of those sexual tingles. She licked down my stomach to my belly button and stuck her tongue in it. My cock was long and hard and reached almost up to my belly button so all she had to do was turn her head and she put another little kiss on the tip of my aching cock. There was a drop of pre-cum on the tip of my manly member and she reached her tongue out and licked it off.

Betty parted her lips and slid the head of my cock into her hot wet mouth. I shivered and gasped. She stopped for just a moment and said, "It sounds like you like that" then placed me back in her mouth.

She slid her mouth farther till I was fully in her mouth then, keeping her lips tight to my shaft, she slid my cock out till just the tip was still between her lips and then back down till I was gone again. I could not stop watching her do this. What a wonderful sight seeing my white cock going in and out of her black mouth.

She repeated this but it was only a minute before I showed how young and unable to control myself I am by exploding in her mouth. Shot after shot. I had never come so much or felt so wonderful. She swallowed every bit of it never spilling a drop. Then she came back up to me giving me a big open mouth kiss. I could taste myself in her mouth. I didn't think I would like that but it did not taste bad and I loved the way our tongues played with each other as we kissed. We lay for a while just cuddled in each other's arms.

I continued to gently massage her tits and she rubbed her hand up and down my back. Quietly Betty said to me, "You know, you have a wonderful cock. It's almost as big as your fathers". Betty had seen my fathers cock???

As if I had thought that out loud she said, "Yes, I have seen your father's wonderful cock many times. Your Mom and Dad thought it is time for you to become a man and asked me if I would like the honor. I have always thought you were cute so I said sure. When you couldn't go to your friend's house it was the perfect chance for me. Are you ready to fuck a woman for the first time?" What could I say but "Hell yes!" and because of my age I was hard again. "Have you ever seen a girl down there before?" "No" "Let me introduce you.

Give me you hand." Betty took my hand and placed it on her pubic hair covered mound with her hand on top of mine and rubbed it around in a messaging motion. "It is called a lot of things but I bet you know that. Pussy,cunt, beaver and more. But I want you to call it my pussy". She reached down and spread her pussy lips and pushed one of my fingers between them. "In here is the hole to my vagina.

That's where you will put your cock to fuck me. Feel how wet it is? When a woman is sexually excited she makes a slippery fluid there to help the man's cock slip in easier. Put a finger in there and see what it feels like. Think how good it will feel to have your big hard cock pumping in and out of me there. Now feel further down and there is another smaller hole. That is my ass hole just like yours.

Sometimes a man will put his cock in there and fuck a woman there too but we are not going to do that, at least not today. Now feel back up at the other end of my slit. Feel that bump?

That is my clit. Rub it with your finger. OOOH! It feels really good when you touch it. Remember how I squirmed and told you I was coming when you sucked my tits? That is the same for a girl as when you shoot your cum out of your cock.

That's how you can tell if you are really making her sexually happy. Before you sunny leone fucking big cock 2019 x vudeo me I want you to kiss Betty's pussy." With the guidance of her hands I slid down and put my face between her legs.

I was anxious for this new adventure. I kissed her pubic hair covered mound and she used her hands to part her pussy lips and told me to continue between them where her sex parts were.

I kissed her pussy hole and her clit and she told me to lick them. As I licked her hole she started to moan and tell me how great that felt. I licked her clit and she big bob mom my friend and moaned louder.

I knew I was making her feel good and I loved it. She spread her legs wide and pulled her knees up to her chest giving me wide-open access to her hot pussy. I had an idea of how much I would love this.

Her clit reminded me of her nipples so I started to suck on it. I must have had a good idea as she started moan even louder and rapidly move her hips back and forth. She moved so my mouth was back at her pussy hole and I began to explore the inside of her cunt with my tongue. All of a sudden Betty went wild. She grabbed the back of my head with her hands and pulled me hard to her pussy rubbing herself hard and fast against my face. I could hardly breath she was holding me so tight.

She shuddered and started saying "Oh God Paul don't stop. Oh fuck, eat my pussy. I'm comingggggg!" Then all of a sudden she drenched my face with a big load of her cum. My face was covered. She went limp and let go of my head. She was still breathing hard with her chest and tits heaving up and down. She took me by the arms, "Come here my wonderful young stud" and she pulled my face up to hers and licked her cum off of my face then just lay there.

"That was the best orgasm I've had in years. Thank you." she said. "I liked it too but you still haven't let me fuck you" I said to which she replied "Soon Paul, soon".

After a few minutes of just laying there she started to move again. "It's time for me to get you hard again". But when she reached for my cock it was mom lexy cougar girl on girl with alex mae hard as a rock.

She lay on her back and pulled me on top of her between her legs, reached down and guided my cock to her pussy hole. As I felt my cock head touch her opening I instinctively pushed forward. I sank my cock full depth into her wet pussy and just stayed there for a minute. Then I pulled part way back out and pushed back in. Wow, I was fucking a woman. I was really fucking a woman. Abruptly, she pushed me off of her and sat up.

Looking at the bathroom door that was slightly open she said, "Nancy, come in here right now." She had seen and heard Nancy through the slightly open door. The door slowly opened and there stood my little sister naked with her night cloths in a pile on the floor.

Nancy had one hand over her pussy and her other arm across her chest. "Come in here right now. Have you been watching us?" Very quietly Nancy said "yes" almost crying.

"You weren't to see any of this. Now you've seen something new haven't you?" Nancy again very quietly said "No not really. I've watched you and Mommy and Daddy doing it in their room." Betty was shocked. She did not know that anyone knew about her threesomes with Don and Cheryl. "Were you playing with yourself while you watched?" "Yes, it makes me feel funny to watch and I like it" said Nancy "I've been doing it now for about six months." "Have you ever been with a boy?

Are you a virgin?" Betty asked in a calming voice. Nancy replied, "No I have not been with a boy but I guess I'm not a virgin. I heard from the girls at school say that it hurt the first time so when I found Mom's vibrator I put it in myself so it wouldn't hurt when I let a boy do it to me." "Well it looks like you are ahead of your brother. Do you want to watch Paul get fucked for the first time?" Nancy's eyes lit up and her attitude perked up as she realized that she was not in trouble after watching Betty and her brother and admitting that she had watched her parents and Betty fucking.

"That would be neat" she said. Betty told her to sit in the chair and be quiet. Betty gave me a big kiss just to show me that everything was all right. Then she leaned down and put my cock deeply into her mouth savoring a luscious snatch pornstar and hardcore to get it good and wet. With me lying on my back, Betty swung her leg over me so she was startling me. She guided my cock back to her pussy and eased herself down on to it.

She was sitting with me buried fully in her. I was looking at her back and ass and she was facing Nancy on the other side of the room giving her the best look at my cock in her pussy. Betty started moving up and down on my cock and you could hear her breath starting to come quickly as she got turned on again. Betty stopped and said to Nancy, "You said that you watched and listened to both Paul and me as well as your parents and me making love so I know you know what it is to eat a pussy.

If you're ready, come over here and lick my clit while Paul fucks me." Betty lay back so we were both facing the ceiling with her on top and I had my cock in her from behind. I reached around and took her tits in my hands. Nancy stood up and walked over to the bed. She climbed on the bed (a tight fit for the three of us on my double bed) and lowered her head between Betty's legs putting her tongue between Betty's pussy lips and found her clit.

She started licking Betty while I pushed in and out of her cunt from behind as best I could. At one point I pulled out too far and my hard cock came out of Betty and when I pushed again my cock slid up the front of Betty's slit between her and Nancy. Without any hesitation Nancy opened her mouth and let my cock enter it. I kept pumping but now in my sisters sucking mouth. Betty told Nancy that this was her turn and Nancy should go back over to the chair and watch.

She did. Betty repositioned us with her on her hands and knees and me in her pussy from the back. She said they call this doggy style. I had come enough times that even I didn't come too fast this time. As I fucked her in long hard strokes she came again. "Oh fuck Paul. Fuck me harder. God I'm coming. Fuck me. Fuck me hard" and we came at the same time.

It was the first time I came in a woman and I came hard, very hard. I came so much that some of my cum leaked back out of her pussy around my cock and ran down her leg. Betty collapsed on the bed leaving me on my knees with my shrinking cock sticking out. She rolled around and licked me clean. This time I did not get hard again. Maybe if she had done it longer I would have.

She kissed my cock head one last time and told me how good I was. "I'll tell your folks that you are a man now. Now lay down and get some sleep". Betty looked over and saw that Nancy was finger fucking herself and went over to help her get satisfied.

She told Nancy to pull her feet up so they were on the chair and to spread her pretty babe plays with chubby one eyed monster hardcore blowjob. Then Betty sat on the floor in front of her and started to eat out my sister.

Soon Nancy started to shake and was saying, Oh fuck I'm coming. Eat me. Oh yesssss! It was Nancy's best orgasm ever. Far better than any she had ever given herself. Even though I was tired and worn out, I could not help but watch this wonderful sight. After Nancy had come down from her orgasm Betty told her that "Tomorrow I need to take you shopping but now it's time for you to go back to your room and get some sleep." We slept in our rooms and Betty slept in my parent's room and we all slept long and well.

Sunday Betty and Nancy took the trolley down to Mexico. Later that that afternoon they came home and Nancy showed me what Betty had bought her. She held out her hand and showed me her new birth control pills and gave me a real big smile. It looks like I'm going to be a lot closer to my sister from now on. I can't wait to tell the guys about what happened to me last night.

I wonder if they will believe me. I don't care. Life is wonderful. 906