A latinhunk gives jessie rogers amazing ass lots of attention

A latinhunk gives jessie rogers amazing ass lots of attention
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Sorry about the wait. There's not much sex and a lot of plot.A LOT. Enjoy. It seemed, to me at least, that the longest period of time I had done anything couldn't hold a candle to how long I kissed her. Breathing hard through her nose, she closed her eyes and slowly pushed me backwards.

I was relieved to see just how much care she was taking not to touch my bruises. On my back, she figured she couldn't get directly on top of me, but settled for the next best thing, maneuvering half on, half off me. Whether by choice of for lack of oxygen she broke away, sucking in a lungful of air. This only lasted a second though, before she charged back in, this time going for my neck like I horny teens have sex with a guy hardcore blowjob did to her.

She took a bit of skin between her teeth, "Touch me, Tom." "You gotta let go of my hand first," I smiled. She didn't seem to realize she was nearly crushing my good hand in hers. She let go, her fingers cracking out of their locked position. I flexed it and let it wander down between us, lifting up her shirt a bit and playing with the edge of her shorts. She had gone well past that point of no return now, as had I. "Uh, don't play," she groaned, breathing heavily, her face pressed against the side of mine.

I flattened my hand against her smooth stomach and forced it down into her shorts. She let out a shuddering sigh as she felt my fingertips on the sensitive area below her panty line. "Yehes, Tom," she breathed. Somehow, one of her legs pushed between mine and pressed against my crotch. My fingers had just brushed over her clit, when there was a knock at the door. Brook jumped and pulled away from me, fumbling to fix her clothes.

"Sec!" I called, picking myself up and sitting on the edge of the bed. I grabbed the shirt from the bag of clothes and put it over my crotch, hiding what was clearly a full-fledged hard-on. "Worst timing ever," Brook muttered, collapsing into the chair next to my bed, desperately trying to calm herself down. The door opened and my parents came in, followed by a young orderly, pushing a wheelchair.

"What's that for?" I asked, stalling. "Hospital policy buddy, we wheel you to the exit," the orderly said. "Oh." I stood up and pulled on my shirt, grateful to find my hard-on had subsided from the fear of getting caught.

I sat down in the chair and looked back at Brook. She was rubbing her eyes and taking slow even breaths. "You coming Brook?" my dad asked. She took her hands away from her face and looked at me, knowing full well I had a smirk on my face from my father's choice of words. She rolled her eyes at me and looked up at my dad, "Yeah. Yeah, just need a second." The orderly started rolling me towards the door and she heaved herself to her feet, following along behind.

As I was wheeled through the hall, a doctor came up to my parents, "Make sure he doesn't put any pressure on it, he should have full use of his fingers within the day or so. Have him come back in three weeks for an update. Listen, I'm really sorry about this but I'm swamped, there was a pileup on the interstate and we've been getting people all day. The nurse gave you the literature?" "No problem," my father said quickly, blocking my mother who openly glared at the doctor.

"Yes the nurse gave us the reading. It all seems pretty straight forward." I could identify with my mom; the bastard didn't even talk to me. I'm eighteen for god's sake, a goddamn adult! But I think my huge fat black mama gangbanged by three men just wanted to get out of here as fast and painlessly as possible.

He apologized once more and rushed off down the hall towards a room where someone was screaming. "Prick," my mother muttered under her breath. The orderly snorted and continued sara siren bounces on a thick member me down the hall, my parents and Brook following behind. As we neared the exit, my dad took off to bring the car around.

The orderly dropped me off right outside of the door and returned inside with the wheelchair. Sighing, I stretched my back and grimaced at the pops that accompanied the movement.

Unfortunately, I shouldn't have done that outside, because the blood rushed to my head and I wobbled a little. My mom and Brook both rushed to make sure I didn't fall, which I found amusing because this happened to just about everyone anyway. But what I found more amusing was that Brook beat my mother to it, taking my arm and steadying me. The look my mom gave her was a mixed one, part annoyance at being denied her motherly comfort, and part pride that I had found someone who cared so much.

Or, that's how I interpreted the look. After a few minutes my dad pulled up in my mom's car, getting out and opening the rear passenger door. "I'll see you at home sunshine," my dad said, kissing my mom's cheek, before heading back to the parking garage for his own car.

Brook and I climbed in the back and my mom got behind the wheel. It was silent until we got onto the highway. "Kelly and Dan we're really worried when they found out what happened," my mom said. I snorted quietly, "I bet she was." Only Brook heard that and laughed. "Be nice Tommy," she whispered, her lips close to my ear, "she just wanted to sleep with you." Yes, I had told her. "Can you fault a girl for that?" cute girl gets her face fucked anal I smiled, "When that girl is my sister, yes." I whispered back, kissing her cheek.

"Touch? "But of course I can't fault any other girl for that." "That had better just mean me and not any other random girl," she said menacingly. "Especially a certain big breasted chick you met at the beach." "Is that jealousy I detect, Ms.

Landry?" I teased. "N-no! What," she took a deep breath, "what do I have to be jealous about?" I chuckled delightedly; I loved teasing them like this.

"That she's bigger than you." "I that a short joke?" "Yes and no." She bristled for a second, before she realized I was trying to get just such a reaction. "Ooo, Thomas Morrison, I know what you're doing!" she declared, smacking at my arm. Laughing, I tried to fend her off, but with one hand that was a little difficult, "No fair!

I can't defend myself!" "Good! Maybe I'll win for once." She was enjoying herself immensely, holding my good hand while doing whatever she pleased with her free one. There had been a rather disastrous situation a week or so ago, where she had learned just how ticklish I could be, and she was abusing that knowledge with a passion now.

"No! Brook, come on! Quit it!" I cried, struggling to get out of her reach but hampered by my seat belt. "Never! I might as well get in all my revenge now, while you're weak." "Fiendish little girl!" She giggled evilly, "Mm, you know it." She stopped just before I pissed myself and kissed me hard, horny oily slut loves being fingered squirting and japanese back against the car door and regarding me with an amused look on her face.

"I'm gonna love this." I shook my head with an appalled expression, "What am I gonna do with you, little troublemaker?" She twirled her hair around a finger, looking up at the roof of the car in thought.

After a moment, she bit her lip like she did when she was excited and leaned back towards me. "You'll just have to…discipline me," she breathed into my ear. My heartbeat increased tenfold just then and my eyes met hers. "M-maybe I will," I stammered, slightly taken aback. She leaned back and smiled at me, "Good." The rest of the car ride was spent in relative silence. But after a time Brook stopped watching me, instead leaning against my side and closing her eyes.

By the time we got home, whatever they had given me had worn off, leaving me in an annoying, aching pain. Brook had also fallen asleep against my side, which left me sore from trying not to disturb her. She stumbled along after me as we headed into the house. "Mom you made it sound like he was dying. He's fine!" Kelly said with a disdainful look at Brook, as she followed me in. She and Dan were sitting on the barstools at the counter, apparently waiting for our return.

My brother was trying to keep up a brave face but I could tell he had been worried. "Oh hush," my mom responded. She never was very good in dealing with how my sister and I treated each other, that duty usually fell to my father.

She snorted and hopped off the stool, giving me and my cast a strange look before heading upstairs to her room. "Mom, did the doctor say if this was waterproof?" She rolled her eyes in annoyance as I reminded her of the doctor, "Yeah, he said its fine for showers and stuff but don't go swimming with it." "Good, cuz I feel disgusting." I trudged upstairs with Brook in tow and pulled out my pajamas from the dresser, which constituted a pair of satin house pants and a very small, thin t-shirt and a fresh pair of boxers.

Brook sat in the chair behind my desk, "Are you, um…are you gonna want some help." She asked. I grinned, "You know damn well I would love your…'help', but I think you need a break. Have you seen yourself?" Her eyes widened, "No. Why?" "There's a mirror in the bathroom there," I said, pointing to the bathroom across the hall.

Fingers probing her face for some reason, she rushed to the bathroom. I chuckled, heading back downstairs to the 'kids' shower. The shower was a mixed blessing, I felt clean again and more awake, but when the water hit my sides full on, it stung like a bitch. I tried making a fist with my left hand, and it shocked me just how hard I had to try to even close my fingers halfway. "This will suck," I muttered to myself. After a few more minutes, I stepped out, gingerly drying myself off and getting dressed.

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I brought my stuff back upstairs to my room, dumping it in the laundry basket. It was then that I realized I hadn't seen Brook. She wasn't upstairs and she wasn't on the middle floor so she was either outside or in the basement. I found her in the basement, sprawled on the futon in the media room, her eyes closed.

Her legs were spread and her shirt had hiked up a bit, showing off her flat stomach and delicate navel. The TV was tuned to comedy central but the sound was down. I stood in the middle of the room and watched the TV for a second, wondering what I should do. "You smell good." I actually jumped a little bit, even though her voice was barely above a whisper. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled sleepily up at me.

"Do I now?" She closed her eyes and nodded, lesbian babes playing games with sex toys her arms out expectantly. It took me a moment to figure out busty chick wanna be your sex teacher she wanted; I couldn't pick her up so that meant I had to go to her.

Well, I had thought I was more awake, guess not. I sat down next to her and entered her arms. But she surprised me this time, instead of pulling herself on top of me or something like that, she pulled me in to her. One arm remained around my neck and the hand of the other held the back of my head, pushing my face into her bust. I straightened myself out and sighed, finding this particular position extremely comfortable.

She must have noticed. "You like this Tom?" she asked, running her hand through my hair. "Yeah." "Good," She snickered, pushing my face harder into her breasts. "Mmff, c-can't…breathe," I cried into her soft, giving mounds. She let me loose with a giggle, stroking my head. I was out minutes later. I woke up on my face, alone. "Damn it," I groaned, rolling over onto my side.

"Fuck!" I shot onto my back, pain lancing through my side. The room was dark, but the digital clock on the VCR glowed into the dark. "One? Good god!" I got up and staggered upstairs. Everyone was gone, even Dan. "This blows," I muttered, getting myself some breakfast. I appreciated alone time like everyone else, but this, this was just cruel. I couldn't do much, I couldn't leave the house, so I ended up vegetating in front of the TV. I suppose I was lucky I woke up so late in that I didn't have to wait very long for people to start getting home.

My dad walked in the door around three thirty, and I was pleasantly surprised to see Brook squeak past my father and rush over to me. She was just about to toss herself on me like she normally would have, but stopped short, instead gently lowering herself down next to me.

"How's my baby?" she asked in a teasing voice. "Bored." "Aww. Poor Tommy," she snickered. "Would you like me to…entertain, you?" I stuck out my bottom lip and nodded. Trying to hold back a face splitting smile, she leaned over and pressed her lips against mine. I put my arms around her and pulled her tight against me.

The bruises on my chest were just for show now, surprisingly they didn't hurt much anymore. "I missed you," I said, kissing her forehead. "Aw, you're so sweet. I missed you too. It's different at work without you." She paused, a little smile revealing her bright teeth, "Eve could barely function, you should have seen her." "Yeah?" She frowned all of a sudden, as if disheartened by something.

"What?" "She wants to see you today, if you're up to it. And she asked to see you alone." Part of me immediately felt bad for Brook, but part of me was also thrilled at the chance to be alone with Eve. "I can't drive though. How am I supposed to get there?" I asked.

As if to answer that question a horn sounded twice outside, in the driveway if I wasn't mistaken. "She's picking us up." "Is that Eveline's car?" my dad called from the door, sounding confused. "She and I are taking him out to dinner," Brook called back, standing up and holding out her hand for me to take.

I took it and allowed her to help me up, then followed her to the door. "Try to be careful," my dad cautioned as we walked past him and outside. Once out of earshot of the house and Eve, I asked, "Are we really going to dinner?" Brook looked back at me with a smile, but I could see it in her eyes that she was disappointed. "Well, no. And we have to go to my house first so Eve can drop me off." "Poor Brook." "You're damn right, poor Brook." "I'll make it up to you." "You both will," she replied wickedly, getting into the passenger seat.

I got in the back and leaned between the two. "Ballsy Eveline, very ballsy." "I know! I know, I'm all like…shaking," she grinned, very pleased with herself.

She backed out of the driveway and headed for Brook's. I loved riding in Eve's car, it was pure luxury inside. "A guy could get used to this," I said, leaning back and putting my hands behind my head in comfort. "What, getting chauffeured around in a beamer by two beautiful ladies?" Brook asked, smiling back at me, then at Eve who returned it with an impish grin of her own. "You forgot sexy, but yes." cherry torn takes a white and a black cock gloryhole "Us or the car?" Eve asked, finding my eyes in the rearview mirror.

"Both." They giggled. "Typical guy," one of them said. "You know it," I sighed, closing my eyes. The next thing I knew we were pulling up in front of Brook's house. I scrambled out of the car after her. "Are you gonna come in to work this week?" she asked quickly. "Well if my fingers start to work," I held up my braced hand and tried to make a fist again, almost able legal age teenager sucker gets a grade do it but not quite, "I should be in later this week." "What are you going to do with yourself without us?" I opened my mouth to say something witty, but she cut me off.

"Don't answer that. I don't want to know." "You sure?" I smirked. "Uhg, yes! Just give me a kiss and go have fun with Eve," she said, a flat edge to her voice. "Oh you sound so enthusiastic." I grinned, as she hugged me and looked up expectantly.

I leaned down and kissed her, my hands creeping down her back. "No, Tom," she sighed. "I can't handle that right now." I laughed and kissed her again, "Fine, I'll see you soon I guess." "Maybe I'll stop by." "That would be awesome." She tossed a grin over her shoulder as she headed for the front door. I watched her disappear inside before turning back to Eve's car.

This time I got into the passenger seat. "All mine, at last," she purred, eyeing me with a strange look as I buckled myself in. "Yup," I said happily, not really noticing the change.

"So now whammff…" She cut me off mid-sentance by seizing my french fetish orgy films yves baillat and crushing my lips under hers. An eternity later she broke away like nothing had happened, while I collapsed against the door, breathless. She flashed me a smile, "I missed you." She turned on the car and headed for her apartment. Still trying to refill my lungs I said, "Yeah…yeah, I m-missed you too." Her smile turned into a grin at my reaction.

I finally got my head together after a few embarrassing moments. "It's only been what, two days?" "Agonizing, lonely, boring days." "You two are so weird." "Oh and don't try to tell me that you've just been having the time of your life." She responded a little more bitterly that she intended, probably put off that I wasn't sharing her enthusiasm. Smiling apologetically, I held up my damaged hand. She took one look at it and groaned, smacking her forehead against the steering wheel.

"I'm sorry. This has just been a little hard on me." "Understandable," I said diplomatically, desperately trying not to smile. We pulled into her parking lot and got out, looking at each other over the roof of the car. "So you missed me that much did you?" I asked, finding it quite cute.

She nodded slowly, her cheeks turning a delicate pink. "Aww." "Shut up and come with me," she smiled, walking around the backend of the car and taking my good hand. "Yes milady," I laughed, as she led me inside and upstairs to her door. Inside the apartment it was pleasantly cool, unlike the oppressive summer heat outside.

"God, it's so nice in here," I sighed, kicking off my shoes and flopping face down on the couch. "I know right." After a few long moments, she sat down next to me on the couch and started rubbing my shoulders. "Why so tense?" "Dunno, it's stupid." "So." I sighed, "I guess it's because you and I haven't been alone in like forever.

I'm just used to dealing with the two of you." I craned my neck and looked back at her, "And I guess…I don't know what to do." "Oh my god," she said, putting a hand to her mouth, my stomach dropped, "that's so cute!" "Oh brother. Look don't start with that alright Eve." "But Tom," she whined, shaking me by the shoulders, "don't you think it's just so adorable." She was teasing me by this point.

"No. It's embarrassing is what it is." "Soo," she lay on top of me, wrapping her arms around my neck, "you don't know what to do with me?" she asked in a cute little voice. "No," I mumbled in a defeated tone. "Because I got this now. And it's not like I can do much with it." I held up my left arm and wiggled my fingers at her. She giggled, kissing the back of my head, "Well I may have a solution to this conundrum." "Oh you do?" I asked, rolling over underneath her.

She bit her lip excitedly and perched herself over my hips, leaning down to whisper close to my face and stare deep into my eyes. "Yeah baby. You can just lay back and let me take care of everything." My jaw dropped so hard it cracked. "Yeah, you didn't think I'd make you do anything a few days out of the hospital would you?" I couldn't even answer her simple, obvious question.

Fortunately I didn't have to. She seemed to remember something important and bit her lip again, leaning back to give me a strange little look. "Speaking of which, I just remembered something I have." Despite her excitement, I could tell she was nervous about something. "What?" I asked, amping up the enthusiasm to help her feel better about whatever it was she was up to. "Hold on a sec, I'll go get it." She gave me a quick kiss before hopping off of me, "Don't move." "Kay," I smiled as she hurried off to her room.

To be honest I was thrilled with whatever surprise she had in store for me and I was even more thrilled with the fact that I didn't have to take control of the situation, that I could let her take charge for the time being.

"I can't believe I still have this," I bigtit dominant pussytoying european teen lesbian fetish her say, walking back over to the couch.

She shuffled into my field of view, holding something behind her back. I could hear the crinkling of plastic as she shifted nervously. I couldn't help myself, I was curious, so I sat milf catches teen sucking cock first time horny step mom gets slammed and leaned forward. "Whatcha got there?" I asked, leaning to either side in the hopes I could see what she was hiding.

She was blushing hard at this point and she looked away as she brought what she was holding into the open. It was a simple plastic wrapped package at first glance. It reminded me of what you bought at like an Iparty, a plastic wrapped costume with a picture of what you should look like on animai girll sex black guy vidio front.

But this was not purchased at an Iparty, no this was bought at a much less innocent establishment. The picture on the front was one of a buxom woman in a very, very small nurse's outfit. I must have done a triple take between her face and the picture. "Eveline, you continue to surprise me." She blushed just a little bit deeper and made sure to avoid eye contact. I took the package from her to examine it closer. She fidgeted uncontrollably as I turned it over in my hands.

"When did you get this?" She rubbed the back of her neck, "Um, I don't know, maybe ah, a year or so ago." I raised an eyebrow, "And you kept it?" "Y-yes." I smiled sympathetically and put it down next to me, reaching out with my good hand and pulling her into my lap.

I took the package and placed it in her lap, putting my arms around her and peering over her shoulder. "Were you gonna put this on for me?" I asked softly, nuzzling her neck. "If you wanted me to," she murmured so quietly I barely heard her. I hugged her, "Will you?" "Of course." She seemed to perk up a bit and made to stand up. I held her down though, my arms circling her lower than before.

"You going to be my nurse, boss lady?" I asked her in a playful voice, trying to relax her as best I could, kissing her lightly behind the ear. "Yeah," she replied, picking her head up. "You gonna take care of me?" "Mhm." "Extra special care?" She giggled girlishly, twisting around in my grip and closing her arms around my head to kiss me hard. "Yes, now lemme go so I can put it on," she grinned.

I released her and she shot up, scampering off to her room once more. "Yup, I'm good," I said to myself, basking in the knowledge that I could still cheer her up and get her excited about something.

Figuring she would be awhile, I stood up and wandered into the kitchen fishing for a quick snack. But once again she surprised me with how quickly she changed. "You're gonna eat me out of house and home one of these days Mr. Morrison. And shouldn't you be in bed?" I turned around and choked on the cracker I was eating.

She was stunning! The costume, or whatever you wanted to call it, fit her like a glove, accentuating her every curve. It didn't have sleeves, the fabric stopped just after her shoulder. From there if fell into a plunging neckline, which made even Eve's small breasts look much more pronounced and full. The outfit had four oversized red buttons, the top two undone. The uniform clung to her waist, showing off just how trim she was as well as the gentle swell of her hips.

At the bottom, the fabric seemed just enough to cover her goods. And she could forget sitting down, one good sneeze would show everything she had. It was white of course, and it had little red crosses over where her nipples should be. Her dirty blond hair was pulled back in a ponytail. And to top it all off, a little hot maddy receives a sensual anal plowing pornstars brunette nurse's cap perched atop her head, adding just a little extra cute to this sexy ensemble.

I was rendered speechless for a few moments at least, my mouth working to say something. Her cheeks turned a rosy pink as I stared at her, but other than that she seemed perfectly comfortable in this situation.

That was just one more thing to add to my Eveline Azmano guidebook. She would be nervous to do something but once she started into it or did it once, she was good to go. "Uhh, Eve you look…you look…" I gaped. "Don't hurt yourself Tommy," she teased, sauntering over and wrapping her arm around me.

She kissed me and pulled away, looking herself over and spinning around. The back of the outfit was amazing. The fabric came to just below her butt cheeks, a tantalizing image. "You like it?" she asked in a little girl's voice, playing with her hair. "Yes! I love it!" I exclaimed, astonished that she even needed to ask. "I don't know. You don't think it makes me look too fat do you?" She was serious, despite the little smile she had put on.

I frowned at her, taking her shoulders and pushing her ahead of me towards her room. I marched her into her bathroom and stood her in front of the mirror. "Eve," I said slowly, "do you see any fat in this picture?" "Well, I don't know, I just think I look kinda bloated." Sighing, I ran my hands down her sides, demonstrating her neat hourglass figure.

"Where? Because all I see is a slim, trim, beauty dressed in the sexiest outfit I've ever seen." The image of Eve in the mirror blushed hard and looked herself over one last time. "Now, stop being silly and be my nurse," I complained. "Yah, but…" she trailed of, turning sideways and peering at her image in the mirror again. That's when I saw what she was talking about. "Ohhhh, okay I see what you're saying," I said as if truly enlightened by the sight. Her eyes bugged out at the thought that I was calling her fat and she turned her disbelieving gaze upon me.

I stood close behind her and put my arms around her middle. "It's not here," I said, drumming on her belly. My hands started sliding up, rising over the curve of her bust and stopping when I was covering her breasts. "It's here." I squeezed. She gasped, her face going red and her hands grabbing at mine. "This thing really sets 'em off." I began a steady pulse of squeezing and releasing her tits, much to her embarrassed delight.

She let go of my hands, instead letting them roam over her body, touching, probing all those sensitive spots. She was also beginning to breathe rather hard. I kissed her behind the ear again, delighted to hear her actually moan. I had found a new favorite place to tease it seemed. She appeared to have a moment of clarity and she turned her mom and kid son teaching to look back into the mirror, the wide pupils of her bright blue eyes taking in everything.

What she saw was me pressed into her back, towering shelby stevens summer cummings and tanya danielle her, hands on her tits, leaning down to kiss the back of her neck and other key spots.

That sight must have driven her right over the edge because she sank back against me, legs trembling. "Oohhh gggodd," she moaned loudly. I looked over her shoulder, past my groping hands, to her quivering legs. If I wasn't mistaken, I saw a tiny line of something wet running down the inside of her thigh. "Leaking again boss lady?" I asked, my voice barely above a whisper in her ear.

"Ahha," she replied in a wavering voice, looking down to see for herself. "I suppose I should fix that," I said in a world weary voice. I let go, to her immense disappointment and spun her around. I lowered myself to my knees and stuck out my tongue, running it up the inside of her leg, erasing the line of liquid and leaving a wet streak in its place. Her breathing increased sharply as I neared the hem of her uniform.

She whispered my name over and over again as my tongue neared the junction of her legs. I let my eyes flick up for the quickest of peeks and saw two things. One, she wasn't wearing any panties, which I had already suspected. And two, her eyes were closed, looking like she was going to pass out. God I loved pleasing her! Finally I came to a point where the next few inches would bring my tongue into contact with her glistening slit.

"Stop Tom!" she cried out, gently pushing my head away. "I don't want to. Not yet." Reluctantly, I pulled away and sat back on my haunches looking up at her.

She leaned against the sink and took a few deep breaths. I must have looked put out because she smiled apologetically and cupped my chin her hand, "Aw, I'm sorry baby but I want to make this last." I grinned, my mind already imagining everything that meant.

I stood up but looked back down as something caught my eye. "Did you know this came with a thermometer?" I asked, pointing down at a little pocket midway down the uniform. "Really? Cool!" she smirked, pulling it out of the pocket and waving it at me. "So do you want to open wide or bend over, Mr. Morrison?" she asked, back in character. "Neither," I said, stepping up close to her and putting my arms around her once more. "Put that down." She put it on the sink and looked back up at me with wide, excited eyes.

"I have," I pushed my hips into her, "my own thermometer," her mouth opened as she figured out what I meant, "and I want to take your temperature." She was stunned for a moment. "Tom," she said slowly, "did you just talk dirty to me?" "I think so." She blinked slowly before erupting up in my arms, kissing me savagely and forcing her crotch up into mine. "I want you!" she nearly screamed. Truth be told she actually scared me for a second with just how forcefully she acted.

We stumbled out of the bathroom, or should I say, I stumbled out; her feet weren't touching the ground. Out of the corner of my eye I spied the bed, so comfortable looking and soft. I wanted to reach it. Sadly, this was not to be the case. Only God knows how she did it, but, one of her knees hit me in the side.

I grunted in pain and felt my legs give out from under me. She yelped as I crashed down against the bed. Lucky for her she wasn't pinned between the bed and my body, she was thrown clear across it, tumbling over the opposite edge. Let that be a testament to just how hard I can fall. To make matters worse the way I came down was on the other side to where she had kneed me. More over, as I went down I bit my lip, and soon my mouth was filled with the coppery taste of my own blood.

Groaning, I keeled over onto my back, staring at the ceiling and holding a hand to my mouth. This was just not going the way I had planned. "Tom!" Eve called out in a frightened voice, flopping onto the bed and peering over the edge.

When she saw the red on my chin the look in her eye changed to one of panic. "Holy shit! I'm so sorry!" She stood up on the bed and jumped off, rushing to the bathroom. I couldn't seem to move, the pain in my sides was that great. Suddenly Eve was kneeling over me, trying to pull my hand away from my mouth so she could put a wet washcloth to it. "Take your hand away Tom," she said in a soothing voice. I did and she pushed the cloth into my hand, replacing it over my mouth.

She was gone again but reappeared a few moments later holding something in a closed fist and a large metal bowl. "Can you sit up?" she asked in that same calm, motherly tone. I tried, but it felt like little knives were being shoved into my kidneys when I did. I moaned pathetically and shook my head, conscious of the little trail of blood that leaked from my lips. She clucked her tongue and looked down into my eyes with sympathy.

"We have to sit you up, or it's going to take longer to stop bleeding." Cringing, I nodded and closed my eyes as she took a firm grip on my shoulders.

I forced mom and teen son romance not to scream as she heaved me into a sitting position against the side of the bed.

I felt the blood already in my mouth flow forwards and I leaned over, spitting a rope of blood into the metal bowl. Eve winced, one comforting hand on my shoulder and the other holding the bowl under my chin.

She looked to be on the brink of tears as well. "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry," she kept saying. "Rits rokay," I tried to say, though it hardly seemed to help. Thankfully, after a few minutes the bleeding stopped and I was able to swallow something other than my own blood, and some pain killers.

"This had better not become a theme with us Thomas. You can't keep getting hurt around me." She was still trying not to cry, "I won't have it!" "Sshh." I pulled her close to me and hugged her. "But that's twice…" I shushed her again before she could continue on her paranoid rant. We'd been sitting there on the floor for quite some time now and I was feeling much, much better. Perhaps if I had thought of it, I would have questioned just what kind of pain killers she had given me.

I stood up on remarkably steady legs and pulled her sexy aneta has her tight pussy pumped with me.

"Now, where were we?" I asked, leaning down to tenderly kiss her lips and brush the imminent tears from her eyes. She let out a huge sigh of relief and kissed me back.

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"Get in bed Mr. Morrison." She ordered, straightening her little nurses' cap. Grinning, I followed her pointing finger and climbed into her bed, feeling no pain whatsoever. "What's this huh?" she asked, waving a disapproving hand at my clothes. "What? My clothes, nurse? You don't want me to take them off do you?" I asked, playing along and loving it.

I felt so good. A truly savage grin overtook her simple smirk and she nodded slowly, "Yes, Mr. Morrison. Take them off." "But with this," I waved my brace at her, "I don't think I can manage it on my own." "Oh yes you can. Come now, strip," she said with mock impatience, putting hands on hips and tapping her foot.

"But…" I began to protest again. "Bup bup! Off with 'em," she cut me off. Grumbling and shooting her looks, I struggled out of my shirt. "And the shorts," she purred, eyeing me with a hungry look. "I'm getting there. Keep your…Don't get your…" I sighed, foiled by her lack of undergarments and undoing my shorts.

"Troublesome RN." Her smug grin returned when I kicked off my shorts, slightly out of breath. "And those," her eyes glued to my boxers. "Oh no, no. I couldn't possibly take those off. That would be indecent of me." Looking down at them, it wouldn't take a genius to figure out was going on under there the way they were tenting.

"But how am I supposed to take care of you with those still on?" she asked innocently. "Well, you could always take them off for me." "Yah, but…" she trailed off, knowing that I wouldn't let he have it that easily. She sighed in defeat and clambered onto the bed, the hem of her uniform concealing her crotch surprisingly well. "You are easily the most stubborn patient I've ever had," she complained, pulling at the waistband babe displays her clean pink pussy masturbation spreading my boxers.

"Oh please, you love…treating me and you know it," I retorted smugly. In a rush she whipped my boxers off and seized my solid hard-on. With a shiver she said, "True." Her small hand slowly started moving up and down my shaft as she watched my face for a reaction. I took a deep breath and set my face expressionless, despite just how good it felt. She narrowed her eyes and moved her hand faster. My fa?e cracked for a second before I managed to pull it back together.

Her eyes narrowed to mere slits when I tossed her a 'hey, how's it going' kind of smile. "Fine," she let go, putting that hand on my chest and leaning over my body, her face close to mine.

"You mentioned something about taking my temperature?" "Mhm," I nodded, stealing a quick kiss. She let her breath out through her nose and smiled. "Well then, stubborn little boy." She kissed me again and lightly slapped my cheek with her free hand. Hand by hand, she worked her way back down my body. When she reached my crotch once more she took hold of it with a tender hand and looked back at me. She ran a soft finger around the head as she lowered her lips closer and closer.

A huge grin revealed her brilliantly white teeth as she saw my face change. It wasn't so much what she was doing at the moment, but what she was about to do, the anticipation was killing me. My mouth opened when she kissed the very tip, then let her tongue run all over the head.

She tortured me for what seemed like hours, doing just that, the most delicate of touches and licks.

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I suppose this was revenge for what I had put her through. Finally though, without warning, she damn near swallowed the whole thing. Her mouth and throat did amazing things, things she hadn't done before.

It felt so good I could barely describe it if asked. And just as she seemed to be getting into a groove, she pulled away and refilled her lungs to capacity. "So? What's my temperature?" she asked perkily. I had let my head drop back, the feeling of loss even causing me to close my eyes. "Hot. So hot," I replied reverently.

"Uh oh. I hope I'm not sick," she giggled, greatly amused by my response. "What in the hell was that?" I was only now recovering. "Well," she played with my cock with an idle hand, "you said I should take extra special care of you.

And that's what I did." "Touch?alesman," I said tiredly. She smirked, still playing with my dick before she noticed how beat I seemed.

"Hey! You had better not be falling asleep on me!" "No! I'm not, I swear!" I said defensively, holding up my hands. She squeezed my balls sharply, startling me more than hurting me. I shot up into a sitting position, but was stopped when she held a hand to my chest.

"I'll kiss you! Don't make me, I know you don't like it after I…" she trailed off, well aware that I knew what she meant. "Now lay back and don't do anything. That includes falling asleep while I'm working." Xxnx sleeping sister rape brother download, I flopped back with my hand behind my head and eyed her questioningly.

"Now what," I asked. "Are you challenging my medical skills, Mr. Morrison?" she asked with a wry little smirk. She slid a knee over my stomach so she more or less sat on my bellybutton. "I wouldn't dare." "Damn right you wouldn't," she smiled, leaning down and brushing her lips over my cheek. The mere touch of something as sensual and delicate as Eve's lips was mind-blowing.

I sighed, closing my eyes as she touched my face with sensitive fingertips. Sometimes I found it strange how easily she switched from rough to utterly gentle. "So are you ready for Nurse Eve's cure-all, Mr. Morrison?" she asked lustily, the tip of her tongue tickling my ear. "Y-y-yes," I stuttered, loosing my mind to just how good she could make me feel.

Slowly she backed up her hips until the head of my throbbing cock pressed into the flesh of one of her cheeks. Sighing contentedly, she lifted her hips a bit and slipped my shaft underneath her pelvis. The amount of heat coming from between her legs was incredible, as she slowly started rubbing herself against my dick. I gasped, shocked at how little she was doing compared to how amazing it felt.

She grabbed my shaft and angled it up slightly, keeping herself steady on her knees, hovering over my crotch. Carefully, she pushed the head of my cock against her soft, moist outer lips, but didn't let it go any farther.

She slowly rubbed herself with the tip of my dick. "You have to do something for me though," she said quietly, much of her attention focused on not letting the head enter her more than a millimeter it seemed.

"A-anything." "Talk dirty to me again…I liked it," she admitted sheepishly. My own eyes focused on what she was doing, I said, "Oh Eve, I don't know if I can. It was a sorta spur of the moment thing." "Please Tom, just one little thing is all I want," she begged, her eyes drawing mine.

She nailed me with the puppy dog face as soon as she knew she had my full attention. And just for insurance she added, "Pleeaassee." "Fine," I gave in, getting myself into a sitting position. She leaned in eagerly, her attention to what she was doing with my cock faltering a bit, to the point where she accidentally pushed a good inch or so into her boiling insides.

"You are…" I paused, desperately trying to think of something 'dirty' skyrim dragon whore like big fat man and big fat dick tube porn satisfy her, "a dirty little slut, who needs her brains fucked out." It was incredibly hard for me to say for some reason. Her reaction however, more than made up for my unease. Her eyes fluttered for a moment as she processed it in that sex crazed head of hers, and a silly little grin threatened to make me laugh.

But what went on inside of her was much, much more interesting. Being that a solid inch or so of my cock had been in her before I said it, I felt just how her body reacted. Though not in deep, I could still feel the increase in liquid that flooded her already drenched cunt. Despite what she had said earlier, and despite my own hesitations, she kissed me hard, pushing her tongue into my mouth. She let her hips down, sliding more than half of my cock into her soaked pussy.

I could feel the fluid that escaped her confines running down my shaft as she settled herself. She shuddered uncontrollably for the longest time, deep in climax I assumed, strangely enough it looked like she had just jumped into freezing cold water. She put her forehead down on my chest and placed her hands on either side of her head, nails digging into my skin.

She slowly started rocking her hips back and forth, side to side, all different ways. This was the slow, steady kind of sex that we rarely enjoyed together due mostly, to the fact that there were generally two of them.


But now, now it was pure ecstasy, the perfect rhythm. When I could, I added my own small thrusts to her gentle movements, but generally stayed away from large, forceful movements so as not to disrupt her groove. My head was floating on pleasure, that single great sensation that one strived to achieve with their partner. Her head fell just so, that I could turn my head and rest my cheek against her silken hair. It was one of those situations you see in movies really, where the two bodies are moving together and you know they're having sex but its all covered up, like in Enemy at the Gates to be specific.

I've rambled. "Oohh god Eve, this feels so good," I groaned, the smell of her hair making me smile. "I know," she sighed, sounding only slightly tired, probably because what she was doing required minimal movement and effort.

We kept this up for a ridiculously long time, changing position only slightly as we were hampered by my wrist. Suddenly, "OHH, holy god! TOM!" Her entire body lurched against me hard. Her knees missa playing hookie gets nookie on my hips and she took hold of my shoulders, her nails biting painfully into my skin.

She screamed again and buried her face in my chest. I had no idea this was coming, sure she'd started moaning a little bit more a few minutes ago, but this was seriously intense. Her insides were going insane, a deluge of liquid flooding out of her this time, her inner muscles spasming uncontrollably.

I'd been close for some time too, surprising myself with how well I was able to keep myself from the brink. Though, the slow pace might have had something to do with it. Unfortunately, this completely broke any control I might have thought I had over myself. She'd stopped yelling, and was now whimpering softly, face still pressed tightly into my bare chest.

"Shit." I cursed softly, losing it. Fuck me in the ass fill my ass with your sperm with mary rider jumped so hard she nearly fell off me. I swear I just about blacked out when I let go. The buildup had been so long and drawn out, I assume I should have been prepared for this, but I wasn't. "Nnggnn." Her unintelligible noises drove it on. I knew my body was done unloading itself into Eve, but my mind just didn't seem to get sister brxxx storys sleepin sher bad. Neither did Eve's apparently.

"Uhh Tom, are you done?" she asked exhaustedly, her face showing it all. Her eyes were half closed and her mouth hung open, breathing ragged.

"I don't even know," I gasped, closing my eyes and letting my head fall back into her soft pillows. "I can't stop," she said, an edge of concern in her tired voice. "It won't stop. Sooo good." She actually started to drool a little.

I grinned; the look on her face was priceless. This also went on for a long time. "Make it stop," she pleaded desperately.

"Well, just roll over." "No!" "Why?" "Cuz it feels good!" she whined, sounding more confused than I was over all this. I brought my hand up and ran it through her hair, "You're so stubborn." After a few minutes, I pulled my hand from her hair and took hold of her shoulder.

"C'mon." I carefully rolled her over onto the bed next to me. She groaned in protest and went all dead weight on me, making it difficult to get her completely off. She finally flopped onto her back next to me and sighed tiredly.

"Ow," she moaned. "What?" "My stomach hurts." I would be black ashley sin getting fucked rough doggystyle on da couch if I said I wasn't confused. "Why?" She struggled to pick her head up and look at me, "Because you made me…" she struggled to say what she wanted, "because you made me cum too hard." After getting over my initial shock that her stomach hurt from that, I said, "Well, I'm glad you're giving me the credit for that.

Seeing as all I did was lay there." "Don't be modest Mr. Morrison, you were a good patient and you assisted your nurse admirably," she snickered. We both ended up laughing way too hard at that after a moment of silence.

I stared at the ceiling for a moment, basking in the afterglow of the situation. "I'll have to get hurt more often so I can partake in your wonderful medical services." She snorted and rolled over onto her side, the little white nurses cap finally falling off its perch despite all the activity.

"No. No more getting hurt for you. You're not allowed." "Fine, but can I still partake of your 'wonderful medical services'?" I asked, turning my head to look at her.

She pretended to think about it for a moment before replying. "Maybe," was all she said. "Ooo, little nurse, I hope you're not hording all your medical expertise for others. You're supposed to be my nurse," I said, reaching over and making to start tickling her ribs. She sat up and smacked my hand away, making sure she was well out of reach.

"And just who would I grant my medical expertise to? Hmm?" she gave me a look like 'I dare you to name one person besides you'. "Oh, I don't know," I started whimsically, "perhaps a certain someone I caught you giving your medical services to a few days ago." I don't think she was expecting me to say that, what with her jaw dropping and all. "Well that's…I didn't…I was…none of your business…shut up!" I laughed so hard I cried, and the fact that she sat there blushing profusely and glaring at me in her little uniform, didn't help.

"Are you done?" she asked sternly, when I had gained a measure of control over myself. Wiping tears from my eyes I said, "Uh, mormon teens tits cummed handjob and blowjob, sorry. " I cleared my throat, "Sorry Eve." Muttering, she hopped off the bed and walked around a bit. She cringed all of a sudden, a hand shooting down cover her crotch.

"God damn it Tom! How do you always have so much?" she rushed into the bathroom and shut the door behind her. I was curious as to what she did when she rushed into the bathroom like that after sex, but not curious enough to find out. Groaning, I got off the bed, disappointed with the way I sounded. I looked around for my boxers for several minutes, but couldn't find them. "Looking for these?" Eve's voice asked from the bathroom door.

I turned and found her standing there brandishing my boxers. "Eve," I said slowly, "you know I don't like walking around naked. Hand 'em over." She held them in front of her like she was going to put them on. "Why do guys like these so much? You look cuter in tighty-whiteys." "No, the guys who model tighty-whiteys look good in tighty-whiteys, not normal guys. Now give me the boxers." "No," she said, clutching my boxers to her chest.

She was still wearing the uniform, which, inexplicably, still looked fresh out of the package. "Why?" I said, starting to advance on her. She flashed me a devilish grin and casually began stuffing my boxers into her uniform. "Maybe I want to see you walk around naked." I sighed, rubbing my eyes, "Eve, c'mon, I don't want to chase you around." "Tooom!" she whined, stamping her small feet.

I lunged at her, but she somehow managed to avoid me, squeaking under my outstretched arm and leaping across the bed. "Eve!" Now it was my turn to complain. She threw me a saucy look and rubbed her hands over the little red crosses that marked where her nipples might be. "Oh yea, come on Tom, take them from me." "Jesus Eve! You can't be serious," I covered my face with my good hand.

If she wanted to go at it again I wouldn't be able to handle it. She must have seen it on my face, "Ha, calm down stud, I just want to play." I walked up to the bed and leaned over her, "Be that as it may, 'playing' with you ends up hot and heavy no matter what." "I'll take that as a complimentAAHH!" she screamed as I lunged at her once more. She was the quickest girl I've ever met bar none. She rolled out from under me before I landed, but wasn't able to go far enough to avoid my fairly long reach.

I grabbed her around the waist and hauled her back to me, careful not to get my bad wrist in the way. She was giggling uncontrollably, kicking her legs and trying to wriggle out of my grip. After a minute of struggling, I found myself laying across her legs, pinning them. Despite myself, I was grinning like an idiot as I tried to reach into her uniform to grab my boxers.

But while we were wrestling around they had traveled farther down, and I couldn't reach it by going through the top of her outfit. "Uh oh, whatcha gonna do now Tom-e?" she purred huskily, stroking my arm through the fabric. I scowled at her and pulled my hand from between her breasts. When she saw the look in my eye she squealed and tried harder to get out from under me.

I shoved my hand up under her uniform from the bottom. She screamed, laughing. "And I thought you didn't want to do it again!" "Quiet," I growled, fingers searching over her soft skin for my lost undergarments.

She sighed dejectedly, pushing her hips up to rub herself against my arm. Finally I felt my fingers close around a piece of cloth and I pulled. Somehow, she had maneuvered her hips in such a manner that something exceedingly sensitive was pressed against my arm. And when I pulled my arm completely out of her uniform, the entire length slid across it. "Ooohh wow," she gasped, poorly suppressing a violent shiver.

I ignored her reaction for the most part, more than a little relieved to be covered up. After slipping back into my boxers I fell back on the bed and let out a pleased sigh. After a moment I sat up, "Lets go to dinner." "W-what?" "I'm starving, aren't you? And besides that's your cover for picking me up anyways." "Um, alright," she said, amused.

After a shower that ended up more of a make-out session than a cleaning process. I staggered out first, more dazed than I could imagine and struggled into my clothes.

She bounced out a few minutes later, a towel wrapped tightly around her body, and sashayed up to me, pressing against my body and kissing me again.

She smelled so good. "Mmm, we have to do this more often," she purred, stepping away to let me fall back on the bed, breathless. Damn her, why did she have to be so hot? "So where are we going?" "Um, I have a nice place in mind." "Nice place huh?" she said, throwing her closet doors open. "This someplace I have to get all pretty for?" She set that one up so well she must have done it on purpose.

"Please, you don't need to do anything to make yourself look pretty." "Good boy," she smirked over her shoulder at me. "But do I have to dress up?" "No, not this time. But we'll definitely have to do one of those sometime." She stopped, looking up at the ceiling, and even from the bed I could see the white of her teeth begin to appear as she grinned. The towel dropped as she rummaged around in the closet.

"Thomas?" "Yes?" I replied warily, unsure of what to make from her use of my proper name. "Are you trying to date me?" She turned around, tilting her head and eyeing me with curious, amused eyes.

"I-I…I, no!" Despite turning this completely on me and making me look foolish, she still blushed and turned back to her closet. She pulled out a white and blue flowered sundress, holding it up to her naked body. "What do you think?" she asked. "Lovely." "Should I even bother with underwear?" "Yes." "What? Why?" "Because, all it will lead to is trouble." She pouted, "You never let me have abigail mac living with a girl is rough fun." She had wandered closer as she pulled out a pair of panties and a bra.

I reached out and smacked her ass, not as hard as I used to, gorgeous nao in hot white lingerie masturbating more playfully. "I let you have tons of fun," I said, as she whirled around and put a hand to her butt.

Narrowing her eyes at me, she slowly pulled on her bra and panties. I smiled, and kept smiling until she broke, her hard look melting away into a guilty smile. "Damn you," she said as I laughed at her inability to remain mad at me. I stood up when she had slipped into her sundress, putting my arm around her shoulders. "You're so easy," I chuckled, pulling her to me. She snagged her purse off a side table and smacked me in the leg with it.

milf striptease show watch more of her at ulacamcom, I can take that so many different ways." I thought about it for a second as we walked out the door. Ha, oh yeah. But don't most of them still apply?" "OH!" she pulled away from me and smacked me in the side. "What's gotten into you?" I gasped, stunned for a second, she'd hit me square in the side, right over one of my worst bruises.

Her eyes went wide after a second, realization of what she'd done dawning. "Ohmigod, Tom?" There was no pain. I must have looked confused, because she reached out and touched my arm, a worried look on her face.

I probed my side, it felt like I was touching someone else, I could only feel through my fingers. "What did you give me?" "Um, some stuff left over from my knee surgery." "Wasn't that three years ago?" "Four." I pinched the bridge of my nose, "Don't do that again." I started walking for the stairs, Eve hurrying after me.

"It worked didn't it?" "Still." We bickered about until we pulled into the parking lot. Strangely enough, it didn't put a damper on our mood. The place I had brought her to was the first legit restaurant we'd been to together, a little more posh than the pizza joint. There were few places in town that were more upscale than this, those places I planned to take her to eventually when I had more time.

"Have you been here before?" I asked as we got out of her car and headed for the doors. She gave me a bleeding during in sex first time like 'are you kidding', and nervously tucked herself close to me.

I got us a table and pulled her chair out for her, much to her amusement. "What a gentleman." It was going perfectly, and I got the sense that if this had been a serious date with somebody I hadn't already slept with, I would be doing very well. However, towards the end things started to go wrong. We were trying to figure out whether or not to get desert, when my cell rang. Eve looked up at me sharply as I pulled it out and flipped it open, not recognizing the number.

"C'mon Tom, put it away," she said, still in a moderately happy tone. I held up a 'one sec' finger. "Hello?" "Tom?" a husky voice asked. I recognized it instantly. "J-Jade?" Eve's eyes turned to blue stone in an instant. 'Put it away' she mouthed.

"You recognize my voice, after only a few hours? How impressive." I must have blushed, because Eve clenched her teeth and mouthed her demand again. "Well, you have a very unique voice. What can I do for you?" "I was wondering if you were busy tomorrow?" she sounded just as confident as she did that day on the beach. "Tomorrow?" Eve's mouth dropped as I said that. "No I don't have anything planned." That was true, but I'm sure Brook and Eve expected me to spend time with them.

Eve's face changed fractionally, but I could tell how until her lip started to quiver. "Awesome," Jade purred in a voice that made my skin tingle, "I know you're currently," she coughed uncomfortably, "broken, but could you get a ride to the mall?" "Yeah probably." Eve must have hearing like a bat, because she stood up, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Not from me." She turned and stormed off towards the restrooms. "Shit," I muttered. "What?" "I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow," I said and hung up. The check was already there and I paid it, rushing after Eve. By the time I got there, she was out and waiting for me. Now she had never been very angry at me before, so this was a bit of a shock. "Let's go," she said tersely, "I'm taking you home." "Look Eve, I'm sorry." "Shut up." "There's nothing for you to worry about.

I just want to know what I'm getting into next year." "I said, shut up." "Eveline?" a vaguely familiar voice called. She skidded to a halt, nearly making me slam into her. "Tom?" We turned around in unison, finding a older couple standing near the door.

We didn't recognize the woman, but the man worked in sales at RCM. He was an incredibly average looking man, nothing stood out about him. He was an average height, had an average skin tone, an average haircut, brown hair, average clothes… "Shit," Eve cursed under her breath.

"What are you two doing here?" "Ms. Azmano took me to dinner," I replied, injecting just the right amount of deference into my voice as I said her name. "Oh?" he smiled, I still couldn't recall his name, "And what's the occasion?" I held up my wrist as Eve blushed sheepishly. "Ah, I heard about that. Very brave." He was looking at us suspiciously and all I wanted was to get the hell out of there.


"I'll see you tomorrow Ted, but I have to take him home." She took my hand and pulled me adorable peach is popping out her gaped narrow cunt in close up towards the parking lot. "I don't understand, what's the matter?" "He was hired last year. While you were in the warehouse." "Yeah?" Her eyes were paranoid, like someone else was going to pop up all of a sudden, "How do you think he knew about what happened when I've only been to work for a day." "I don't know, Brook, one of our dad's?" "Brook didn't talk to anyone, her father doesn't know enough people and yours works too far away.

That man," she looked back towards the door, "knows absolutely everything." "Oh come on Eve, aren't you overreacting?" We got into her car and she sighed, looking on the brink of tears again. She dropped her forehead onto the steering wheel, covering her head with her arms. "No, he also has the biggest mouth I've ever seen." She sniffed, obviously fighting to keep back the tears.

"By lunch time tomorrow, everyone is going to think we're sleeping together." Comments?