Blonde babes get pounded in various positions

Blonde babes get pounded in various positions
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This is part 4. Things are starting to get dirtier. As always, your comments would be greatly appreciated. This series is being wrote by a couple that seriously plans on making the naughtiness in these stories come to life. A lot of the things in here are fantasies of both of us. I hope you all enjoy and know that there is much more to cum!!! Back in my hotel room I stand in the bathroom and run the water for the tub.

I add some bubbles and turn the faucet quite hot. I turn to the mirror and slowly remove my clothes.

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I stare at every inch of the woman in the mirror. Medium length blonde hair hangs in waves. A bit wild looking from the day's events. I pile it high on my head and secure it off my neck, revealing the darker brown hair underneath that tells the tale of my true hair color. Once my hair is up I take the time to study every feature. Pretty hazel eyes and full pink lips on a creamy complexion. I finally see pretty in the mirror. It took so many years before I saw it but I do now.

I lift my shirt over my head and slide my pants off. I stare a minute and then remove my bra. Naked now I look hard at myself. So many years I would have been critical of my thick thighs and ripples and dimples upon my flesh.

Or wished my large chest was perkier. But not any longer. I admire granny fucks teen girl teen jade jantzen has been walking for awhile and her phone cant heavy tits with perfectly rosy nipples. Large and sexy I cup them and hold the weight and tweak my nipples.

I smile thinking of the attention they have received today. My hands travel to my belly that is full and soft from the children that it has held. Stretch marks that once made me cringe are faint and inconsequential. My hands continue to my full hips that are womanly and meant for squeezing. The true hourglass figure is what I see now. Not perfection in anyway intense lesbian action with two hot floozies sexy as fucking hell. The new Sharon is sexy as hell.

Growing in confidence every day and seeking pleasure in all ways possible. I slide my hand down to cup my smooth pussy, completely bare as I prefer it. I feel the stickiness of John's cum. I love having his cum inside me. I rub it in and around my pussy for a minute. I can feel a slight soreness from our rough bathroom encounter. I lean forward against the counter and reach back to remove my new plug.

As I slide it out I feel a sense of relief, loss and pride. I was happy to have surprised John in such a way. We have always loved ass play together and it was important to me that it continued into our reality.

I look forward to the fun we will have with our new toys. I climb into the steaming tub filled with bubbles. I lean back and sigh in pleasure. I love taking baths. It has always been the respite for all that ails me. Tonight my only ailment is the ache from a rough fuck. I reach and grab my phone from the counter and see a message from John. A kiss goodnight and a promise to arrive early tomorrow for all the fucking I can handle.

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I smile and tell him that I will do my best to keep busy until then. I scroll down and find the text I sent from Mark's phone. I text "ready for round 2?" And then snap a shot of my bubble covered body and hit send. After it delivers I take a screenshot and send it to John. He is going to love my encounter with Mark. He is never more turned on than when I am at my naughtiest. I continue soaking and washing my body slowly.

Making sure every inch of my body is clean and smooth. I lay back and close my eyes and replay my day in my mind. My phone chimes a message.

It's Mark of course. "Hell yes. Where am I going?" I laugh and send him my hotel name and room number. I climb out the tub and dry off. Before I am done the phone sounds again. "On my way." I get a big grin at this feeling proud of the effect I had on this man. That's right, Sharon. Sexy as fuck. I decide not to bother with clothes and put on the bathrobe hanging on the door.

I go the bedroom and call to order a bottle of wine. Even though I'm feeling confident milf and daughter share studs big cock sexy, a little liquid courage can't hurt. I reach up and let my hair fall down around my shoulders. In the mirror across the room I smile. I look sexy and natural. The wine arrives before Mark so I drink a glass rather quickly. The full bodied red wine hits me quickly.

I have always been easily affected by alcohol. My body feels loose and I feel the flush creep up on me. Okay liquid courage here we come. A knock at the door gets my nerves amped back up but this is my week to indulge so that is exactly what I plan to do.

I open the door to see Mark looking casual in gym shorts and a white T-shirt. He smiles big and looks down at me in the bathrobe.

As I do the same, I notice the incredible bugle in his gym shorts. I can't believe how turned on he is already. I open the door wide for him to enter. He walks through and starts to ask about my day so far and I say, "We don't have to make small talk.

I'm going to suck and fuck you tonight, Mark." I take a minute to admire the good looking man in front of me. Lean and tanned, salt and pepper hair.

He looks to be in his early forties. I close the door and turn to him. "Take off your clothes for me. I want to look at you." He complies easily removing first his shirt and then his shoes and socks.

He stares at me with a smile as he removes his gym shorts. He stands in just his boxers sporting a considerable tent. I can see that his cock is straining against the fabric of his boxers begging to be released. I look at him horny rocco siffredi calls two hot babe and had so much fun jerking wi wait. He slides his boxers down slow searching my face for an expression. As he pulls at the band of the boxers, I see them slide inch by glorious inch down his cock.

Just as they pass the swollen head, his cock springs up and I know that my eyes snap open with surprise.

Oh what a nice cock. It's so long and thick. Just by guessing, Mark's cock has to be a full 7 inches if not 8 and at least 3 inches around. Looking at the size, I start to think there is no way I will be able to tackle the full size of this monster. Admiring the size of this cock I almost missed his even more impressive balls.

They hang low and must be the size of small apples. I can also tell he has just shaved them smooth. My mouth waters thinking about having them in my mouth. I smile brightly. "Ready for this mouth to be on your cock, Mark?" "Fuck yes." He says quickly. I move closer and then reach for my phone on the night stand. "Okay, I'm so ready too. I'm going to give you the best blow job you've ever had and you are going to record me while I do it." I sex vidifilim kilip or diskis him the phone and his eyes are wide.

"You are just full of surprises aren't you?" I nod and take off the robe.

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I kneel on the floor between his legs. He looks down at me and I push him back to sit on the bed. I look to his hand holding the phone as I reach for his cock. He takes the cue and begins to record my naughtiness. I begin by grabbing the base of his cock firmly in my hand.

I could use both hands and still not be able to match the length of this cock. I am up on my knees and my breasts are against his calves. My nipples grazing the hair on his legs giving me tingles that shoot to my pussy. They harden immediately. I look up at Mark as I lean in with my mouth open to kiss the head of his cock. I start slowly kissing and sucking and tonguing his head.

I decide sloppy and naughty is the way to go and make my mouth wet and juicy and lick and kiss sloppily before engulfing his cock into my mouth.

As my lips pass over the head, I'm guess I have at least four inches of cock in my mouth. I reach up and can still get my second hand around him. I suck firmly and loudly in and out, all while looking at Mark with the camera capturing all of my naughty ways.

He is propped on his elbows to watch me in action and I moan and suck his sexy cock. I increase the saliva and let it string from my mouth a little as I pull back and lean to suck his balls.

My hand strokes his cock firmly as I do then I return back to sucking his cock. I feel my tits swaying as I increase my speed. Mark groans and reaches down to put his hand in my hair. I look up and let him tug my hair back. I can imagine the image on the screen. Full, proud, cock fucked mouth, saliva sliding down my chin and a look of sex and desire in my eyes.

His hand puts pressure moving me back to his cock. I take him deep again and he closes his eyes. I feel his hard cock pulsing in my mouth. I slow my sucking until I release him.

I stand and take the phone from him, stopping the video. "That's enough, I'm going to fuck you now." I take a condom from the bedside table and push Mark to lie flat on the bed. I slide the condom down his cock and it's very snug, as if it could snap at any moment. He looks worried. I tell him that it's ok, "I'm protected if the condom doesn't hold this beast." Without a second thought, I straddle his hips. His cock is now pressed firmly against his belly and parting my pussy lips.

I can feel that my pussy is already dripping on Mark's cock. I reach back taking him firmly by the cock and slide him to my pussy lips. I have to roll my hips to allow the size of his cock to position itself at the opening of my pussy.

Relaxing my muscles, I start to slide down his thick pole feeling every vein and curve to it as I go. With a couple of inches in I stop to allow my pussy to adjust to width of his cock. I can safely say, this is the biggest cock I have ever had the pleasure of fucking.

Mark takes hold of my hips and eases me down more. I start to feel the hair around his cock to tickle at my ass and realize I am close to the bottom. Resting again, I lean to kiss him fully on his mouth. He fills me so nicely. I feel stretched very beautiful shemale on free live cam www hotcamgirls co tube porn full.

I stay still and enjoy the feeling. Mark tries to fuck into me but I stop him. I squeeze my pussy muscles and he groans and lets me do what I want.

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Being fuller figured I never really felt comfortable being on top but I want to change that. I begin by lifting my hips and taking his cock slowly in and almost out. A slow bounce of my ass on his cock I find a rhythm that I like. I lean back on one hand and continue my bouncing. Oh that's the angle. Yes. I realize I am getting a little loud and he moves his hands to my hips and we continue with him fucking into me as I bounce onto him.

His fucking into me feels really good so I lean forward and kiss his mouth and let him pound up hammering attractive hotties fuck gap hardcore blowjob me hard.

I can feel my pussy start gushing as he hammers into me. I rock and grind down into him. I know he is soaked from my pussy. He reaches down and finds my clit and I feel on fire.

We kiss and grind and fuck. I feel so good. I sit up on him and squeeze my tits. He watches me and rubs my clit harder. I pinch and tweak my nipples and the lean over him so he can take them into his mouth. I bounce on his cock as he sucks my tits.

The vibrations from his moaning feels so good. He grabs my hips and then smacks my ass as he bites my nipple.

I shout loudly. "Oh fuck!" He takes this as a cue to smack me harder and bite down again. "Yes, more. Now!" He grabs my ass hard and pounds into my pussy with force.

I put my hand to my clit and rub vigorously as he fucks and sucks me hard. I realize I am screaming and cumming. My pussy floods him and squeezes him hard as I do. He continues to pound me hard and suck and bite my breast until he cums with a shout. I can feel the first squirt deep in my pussy. I start to tingle from the warmth of his cum when I feel the second and third squirt.

Then it dawns on me, the condom must have broken. The sheer volume of his cum mixed with the flood of my own orgasm is overwhelming.

I love the pulsing of my clit and pussy and his cock. I am limp and satisfied. I catch my breath and climb off him. He pushes himself off the bed and looks back as he says, "I had a feeling that rubber wouldn't last." I flash him a grin and watch his ass as he head to the bathroom to clean up. When he returns he reaches for his clothes and I say, "Hold up there sexy.

Aren't you forgetting something?" He looks at me puzzled not having any Idea what I mean. "You made a mess. Don't you think you should clean it up?" He still gives me a look of not understanding.

I spread my legs and reach down with my fingers and part my pussy lips to show him and absolute mess of our cum mixed together and point. Caught off guard, he doesn't know what to do or say. I motion for him to crawl between my spread legs and start licking.

Slowly he gets the point and with an unsure look positions myself in between my legs. He then drops his head toward my pussy and extends his tongue.

I feel his tongue swipe up the center of my pussy and pause as if he's trying to decide if he likes it or not. Again I feel his tongue make contact but this time he doesn't stop. I smile to myself knowing that John is going to like the idea of having Mark around. Once Mark finishes, he puts on his clothes and looks down at me.

I smile up at him half asleep. "Goodnight, Mark. See you soon."